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Events in ... 858 ...

Around 858 Hugo Carolingian 858-880 was born to Louis "Younger" King Saxony, King Bavaria 835- .

In 858 Louis Rorgonide Abbot Saint-Pierre, Abbot St Denis 800-867 (58) was captured by the Vikings and freed after the payment of a large ransom

In 858 Richard "Black" Bivinids Duke Burgundy 858-921 was born to Bivin Bivinids 820-863 (38) and Unamed Unknown .

Jan 858

13 Jan 858

Death of King Aethelwulf

On 13 Jan 858 Aethelwulf King Wessex -858 died . His son Aethelbald King Wessex -860 succeeded as King Wessex

Life of Alfred by Asser Part 1 849-887 Page 1 . Now king Ethelwulf lived two years after his return from Rome; during which, among many other good deeds of this present life, reflecting on his departure according to the way of all flesh, that his sons might not quarrel unreasonably after their father's death, he ordered a will or letter of instructions to be written, in which he ordered that his kingdom should be divided between his two eldest sons, his private inheritance between his sons, his daughters, and his relations, and the money which he left behind him between his sons and nobles, and for the good of his soul. Of this prudent policy we have thought fit to record a few instances out of many for posterity to imitate; namely, such as are understood to belong principally to the needs of the soul; for the others, which relate only to human dispensation, it is not necessary to insert in this work, lest prolixity should create disgust in those who read or wish to hear my work. For the benefit of his soul, then, which he studied to promote in all things from his youth, he directed through all his hereditary dominions, that one poor man in ten, either native or foreigner, should be supplied with meat, drink, and clothing, by his successors, until the day of judgment; supposing, however, that the country should still be inhabited both by men and cattle, and should not become deserted. He commanded also a large sum of money, namely, three hundred mancuses, to be carried to Rome for the good of his soul, to be distributed in the following manner: namely, a hundred mancuses in honour of St. Peter, specially to buy oil for the lights of the church of that apostle on Easter eve, and also at the cock-crow: a hundred mancuses in honour of St. Paul, for the same purpose of buying oil for the church of St. Paul the apostle, to light the lamps on Easter eve and at the cock-crow; and a hundred mancuses for the universal apostolic pontiff.

14 Jan 858

Life of Alfred by Asser Part 1 849-887 Page 1 . But when king Ethelwulf was dead, and buried at Stemrugam, his son Ethelbald , contrary to God's prohibition and the dignity of a Christian, contrary also to the custom of all the pagans, ascended his father's bed, and married Judith (14) , daughter of Charles (34) , king of the Franks, and drew down much infamy upon himself from all who heard of it. During two years and a half of licentiousness after his father he held the government of the West-Saxons.