Royalty And Peerage

Royalty Of England, Great Britain And The United Kingdom

Kings, Queens, Queen Consorts and Princes of England, Great Britain and United Kingdom



Duke Albany to Buckingham

Duke Cambridge to Dudley

Duke Exeter to Leeds

Duke Manchester to Ormonde

Duke Portland to Warwick


Marquess Abergavenny to Dorset

Marquess Exeter to Northampton

Marquess Pembroke to Zetland


Earl Abergavenny to Aylesford

Earl Banbury to Burlington

Earl Cadogan to Cumberland

Earl Danby to Durham

Earl Effingham to Exeter

Earl Falmouth to Fortescue

Earl Gainsborough to Guildford

Earl Halifax to Huntingdon

Earl Ilchester to Kingston upon Hull

Earl Lancaster to Lytton

Earl Macclesfield to Mulgrave

Earl Nelson to Nottingham

Earl Ogle to Powis

Earl Radnor to Rutland

Earl Salisbury to Sydney

Earl Talbot to Verulam

Earl Waldegrave to Zetland


Viscount Allendale to Viscount Duncan

Viscount Errington to Viscount Keppel

Viscount Lascelles to Viscount Norwich

Viscount Petersham to Viscount Windsor


Baron Aberdare to Baron Aveland

Baron Badlesmere to Baron Byron of Rochdale in Lancashire

Baron Cadogan to Baron Curzon Kedleston

Baron Dacre to Baron Dynevor of Dynevor in Camarthenshire

Baron Ebury to Baron Eure

Baron Fanhope to Baron Furnivall

Baron Gage to Baron Gwydyr

Baron Haddon to Baron Hylton of Hylton in County Durham

Baron Ilchester to Baron Lyveden

Baron Maltavers to Baron Musgrave

Baron Neville to Baron Ormonde

Baron Paget to Baron Poynings

Baron Raglan to Baron Russel

Baron Sackville to Baron Sutton

Baron Tailboys to Baron Zouche


Baronet Acland to Aylesbury

Baronet Bacon to Bruton

Baronet Campden to Cutler

Baronet Dance-Holland to Dutton

Baronet Easton Maudit to Eyles

Baronet Felton to Furnese

Baronet Gage to Guise

Baronet Hamner to Hyde

Baronet Isham to Lyttelton

Baronet Mansel to Myddleton

Baronet Napier to Pye

Baronet Sadleir to Strickland

Baronet Talmash to Virkees

Baronet Waldegrave to Yonge



Lords Spritual England

Cathedrals and Minsters

Monastic Houses









Chivalric Orders

Officer of Arms

Order of the Garter

Lady of the Garter

Chancellor of the Order of the Garter

Knight Garter

Knight Garter: Founder

Knight Garter: Edward III

Knight Garter: Richard II

Knight Garter: Henry IV

Knight Garter: Henry V

Knight Garter: Henry VI

Knight Garter: Edward IV

Knight Garter: Richard III

Knight Garter: Henry VII

Knight Garter: Henry VIII

Knight Garter: Edward VI

Knight Garter: Mary I

Knight Garter: Elizabeth I

Knight Garter: James I

Knight Garter: Charles I

Knight Garter: Charles II

Knight Garter: James II

Knight Garter: William III and Mary II

Knight Garter: William III

Knight Garter: Anne I

Knight Garter: George I

Knight Garter: George II

Knight Garter: George III

Knight Garter: Regency

Knight Garter: George IV

Knight Garter: William IV

Knight Garter: Victoria

Knight Garter: Edward VII

Knight Garter: George V

Knight Garter: George VI

Knight Garter: Elizabeth II


Offices of State

High Sheriff


Justices of the Peace





Deputy Governors


Speaker of the House of Commons

East India Company

Trinity Company

Knights of the Shire

Member Parliament

MP Aldborough - Aylesbury

MP Banbury - Bury St Edmunds

MP Caernarfon - Cumberland

MP Dartmouth - Durham

MP East Chshire - Eye

MP Fitzford - Fowey

MP Gatton - Guildford

MP Hampshire - Ipswich

MP Kent - Knaresborough

MP Lancaster - Lymington

MP Macclesfield - Much Wenlock

MP New Romney - Nottinghamshire North

MP Okehampton - Oxfordshire

MP Pembrokeshire - Queenborough

MP Reading - Rye

MP Salisbury - Sussex

MP Tamworth - Truro

MP Wallingford - Yorkshire