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Events in ... 1892 ...

In 1892 John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (35) was commissioned by Andrew Agnew 9th Baronet of Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire 1850-1928 (41) to paint a portrait of his wife Gertrude Vernon 1865-1932 (27) .The Portrait is titled "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw".

In 1892 John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (35) was commissioned by Andrew Agnew 9th Baronet of Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire 1850-1928 (41) to paint a portrait of his wife Gertrude Vernon 1865-1932 (27) .The Portrait is titled "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw".

In 1892 Spencer Cavendish 8th Duke Devonshire 1833-1908 (58) was appointed 799th Knight Garter: Victoria .

In 1892 Arthur Edmund Denis Dillon 16th Viscount Dillon 1812-1892 (80) died at Ditchley, Charlbury, Oxfordshire . His son Harold Arthur Lee-Dillon 17th Viscount Dillon 1844-1932 (47) succeeded as 17th Viscount Dillon of Costello-Gallen in Mayo .

In 1892 George Edward Henry Finch-Hatton 1883-1892 (9) died .

In 1892 Egremont William Lascelles 1825-1892 (67) died

In 1892 Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners Viscountess Norwich 1892-1986 was born to Henry John Brinsley Manners 8th Duke Rutland 1852-1925 (39) and Violet Lindsay Duchess Rutland 1856-1937 (35)

In 1892 Algernon Gray Tollemache 1805-1892 (87) died

In 1892 Georgiana Frederica Montagu 1803-1892 (89) died

In 1892 Caroline Catherine Montagu 1804-1892 (88) died

In 1892 George Patrick Hyde Villiers 1847-1892 (45) died

In 1892 Lionel Sackville-West 3rd Baron Sackville 1867-1928 (24) and Victoria Sackville-West Baroness Sackville were married (he was her first-cousin).

In 1892 George V King United Kingdom 1865-1936 (26) was created 1st Duke York (6C 1892)

In 1892 Elizabeth Butler -1892 died .

In 1892 Louisa Emily Charlotte Bulteel Baroness Revelstoke 1839-1892 (53) died

In 1892 Colin Charteris 1889-1892 (3) died

In 1892 Chrétienne Louisa Douglas 1838-1892 (53) died

In 1892 Lawrence Dundas 1st Marquess Zetland 1766-1839 was created 1st Marquess Zetland (Shetland) on the recommendation of Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess Salisbury 1830-1903 (61) . Lilian Selina Elizabeth Lumley Marchioness Zetland 1851-1943 (40) by marriage Marchioness Zetland (Shetland) .

In 1892 Georgiana Elphinstone -1892 died

In 1892 James Hamilton 2nd Duke Abercorn 1838-1913 (53) was appointed 800th Knight Garter: Victoria

In 1892 Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby 1st Earl Ancaster 1830-1910 (61) was created 1st Earl Ancaster in Lincolnshire . Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon Countess Ancaster 1846-1921 (45) by marriage as Earl Ancaster in Lincolnshire .

In 1892 Archibald Philip Primrose 5th Earl Rosebery 1847-1929 (44) was appointed 801st Knight Garter: Victoria .

In 1892 Percy Ricardo 1820-1892 (72) died

In 1892 Charles Stuart 1810-1892 (82) died

In 1892 Charles Marsham 6th Earl Romney 1892-1975 was born to Charles Marsham 5th Earl Romney 1864-1933 (27) .

Feb 1892

01 Feb 1892

On 01 Feb 1892 John Eardley-Wilmot 2nd Baronet Wilmot 1810-1892 (81) died

10 Feb 1892

On 10 Feb 1892 Henry Gerard Sturt 1st Baron Alington 1825-1904 (66) and Evelyn Henrietta Leigh Baroness Alington -1939 were married . Evelyn Henrietta Leigh Baroness Alington -1939 by marriage Baroness Alington (3C 1876) .

28 Feb 1892

On or after 28 Feb 1892 Charles George Edric Clowes 1892-1915 was baptised in the Church of the Holy Cross, Winchester, Hampshire .

On 28 Feb 1892 Charles George Edric Clowes 1892-1915 was born in the Parish of St Faith, Winchester, Hampshire .

Mar 1892

13 Mar 1892

On 13 Mar 1892 Prince Louis Hesse-Darmstadt IV Grand Duke 1837-1892 (54) died

25 Mar 1892

On 25 Mar 1892 Andrew Agnew 8th Baronet 1818-1892 (74) died . His son Andrew Agnew 9th Baronet of Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire 1850-1928 (41) succeeded as 9th Baronet Agnew of Lochnaw Wigtownshire

In 1892 John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (35) was commissioned by Andrew Agnew 9th Baronet of Lochnaw Castle in Wigtownshire 1850-1928 (41) to paint a portrait of his wife Gertrude Vernon 1865-1932 (27) .The Portrait is titled "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw".

May 1892

06 May 1892

On 06 May 1892 Edward Fitzgerald 7th Duke Leinster 1892-1976 was born to Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Duke Leinster 1851-1893 (40) and Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe Duchess Leinster 1864-1895 (28) .His biological father was suspected to be Hugo Charteris 11th Earl Wemyss 1857-1937 (34) with whom his mother was believed to have been having an affair at the time.

20 May 1892

On 20 May 1892 Moira Godolphin Osborne 1892-1976 was born to George Godolphin Osborne 10th Duke Leeds 1862-1927 (29) and Katherine Frances Lambton Duchess Leeds 1862-1952 (29) .

On 20 May 1892 John Evans 10th Baron Carbery 1892-1970 was born to Algernon George Evans 9th Baron Carbery 1868-1896 (23) .

Jul 1892

07 Jul 1892

On 07 Jul 1892 Edward William Berkeley Fitzharding 1856-1911 (35) and Constance Mary Lawley 1854-1875 were married .

09 Jul 1892

On 09 Jul 1892 Charles Fitzroy 4th Baron Southampton 1867-1958 (25) and Hilda Mary Dundas Baroness Southampton 1872-1957 (19) were married . Hilda Mary Dundas Baroness Southampton 1872-1957 (19) by marriage Baroness Southampton .

30 Jul 1892

On 30 Jul 1892 Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire 1868-1938 (24) and Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire 1870-1960 (21) were married . Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire 1870-1960 (21) by marriage Duchess Devonshire .

Aug 1892

01 Aug 1892

01 Aug 1892 . Times Newspaper Marriages . The marriage of Mr. Victor Cavendish (24) , MP, eldest son of the late Lord Edward Cavendish , and nephew and heir presumptive of tho Duke of Devonshire (59) , to Lady Evelyn Fitzmaurice (21) , eldest daughter of the Marquis of Lansdowne (47) , Viceroy of India, took place on Saturday afternoon in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster . The church was tastefully decorated with flowers. A large crowd assembled outside the church long before half-past 2, the hour fixed for the ceremony, but admittance could only be obtained by those favoured with invitations or tickets. Shortly before 2 o'clock, Mr. Victor Cavendish (24) entered by the east door, secompanied by his brother, Mr. Richard Cavendish (21) , who dlscharged the duties of best man, and took up his position at the chancel steps. Meanwhile the bridesmaids, eight in number, assembled inside the entrance. They were Blanche Harriet Egerton 1871-1943 (21) Miss Blanche Egerton, eldest daughter of the Hon. Francis (67) and Lady Louisa Egerton (57) , cousin of the bridegroom; Lady Francis Spencer Churchill (21) eldest daughter of the Marchioness of Blandford, Lady Maud Anson (23) , daughter of the Earl of Lichfield, Lady Katherine Scott (17) , daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch (60) ; Lady Gladys Hamilton (12) , daughter of the Duke of Abercorn (53) , Miss Muriel Herbert, second cousin of the bride; Lady Dorothy Osborne (3) , daughter of the Marquis of Carmarthen (29) ; and Miss Margery Digby , daughter of Colonel and Lady Emily Digby , cousin of the bride.
They were attired alike in dresses of white satin veiled with lisse, the bodices being arranged with fichus having small frills at the edge, and tied in large bows in front, and wore Gainsborough hats trimmed with white feathers and pale pink roses. Each carried a shower bouquet of pink roses and wore a diamond snake brooch, the Cavendish crest, a present from the bridegroom. Master Harry Strettfeild, son of Colonel and Lady Florence Streatfeild (32) , acted as psge, and wore a costume of white velvet, and a diamond scarf-pin, the bridegroom's gift.
The bride, who arrived punctually at half-past 2, was met at the entrance by the clergy and choir, and a procession being formed, advanced up the aisle, the choristers singing "The voice that breathed o'er Eden" to a setting by Barnby. The Bishop of London, uncle of the bride-groom, performed the nuptial rite, and was assisted in the service by the Rev. John Duncan, M.A., Vicar of CaIne, Wilts, and chaplain to the Marquis of Lansdowne, the Rev. C. Gore and the Rev. H. Rounsell. The music used throughout the service was by Barnby, and included " Jlesn, lover of my soul," from the Hymnary, and " For all the Saints who from their labours rest." The bride, who, in the absence of the Viceroy, was given away by her brother, the Earl of Kerry (47) , wore a dress of rich white satin duchesse trimmed with beautiful Brussels point lace; the skirt being plainly made, and having a very narrow trimming round the hem. Her tulle veil fell from a wreath of orange flowers and her ornaments included a diamond necklace and a pearl necklace, the gift of her father, thee diamond stars, given by Lady Edward Cavendish, and a fine diamond bracelet, presented to her by the Viceregal Staff in India. At the conclusion of the ceremony the bridal party proceeded to the vestry and signed the registers, the attestors being the Marchioness of Lansdowne (42) , the Duke of Devonshire (59) , the Duke of Abercorn (53) , Lady Edward Cavendish, and the Dowager Maarchioness of Lansdowne, during which the organist plaved the March from St. Polycarp.
As the bride, and bridegroom left the church Mendelssohn's Wedding March was played, acd the hells of St. Margaret's rang out a merry peal. The reception was held at ffampden-houlse, lent for the occasion by thc Duke and Duchess of Abercorn. In the Lawrence Room was stationed Herr Wurms's White Vienna Band, and refreshments were served in the dining room, the long buffet being profusely decorated with choice white flowers admirably arranged in a number of large silver bowls. Among the company present were the Duke of Devonshire (59) , the Duke (60) and Duchess (56) of Bucceuch, the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn, the Duchess Dowager of Abercorn, the Duchess of Leeds and the Ladies Godolphin Osborne, the Dowager Maarchioness of Lansdowne, Lady Edward Cavendish, Lady Frederick Cavendish, the Countess of Kerry, Lord Charles Fitzmaurice, Lord and Lady Edmond Fitzmaurice, the Marchioness of Salisbury and Lady Gwrendolen Cecil, the Marchioness of Blandford and the Ladies Spencer Churchill, the Marquis of Headtort, the Dowager Marchioness of Waterford, the Marchioness of Waterford, the Countess of Normanton and Lady Mary Agar,thc Countess of Mayo andLady FlorenceBourke, the Earlof Ava. theEarl and Countess of Morley, and Lady Katherine Parker the Earl and Countess of Minto and the Ladies Elliot Countess Percy and the Ladies Percy, Earl Winterton Countess Spencer, the Earl and Countess of St Germans and Mliss Lascelles, the Earl of Camperdown, Viscount Cross, Viscountess Galway, Viscountess Hampden and the Hon. Miss Brand, Lord Robert Cecil, Lady Alexandra Hamilton, Lady Gladys Hamilton, Lord John Hamnilton, Lord Henry Fitzgerald, LadyHelen Feruson,Lady Li ian Yorkeand Miss Pelly, Lady Rovelstokc and the HIon. M£i5S Baring, Lady George Hamlton, Lady lantage, Lord Frederick Hamilton, the Ladies Egerton, Lord and Lady Alexander Russcll, Lady Constance Scott, Lady Harris, Lady Louisa Blagelis, Lady Beatrix Herbert and Miss Uuriel Herbert, Lady Mauriel Boyle, Lady Lyttelton, Lady Fanny Marjoribanks, Lady Olliffe and Mlliss Olliffe, Lady Abercromby, Lady Claud Hamilton, Lady William Osborne Elphinstone, the Hon. Lady Yoley, the Hon. Charles Gore, Mr. and Mrs. Childers, 1r. Chaplin, the Hon. bliss Roberts and Miss Pryde, Hon. Percy Wyndham and Miss Pamela KWyndham and the .on. MIary lVyndham, the Hon. Thomas Egerton, thec Hon. C. Anson, the Hon. Mrs. Assheton 6?urzon, the Hon. Lionel Holland, the Hon. Alexander Hood, Mlajor the Hon Montagu and M1rs. COrzon, the Hon. Mrs. Agar Ellis, Mr. and Lady Louise Loder, Lady Sybil Beauclerk, Sir James Ramsden, Sir George Baden-Powell Sir Thomas and Lady Brooks, Sir Andrew Scobie, Sir. Henry and Miss James, General Sir Hugh and Lady Gough, Sir Donald Wallace, Colonel and Lady Emily Digby, MIr. and Lady Helena Heneasge, Sir George and Lady Young, General Arthur Ellis, Ilrs. Grenfell, BMrs. Temple, Mr. Hercert, MIrs. Reginald Brett, Miss Chandos Pole, Mr. IV. H. Grenfell, Mrs. Arthur Barclay, Admiral and Mrs. F. Robinson, Mr. Leveson-Gower, Mr. G. Leveson-Gower, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grey, Mr. Reginald Loder, Mr. Leeson, Colonel Ian and MN rs. Haamilton, Mr. James Cavendish, Mr. and.Mrs. Baillie Hamilton, Mr. and Mirs. P. Ponsonby, Mrs. Francis Gore, and many others. Later in the afternoon Mr. and Lady Evelyn Cavendish left for Bowood-park, Lord Lansdowne's seat in Wiltshire, for the honeymoon. Lady Evelyn Cavendish travelled in a dress of ptle blue radzimir, trimmed with white embroidered lisse, with lar-e revers of white moire antique, and wore a large black hat.
The Queen (73) presented the bride with an Indian shawl, and the bridegroom with a bronze statuette of herself, with the inscription, "Presented to Victor Cavendish by Victoria, R.I., 1892." The Empress Eugenie gave the bride a ruby and diamond watch bracelet, and Princess Christian presented the bridegroom with 12 volumes of Tennyson's poems, bound in white calf. The other presents to the bride included, from the bridegroom, a superb diamond tiara, an antique chatelaine watch set in diamonds, and a sapphire and diamond bracelet; from the Marchioness of Lansdowne, a diamond necklace and a pearl necklace; the Duke and Duchess of Buecleuch, a diamond and pearl necklace; the Duke of Devonshire, a three-stringed pearl necklace the Ducchess of 'Abercorm, pair of gold links with tucquoise in centre; the Duke of Abercorn, silver and tortoiseshell box; the Dowager Duchess of Abercorn, gold and enamel filagree tulip watch, gold bracelet with motto, and four silver-gilt shell dishes; the Duke of Westminster, a necklace of brilliantts, pink topazes, beryls, and white enamel olira leaves; the MIa-quis of Lansdowne's staff diamond heart bracelet; the Duke and Duchess of St. Albans, pair of amber heart-shaped links with diamond centres; the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, diamond and carbuncle horseshoe brooch: the Dowager M1archioness of Lansdowne, diamond and sapphire thistle brooch the Earl of Mlount Edgeumbe, diamond and sapphire bangle; the Earl of Durham, diamond and sapphire brooch, the Marquis de Lavalette, ring with large pearl in centre and iamonds; La Marquise de Lavalette, diamond flowver brooch; the Earl and Countess of Powis, silver ink-stand and candlesticks; the Earl of Kerry and Lord Charles Fitzmaur.ce, silver tea service in case; Earl and Countess Winterton, fluted silver bowl; Countess Russell, silver fan-shaped box; the Earl of Rosebery 2 pair of silver candlesticks; the MIarquis of Tullibardine, pair of tortoiseshell and silver opera-glasses the Countess of Lichfield, pair of carved rosewood book shelves; the Countess of Kerry, pair of silver candlesticks; the Marquis of Hamilton, two silver pepper-boxes in case; the Duke of Athole, silver and tortoiseshell inkstand and tray with letter clip; Countess Granville, fitted luncheon basket;fhe MIarquis of Bath, tortoiseshell and silver photo frame Earl and Countess Fitzwilliam, silver-gilt box; thc Dowager Marchioness of Waterford, leather dressing-case with silver-gilt fittings; the Earl and Countess of Ilchester, painted lace fan; the Earl of Dalkeith. lace fanD; tnc Eiarl of Northbrook, act of enamelled trays; the Marchioness of Headfort, six fruit knives with malachite handles; the Earl of Ava, crystal seal with diamond-beaded snake entwined; Countess Spencer, pair of large Mintonvases; the MIarchioness ot Blandfora, a framed engraving; Louise, Duchess of Manchester, carriage-basket with clock, &c. the Countess of Minto, Louis XVI. clock; Earl and Coun tess of Wharneliffe, large copper jardiniere on iron stand; Earl and Countess Cowrper, Louis XV clock,; Lord Wolverton silver and copper card-case and memo-book; Lord and Lady Strathrnore. heart-shaped mirror in silver frame; Lord aBnd Lady P.oay, silver trinket tray on stand; Viscount Turnour, silver shell tray; Lady Claud AnSOn, silver tray; Lord and Lady Edmunud Fitzmaurice, pearl and diamond brooch; Viscountess Cranborne ann Lady Esther Gore, gold curb bracelet with crimson enamel heart; Lord and Lady Mount Stephen,. a sable travelling rug; Lady Edward S*vs;di'eA4d tars viacoant Valetort, diamond bracelet: l; dy Robert Cecil and Lady Anne Lambton, pair of gold and malachite links; the Ladies Churchill, silver-mounted heart-shaped tortoise-shell tray; Lady Suffolk, diamond and pearl brooch; Lord Frederick Hamilton, enamel miniature locket set with pearls; Lord Henry Scott, silver tea-caddy the Earl of Caraperdown, silver box; Lord Alington, three-fold screen; Dowager Lady Ashburton and Mliss Digby, screen; Lord and Lady Roberts, Indian silver bowl; Lady Amnpthill, :gilt carriage clock; Lady Leconfield, rosewood specimen table; Lord and Lady Willoughby de Eresby, tortoiseshell and silver tea-caddy; Viscount and Viscountess Cross, hammered silver tray; Lady Abercromby, gold box with enamelled cross and pearl in centre; Lord Revelstoke Savres chin-: vase; Lady Revelstoke, gold-mounted torto.iseshell paper knife; Lord Rowton, silver-gilt vase; Lady Wantage, Louis XV. clock; Viscount and Viscountess Newport, pair of agate trays; Lord and Lady Ernest Hamilton,two Crorwn Derby ink-pots and tua7; Earl and Countes5 oEf Morley, pair of silver-gilt mounted claret jugs; Lady Beatrice Fitzmaurice, chased silver teapot; Lady Carrington, silver hot-milk jug-; archioness of Carmarthen, ostrich feather fan; Mrs. 3ontefiore, inlaid cabinet table vith marble top; Hon C Lambton, small silver dish; Mrs. Temple, sil-er bell; Mr Thomas Baring, gold necklace with onys Dendant set. in diamonds; 3r. John Baring, gold curb bracelet with moonstone heart surmonnted with rubies and diamonds; Hon. Miss Baring, diamond and enamel heart brooch; Mrs. Sackville West, gold ball hatpin set with diamonds . Mrs. Grace, silver inkstand and tray; Sir Tatton and Lady Sykes,massive silver-framed:mirror.; Sir Alerander Iackenzie, gold safety-pin brooch set with pearls and diamonds; Captain and Mrs. Cecil Cavendish, silver-mounted pin-cushion; Hon. Mrs Wyndharn, silver buckle Mrr and Lady Fanny hlarioribanks, piece of Indian plate; Mr. and hMrs. W. Grenfell, copper and brass standard lamp; General Brackenbury, large silver-mounted:scent bottle, Mr. and Lady Louise Loder, silver inkstand and tray; MIr. Cyril Flower, large Venetian glass bowl hlr. and Irs. Childers, Dresden china tdte-&-tetc tea service Lord Lansdowne's WViltshire tenants, diamond bracelet. The bridegroom's presents included --From the Duchess of Westminster, tortoiseshell blotting case inlaid with gold; the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, sl1ver salver; the Marquis of Blandford, silver-gilt card case; the Earl of Chesterfield, silver flask; Mr. R. Cavendish, Eervice of plate in walnut case; the Dowager Marchioness of Lansdowne, large diamond scarf-pin; the Dowrager Duchess of Abercorn, silver cofee pot; the Duke and Duchess of Leeds, gold and bloodstone seal,; the Marquis and Marchioness of Stafford, tortoiseshell and silver calendar frame Lady Frederick Cavendish, 24 volumes of George Eliot's works; the Countess of Bectivo, crystal and gold bos; the Marchioness of Salisbury, pair of tall silver salt cellars and spoons in case; Louise, Duchess of Manchester, silver milk jug; the Marquis of Granby, silver-mounted walking stick; Viscount 'Wolmer, silver-mounted hunting crop; Viscount and Viscountes6 Portman, half-a-dozen silver-gilt dessert spoons in a case; Earl of Arran, gold and nearl Albert chain; Lord and Lady Burton and Hon. ellie Bass, antique silver box; Lady Taunton, pair of silver candlesticks; Lord Ampthill, massive silver-mounted inkstand; Lord and Lady Henry Bentinek, silver hot milk jug; Sir Thomas asd Lady Brooke, pair of antique b-rass ornaments; Lord and Lady Herschell, silver-mounted blotter; Hon. W. and Mrs. Cavendish, silver-mounted hock jug; Sir H. and Lady Mleysey Thompson, silver-gilt match box and tray; Hon. A. Lyttelton, silver-mounted riding whip; Hon E. Cavendish, silver grenade cigar lighter; Lord Vernon, silver.tobacco box; Lord and Lady Chesham, gold and enamel pencil-case Lord and Lady Penrhyn, four silver salt cellars and spoons; Viscount and Viscountess Hampden, silver coffee-pot; the Earl and Countess of St. toermans, pair of vases; the Countess of Leicester, silver and tortoiseshell scimitar paper cutter; Sir George Baden Powell, silver-mounted ebony stick; Sir Henry James, set of pearl studs; Colonel J. C. Cavendish, silver inkstand; Viscount St. Cyres, silver-mounted walking-stick; Lord and Lady Belper, silver inkstand; Ron. J. Mansfield, silver match-box; Hon. F. Leveson-Gower, two engravings; Earl Spencer, silver sandwich box and flask in casel; Mr and Lady Harriet Cavendish, a silver-mounted driving whip.

16 Aug 1892

On 16 Aug 1892 Spencer Cavendish 8th Duke Devonshire 1833-1908 (59) and Louisa Frederica Augusta Vonalten Duchess Devonshire, Duchess Manchester 1832-1911 (60) were married at Christ Church, Mayfair, Westminster . Louisa Frederica Augusta Vonalten Duchess Devonshire, Duchess Manchester 1832-1911 (60) by marriage Duchess Devonshire .

Sep 1892

06 Sep 1892

On 06 Sep 1892 Francis Osbert Sacheverell Sitwell 5th Baronet Sitwell 1892-1969 was born to George Reresby Sitwell 4th Baronet Sitwell 1860-1943 (32) and Ida Emily Augusta Denison Baronetess Sitwell 1864-1937 (28) .

13 Sep 1892

On 13 Sep 1892 Viktoria Luise Hohenzollern Duchess Brunswick 1892-1980 was born to Wilhelm Hohenzollern 1859-1941 (33) and Auguste Viktoria Oldenburg 1858-1921 (33)

Oct 1892

08 Oct 1892

On 08 Oct 1892 Ralph Heneage Dutton 1821-1892 (71) died . He was buried at Timsbury, Hampshire . On 27 Feb 1895 Isabella Mansfield 1824-1895 (67) died . Memorials in Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Sherborne, Gloucestershire to Ralph Heneage Dutton 1821-1892 (71) and Isabella Mansfield 1824-1895 (67) .

11 Oct 1892

On 11 Oct 1892 Dudley Ryder 6th Earl Harrowby Lincolnshire 1892-1987 was born to John Ryder 5th Earl Harrowby Lincolnshire 1864-1956 (28) .

17 Oct 1892

On 17 Oct 1892 Thomas Woolner 1825-1892 (66) died From a stroke.

18 Oct 1892

On 18 Oct 1892 Reginald Henry Bertie 1856-1950 (36) and Amy Courtenay 1865-1948 (27) were married

23 Oct 1892

On 23 Oct 1892 James Henry Robert Innes-Kerr 7th Duke Roxburghe 1839-1892 (53) died . His son Henry John Innes-Kerr 8th Duke Roxburghe 1876-1932 (16) succeeded as 8th Duke Roxburghe

Nov 1892

06 Nov 1892

On 06 Nov 1892 George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven 1892-1938 was born to Louis Mountbatten 1st Marquess Milford Haven 1854-1921 (38) and Victoria Hesse-Darmstadt Marchioness Milford Haven 1863-1950 (29)

11 Nov 1892

On 11 Nov 1892 William Nassau Jocelyn 5th Earl Roden 1832-1892 (60) died without male issue.

Dec 1892

19 Dec 1892

On 19 Dec 1892 Marie Josephine Edwards 1882-1965 was born to James Andrew Edwards

30 Dec 1892

On 30 Dec 1892 Elizabeth Mary Shirley 1892-1893 was born to Walter Shirley 11th Earl Ferrers 1864-1937 (28) and Mary Jane Moon Countess Ferrers -1944 .