Twenty Trees

On this Day in History ... 13 January

858 Death of King Æthelwulf

888 Death of Charles "Fat" King East Francia, Holy Roman Emperor, III King West Francia, King Aquitaine

1312 Gaveston Returns from Exile

1396 Marriage of John of Gaunt and Katherine Roet

1400 Epiphany Rising

1559 Coronation of Elizabeth I

On 13 Jan 731 Berhtwald Archbishop -731 died.

Death of King Æthelwulf

On 13 Jan 858 Æthelwulf King Wessex -858 died. His son Æthelbald King Wessex -860 succeeded King Wessex.

Life of Alfred by Asser Part 1 849-887 Page 1. Now king Ethelwulf lived two years after his return from Rome; during which, among many other good deeds of this present life, reflecting on his departure according to the way of all flesh, that his sons might not quarrel unreasonably after their father's death, he ordered a will or letter of instructions to be written, in which he ordered that his kingdom should be divided between his two eldest sons, his private inheritance between his sons, his daughters, and his relations, and the money which he left behind him between his sons and nobles, and for the good of his soul. Of this prudent policy we have thought fit to record a few instances out of many for posterity to imitate; namely, such as are understood to belong principally to the needs of the soul; for the others, which relate only to human dispensation, it is not necessary to insert in this work, lest prolixity should create disgust in those who read or wish to hear my work. For the benefit of his soul, then, which he studied to promote in all things from his youth, he directed through all his hereditary dominions, that one poor man in ten, either native or foreigner, should be supplied with meat, drink, and clothing, by his successors, until the day of judgment; supposing, however, that the country should still be inhabited both by men and cattle, and should not become deserted. He commanded also a large sum of money, namely, three hundred mancuses, to be carried to Rome for the good of his soul, to be distributed in the following manner: namely, a hundred mancuses in honour of St. Peter, specially to buy oil for the lights of the church of that apostle on Easter eve, and also at the cock-crow: a hundred mancuses in honour of St. Paul, for the same purpose of buying oil for the church of St. Paul the apostle, to light the lamps on Easter eve and at the cock-crow; and a hundred mancuses for the universal apostolic pontiff.

Death of Charles "Fat" King East Francia, Holy Roman Emperor, III King West Francia, King Aquitaine

On 13 Jan 888 Charles "Fat" King East Francia, Holy Roman Emperor, III King West Francia, King Aquitaine 839-888 (48) died.

On 13 Jan 1049 Dirk Gerulfing IV Count Holland 1025-1049 (24) was murdered. His brother Floris Gerulfing I Count Holland 1025-1061 (24) succeeded I Count Holland.

On 13 Jan 1151 Hawise Salisbury Count Dreux 1118-1151 (33) died.

On 13 Jan 1200 Otto Hohenstaufen I Count Burgundy 1170-1200 (29) was murdered.

Gaveston Returns from Exile

On 13 Jan 1312 King Edward II of England (27) and Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall 1284-1312 (28) were reunited at Knaresborough Castle (probably).

On 13 Jan 1314 John Bardolf 3rd Baron Bardolf 1314-1363 was born to Thomas Bardolf 2nd Baron Bardolf 1282-1357 (31) and Agnes Grandison Baroness Bardolf 1289-1349 (25).

On 13 Jan 1330 Frederick "Fair" Habsburg I Duke Austria 1289-1330 (41) died. His brother Leopold Habsburg I Duke Austria 1290-1326 succeeded I Duke Austria.

On 13 Jan 1332 John Strange 4th Baron Strange Blackmere 1332-1361 was born to John Strange 2nd Baron Strange Blackmere 1306-1349 (25) and Ankaret Boteler Baroness Strange Blackmere 1309-1361 (22) at Whitchurch.

On 13 Jan 1334 Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile 1334-1379 was born illegitimately to Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile 1311-1350 (22) and Eleanor Guzman. He was one of twins.

On 13 Jan 1334 Fadrique Alfonso Ivrea 1334-1358 was born illegitimately to Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile 1311-1350 (22) and Eleanor Guzman at Seville.

On 13 Jan 1335 Thomas Ros 4th Baron Ros Helmsley 1335-1384 was born to William Ros 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley 1285-1343 (50) and Margery Badlesmere Baroness Ros Helmsley 1308-1363 (27).

On 13 Jan 1393 Isabella of Castile Duchess York 1355-1392 was buried at King's Langley Priory.

Marriage of John of Gaunt and Katherine Roet

On 13 Jan 1396 John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster 1340-1399 (55) and Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster 1350-1403 (45) were married at Lincoln Cathedral. Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster 1350-1403 (45) by marriage Duchess Lancaster (2C 1362).

Epiphany Rising

On 13 Jan 1400 Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester 1373-1400 (26) was beheaded at Bristol.

On 13 Jan 1400 Prince John Aviz Constable Portugal 1400-1442 was born to John "Good Great" I King Portugal 1357-1433 (42) and Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Portugal 1360-1415 (39).

On 13 Jan 1434 Joan Pole 4th Baroness Cobham -1434 died. She was buried at Cobham Church, Cobham. Her daughter Joan Braybrooke 5th Baroness Cobham 1403-1442 (30) succeeded 5th Baron Cobham.

On 13 Jan 1441 Louise of Laval 1441- was born to Guy 14th de Laval Count 1406-1486 (34) and Isabella Montfort 1411-1442 (30).

On 13 Jan 1450 Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville 1418-1450 (32) died. His son Richard Grey 3rd Earl Tankerville 1436-1466 (13) succeeded 3rd Earl Tankerville (1C 1418).

On 13 Jan 1505 Joachim Hector Hohenzollern 1505-1571 was born to Joachim "Nestor" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg 1484-1535 (20).

Coronation of Elizabeth I

On 13 Jan 1559...
Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon 1526-1596 (32) was created 1st Baron Hunsdon. Anne Morgan Baroness Hunsdon 1529-1607 (30) by marriage Baroness Hunsdon.
Oliver St John 1st Baron St John Bletso 1522-1582 (37) was created 1st Baron St John Bletso (1C 1559). Agnes Fisher Baroness St John Bletso 1526-1572 (33) by marriage Baroness St John Bletso (1C 1559).

On 13 Jan 1584 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth 1525-1584 (59) died. His son Henry Wentworth 3rd Baron Wentworth 1558-1593 (25) succeeded 3rd Baron Wentworth.

On 13 Jan 1601 Bridget Hussey Countess Bedford 1526-1601 (75) died.

On 13 Jan 1610 Maria Anna Habsburg-Spain Duchess Bavaria 1610-1665 was born to Ferdinand Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637 (31) and Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress 1574-1616 (35).

On 13 Jan 1612 Jane Dormer Duchess Feria 1538-1612 (74) died.

Around 1563 Alonso Sánchez Coello 1531-1588 (32). Portrait of Jane Dormer Duchess Feria 1538-1612 (24).

On 13 Jan 1628 Anthony Ashley 1st Baronet St Giles Wimborne St Giles 1561-1628 (67) died. He was buried at Wimborne St Giles Church, Wimborne St Giles.

John Evelyn's Diary 1652 January. 13 Jan 1652. I took leave of Mr. Waller (45), who, having been proscribed by the rebels, had obtained of them permission to return, was going to England.

On 13 Jan 1652 Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington 1652-1694 was born to George Booth 1st Baron Delamer 1622-1684 (29) and Elizabeth Grey Baroness Delamer 1622-.

On 13 Jan 1653 David Wemyss 2nd Earl Wemyss 1610-1679 (42) and Margaret Leslie Countess Buccleuch, Countess Wemyss -1688 were married.

On 13 Jan 1663 Henry Paget 1st Earl Uxbridge 1663-1743 was born to William Paget 6th Baron Paget Beaudasert 1637-1713 (25) and Frances Pierrepoint Baroness Geneville Beaudasert -1734.

On 13 Jan 1684 Henry Howard 6th Duke Norfolk 1628-1684 (55) died. His son Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk 1655-1701 (29) succeeded 7th Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), 25th Earl Arundel (Sussex), 8th Earl Surrey (3C 1483), 5th Earl Norfolk (5C 1644), 2nd Earl Norwich (3C 1672), 18th Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), 22nd Baron Segrave (2C 1295), 16th Baron Furnivall (1C 1295), 20th Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), 15th Baron Maltravers (1C 1330), 17th Baron Talbot (1C 1331), 15th Baron Arundel (1C 1377), 2nd Baron Howard of Castle Rising, Earl Marshal. Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk 1659-1705 (25) by marriage Duchess Norfolk (3C 1483).

John Ashton, Edmund Elliot, Richard Graham 1691. On Fryday, the 2d day of this Sessions, my Lord Preston (41), John Ashton and Edmund Elliot, were all Arrained for High Treason, my Lord Preston (41) was Tryed on Saturday by the name of Sir Richard Graham , Mr. Ashton on Monday. The Indictments against them consisted of Two Parts, the First of which set forth, That they had a Treasonable Design carrying on to Depose the King and Queen, and to Subvert and Alter the Government of the Kingdom of England, and to raise War and Rebellion in the same; which said Traiterous and Wicked Designs and Purposes to bring to pass, they did, on the 29th of December last, Meet and Conspire together, with several other Traitors not yet discovered, and did Compose several Treasonable Letters, Notes and Memorandums in writing, which set forth the most effectual way and means how they might Dethrone and Depose our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord and Lady the King (40) and Queen (28), and further describing therein how the Affairs of this Kingdom stood, and of what Strength and Force our Shipping was; as also the Fortifications of several Sea-Port-Towns within this Kingdom. The Second Part was their adhering to the Kings's Enemies: And to that end, that they might Acquaint Lewis the French King of the same, they did hire a Boat and Embarque themselves in order to Transport themselves and Pacquet of Treasonable Letters into France , agreeing to pay for their said Passages the Sum of One hundred Pound; and, in order to their Treasonable Voyage, they had made their Passage as far as below Gravesend, but were then Taken by Captain Billop, who Cruised abroad to search for them.
After this the Evidence for the King (40) being called, gave an Account particularly from Step to Step, how cunningly and subtilly they managed this horrid Conspiracy, by hiring the Smack called the Thomas and Elizabeth, to convey them secretly into France; in order to which they took Water in a Skuller at Surrey-Stairs, and went on Board the aforesaid Vessel, which lay in the River of Thames over against the Tower: From thence they set Sail down the River, till coming within the View of the George Frigate, lying in Long-reach, they desired the Master of the Smack to hide them under the Quarter-Hatches; which was done, they having some Fear of being discovered: There they remained till past that Danger, and then came up; but when they were within Sight of Gravesend they hid again, and a little below it Captain Billop came aboard them, under Pretence of Pressing the Masters two Men, who were assistants to him; but indeed his Design and real Intention was to find out those Traytors, which, upon Search, he found lying along under the Hatches; and after their being haled up he search'd them, and found a Pacquet of Treasonable Papers in Mr. Ashton's Bosom: which he with the Prisoners carried before my Lord Nottingham; who examined the Papers, and after being examined by the Cabinet Council they were committed to the Tower. The Evidence was very full and plain against them both, much to the same effect and purport: The Letters being also Read against them in Court, were adjudged to be of no less Import than High-Treason. Upon the whole they had nothing material to offer in their Defence; so after a very long hearing, they were both found Guilty of High Treason. Edmond Elliot was ordered to remain till further order.

Around 1680 Willem Wissing Painter 1656-1687 (24). Portrait of William III King England, Scotland and Ireland 1650-1702 (29) wearing his Garter Collar.

On 13 Jan 1696 Henry Fitzjames 1st Duke Albemarle 1673-1702 (22) was created 1st Duke Albemarle (Jacobite 1C 1696).

On 13 Jan 1697 Elizabeth Cutler Countess Radnor -1697 died.

On 13 Jan 1707 John Boyle 5th Earl Cork 1707-1762 was born to Charles Boyle 4th Earl Cork 4th Earl Orrery 1674-1731 (32) and Elizabeth Cecil Countess Cork 1691-1708 (15).

On 13 Jan 1735 Polyxena Hesse-Rotenburg Queen Consort Sardinia 1706-1735 (28) died.

On 13 Jan 1746 Thomas Howard 3rd Earl Effingham 1746-1791 was born to Thomas Howard 2nd Earl Effingham 1714-1763 (32) and Elizabeth Beckford Countess Effingham -1791.

On 13 Jan 1779 Sophia Curzon 1779-1849 was born to Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baron Scarsdale 1752-1837 (26) and Sophia-Susanna Noel -1782.

On 13 Jan 1781 Margaret Rolle Countess Orford 1709-1781 (71) died. Her son George Walpole 3rd Earl Orford 1730-1791 (50) succeeded 16th Baron Clinton.

On 13 Jan 1801 Sophia Laura Wodehouse 1801-1869 was born to John Wodehouse 2nd Baron Wodehouse 1771-1846 (30) and Charlotte Norris Baroness Woodhouse -1845.

On 13 Jan 1803 John Ponsonby 1st Viscount Ponsonby 1770-1855 (33) and Frances Elizabeth Villiers Viscountess Ponsonby 1786-1866 (17) were married.

On 13 Jan 1805 Maria wife of Robert Henson died. Monument in Church of St John the Baptist, Barnack. Sculpted by Richard Westmacott Sculptor 1775-1856 (29).

On 13 Jan 1808 George Strickland 5th Baronet Strickland 1729-1808 (78) died. His son William Strickland 6th Baronet Strickland 1753-1834 (54) succeeded 6th Baronet Strickland of Boynton.

On 30 Aug 1810 Rev Henry Spelman 1728-1810 (82) died. On 13 Jan 1795 Ann Harwick -1795 died. They were buried at All Saints Church, Narborough.

On 13 Jan 1819 George Spencer-Churchill 6th Duke Marlborough 1793-1857 (25) and Jane Stewart Duchess Marlborough 1798-1844 (21) were married (he was her first-cousin).

On 13 Jan 1820 William John Browne ffolkes Cricketer 1820-1867 was born to William Browne ffolkes 2nd Baronet 1786-1860 (33) and Charlotte Philippa Browne 1798-1882 (21).

On 13 Jan 1828 Elizabeth Berkeley Margrave Brandenburg-Ansbach 1750-1828 (77) died.

On 13 Jan 1838 John Scott 1st Earl Eldon 1751-1838 (86) died. His grandson John Scott 2nd Earl Eldon 1805-1854 (32) succeeded 2nd Earl Eldon. Louisa Duncombe Countess Eldon 1807-1852 (30) by marriage Countess Eldon.

On 13 Jan 1843 Louise Auguste possible father Johann Friedrich Struensee Oldenburg Duchess Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1771-1843 (71) died.

On 13 Jan 1844 George Augustus Francis Rawdon-Hastings 2nd Marquess Hastings 1808-1844 (35) died. His son Paulyn Reginald Serlo Rawdon-Hastings 3rd Marquess Hastings 1832-1851 (12) succeeded 3rd Marquess Hastings.

On 13 Jan 1883 Prince Arthur of Connaught 1883-1938 was born to Prince Arthur Windsor 1st Duke Connaught and Strathearn 1850-1942 (32) and Luise Margarete Alexandra Victoria Agnes Hohenzollern Duchess Connaught and Strathearn 1860-1917 (22).

1937. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (67). Portrait of Prince Arthur Windsor 1st Duke Connaught and Strathearn 1850-1942 (86).

In 1908 John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (51). Portrait of Prince Arthur Windsor 1st Duke Connaught and Strathearn 1850-1942 (57).

On 13 Jan 1888 Lilah Katherine Julia Wingfield 1888-1981 was born to Mervyn Wingfield 7th Viscount Powerscourt 1836-1904 (51) and Julia Coke Viscountess Powerscourt 1844-1931 (44).

On 13 Jan 1915 William Duncombe 1st Earl Feversham 1829-1915 (85) died. His grandson Charles William Reginald Duncombe 2nd Earl Feversham 1879-1916 (35) succeeded 2nd Earl Feversham (3C 1868). Marjorie Blanche Eva Greville Countess Feversham 1884-1964 (30) by marriage Countess Feversham (3C 1868).

On 13 Jan 1948 Peter Charles Beauclerk 1948- was born to Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans 1915-1988 (32) and Suzanne Marie Fesq Duchess St Albans 1921-2010 (26).

On 13 Jan 1960 Reginald Herbert 15th Earl Pembroke, 12th Earl Montgomery 1880-1960 (79) died.