On this Day in History ... 27 January


1659 Third Protectorate Parliament

On 27 Jan 992 Mathilde Carolingian Queen Consort Burgundy 943-992 (49) died.

On 27 Jan 1322 William Deincourt 1st Baron Deincourt 1301-1364 (21) was created 1st Baron Deincourt (2C 1322).

On 27 Jan 1393 Philip Artois Count Eu 1357-1397 (36) and Marie Valois Count Eu were married (he was her second-cousin once-removed). Marie Valois Count Eu by marriage Count Eu. He a 3 x Great Grandson of Henry III King England 1207-1272.

On 27 Jan 1443 John Tiptoft 1st Baron Tiptoft -1443 died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Enfield, Middlesex. His son John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl Worcester 1427-1470 (15) succeeded as 2nd Baron Tiptoft.

On 27 Jan 1447 Richard Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Powick 1435-1503 (12) and Elizabeth Stafford Baroness Beauchamp Powick 1435-1466 (12) were married at Beauchamp's Court, Alcester, Warwickshire.

On 27 Jan 1466 Elizabeth Stafford Baroness Beauchamp Powick 1435-1466 (31) died at Worcester, Worcestershire.

On 27 Jan 1510 Henry Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire 1479-1523 (31) was created 1st Earl Wiltshire (5C 1510).

On 27 Jan 1533 George Brooke 1533-1570 was born to George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 1497-1558 (36) and Anne Braye Baroness Cobham 1501-.

Around 1538 Hans Holbein The Younger 1497-1543 (41). Drawing of George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 1497-1558 (41).

On 27 Jan 1561 Thomas Young Archbishop York 1507-1568 (54) was elected Archbishop York.

On 27 Jan 1603 Harbottle Grimston 2nd Baronet of Bradfield 1603-1685 was born to Harbottle Grimston 1st Baronet of Bradfield 1569-1648 (34).

Before 1685. John Riley 1646-1691 (38). Portrait of Harbottle Grimston 2nd Baronet of Bradfield 1603-1685 (81).

On 27 Jan 1626 Francis Bacon 1st Viscount St Alban 1561-1626 (65) was created 1st Viscount St Alban.

In 1576 Nicholas Hilliard Painter 1547-1619 (29), whilst in France, painted a portrait of Francis Bacon 1st Viscount St Alban 1561-1626 (14) who was attached to the English Embassy at the time.

On 27 Jan 1631 Johanna St John Baronetess St John Lydiard Tregoze 1631-1705 was christened.

On 27 Jan 1645 John Belasyse 1st Baron Belasyse 1614-1689 (30) was created 1st Baron Belasyse of Worlaby in Lincolnshire at Oxford, Oxfordshire by Charles I King England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649 (44). Anne Paulett Viscountess Ipswich -1694 by marriage Viscountess Ipswich.

Third Protectorate Parliament

From 27 Jan 1659 the Third Protectorate Parliament sat for one session until 22 Apr 1659.

On 27 Jan 1663 George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington 1663-1733 was born.

On 27 Jan 1670 Anne Clarges Duchess Albermarle 1619-1670 (50) died.

On 27 Jan 1681 Nicholas Leke 2nd Earl Scarsdale 1612-1681 (69) died. His son Robert Leke 3rd Earl Scarsdale 1654-1707 (26) succeeded as 3rd Earl Scarsdale.

John Evelyn's Diary 1685 Jan. 27 Jan 1685. I din'd at Lord Sunderland's (43), being invited to heare that celebrated voice of Mr. Pordage, newly come from Rome; his singing was after the Venetian recitative, as masterly as could be, and with an excellent voice both treble and basse; Dr. Walgrave accompanied it with his theorba lute, on which he perform'd beyond imagination, and is doubtlesse orie of the greatest masters in Europe on that charming in strument. Pordage is a priest, as Mr. Bernard Howard (44) told me in private. There was in the roome where we din'd, and in his bed-chamber, those incomparable pieces of Columbus, a Flagellation, the Grammar-schoole, the Venus and Adonis of Titian; and of Vandyke's that picture of the late E. of Digby (father of the Countess of Sunderland (39)), and Earle of Bedford (68), Sr Kenelm Digby, and two Ladys of incomparable performance; besides that of Moses and the burning bush of Bassano, and several other pieces of ye best masters. A marble head of M. Brutus, &c.
Sir William Estcourt. It was in a sudden quarrel, and there was doubt whether it was more than manslaughter : but he was advised' to plead guilty, and then had a pardon, for which he paid £l,600.

Around 1672 Peter Lely 1618-1680 (53). Postumous portrait of Henrietta Stewart Duchess Orléans 1644-1670Commissioned by her brother Charles II King Scotland and presented by him in the Council ChamberWhere it still hangs today, in recognition of her birth in Bedford House, Exeter, the town house of the William Russell 1st Duke Bedford 1616-1700 (55)Who had given her mother refuge during the dangerous years before her father's execution in 1649.

On 27 Jan 1722 Benedict Swingate Calvert 1722-1788 was born illegitimately to Charles Calvert 5th Baron Baltimore 1699-1751 (22) and Petronilla Melusine Schulenburg Countess Chesterfield 1693-1778 (28). He a Grandson of George I King Great Britain and Ireland 1660-1727.

On 27 Jan 1725 Mary Stawell Baroness Stawell 1725-1780 was born to Edward Stawell 4th Baron Stawell -1755.

Around 1715. Michael Dahl 1659-1743 (56). Portrait of Edward Stawell 4th Baron Stawell -1755.

On 27 Jan 1726 Philip Stanhope 3rd Earl Chesterfield 1673-1726 (52) died. His son Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773 (31) succeeded as 4th Earl Chesterfield.

On 27 Jan 1740 Louis Henri Bourbon-Condé Duke Bourbon 1692-1740 (47) died.

On 27 Jan 1768 Augusta Murray Duchess Sussex 1768-1830 was born to John Murray 4th Earl Dunmore 1730-1809 (38) and Charlotte Stewart Countess Dunmore -1818.

On 27 Jan 1773 Augustus Frederick Hanover 1st Duke Sussex 1773-1843 was born to George III King Great Britain and Ireland 1738-1820 (34) and Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz Queen Consort England 1744-1818 (28) at Buckingham House, Westminster.

On 27 Jan 1784 Amelia Darcy 12th Baroness Darcy Knayth, 9th Baroness Conyers 1754-1784 (29) died. Her son George William Frederick Osborne 6th Duke Leeds 1775-1838 (8) succeeded as 13th Baron Darcy Knayth, 10th Baron Conyers.

On 27 Jan 1794 Elizabeth Cuffe 1st Countess Longford 1719-1794 (74) died.

On 27 Jan 1795 Richard Grosvenor 2nd Marquess Westminster 1795-1869 was born to Robert Grosvenor 1st Marquess Westminster 1767-1845 (27) and Eleanor Egerton Marchioness Westminster 1752-1816 (42).

On 27 Jan 1803 Arthur Algernon Capell Capell 6th Earl Essex 1803-1892 was born to John Thomas Capell 1769-1819 (34) and Caroline Paget 1773-1847 (29).

In 1793 John Hoppner 1758-1810 (34).Titled 'Portrait of a Lady' when first exhibited. The sitter is Caroline Paget 1773-1847 (19).

On 27 Jan 1809 Margaret Bruce Wentworth-Fitzwiliam 1809-1809 was born to Charles Wentworth-Fitzwiliam 5th Earl Fitzwilliam 1786-1857 (22) and Mary Dundas 1787-1830 (21).

On 27 Jan 1818 John Hamilton 1st Marquess Abercorn 1756-1818 (61) died.

On 27 Jan 1824 Margaret Caroline Leveson-Gower Countess Carlisle -1824 died.

On 27 Jan 1825 Adelaide Horatia Seymour-Conway Countess Spencer 1825-1877 was born to Horace Beauchamp Seymour-Conway 1791-1851 (33) and Elizabeth Malet Palk.

On 27 Jan 1827 Edward Legge Bishop Oxford 1756-1827 (71) died.

On 27 Jan 1828 Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie 2nd Earl Radnor 1750-1828 (77) died. His son William Pleydell-Bouverie 3rd Earl Radnor 1779-1869 (48) succeeded as 3rd Earl Radnor (2C 1765), 4th Viscount Folkestone, 4th Baron Longford. Judith St John-Mildmay Countess Radnor by marriage Countess Radnor (2C 1765).

On 27 Jan 1837 Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baron Scarsdale 1752-1837 (84) died. His son Nathaniel Curzon 3rd Baron Scarsdale 1781-1856 (56) succeeded as 3rd Baron Scarsdale.

On 27 Jan 1859 Wilhelm Hohenzollern 1859-1941 was born to Frederick III King Prussia 1831-1888 (27) and Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia 1840-1901 (18) at Crown Prince's Palace, Berlin. He a Grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901.

On 27 Jan 1860 George Reresby Sitwell 4th Baronet Sitwell 1860-1943 was born to Sitwell Reresby Sitwell 3rd Baronet Sitwell 1820-1862 (40).

On 27 Jan 1862 Edmund Byng 6th Earl Strafford 1862-1951 was born to Francis Edmund Cecil Byng 5th Earl Strafford 1835-1918 (27) and Florence Louisa Miles 1840-1862 (22).

On 27 Jan 1867 Elizabeth Fortescue Countess Devon 1801-1867 (65) died.

On 27 Jan 1884 Osbert Mordaunt 11th Baronet Massingham Parva 1884-1934 was born to Charles Mordaunt 10th Baronet Massingham Parva 1836-1897 (47) and Mary Louisa Cholmondeley Baronetess Massingham Parva 1851-1947 (32).

On 27 Jan 1899 Montague Peregrine Bertie 11th Earl Lindsey 1815-1899 (83) died. His son Montague Peregrine Albemarle Bertie 12th Earl Lindsey 1861-1938 (37) succeeded as 12th Earl Lindsey.

27 Jan 1916. Times Newspaper Obituaries. The death of Lady Ulrica Thynne took place on Wednesday at 30, Grosvenor-gardens. She was the second daughter of the 12th Duke of Somerset and was born in 1833. She married, in 1858, Lord Henry Frederick Thynne, second son of the third Marquess of Bath, who was Treasurer of the Household to Queen Victoria and for over 25 years M.P. for South Wilts. There were four sons and two daughters of the marriage. The funeral will be at Findon, near Worthing, on Monday, at 1 o'clock.

27 Jan 1916. Times Newspaper Marriages. MARRIAGE OF LORD GRANBY.
The marriage of the Marquess of Granby (29), only son of the Duke (63) and Duchess of Rutland (59), to Miss Kathleen Tennant (21), youngest daughter of Mr. (55) and Mrs. (52) Frank Tennant, of Innes House, took place yesterday at St. Margaret's, Westminster. There was a very large attendance, and a number of those present brought young children vith them.
The bride (21), who was given away by her father (55), wore a Venetian gown of white satin with a gold, brocade train four yards long and a short mantlet of old Venetian family lace; the sleeves were long and close-fitting, and she had a long white net veil with a wreath of orange blossoms. She carried a copy of the marriage service embroidered in seed pearl and coloured silks, worked by her mother after an old design in the British Museum.
Lady Diane Manners (24), who was one of the bridesmaids, designed thc bridesmaids' gowns in the medieval manner; they were of white chiffon belted in silver worn with flowing veils of blue tulle held bv silver bands. Each of the bridesmaids carried a tail branch of almond blossom; the others were Miss Elizabeth Asquith, Miss Mary Lyttelton, and Miss Violet Warrenrder. The Hon. Stephen Tennant (9), wlho wore a Romeo suit with a jewelleed belt, was the page. Captain Charles-Lindsay, Grenadier Guards, was best man. Canon Sheppard (35), Sub-Dean of the Chapels Royal, and the Rev. F. W. Knox, the Duke of Rutland's (63) chaplain, performed the ceremony.
SOME OF THE GOWNS. The Duke of Rutland (63) was among the first to come to the church, and most of the guests were there early. Thre Prime Minister arrived with Mr. and Mrs. Bonhlam-Carter, anld Mr. Balfour with a party which included Mr. and Mrs. William Balfour. The Duchess on Rutland (59) wore gold charmeuse with gold tissue in her hat and a rose pink velvet cloak bordered with fur. The Marchioness of Anglesey (32), in white box-cloth, brought her little daughter, Lady Carolinie Paget (2), in a little ermine coat and hat. Mrs. Asquith, who was with Mrs. Graham Smith, wore a black charmeuse gown made with a ruched cape and trimmed with chinchilla; her hat was black with emerald feathers.
Mrs. Tennant (52) wore black and white embroidered taffetas; Lady Robert Manners had a long muauve coat trimmed with skunk; and the Countess of Wemyss (53) was in black and white. Lady Tree had a pervenche panne long coat made tight-fitting and a plain black sailor hat. The Countess of Droghleda wore black and gold, Lady D'Abernon grey chinchilla furs with a black coat and skirt, and Lady Arthur Paget a musquash coat bordered with skunk. Mrs. Guy Charteris brought her baby, and the Hon. Mrs. George Keppel (45), in black and white, was accomapanied by her two daughters, and Mrs. McKenna by her two sons. Mrs. Hwfa Williams and Lady Randolph Churchill (who was with Mrs. Churchill) both were black velvet.
The Guests. Among those present were:
The Italian Ambassador, the Spanish Ambassador, the Duchess of Buccleuch (44), and Lady Margaret Scott, etc
A small reception was held after the ceremony at Lord and Lady Glenconner's house in Queen Anne's gate, and the bride (59) and bridegroom (29) subsequently left for Belvoir Castle, where the honeymoon vill be spent.

On 27 Jan 1916 John Henry Montagu Manners 9th Duke Rutland 1886-1940 (29) and Kathleen Tennant Duchess Rutland 1895-1989 (21) were married.

On 27 Jan 1937 Bernard Fitzalan 16th Duke Norfolk 1908-1975 (28) and Lavinia Mary Strutt Duchess Norfolk 1916-1995 (21) were married. Lavinia Mary Strutt Duchess Norfolk 1916-1995 (21) by marriage Duchess Norfolk (3C 1483).