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Events in ... 1406 ...

1406 . Letters of Royal And Illustrious Ladies of Great Britain Volume 1 . Letter XXXII. Joanna Counters of Westmoreland (27) to her brother Henry IV (38) .
Most high and puissant prince, and most excellent sovereign lord,
I recommend myself to your royal and high lordship in the most obedient manner which, with my whole, entire, and simple heart, I can most humbly do, as she who desires to know of you, and of your most noble estate and most perfect health, such prosperity as your royal and most honourable heart can desire. And may it please your high nobleness to understand that I write now to your royal presence in behalf of your loyal liege and esquire, Christopher Standith, who, as he has certified me, has been in your service in Wales every time you have been there against your enemies, and besides, in all your most honourable journeys since your coronation, in which he has expended the substance that he could acquire of his own and of his friends, in such wise that, whereas he and my well beloved his wife Margaret (daughter to Mr. Thomas Fleming, who was chancellor and servant during his life to my most honoured and redoubted lord your father, whom God assoil) kept house and establishment, they have left it, and the said Margaret is lodged very uncomfortably with her children, of whom she has many, having one or two every year; and all this on account of the great charge which her said husband has incurred and still incurs in your service; to whom, of your gracious goodness and gentleness, you have aforetime promised guerdon of his labour, whenever he should spy out [something] from which [he could have a living] of 40 marks or of 40 pounds. And, most puissant and excellent prince and my most sovereign lord, he is the youngest [and his father has dismissed him from] his service, and that merely because he and his wife married each other for downright love, without thinking this time [what they should have to live upon. Wherefore 1) entreat your most high and puissant lordship to consider that the said Margaret should dwell [in some suitable place, or else with the queen your wife, whom God protect; and that she is come to me trusting that my [intercession] might avail her with you. May it please you to be gracious lord to her and her said husband, and of your guerdon [assist them] to support in their persons poor gentility, that their affiance may turn to good effect for them, and to my honour, if it please you, by their finding succour from your royal and most excellent nobility^ on account of this my most effectual supplication.
Most high and puissant prince and most excellent sovereign lord, I pray God to grant you a most honourable and long life, and preserve you in his most excellent keeping, and give entire joy and gladness as much as your gentle and most noble heart would choose or desire. !Written at the castle of Raby . Your most humble and obedient subject, if it please you, J. DB W.

In 1406 William Bassett 1406-1472 was born to Ralph Bassett 1380-1450 (26) .

In 1406 Geoffrey Boleyn Lord Mayor 1406-1463 was born to Geoffrey Boleyn 1380-1440 (26) and Alice Unknown

In 1406 Hugh Willoughby -1406 died

Around 1406 Edmund Catesby 1406-1474 was born to John Catesby 1378-1437 (28) at Whiston, Northamptonshire

Around 1406 Lewis Clifford 1406-1438 was born to William Clifford 1390-1438 (16) and Elizabeth Savage Baroness Cobham 1386-1451 (20) . Adjusted from 1400 to 1406 to reflect father's birth in 1390.

Around 1406 Reginald Cockayne 1406-1428 was born to John Cockayne Chief Baron 1360-1429 (46) and Ida Grey 1368-1426 (38) at Bury Hatley, Bedfordshire

In 1406 Henry Despencer Bishop Norwich 1341-1406 (65) died

In 1406 John Dinham 1406-1458 was born to John Dinham 1359-1428 (47) and Philippa Lovell -1465 .

In 1406 Elizabeth Grey 1406-1437 was born to Reginald Grey 3rd Baron Grey Ruthyn 1362-1440 (44) and Joan Astley Baroness Grey Ruthyn 1366-1448 (40)

Around 1406 Eleanor Holland Baroness Audley Heighley 1406-1459 was born illegitimately to Edmund Holland 4th Earl Kent 1384-1408 (21) and Constance York Countess Gloucester 1374-1416 (32) at Kenilworth Castle

Around 1406 Alice Holland Countess Oxford 1392-1406 (14) died .

Around 1406 Robert Ros 1406-1465 was born to William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley 1370-1414 (36) and Margaret Fitzalan Baroness Ros Helmsley 1372-1439 (34)

Around 1406 Margery Savage 1406- was born to John Savage 1370-1463 (36) and Eleanor Elizabeth Brereton 1388-1495 (18)

In 1406 Thomas Talbot 1353-1406 (53) died

Around 1406 Elizabeth Talbot 1406-1441 was born to Thomas Talbot 1353-1406 (53) at Bashall Eaves, Mitton, West Riding, Yorkshire . Date adjusted 1409 to be consistent with father's death.

In 1406 Thomas Tyrrell 1349-1406 (56) died at West Horndon, Essex .

In 1406 Walter Tyrrell 1348-1406 (58) died at Heron Hall, East Horndon, Essex .

Around 1406 Richard Vere 11th Earl Oxford 1385-1417 (20) and Alice Sergeaux Countess Oxford were married . Alice Sergeaux Countess Oxford by marriage Countess Oxford (2C 1141) .

Around 1406 Lionel Welles 6th Baron Welles 1406-1461 was born to Eudo Welles 1387-1421 (19) and Maud Greystoke at Conisholme, Lincolnshire .

In 1406 Edmund Beaufort 2nd Duke Somerset 1406-1455 was born to John Beaufort 1st Marquess Somerset, 1st Marquess Dorset 1373-1410 (33) and Margaret Holland Duchess Clarence 1385-1439 (21) .

Around 1406 John Cornwall 1406-1443 was born to Edmund Cornwall 1382-1435 (24) and Elizabeth Barre -1468 .

In 1406 Walter Fitzwalter 5th Baron Fitzwalter 1368-1406 (38) died . His son Humphrey Fitzwalter 6th Baron Fitzwalter 1398-1415 (8) succeeded as 6th Baron Fitzwalter .

In 1406 Frederick Tilney 1370-1406 (36) died

In 1406 John Tiptoft 1st Baron Tiptoft -1443 was appointed as Treasurer of the Royal Household .

Around 1406 Maredudd Tudor 1360-1406 (46) died

In 1406 Rhys ap Tudor Tudor -1412 was outlawed.

Around 1406 Eleanor Aylesbury 1406-1478 was born to Thomas Aylesbury -1439

In 1406 Charles Valois Duke Orléans 1394-1465 (11) and Isabella Valois Queen Consort England 1389-1409 (16) were married (he was her first-cousin) at Compiègne, Oise. Isabella Valois Queen Consort England 1389-1409 (16) by marriage Duchess Orléans .

In 1406 James Bourbon 1370-1438 (36) and Beatrice Évreux 1392-1412 (14) were married in Pamplona .

In 1406 Hermann Hesse 1396-1406 (10) died

Around 1406 John Peake 1406-1434 was born at Cople, Bedfordshire

In 1406 Henry Sinclair 2nd Earl Orkney 1375-1420 (31) was captured.

Around 1406 William Stanlow 1406- was born

Around 1406 Elisabeth Wittelsbach 1406-1468 was born to Ernest Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria 1373-1438 (33) and Elisabetta Visconti Duchess Bavaria 1374-1432 (32) .

In 1406 John Curzon -1406 died . Monument in All Saints Church, Kedleston, Derbyshire . Fluted Period . Lancastrian Esses Collar . Reset in tomb recess with depressed crocketed and pinnacled ogee arch , with shields above.

In 1406 Robert Ogle 1st Baron Ogle 1406-1469 was born to Robert Ogle 1370-1436 (36) and Matilda Grey 1382-1451 (24) .

In 1406 John Tiptoft 1st Baron Tiptoft -1443 was appointed as Speaker of the House of Commons .

In 1406 Margaret Hohenzollern 1360-1406 (46) died at Gudensberg

After 1406 Alan Stewart 1406-1439 was born to John Stewart of Darnley 1st Count Évreux 1380-1429 (26) and Elizabeth Lennox Count Évreux 1370-1429

After 1406 John Stewart 2nd Lord Aubigny, 2nd Lord Concressault 1406-1482 was born to John Stewart of Darnley 1st Count Évreux 1380-1429 (26) and Elizabeth Lennox Count Évreux 1370-1429 .

Jan 1406

06 Jan 1406

On 06 Jan 1406 Roger Walden Archbishop Canterbury -1406 died at Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

17 Jan 1406

On 17 Jan 1406 Raimondo Balzo-Orsini 1361-1406 (45) died

24 Jan 1406

On 24 Jan 1406 Edmund Holland 4th Earl Kent 1384-1408 (22) and Lucia Visconti Countess Kent 1380-1424 (26) were married at Southwark Cathedral, Southwark, Surrey . Lucia Visconti Countess Kent 1380-1424 (26) by marriage Countess Kent (6C 1360) .

28 Jan 1406

On 28 Jan 1406 Guy XIV de Laval 1406-1486 was born

Jul 1406

14 Jul 1406

On 14 Jul 1406 Thomas Hay 7th Baron Erroll 1342-1406 (64) died .

15 Jul 1406

On 15 Jul 1406 William "The Courteous" Habsburg Duke Austria 1370-1406 (36) died at Vienna .

29 Jul 1406

On 29 Jul 1406 Philip Courtenay 1355-1406 (51) died

Oct 1406

18 Oct 1406

On 18 Oct 1406 Joan Fauconberg 1406-1490 was born to Thomas Fauconberg 5th Baron Fauconberg 1345-1407 (61) and Joan Brounflete Baroness Fauconberg

31 Oct 1406

On 31 Oct 1406 Thomas Rempston -1406 died

Nov 1406

19 Nov 1406

On 19 Nov 1406 Phillipe Bryan Baroness Scrope Masham, Baroness Devereux -1406 died .

Dec 1406

04 Dec 1406

On 04 Dec 1406 Margaret Valois 1406-1466 was born to Louis Valois Duke Touraine, I Duke Orléans 1372-1407 (34) and Valentina Visconti 1371-1408 (35) .

25 Dec 1406

John II King Castile Succeeds

On 25 Dec 1406 Henry III King Castile 1379-1406 (27) died . His son John II King Castile 1405-1454 (1) succeeded as II King Castile .