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1370-1379 Death of the Black Prince, Accession of Richard II

Death of David II of Scotland

On 22 Feb 1371 David II King Scotland 1324-1371 (46) died at Edinburgh Castle. He was buried at Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood. His Nephew Robert II King Scotland 1316-1390 (54) succeeded II King Scotland: Stewart. He, David, was the last of the male line of the Bruce family; Robert being the son of his sister Marjory Bruce 1296-1316 who had married Walter Stewart 6th High Steward 1296-1327.

Battle of Baesweiler

On 22 Aug 1371 Edward Guelders Duke Guelders -1371 was killed.

On 23 Aug 1371 Waleran Luxembourg 1355-1415 (16) was captured.

On 23 Aug 1371 Guy Luxembourg I Count Saint-Pol, I Count Ligny 1340-1371 (31) was killed at Baesweiler, Aachen aka Aix-le-Chapelle.

Battle of Chiset

On 21 Mar 1373 John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux 1337-1393 (36) was captured at Chizé during the Battle of Chiset at Chizé at which the English were defeated by the French forces commanded by Bertrand Geusclin 1320-1380 (53). The battle brought an end to English control in Poitou.

Treaty of Bruges

In 1375 the Treaty of Bruges was signed by the French and the English which attempted to define the sovereignty of Aquitaine.

Good Parliament

After 28 Apr 1376 William Latimer 4th Baron Latimer Corby 1330-1381 impeached (the earliest impeachment in England) at City of London during the Good Parliament.

Coronation of Richard II

On 16 Jul 1377 Richard II King England 1367-1400 (10) was crowned II King England: Plantagenet Angevin at Westminster Abbey by Simon Sudbury Archbishop Canterbury 1316-1381 (61).
On 16 Jul 1377 at the Coronation of Richard II Richard Fitzalan 9th Earl Surrey, 11th Earl Arundel 1346-1397 (31) carried the Crown.
Guichard Angle 1st Earl Huntingdon -1380 was appointed 1st Earl Huntingdon (3C 1377).
Edward York 1st Duke Albemarle aka Aumale, 2nd Duke York 1373-1415 (4) and Robert Harrington 3rd Baron Harington 1356-1406 (21) were knighted.
Roger Scales 4th Baron Scales 1354-1386 (23) attended.
John Mowbray 1st Earl Nottingham 1365-1383 (11) was created 1st Earl Nottingham (1C 1377).

Around 1747. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. View across the River Thames to Westminster Abbey and Westminster Hall.

1749. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Westminster Abbey with a procession of Knights of the Bath. St Margaret's Church adjacent with the flag.

Around 1750. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Westminster from near the Terrace of Somerset House In the distance the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge.

Around 1801. Benjamin West Painter 1738-1820 (62). Milkmaids in St James' Park with Westminster Abbey Beyond.