Biography of Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702

Around 1635 Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 was born in Scruton.

In 1677 Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 (42) was appointed Fellow of the Royal Society.

John Evelyn's Diary 1683 January. 29 Jan 1683. Supped at Sir Joseph Williamson's (49), where was a select company of our Society, Sir William Petty (59), Dr. Gale (48) (that learned schoolmaster of St. Paul's), Dr. Whistler, Mr. Hill, etc. The conversation was philosophical and cheerful, on divers considerable questions proposed; as of the hereditary succession of the Roman Emperors; the Pica mentioned in the preface to our Common Prayer, which signifies only the Greek Kalendarium. These were mixed with lighter subjects.

Before 1689 Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 and [his wife] Barbara Pepys -1689 were married.

In 1689 [his wife] Barbara Pepys -1689 died.

In 1689 Godfrey Kneller Painter 1646-1723. Portrait of Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 (54).

John Evelyn's Diary 1695 March. 10 Mar 1695. I dined at the Earl of Sunderland's (53) with Lord Spencer (19). My Lord showed me his library, now again improved by many books bought at the sale of Sir Charles Scarborough, an eminent physician, which was the very best collection, especially of mathematical books, that was I believe in Europe, once designed for the King's Library at St. James's; but the Queen dying, who was the great patroness of that design, it was let fall, and the books were miserably dissipated.
The new edition of Camden's "Britannia" was now published (by Bishop Gibson (26)), with great additions; those to Surrey were mine, so that I had one presented to me. Dr. Gale (60) showed me a MS. of some parts of the New Testament in vulgar Latin, that had belonged to a monastery in the North of Scotland, which he esteemed to be about eight hundred years old; there were some considerable various readings observable, as in John i., and genealogy of St. Luke.

John Evelyn's Diary 1695 September. 29 Sep 1695. Very cold weather. Sir Purbeck Temple, uncle to my son Draper, died suddenly. A great funeral at Addiscombe. His lady being own aunt to my son Draper, he hopes for a good fortune, there being no heir. There had been a new meeting of the commissioners about Greenwich Hospital, on the new commission, where the Lord Mayor, etc. appeared, but I was prevented by indisposition from attending. The weather very sharp, winter approaching apace. The King (44) went a progress into the north, to show himself to the people against the elections, and was everywhere complimented, except at Oxford, where it was not as he expected, so that he hardly stopped an hour there, and having seen the theater, did not receive the banquet proposed. I dined with Dr. Gale (60) at St. Paul's school, who showed me many curious passages out of some ancient Platonists' MSS. concerning the Trinity, which this great and learned person would publish, with many other rare things, if he was encouraged, and eased of the burden of teaching.

Around 1680 Willem Wissing Painter 1656-1687 (24). Portrait of William III King England, Scotland and Ireland 1650-1702 (29) wearing his Garter Collar.

In 1697 Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 (62) was appointed Dean York.

On 08 Apr 1702 Thomas Gale Scholar 1635-1702 (67) died.