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Events in ... 1493 ...

Before 1493 Philip Boteler 1492-1545 was born to John Boteler 1459-1514 (33) and Dorothy Tyrrell

Before 1493 David Owen 1459-1535 (33) and Mary Bohun 1468-1500 (24) were married by which Owen came into possession of Cowdray House, Cowdray, Midhurst, Sussex when Mary inherited it from her father John Bohun 1446-1492 .

Before 1493 Wymond Carew 1492-1549 was born to John Carew 1460-1520 (32) in Antony, Cornwall

In 1493 . Hall's Chronicle Henry VII VII Year . In this warre and tumulteous busynes in Italy, whiche was y most terrible and sorest plague, that any man can remembre of that nacion, there was no person, no place, no private house, no noble familye, no capitayne or prince, but he was oppressed either with the heapes of the dead carcasses, or with the bloud of his frendes or subiectes, or els su tired some affliccion Iniurie or detryment. And insome wise at one tyme or another, euery maa did tast and suffre all the mischeues that apperteyned to the victory gotten by their enernyes. The which defacing & blottyng of the beutye of that countrey, sometyme called the quene of y earth, and floure of the worlde, chaunced not of her awneselfe of herawne cause or desert, but the Italians herawne suckyng chyldren opened the gappe, and made the waye of her destruccion. For at that tyme thus it chaunced, that when the potetates and seignories of Italy perceaued, that all thinge vnder them succeded, euen as they woulde desire and wishe, to their great exultacion and reioysinge: by reason whereof they sate still at home lyke sloggardes (as women be accustomed to do) skoldyng and brawlyng, exercisyng and practisyng preuy displeasure and malice, not agayn their enemyes as they were accustomed, but cmong them selfes one against another, caslinge out of memory drownynge their auncient renoune, glory and honoure with desyre of rule and appetite to be reuenged, and so destroyed the common weale, and subuerted the olde monurnentes and actes of their forfathers and predecessors. And because some of them, thinkynge them selfes, not of force and puissauce sufficient inough to bring their purpose to effect, and to reuenge their quarell, they entysed, stirred and procured with giftes, rewardes and promyses, straungers and foreyne nacions to their aide and assistence. The other seyngc them so desirous to haue their helpe, partely moued with their giftes, partely with desyre of rule, spoyles prayes, gathered together a great company and entred into Italy, and there distroyed, spoyled and possessed the better parte of it. And so the Italians, as men out of their wit, where as they thought one to noye & hurte another with hatefull warryng, they destroyed their natyue coutrey, beynge of nature enclosed and munyte with hygh hilles and the mayne sea rounde> aboute, and opened the waye to straungiers to their vttre ignominy and finall destruccion, which thei might haue kept out of all daungier, if they had bene their awne fredes, and loued their awne wealth and commodite. Therefore I mayesaye: O progeny, aswell wicked as vngodly, hath discorde and dissencion pleased the so much that thou wouldest vtterly extinguihhe and confoude the glory and honour of thy natiue countrey ? And in conclusion, thou thyself art come to the depest pyt of wretchednes, because that thou perceauing the ruyne that thou hast caused and procured, thou arte more repentaunte for the begynninge of it, then glad to desist and Icaue it, and so accordynge to thy desert thou hast thy penaunce and guardon. The grand capitayne and beginner of thys mischief was Sforcia, whiche at that tyme ruled at his will the duchy of Millayne vndre duke Ihon Galeas his nephew : but for a truthe this Lewes ruled al, and the duke did nothing. Wherfore Alphons duke of Calabre, and after kyng of Napels, grudgynge that this duke Ihon his sonne in la\ve, should be defrauded of his superiorite and dominio, threatened sore this Lewes Sforcia. Where hefearyng to be put from his authoritee, solicited and by great entreatie procured Charles the French kyng to inuade the reahne of Napels. By reason of whiche procurement, Alphonse duke of Calabre (44) , whiche succeded his father Ferdinand in the kingdome of Napels (which also as you haue heard, was made knight of the garter) was first depryued of his kingdome by thesaiue kynge Charles, and shortely after of his lyfe. But Lewes force had no longe ioye after the deathe of hys enemy, for he was betrayed and taken by the Swytzers whiche warred vnder kynge Lewes the twelfth, then beynge Frenche kynge, and caryed into Fraunce, where he in the Castell of Lothes miserably finished hys lyfe, accordynge to the saiynge of the Gospell, woo be too hym by whom aslaundre begynneth. Thys mischiefe beganne at that tyme when Charles came thether, and contynueth yet, which is the yere of oure Lord. M.D.xliii. for an example to other, y straungers inuited to a prosperous countrey be lothe to departe from the swete sauoure once therof tasted.

In 1493 William Bassett 1493-1553 was born to William Bassett 1464-1506 (29) .

By 1493 Henry "Shepherd Lord" Clifford 10th Baron Clifford 1454-1523 (39) and Anne St John Baroness Clifford were married . Anne St John Baroness Clifford by marriage Baroness Clifford .

In 1493 Henry Clifford 1st Earl Cumberland 1493-1542 was born to Henry "Shepherd Lord" Clifford 10th Baron Clifford 1454-1523 (39) and Anne St John Baroness Clifford at Skipton Castle, Skipton, West Riding, Yorkshire

In 1493 Edmund Compton -1493 died

Around 1493 William Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1493-1563 was born to Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1467-1525 (25) and Elizabeth Greystoke Baroness Dacre Gilsland

In 1493 Thomas Fiennes 8th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1472-1534 (21) was appointed as Constable Calais

In 1493 Anne Fitzherbert 1493- was born to John Fitzherbert 1462-1531 (31) and Benedicta Bradbourne 1460-

In 1493 Reginald Grey 7th Baron Grey Wilton 1421-1493 (72) died . His son John Grey 8th Baron Grey Wilton 1448-1498 (45) succeeded as 8th Baron Grey Wilton (1C 1295) .

In 1493 John Guildford 1430-1493 (63) died .

Around 1493 William Hussey 1493-1556 was born to John Hussey 1st Baron Hussey Sleaford 1465-1537 (28) and Margaret Blount 1474-1509 (18)

Around 1493 Anne Hussey 1493-1562 was born to Robert Hussey 1467-1546 (26) and Anne Saye 1480-1522 (13) .

In 1493 . Hall's Chronicle Henry VII VII Year . And so Charles (34) , beyng furnished with men, of armes, horsemen, fotemen, nauye, and aide of some Italians, passed through Italy by Rome and without any great laboure wanne the citie of Napels . When he had obteyned this victory: in hys returne beynge assailed with the Venicians at the toune of Fornouoe, he had a great daungerous victory. And so lyke aconquerour, with great triuphe returned into his realme and countrey. After hym Lewes the. xii. beyng kynge, when he founde oportunitee and sawe the gappe open, inuaded the Italians agayne, & recouered again the realm of Napels, whiche Ferdinand I King Naples 1423-1494 (69) Frecleryck the sonne of kyng Alphonse, not longe before had gotten from the French nacion : & after that he subdued and conquered the whole duchy of Millayn . Albeit not long after (fortune turnynge her whele) he lost bothethe kyngdome of Napels, and the fayre citie and duchy of Millayne both together. And so the Frenchmen warrynge vpon the Italians had no better successe in their coquestes, then their parentes and predecessours heretofore haue ben accustomed. For vndoubtedly, as many places as they vexed and sacked with murder and spoylinge, so many or more in conclusion they did enoble and decorate with their blood and slaughter. Which small recompece little profited and lesse releued, such as before were robbed and spoyled of all their goodes, substaunce and ryches. After this the Spanyades arryued iu Italy, and their puttynge too flighte the Frenchemen, obteyned the possession of the realmes of Napels and Scicile, the which they possesse and enioye at this houre. And at length a certayne nacion of Germany, called the Swytsers, called to be partakers of the spoyle of Italy, wane certayn tounes there, whiche they possesse and enioye at this present tyme.

In 1493 Thomas Strange 1493-1545 was born to Robert Strange 1479-1511 (14) at Hunstanton, Norfolk

Around 1493 Cecelia Tailboys 1493- was born to George Tailboys 9th Baron Kyme 1467-1538 (26) and Elizabeth Gascoigne Baroness Kyme 1471-1559 (22) .

In 1493 Ann Tailboys 1493-1566 was born to George Tailboys 9th Baron Kyme 1467-1538 (26) and Elizabeth Gascoigne Baroness Kyme 1471-1559 (22) at Kyme, Lincolnshire .

Around 1493 Richard Cornwall 9th Baron Burford 1493-1569 was born to Thomas Cornwall 8th Baron Burford 1467-1537 (26) at Burford, Shropshire .

In 1493 James Ormond -1497 was knighted by Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (35)

Around 1493 Alexander Stewart Archbishop St Andrews 1493-1513 was born illegitimately to James IV King Scotland 1473-1513 (19) and Margaret Boyd .

In 1493 . Hall's Chronicle Henry VII VII Year . Shortely after this Charles Valois-Orleans Count Angoulême 1459-1496 (34) Charles the Frenche king concluded a league with Ferdinand kyng of Spayne (40) , and also beyng entreated and solicited with the oratoures of diuerse princes, which, persuaded and mollefied the stony hart of a frosen prince, caused him to come to communicacion and treatie with Maximilian kyng of Romanes, and to conclude a peace with hym for a season, to the entet that he might without disturbaunce of hys neyghboures adioyninge, prosperously & safely make warre on Ferdynand kyng of Napels, & on all Italy, as he before had mynded and excogitated.

Around 1493 Ann Owen 1493-1555 was born to David Owen 1459-1535 (34) and Mary Bohun 1468-1500 (25) in Cowdray House, Cowdray, Midhurst, Sussex .

In 1493 Marie Valois Viscountess Narbonne 1457-1493 (35) died

In 1493 Johanna Bourbon 1442-1493 (51) died .

On 1493 Louis Bourbon Archbishop Sens 1493-1557 was born to Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme 1470-1495 (23) and Marie Luxembourg Count Vendôme

In 1493 Antoinette Bourbon 1493-1583 was born to Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme 1470-1495 (23) and Marie Luxembourg Count Vendôme

In 1493 Philippa Aviz 1437-1493 (56) died .

Around 1493 John Savage 1493-1528 was born to John Savage of Frodsham 1470-1527 (23)

In 1493 James Carew 1445-1493 (48) died at Beddington, Surrey .

In 1493 Alfonso II King Naples 1448-1495 (44) was appointed 242nd Knight Garter: Henry VII

In 1493 . Hall's Chronicle Henry VII VII Year . When kynge Henry (35) was returned into England, he first of all thinges elected into the societe of saynct George, vulgarely called the Order of the Garter , Alphose duke of Calabres (44) sonne, accordyng to his deire whiche Alphonse was sonne and heyre to Ferdinand kyng of Naples (69) ,& after kyng of the same realme, til he was ouercome by kyng Charles.And after, the kyng sent Christopher Vrsewike (45) , Ambassadour with y gartier, coller, mantell, and other habiliamentes apperteyninge to the companyons of the sayde noble ordre. Which Ambassadoure arryuing at Napels , deliuered to the duke the whole habile, with all the ceremonies and devre circumstaunces therunto belonging. Whiche duke very reuerently receaued it, and with more reuerence reuested him selfe w thesame in a solempne presence, thinkyng .that by this apparell and inuestittire, he was made a freride and compaygnion in ordre with j king of England, whose frendship obteyned, he feared nothing the assautes or inuasions of hys enemies. And this was the cause that he desyred so muche to be compaygnion of that noble order, fermely beleuyng that y kyng of England souereygne of that ordre, should be aider and mainteyner of hym agaynst the Frenche kyng, whome he knew woulde passe the moutaynes and make warre on hym. But this custome of assistece in ordres was, eyther neuer begonne, or before clerely abholished: For in our tyme there haue bene many noble men of Italy, compaignios as well of the golden Flese in Burgoyne, as of the ordre of sainct Mighel in Fraunce, that haue bene banyshed and profligate from their naturall countrey, and yet haue not bene aided by the souereigne nor copanyons of thesame order. For surely the statutes and ordinaunces of all thesayde orders dothe not oblige and bynde them to that case, but in certayne poyntes. After this the duke dimissed the Ambassadour, rewardyng hym moost pryncely.

In 1493 Robert Maxwell 5th Lord Maxwell 1493-1552 was born to John Maxwell 4th Lord Maxwell -1513 and Agnes Traquair Countess Bothwell

Around 1493 Isabel Cotton 1493- was born to Richard Cotton 1455-1497 (38) and Joan Brereton 1454-1517 (39)

Around 1493 Richard Cox Bishop Ely 1493-1581 was born in Whaddon, Buckinghamshire .

In 1571 Unknown Artist . Portrait of Richard Cox Bishop Ely 1493-1581 (78) .

In 1577 Unknown Artist . Portrait of Richard Cox Bishop Ely 1493-1581 (84) .

In 1493 Roger Eyre of Holme Hall 1415-1493 (78) died

Around 1493 Richard Finch 1493- was born to William Finch 1475-1553 (18) and Elizabeth Cromer 1475-1520 (18)

In 1493 Margaret Freville 1401-1493 (92) died

Around 1493 Clement Harlaston 1493-1544 was born to John Harleston 1466-1499 (27)

In 1493 Joan Hill 1412-1493 (81) died

In 1493 Cardinal John Morton 1420-1500 (73) was appointed as Cardinal

In 1493 Robert Radcliffe -1493 died at Calais

Around 1493 Thomas Vaughan 1435-1493 (58) died

In 1493 William Venables 1439-1493 (54) died

After 1493 Thomas Leighton and Elizabeth Devereux were married

Jan 1493

Mar 1493

15 Mar 1493

On 15 Mar 1493 Anne Montmorency 1493-1567 was born at Chantilly, Oise

24 Mar 1493

On 24 Mar 1493 William Cunningham 4th Earl Glencairn 1493-1548 was born to Cuthbert Cunningham 3rd Earl Glencairn 1476-1541 (16)

Apr 1493

Before Apr 1493 Margaret Burgh -1493 died .

09 Apr 1493

On 09 Apr 1493 Nicholas Lorraine 1493- was born to René Lorraine II Duke Lorraine, Duke Bar 1451-1508 (41) and Philippa Egmont Duchess Bar, Duchess Lorraine 1467-1547 (26) at Nancy .

12 Apr 1493

On 12 Apr 1493 Margaret Bromflete Baroness Clifford 1436-1493 (57) died at Londesborough, East Riding, Yorkshire .

22 Apr 1493

On 22 Apr 1493 Lancelot Threlkeld 1435-1493 (58) died at Yanwath, Cumberland

May 1493

10 May 1493

On 10 May 1493 Colin Campbell 1st Earl Argyll 1433-1493 (60) died . He was buried at Kilmun Church, Kilmun, Cowal Peninsular, Argyll. His son Archibald Campbell 2nd Earl Argyll 1449-1513 (44) succeeded as 2nd Earl Argyll .

18 May 1493

On 18 May 1493 Henry Finch 1440-1493 (53) died

Jun 1493

22 Jun 1493

On 22 Jun 1493 John Home of Coldingknows 1453-1493 (40) died .

Aug 1493

On Aug 1493 Francis Valois 1493-1493 died

On Aug 1493 Francis Valois 1493-1493 was born to Charles VIII King France 1470-1498 (23) and Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France 1477-1514 (16)

08 Aug 1493

On 08 Aug 1493 Christoph, Duke Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria 1449-1493 (44) died . His great-uncle William Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria 1375-1435 succeeded as III Duke Bavaria . Margarethe Marck Duchess Bavaria 1416-1444 by marriage Duchess Bavaria .

19 Aug 1493

On 19 Aug 1493 Frederick "Peaceful or Fat" Habsburg III Holy Roman Emperor 1415-1493 (77) died . His son Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor 1459-1519 (34) succeeded as I Holy Roman Emperor .

Sep 1493

Oct 1493

11 Oct 1493

On 11 Oct 1493 Eleanor Trastámara 1450-1493 (43) died

22 Oct 1493

On 22 Oct 1493 James Douglas 1st Earl Morton -1493 died . His son John Douglas 2nd Earl Morton -1513 succeeded as 2nd Earl Morton , 5th Lord Dalkeith .

Nov 1493

On Nov 1493 Christopher Danby -1518 and Margaret Scrope -1531 were married

13 Nov 1493

On 13 Nov 1493 William Wittelsbach IV Duke Bavaria 1493-1550 was born to Albert Wittelsbach IV Duke Bavaria 1447-1508 (45) and Kunigunde Habsburg Duchess Bavaria 1465-1520 (28) .

Dec 1493

Before Dec 1493 Giles Daubeney 1st Baron Daubeney 1451-1508 (42) and Elizabeth Arundell Baroness Daubeney were married . Elizabeth Arundell Baroness Daubeney by marriage Baroness Daubeney .

On Dec 1493 Henry Daubeney 1st Earl Bridgewater 1493-1548 was born to Giles Daubeney 1st Baron Daubeney 1451-1508 (42) and Elizabeth Arundell Baroness Daubeney

06 Dec 1493

On 06 Dec 1493 Richard Corbet 1425-1493 (68) died