Paternal Family Trees

Hugh Anjou. 470 Person. 34 Generations. 14 Kings. 4 Queen Consorts. 1 Cardinal. 1 Archbishop. 32 Dukes. 10 Duchesses. 4 Marchionesses. 3 Marquesses. 33 Countesses. 33 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 2 Viscounts. 13 Baronesses. 18 Barons. 1 Baronetess.
Families: Anjou, Plantagenet, Warenne, Fitzroy, Lancaster, Beaufort, Somerset, York, Cornwall, Longespée.
Titles: Count Gâtinais, Count Anjou, Duke Aquitaine, Earl Essex (1C 1139), Duke Normandy, Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Earl Lincoln (1C 1141), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Baron Percy Topcliffe (Feudal), Count Eu, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Archbishop York, Count Poitiers, Duke Saxony, Count Toulose, Marquess Provence, Baron Berkeley (Feudal), Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Earl Essex (3C 1239), Earl Hereford (6C 1199), Duke Cornwall, Duke Clarence (1C 1362), Earl March (1C 1328), Earl Ulster, Duke Lancaster (2C 1362), Duke Exeter (1C 1397), King England: Plantagenet Lancaster, King France: Lancaster, Duke Clarence (2C 1412), Duke Bedford (1C 1414), Duke Bedford (2C 1433), Duke Gloucester (2C 1414), Earl Tankerville (2C 1695), Queen Consort Denmark, Marquess Somerset (2C 1397), Marquess Dorset (1C 1397), Earl Somerset (2C 1397), Duke Somerset (1C 1443), Marquess Suffolk (1C), Baron Grey Wilton (1C 1295), Queen Consort Scotland, Count Perche, Marquess Dorset (2C 1442), Duke Somerset (2C 1448), Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Baron Howth, Earl Worcester (5C 1514), Baron Latimer Snape, Baron Windsor, Marquess Worcester, Duke Beaufort (1C 1682), Earl Northampton (5C 1618), Earl St Germans, Baron Londesborough of Londesborough in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Earl Londesborough in Yorkshire, Baron Calthorpe, Marquess Cholmondeley, Earl Galloway, Baron Raglan (1852), Baronet Williams-Wynn of Gray's Inn, Duke Rutland, Duke Grafton (1C 1675), Duke Ormonde (England), Earl Coventry, Earl Suffolk (4C 1603), Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), Viscount Montague, Earl Powis (1C 1674), Marquess Powis, Viscount Somerset of Cashel, Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire, Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Earl Devon (2C Courtenay), Cardinal, Earl Dorset (2C 1411), Duke Exeter (2C 1416), Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Earl Cambridge (2C 1362), Duke York (1C 1385), Duke Albemarle aka Aumale (2C 1397), Earl Gloucester (4C 1397), Earl Cambridge (3C 1414), Earl Essex (5C 1461), Earl Chester, King England: Plantagenet York, Viscount Lisle (4C 1523), Queen Consort England, Baron Scrope Masham, Viscount Welles, Duke York (2C 1474), Duke Norfolk (2C 1481), Duke Bedford (4C 1478), Earl Rutland (2C 1446), Duke Suffolk (1C 1448), Duke Clarence (3C 1461), Earl Salisbury (2C 1337), Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Earl Pembroke (8C 1468), Earl Chester (6C 1483), Earl Salisbury (4C 1478), Earl Pembroke (4C 1339), Earl Essex (4C 1376), Earl Buckingham (3C 1377), Duke Albemarle aka Aumale (1C 1385), Duke Gloucester (1C 1385), Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), Baron Talbot (1C 1331), Earl Cornwall (6C 1330), Earl Norfolk (3C 1312), Baron Segrave (1C 1295), Earl Kent (5C 1321), Earl Leicester (2C 1265), Earl Lancaster, Earl Salisbury (1C 1149), Earl Lincoln (4C 1217), Baron Wake Liddell, Earl Derby (2C 1337), Duke Lancaster (1C 1351), Duke Lower Bavaria, Earl Richmond (5C 1342), Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), Earl Cornwall (4C 1225), Baron Burford (1C), Baron Fanhope, Baron Milbroke, Earl Pembroke (2C 1199), Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Count Nantes, Count Maine.

Stephen I King England 1094-1154. 10 Person. 1 Generations. 1 King. 2 Countesses. 2 Earls.
Families: Blois.
Titles: King England: Blois, Count Boulogne, Earl Worcester (1C 1138).

Blois Arms. Azure, a bend argent cotised.


Paternal Family Trees

James Avesnes 1152-1191. 37 Person. 5 Generations. 1 Queen Consort. 1 Duchesses. 3 Countesses. 1 Earl.
Families: Avesnes, Hainault, Beaumont.
Titles: Queen Consort England, Count Soissons, Count Blois, Count Chatillon, Count Namur, Count Artois, Earl Norfolk (2C 1141), Duke Bourbon.

Robert I King West Francia 866-923. 936 Person. 28 Generations. 37 Kings. 8 Queen Consorts. 2 Cardinal. 37 Duchesses. 73 Dukes. 2 Marquesses. 57 Earls. 43 Countesses.
Families: Capet, Valois, Valois-Orleans, Valois-Angoulême, Valois-Anjou, Valois-Burgundy, Valois-Alençon, Évreux, Bourbon, Bourbon-Vendôme, Orléans, Bourbon-Condé, Bourbon-Condé-Conti, Bourbon-Conti, Artois, Hungary, Dreux, Montfort, Courtenay, Aviz.
Titles: King West Francia, Count Vermandois, Count Soissons, Count Meaux, Count Paris, King France: Capet, Count Ponthieu, Count Champagne, King Franks, Duke Burgundy, Count Nevers, Queen Consort England, Count Valois, Earl Richmond (1C 1136), King France: Capet Valois, Duke Bourbon, Duke Savoy, Count Foix, Duke Touraine, Duke Orléans, Count Vertus, Count Angoulême, King France: Capet Valois Angoulême, King Consort Scotland, Duke Lorraine, Duke Angoulême, Duke Anjou, Count Dunois, Count Longueville, Count Tancarville, Count Montgomery, Duke Longueville, Count Saint-Pol, Count Maine, Earl Devon (2C Courtenay), Duke Berry, Count Armagnac, Count Savoy, Count Eu, Duke Cleves, Duke Bedford (2C 1433), Count Bar, Duke Bar, Count Blois, Count Alençon, Cardinal, Duke Bavaria, Duke Alençon, Count Vendôme, Count Évreux, Count Mortain (Mortagne), Count Auvergne, Count Boulogne, Count Clermont, Count La Marche, Count Castres, Duke Vendôme, King France: Capet Valois Bourbon, Duke Beaufort, Duke Maine, King of the French, Duke Enghien, Count Charolais, Duke Estouteville, Earl Lancaster, Count Artois, Count Burgundy, Count Poitou, Count Toulose, Count Dreux, Earl Richmond (2C 1218), Count Penthièvre, Count Lusignan, Marquis Namur, Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Count Meulan, Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Duke Normandy, Queen Consort Germany, Count Grignon, Count Portugal, Earl Rutland (1C 1390), Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Earl Cork, Duke Exeter (1C 1397), Queen Consort Denmark, Duke Aquitaine.

Capet Arms. Argent, three fleur-de-lys or.

Charles "Charlemagne aka Great" King Franks, King Lombardy, Holy Roman Emperor 742-814. 132 Person. 10 Generations. 22 Kings. 1 Queen Consort. 2 Duchesses. 3 Dukes. 12 Earls. 6 Countesses.
Families: Carolingian, Vermandois.
Titles: King Franks, Duke Maine, Count Nantes, Count Vermandois, Count Soissons, Count Meaux, Count Chiny, Count Troyes and Meaux, Count Châlons, Count Anjou, Count Blois, Duke Normandy, King Aquitaine, King Bavaria, King Middle Francia, King Lotharingia, Duke Alsace, King Provence, King East Francia, King Saxony, King West Francia, Queen Consort Wessex, Duke Lower Lorraine, Count Namur, Count Maine.

Geoffrey II Châteaudun Vicomte de Châteaudun 972-1026. 54 Person. 9 Generations. 2 Countesses. 10 Earls.
Families: Chateaudun.
Titles: Count Perche, Count Mortain (Mortagne), Count Maine, Earl Warwick (1C 1088).

Gaucher Chatillon 1166-1219. 38 Person. 7 Generations. 2 Duchesses. 3 Countesses. 12 Earls.
Families: Chatillon.
Titles: Count Blois, Count Saint-Pol, Count Chatillon, Count Soissons, Duke Anjou, Duke Lorraine, Count Valois, Earl Pembroke (3C 1247).

Thibaud Dampierre 1040-. 64 Person. 11 Generations. 1 Queen. 1 Duchesses. 4 Marquesses. 6 Earls. 6 Countesses.
Families: Dampierre.
Titles: Count Dreux, Count Artois, Count Charolais, Count Nevers, Duke Burgundy, Count Marle, Count Bar, Count Blois, Marquis Namur, Count Namur, Queen Consort Norway and Sweden.

Dampierre Arms. Gules, two lions passant or, armed and langued azure.

Frederick Lorraine Count Vaudémont 1428-1470. 57 Person. 13 Generations. 1 Queen Consort. 6 Duchesses. 8 Dukes. 3 Earls.
Families: Lorraine, Habsburg-Lorraine, Guise.
Titles: Count Vaudémont, Duke Lorraine, Duke Bar, Duke Bavaria, Count Lambesc, Queen Consort Scotland, Duke Anjou, Duke Alençon.

Hugh "Fair and Pious" Lusignan -1060. 54 Person. 9 Generations. 6 Countesses. 12 Earls. 1 Baroness.
Families: Lusignan, Valence.
Titles: Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, Count Angoulême, Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Earl Derby (1C 1138), Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Earl Pembroke (3C 1247), Baron Bergavenny (Feudal Creation), Baron Hastings (1C 1295), Count Toulose, Count Eu, Earl Hereford (6C 1199), Earl Essex (3C 1239).

Lusignan Arms. Barry argent and azure.

Waleran Luxembourg Count Limburg, Count Arlon -1082. 90 Person. 16 Generations. 1 King. 1 Queen Consort. 4 Duchesses. 7 Dukes. 3 Countesses. 10 Earls.
Families: Luxembourg, Bohemia, Görlitz.
Titles: Duke Lower Lorraine, Duke Limburg, Count Berg, Duke Lorraine, Count Namur, Queen Consort England, King Germany, Count Saint-Pol, Count Ligny, Count Alençon, Count Soissons, Count Vendôme, Duke Bedford (2C 1433), Count Maine.

Gerard Metz I Duke Lorraine 1030-1070. 83 Person. 13 Generations. 2 Duchesses. 15 Dukes. 6 Countesses. 4 Earls.
Families: Metz.
Titles: Duke Lorraine, Duke Anjou, Count Vaudémont, Count Auxonne, Duke Burgundy, Count Burgundy, Count Namur, Count Boulogne, Count Savoy.

Hugh Ponthieu I Count Ponthieu -1000. 13 Person. 4 Generations. 1 Countess. 5 Earls.
Families: Ponthieu.
Titles: Count Ponthieu, Earl Shrewsbury (1C).

Ponthieu Arms. Azure, three bends or a bordure gules.

Humbert "White-Handed" Savoy I Count Savoy 980-1042. 127 Person. 15 Generations. 3 Dukes. 1 Duchesses. 4 Countesses. 17 Earls.
Families: Savoy.
Titles: Count Savoy, Earl Richmond (1C 1136), Duke Savoy, Count Geneva, Count Saint-Pol, Duke Longueville, Count Romont, Count Provence, Earl Devon (1C 1141).

Audebert II de La Tremoille 1120-1180. 16 Person. 15 Generations. 2 Dukes. 1 Countess.
Families: Tremoille.
Titles: Duke Thouars, Earl Derby (3C 1485).

Geoffrey Thouars. 31 Person. 9 Generations. 1 Countess.
Families: Thouars.
Titles: Count Lusignan, Count La Marche.

Salomon King Brittany. 58 Person. 14 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 2 Countesses. 12 Earls. 1 Baroness.
Families: Vannes, Penthièvre, Fitzalan.
Titles: Count Vannes, Count Rennes, Count Penthièvre, Earl Cornwall (1C 1068), Count Tréguier, Earl Richmond (1C 1136), Earl Chester (2C 1071), Earl Lincoln (4C 1217), Baron Grey Rotherfield, Count Maine, Duke Normandy.