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Boteville Arms. Barry of ten Or and Sable. Source.

Brandon Arms. Barry of ten argent and gules, a Lion Rampant Or ducally crowned per pale of the first and second.

Cecil Arms. Barry of ten Argent and Azure six escutcheons aable, 3, 2, 1 each charged with a lion rampant Argent langued Gules.

Chaworth Arms. Barry Argent and Gules over three Martlets.

Grey Arms. Barry of six Argent and Azure, in chief Three Torteaux. Source.

Greystoke Arms. Barry Argent and Azure three chaplets of roses Gules. Source.

Hotham Arms. Barry of ten Argent and Azure, on a Canton or a Cornish chough proper. Source.

Hungerford Arms. Barry Sable and Argent in chief three roundels Argent. Source.

Lusignan Arms. Barry Argent and Azure. Source.

Mortimer Arms. Barry or and Azure, on a chief of the first two pallets between two base esquires of the second over all an inescutcheon Argent. Source.

Poyntz Arms. Barry of eight or and Gules.

Valence Arms. Barry of Argent and Azure, an orle of Martlets GulesSource.

Barry is an even number of horizontal stripes.

Barry of six

Poynings Arms. Barry of six or and vert a Bend Gules. Source.

Barry of seven

Around 1577 George Gower Painter 1540-1596 (37). Portrait of Richard Drake 1535-1603 (42).

Around 1577 George Gower Painter 1540-1596 (37). Portrait of Richard Drake 1535-1603 (42).
The heraldic escutcheon shows seven quarters as follows:
1: Drake of Ash Arms. Drake of Ash in the parish of Musbury_Devon
2: Argent, on a Chief Gules three Cinquefoils of the first; Billet of Ash
3: Gules, on a Fess Argent Two Mullets Sable; Hamton of Rockbere and Ash
4: Ermine, on a Chief Indented Sable three crosslets fitchee or; Orwey of Orwey and Ash
5: Barry of seven Argent and Sable
6: Azure, six lioncels rampant Argent crowned Gules, 3, 2, 1; Forde of Forde
7: Argent, Two Chevrons Sable (Esse/Ash of Ash);Esse/Ash of Ash

Barry Argent and Azure

Barry wavy

Basset Arms. Barry wavy of six or and Gules.

Barry nebuly

Blount Arms. Barry nebuly of six or and Sable. Source.

Lovell Arms. Barry nebuly of six or and Gules. Source.