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Twenty Trees

Twenty Trees is an online resource for Historians and Genealogists. If you would like to contact us please email contact@twentytrees.co.uk.

The website continues to grow organically since its creation in 2018. It now includes the Photographs, Biographies, Genealology, Places, Titles, Events, Chronicles, Diaries, Newspaper reports, Paintings, and more. Maps and Search are in train.

The website has drawn on multiple Internet sources in addition to books and visits. We are grateful to:







Photographs are all original work.

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Text this colour is to Family Trees. There are three types of Family Tree:

Paternal Family Trees follow the Y-DNA from Father to Son; the traditional representation of families.

Maternal Family Trees follow the mtDNA Mother to Daughter as used in the discovery of Richard III's remains.

Descendants are all descendants, male and female, of a person limited to five generations since some of them grow very large.

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People are categorised by Country although genealogically people can rarely be described as English, French, etc.

The Armorials, or Coats of Arms, are other people's work. We are grateful. We provide a reference to the original source wherever possible. Paintings are all believed to be not subject to copyright as per "sweat of the brow" - if this isn't the case please contact us. We try to only include Paintings that are contemporary with the subject rather than those that are 'imagined'.

The website checks the data. There are, of course, errors; we correct these as and when they are discovered.

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