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On this Day in History ... 06 March

On 06 Mar 1052 Emma Normandy Queen Consort England 985-1052 (67) died.

Close Rolls Edward II 1307-1313. 06 Mar 1308 King Edward II of England (23). Westminster. To Thomas de la Hide, late steward of Cornwall and sheriff of the same.Order to deliver to Peter de Gavaston (24), knight, all the ferms, rents, and issues of the said County from Michaelmas last, and of the lands of the late Edmund earl of Cornwall, the king having granted to the said Peter the county of Cornwall, and all the lands of the said Edmund.
The like to John de Tresimple, for the ferms, etc., of the manor, etc.
The like to Walter de Gloucester, escheator this side of Trent, for the ferms, etc., of the manors.

On 06 Mar 1340 John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster 1340-1399 was born to King Edward III England (27) and Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England 1314-1369 (25) at Ghent.

Death of Richard II

On 14 Feb 1400, nobody is sure exactly when King Richard II (33) died at Pontefract Castle, possibly murdered, possibly starved to death, as a consequence of the Epiphany Rising.
On 17 Feb 1400 Richard's (33) corpse was displayed at Old St Paul's Cathedral
On 06 Mar 1400 Richard's (33) remains were buried at King's Langley Priory.

On 06 Mar 1405 John II King Castile 1405-1454 was born to Henry III King Castile 1379-1406 (25) and Catherine of Lancaster Queen Consort Castile 1373-1418 (31). He a Great Grandson of King Edward III England and 3 x Great Grandson of Philip "Fair" IV King France 1268-1314.

On 06 Mar 1427 John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter 1395-1447 (31) and Anne Stafford Duchess Exeter -1432 were married (he was her second-cousin). Anne Stafford Duchess Exeter -1432 by marriage Duchess Exeter (1C 1397). He a Great Grandson of King Edward III England and 3 x Great Grandson of Philip "Bold" III King France 1245-1285. She a Great Granddaughter of King Edward III England. She a 3 x Great Granddaughter of Philip "Fair" IV King France 1268-1314.

On 06 Mar 1468 Eleanor Beauchamp Duchess Somerset 1408-1468 (59) died at Baynard's Castle, Castle Baynard.

On 06 Mar 1491 Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers 1453-1491 (38) died.

John Evelyn's Diary 1652 Mar. 06 Mar 1652. Saw the magnificent funeral of that arch-rebel, Ireton, carried in pomp from Somerset House to Westminster, accompanied with divers regiments of soldiers, horse and foot; then marched the mourners, General Cromwell (52) (his father-in-law), his mock-parliament-men, officers, and forty poor men in gowns, three led horses in housings of black cloth, two led in black velvet, and his charging horse, all covered over with embroidery and gold, on crimson velvet; then the guidons, ensigns, four heralds, carrying the arms of the State (as they called it), namely, the red cross and Ireland, with the casque, wreath, sword, spurs, etc.; next, a chariot canopied of black velvet, and six horses, in which was the corpse; the pall held up by the mourners on foot; the mace and sword, with other marks of his charge in Ireland (where he died of the plague), carried before in black scarfs. Thus, in a grave pace, drums covered with cloth, soldiers reversing their arms, they proceeded through the streets in a very solemn manner. This Ireton was a stout rebel, and had been very bloody to the King's party, witness his severity at Colchester, when in cold blood he put to death those gallant gentlemen, Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle. My cousin, R. Fanshawe (43), came to visit me, and informed me of many considerable affairs. Sir Henry Herbert (57) presented me with his brother, my Lord Cherbury's book, "De Veritate.".

Around 1650. Robert Walker 1599-1658 (51). Portrait of Henry Ireton 1611-1651 (39).

Around 1745. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Old Somerset House, Strand.

Around 1750. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Westminster from near the Terrace of Somerset House In the distance the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge.

Around 1750. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. The City from near the Terrace of Somerset House with St Paul's Cathedral.

Around 1747. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. View across the River Thames to Westminster Abbey and Westminster Hall.

1749. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Westminster Abbey with a procession of Knights of the Bath. St Margaret's Church adjacent with the flag.

Around 1801. Benjamin West Painter 1738-1820 (62). Milkmaids in St James' Park with Westminster Abbey Beyond.

Around 1649. Robert Walker 1599-1658 (50). Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658 (49).

Around 1644. William Dobson Painter 1611-1646 (32). Portrait of Richard Fanshawe 1st Baronet Fanshawe 1608-1666 (35).

On 24 Feb 1683 John Finch 6th Earl Winchelsea 1683-1729 was born to Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Winchelsea 1628-1689 (55) and Elizabeth Ayres Countess Winchelsea -1745. He was christened on 06 Mar 1683 at Eastwell.

John Evelyn's Diary 1685 Mar. 06 Mar 1685. Lent Preachers continu'd as formerly in the Royal Chapell.

On 06 Mar 1698 Philip Sidney 3rd Earl Leicester 1619-1698 (79) died. His Son Robert Sidney 4th Earl Leicester 1649-1702 (49) succeeded 4th Earl Leicester (4C 1618), 4th Viscount Lisle (6C 1605). Elizabeth Egerton Countess Leicester 1653-1709 (44) by marriage Countess Leicester (4C 1618).

Before 07 Dec 1680 Peter Lely 1618-1680. Portrait of Elizabeth Egerton Countess Leicester 1653-1709.

On 06 Mar 1701 William Brownlow 4th Baronet Brownlow 1665-1701 (35) died. His Son John Brownlow 1st Viscount Tyconnel 1690-1754 (10) succeeded 5th Baronet Brownlow of Humby in Lincolnshire.

Around 1685. John Riley 1646-1691 (39). Portrait of William Brownlow 4th Baronet Brownlow 1665-1701 (19).

Around 1685 John Closterman 1660-1711 (25). Portrait of William Brownlow 4th Baronet Brownlow 1665-1701 (19).

Around 1735 Charles Jervas 1675-1739 (60). Portrait of John Brownlow 1st Viscount Tyconnel 1690-1754 (44).

On 06 Mar 1758 Henry Vane 1st Earl Darlington 1705-1758 (53) died. His Son Henry Vane 2nd Earl Darlington 1726-1792 (32) succeeded 2nd Earl Darlington, 2nd Viscount Barnard, 4th Baron Barnard. Margaret Lowther Countess Darlington 1728-1800 (30) by marriage Countess Darlington.

On 06 Mar 1764 Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764 (73) died. His Son Philip Yorke 2nd Earl Hardwicke 1720-1790 (43) succeeded 2nd Earl Hardwicke. Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Kent 1723-1797 (40) by marriage Countess Hardwicke.

In 1756 Thomas Hudson 1701-1779 (55). Portrait of Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764 (65).

1763. William Hoare Painter 1707-1792 (56). Portrait of Philip Yorke 1st Earl Hardwicke 1690-1764 (72) wearing the Robes of Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and holding the Great Seal.

On 06 Mar 1766 George Spencer-Churchill 5th Duke Marlborough 1766-1840 was born to George Spencer 4th Duke Marlborough 1739-1817 (27) and Caroline Russell Duchess Marlborough 1743-1811 (23).

On 06 Mar 1776 Francis Saxe-Coburg-Gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1750-1806 (25) and Sophie Saxe-Hildburghausen Duchess Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were married. Sophie Saxe-Hildburghausen Duchess Saxe-Coburg-Gotha by marriage Duchess Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

On 06 Mar 1781 George John Spencer 2nd Earl Spencer 1758-1834 (22) and Lavinia Bingham Countess Spencer 1762-1831 (19) were married.

Around 1800 John Singleton Copley 1738-1815 (61). Portrait of George John Spencer 2nd Earl Spencer 1758-1834 (41).

In 1781 Joshua Reynolds 1723-1788 (57). Portrait of Lavinia Bingham Countess Spencer 1762-1831 (19).

In 1783 Joshua Reynolds 1723-1788 (59). Portrait of Lavinia Bingham Countess Spencer 1762-1831 (21).

On 06 Mar 1795 Elizabeth Anne Brudenell 1795-1824 was born to Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan 1769-1837 (25) and Penelope Cooke Countess Cardigan 1770-1826 (25).

On 06 Mar 1795 Mary Louisa Cavendish 1795-1795 was born to George Augustus Henry Cavendish 1st Earl Burlington 1754-1834 (40) and Elizabeth Compton Countess Burlington 1760-1835 (34).

On 06 Mar 1803 Frances Isabella Selina Poyntz Marchioness Exeter 1803-1879 was born to William Stephen Poyntz 1770-1840 (33) and Elizabeth Mary Browne 1767-1830 (35).

On 06 Mar 1817 Princess Clémentine Orléans 1817-1907 was born to Louis Philippe I King France 1773-1850 (43) at Chateau Neuilly.

On 06 Mar 1838 Augusta Fane Countess Lonsdale 1761-1838 (76) died.

On 06 Mar 1854 Charles William Vane 3rd Marquess Londonderry 1778-1854 (76) died at Londonderry House, Park Lane, Mayfair. His Son Frederick William Robert Stewart 4th Marquess Londonderry 1805-1872 (48) succeeded 4th Marquess Londonderry.

On 06 Mar 1879 Frances Isabella Selina Poyntz Marchioness Exeter 1803-1879 (76) died.

On 06 Mar 1893 Emily Paget Countess Sydney Scadbury Kent 1810-1893 (83) died.

On 06 Mar 1907 Robert Garnet Head 3rd Baronet 1845-1907 (61) died. Monument in Rochester Cathedral.

On 06 Mar 1915 George Cadogan 5th Earl Cadogan 1840-1915 (74) died. His Son Gerald Oakley Cadogan 6th Earl Cadogan 1869-1933 (45) succeeded 5th Earl Cadogan (2C 1800).

On 06 Mar 1923 Robert George Windsor-Clive 1st Earl Plymouth 1857-1923 (65) died at Great Cumberland Place. He was buried at Windsor-Clive Family Plot, St Bartholomew's Church, Tardebigge. His Son Ivor Windsor-Clive 2nd Earl Plymouth 1889-1943 (34) succeeded 2nd Earl Plymouth in Devon (3C 1905). Irene Corona Charteris Countess Plymouth 1902-1989 (21) by marriage Countess Plymouth in Devon (3C 1905).

On 06 Mar 1964 Paul I King Greece 1901-1964 (62) died.