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Fifth-Cousin and Above


Fifth-Cousin Once-Removed

Half Fifth-Cousin Once-Removed

On 13 Feb 1633 James Home 2nd Earl Home 1607-1633 (26) died. His Half Fifth-Cousin Once-Removed James Home 3rd Earl Home 1615-1666 (17) succeeded 3rd Earl Home. Jean Douglas Countess Home by marriage Countess Home.

On 07 Feb 1750 Algernon Seymour 7th Duke Somerset 1684-1750 (65) died. He was buried at Northumberland Vault, Westminster Abbey. His Half Fifth-Cousin Once-Removed Edward Seymour 8th Duke Somerset 1695-1757 (55) succeeded 8th Duke Somerset (4C 1547). Mary Webb Duchess Somerset 1697-1768 (53) by marriage Duchess Somerset (4C 1547). His Daughter Elizabeth Seymour Duchess Northumberland 1716-1776 (33) succeeded 2nd Baron Percy. His Nephew Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont 1710-1763 (39) succeeded 2nd Earl Egremont.

Half Fifth-Cousin Three-times-Removed

On 02 Jan 1938 Montague Peregrine Albemarle Bertie 12th Earl Lindsey 1861-1938 (76) died. His Half Fifth-Cousin Three-times-Removed Montagu Henry Edmund Cecil Towneley-Bertie 8th Earl Abingdon, 13th Earl Lindsey 1887-1963 (50) succeeded 13th Earl Lindsey.


On 01 Feb 1736 James Stanley 10th Earl Derby 1664-1736 (71) died. His Sixth-Cousin Edward Stanley 11th Earl Derby 1689-1776 (46) succeeded 11th Earl Derby (3C 1485). An rare succession; they shared a great great great great grand-parent. Not the only case; one of two - see Sixth-Cousin. There is an even greater succession albeit following a period of dormancy - Tenth-Cousin.

On 02 Oct 1789 Francis Hastings 10th Earl Huntingdon 1729-1789 (60) died. His Sixth-Cousin Hans Francis Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon 1779-1828 (10) succeeded 11th Earl Huntingdon (7C 1529). His Sister Elizabeth Hastings Countess Moira 1731-1808 (58) succeeded 13th Baron Hastings (2C 1430).


On 05 Dec 1791 George Walpole 3rd Earl Orford 1730-1791 (61) died. His Uncle Horace Walpole 4th Earl Orford 1717-1797 (74) succeeded 4th Earl Orford (2C 1742), 17th Baron Clinton. His Tenth-Cousin Robert Trefusis 17th Baron Clinton 1764-1797 (27) succeeded 17th Baron Clinton.

Tenth-Cousin Once-Removed

On 25 May 1797 John Griffin Griffin 4th Baron Howard Walden 1st Baron Braybrooke 1719-1797 (78) died without issue at his home Audley End House. His Tenth-Cousin Once-Removed Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook 1750-1825 (46) succeeded 2nd Baron Braybrook. Catherine Grenville Baroness Braybrook 1761-1796 by marriage Baroness Braybrook.

1772. Benjamin West Painter 1738-1820 (33). Portrait of John Griffin Griffin 4th Baron Howard Walden 1st Baron Braybrooke 1719-1797 (52).

Before 15 Nov 1802 George Romney 1734-1802. Portrait of Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook 1750-1825.