was fatally poisoned

Before 02 Aug 1218 Louis Loon II Count Loon 1135-1218 (83) was fatally poisoned . His brother Henry Count Loon 1136-1218 (82) succeeded as Count Loon .

On 02 Aug 1218 Henry Count Loon 1136-1218 (82) was fatally poisoned a few days after his brother had been. His brother Arnold III Count Loon -1221 (11) succeeded as III Count Loon .

On 07 Mar 1226 William "Longsword" Longespee 3rd Earl Salisbury 1176-1226 (50) was fatally poisoned by Hubert Burgh Count Mortain, 1st Earl Kent 1170-1243 (56) at Salisbury Castle, Salisbury, Wiltshire . He was buried at Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire . His great granddaughter Margaret Longespée 4th Countess Salisbury, Countess Lincoln -1310 succeeded as 4th Earl Salisbury (1C 1149) .

died from poisoning

On 19 Dec 966 Sancho "Fat" I King Leon 932-966 (34) died from poisoning . His son Ramiro III King Leon 961-985 (5) succeeded as III King Leon .

On 16 Dec 1153 Ranulf Gernon 4th Earl Chester 1099-1153 (54) died from poisoning by William "The Younger" Peverell 1080-1155 (73) . His son Hugh de Kevelioc Gernon 5th Earl Chester 1147-1181 (6) succeeded as 5th Earl Chester (2C 1071) . William "The Younger" Peverell 1080-1155 (73) was exiled.

On 20 Jul 1304 Hugh Mortimer-Woodham 3rd Baron Mortimer Burford 1255-1304 (49) died from poisoning by his wife? at Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire . He was buried in Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire .

On 27 Aug 1312 John Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers Chartley 1271-1312 (41) died from poisoning . His son John Ferrers 2nd Baron Ferrers Chartley 1308-1324 (3) succeeded as 3rd Baron Ferrers Chartley .

In 1313 Reginald Bar Bishop Metz -1313 died from poisoning

On 12 Aug 1315 Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick 1272-1315 (43) died from poisoning (possibly). His son Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick 1313-1386 (2) succeeded as 11th Earl Warwick (1C 1088) .

On 07 Oct 1368 Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke Clarence 1338-1368 (29) died from poisoning at Alba . There was strong speculation he had been poisoned by his wife's (14) father (48) . He was buried at Clare Priory, Clare, Suffolk . His daughter Philippa Plantagenet Countess March, 5th Countess Ulster 1355-1382 (13) succeeded as 5th Earl Ulster

On 20 Jul 1387 Robert IV Artois Count Eu 1356-1387 (31) died from poisoning

In 1425 John "Pitiless" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria-Straubing 1375-1425 (50) died from poisoning . His uncle Otto "The Bavarian" Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria 1341-1379 succeeded as V Duke Bavaria .

On 16 Apr 1594 Ferdinando Stanley 5th Earl Derby 1559-1594 (35) died from poisoning . His brother William Stanley 6th Earl Derby 1561-1642 (33) succeeded as 6th Earl Derby (3C 1485)

On 06 Nov 1656 Robert Shirley 4th Baronet Staunton Harold 1623-1656 (33) died from poisoning , probably, in the Tower of London, Tower Hill, City of London .


In 632 Eorpwald King East Anglia -632 was assassinated by Ricberht

Assassination of William "Longsword"

On 17 Dec 942 William "Longsword" Normandy I Duke Normandy 893-942 (49) was assassinated at Picquigny, Somme. He was buried at Rouen Cathedral, Rouen. His son Richard "Fearless" Normandy I Duke Normandy 932-996 (10) succeeded as I Duke Normandy . Gunnora Unknown Count Ponthieu by marriage Count Ponthieu .

After 1066 Robert Beaumont -1066 was assassinated .

On 24 Nov 1192 Albert Reginar Bishop Louvain 1166-1192 (26) was assassinated at Reims

Murder of John the Fearless

On 10 Sep 1419 Charles "Victorious" VII King France 1403-1461 (16) and John "Fearless" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy 1371-1419 (48) met on the bridge at Montereau to progress their peace negotiations. During the course of the discussions John "Fearless" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy 1371-1419 (48) was assassinated . Philip "Good" Valois-Burgundy III Duke Burgundy 1396-1467 (23) succeeded as III Duke Burgundy . Michelle Valois Duchess Burgundy 1395-1422 (24) by marriage Duchess Burgundy .

On 21 Feb 1437 James I King Scotland 1394-1437 (42) was assassinated at Blackfriars, Perth. James I King Scotland 1394-1437 (42) was buried at Carthusian Charterhouse, Perth. His son James II King Scotland 1430-1460 (6) succeeded as II King Scotland: Stewart .

On 23 Jan 1570 James Stewart 1st Earl Moray 1531-1570 (39) was assassinated at Linlithgow by James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh, a supporter of Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart I Queen Scotland 1542-1587 (27) .His daughter Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray 1565-1591 (4) succeeded as 2nd Earl Moray (5C 1562) . As he was passing in a cavalcade in the main street below, Hamilton fatally wounded him with a carbine shot from a window of his uncle Archbishop Hamilton's house. He was the first head of government to be assassinated by a firearm.

"Day of the Dagger" Assassination of Henry 1st Duke Guise

On 23 Dec 1588 Henry 1st Duke Guise 1550-1588 (37) , leader of the Catholic League, was assassinated at the Château de Blois by the King's bodyguard whilst Henry III King France 1551-1589 (37) looked on.

On 02 Aug 1589 Henry III King France 1551-1589 (37) was assassinated

On 20 Jul 1590 James 01 Lord Doune Stewart 1529-1590 (61) was assassinated (the first in Scotland by a fiream). His son James "The Bonnie Earl" Stewart 2nd Earl Moray 1565-1592 (25) succeeded as 2nd Lord Doune .

On 11 May 1812 Spencer Perceval 1762-1812 (49) was assassinated at House of Commons, Westminster Palace, Westminster

On 02 Apr 1878 William Clements 3rd Earl Leitrim 1806-1878 (71) was assassinated along with his clerk and driver, near Cratlagh Wood while on his way to Milford (a village he owned in its entirety) from his home, Manor Vaughan (usually known as Mulroy House), on Mulroy Bay. Michael Heraghty and brothers Thomas and Bernard McGranahan were arrested. The gun butt had been traced to Heraghty, and paper for the wadding used to load the rifle was traced to a school copybook owned by the McGranahans. The McGranahans were released from Lifford Jail due to a lack of evidence. Heraghty died in Lifford Jail of typhus... The assassins, Nial Shiels of Doughmore, an itinerant tailor, Michael Hergarty of Tullyconnell, and Michael McElwee of Ballyworiskey, were from the remote Fanad Peninsula.

Phoenix Park Killings

On 06 May 1882 Frederick Cavendish 1836-1882 (45) was assassinated at Phoenix Park, Dublin, County Dublin during the Phoenix Park Killings .

On 09 Oct 1934 Alexander I King Yugoslavia 1888-1934 (45) was assassinated at Marseille

Salomon King Brittany was assassinated


On 28 Jan 891 Muhammed ibn Abd Allah Umayyad 864-891 (27) was murdered by his brother al-Mutarrif Umayyad -891 .

Death of King Edmund

On 26 May 946 Edmund I King England 921-946 (25) was murdered by Leofa, an exiled thief, whilst attending mass at Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire . He was buried at Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, Somerset . His brother Eadred I King England -955 succeeded as I King England Wessex

Murder of King Edward Martyr

On 18 Mar 978 Edward "Martyr" I King England 962-978 (16) was murdered at Corfe Castle, Corfe, Dorset when visiting Aethelred "Unready" II King England 966-1016 (12) and his mother Aelfthryth Queen Consort England 945-1000 (33) . He was buried in Wareham, Dorset without ceremony. His brother Aethelred "Unready" II King England 966-1016 (12) succeeded as II King England Wessex

In 1006 Aelfhelm Northumbria -1006 was murdered by Eadric "Streona aka Acquisitive" Mercia -1017 .

In 1016 Uchtred "The Bold" Northumbria -1016 and forty of his men were murdered by Thurbrand The Hold -1038 starting a blood feud between the two families that lasted generations and the murder of scores of people.

In 1038 Ealdred Northumbria Earl Bernicia -1038 was murdered by Carl son of Thurbrand in revenge for Ealdred Northumbria Earl Bernicia -1038 the murder of their respective fathers Uchtred "The Bold" Northumbria -1016 and Thurbrand The Hold -1038 .

In or before 1038 Thurbrand The Hold -1038 was murdered by Ealdred Northumbria Earl Bernicia -1038 avenging Thurbrand's murder of his father Uchtred "The Bold" Northumbria -1016 .

In 1040 Geoffrey Chateaudun I Count Perche 995-1040 (68) was murdered at Chartres

On 13 Jan 1049 Dirk Gerulfing IV Count Holland 1025-1049 (24) was murdered . His brother Floris Gerulfing I Count Holland 1025-1061 (24) succeeded as I Count Holland .

On 02 Dec 1079 Mabel Belleme -1079 was murdered

On 05 Dec 1082 Ramon Berenguer "Towhead" Barcelona II Count Barcelona 1053-1082 (29) was murdered by his twin brother Berenguer Ramon "Fratricide" Barcelona I Count Barcelona 1053-1098 (29) . His son Raymond Berenguer Barcelona III Count Barcelona 1082-1131 succeeded as III Count Barcelona .

In 1115 Benoît Canhiart Bishop Nantes -1115 was murdered .

On 02 Mar 1127 Charles Estrigen I Count Flanders 1084-1127 (43) was murdered at Church of St Donatian .

On 26 Oct 1132 Floris "The Black" Gerulfing I Count Holland 1115-1132 (17) was murdered . He was buried at Rijnsburg Abbey .

Murder of Thomas a Becket

On 29 Dec 1170 Thomas Becket Archbishop Canterbury 1119-1170 (51) was murdered at Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent by four knights on behalf of Henry "Curtmantle" II King England 1133-1189 (37) .

In 1192 Albert of Louvain Bishop Liege 1166-1192 (26) was murdered by three knights of Baldwin Flanders V Count Hainault 1150-1195 (42) who opposed Alberts' appointment.

On 13 Jan 1200 Otto Hohenstaufen I Count Burgundy 1170-1200 (29) was murdered .

In 1203 Arthur Plantagenet 3rd Duke Brittany 1187-1203 (16) was murdered at Rouen

In 1213 Gertrude Andechs -1213 was murdered .

Before 1215 Alice Béthune Countess Pembroke -1214 was murdered

On 15 Sep 1231 Louis Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria 1173-1231 (57) was murdered . His son Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria 1206-1253 (25) succeeded as II Duke Bavaria .

Battle of Evesham

On 13 Mar 1271 Henry "Almain" Cornwall 1235-1271 (35) was murdered while attending mass at the Chiesa di San Silvestro, Viterbo, Lazio by his cousins Simon "Younger" Montfort 1240-1271 and Guy Montfort Count Nola 1244-1288 (27) in revenge for the deaths of their father Simon and older brother Henry at the Battle of Evesham .The deed is mentioned by Dante Alighieri some forty years after in the Divine Comedy who placed Guy de Montfort in the seventh circle of hell. Henry "Almain" Cornwall 1235-1271 (35) was buried in Hailes Abbey, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire .

On 15 Jul 1291 Rudolph I King Romans 1218-1291 (73) was murdered by his nephew John "Parricide" Habsburg 1290-1313 (1) .

Robert "The Bruce" murders John "Red Comyn"

On 10 Feb 1305 John Comyn 3rd Lord Baddenoch 1269-1305 (36) was murdered by Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland 1274-1329 (30) before the High Altar at Greyfriars Monastery Chapel, Greyfriars Monastery, Dumfries. Robert Comyn -1305 , John's uncle, was killed by Christopher Seton 1278-1306 (27) .Christopher's brother John Seton 1278-1306 (27) was also preset.
Murder, in a church, in front of the altar, regarded as a terrible crime.The act gave Edward "Longshanks" I King England 1239-1307 (65) just cause to invade Scotland.

On 01 May 1308 Albert Habsburg I Duke Austria 1255-1308 (52) was murdered

Death of Edward II

On 21 Sep 1327 Edward II King England 1284-1327 (43) was murdered at Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire .There is speculation as to the manner of his death, and as to whether he died at all.Some believe he may have lived the rest of his life in Europe.

On 06 Jun 1333 William Donn Burgh 3rd Earl Ulster 1312-1333 (20) was murdered .

On Sep 1337 Philip Dampierre III Marquis Namur 1319-1337 (18) was murdered by the people of Famagusta after he and his companions caused trouble of some kind. He was buried in the Franciscan church in Famagusta . His brother William Dampierre I Count Namur 1324-1391 (13) succeeded as I Count Namur .

On 25 Jan 1350 John Douglas 1303-1350 (47) was murdered

In 1358 John Barcelona 1331-1358 (27) was murdered .

On 29 May 1358 Fadrique Alfonso Ivrea 1334-1358 (24) was murdered at Seville on behalf of his brother Peter "Cruel" I King Castile 1334-1369 (23) .

Death of Peter I King Castile

On 23 Mar 1369 Peter "Cruel" I King Castile 1334-1369 (34) was murdered by his half-brother Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile 1334-1379 (35) outside the wall of the castle of Montiel, La Mancha. His brother Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile 1334-1379 (35) succeeded as II King Castile .

In 1375 Ralph Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1321-1375 (54) was murdered . His brother Hugh Dacre 4th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1335-1383 (40) succeeded as 4th Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321)

Before 18 Feb 1383 John Dinham 1318-1383 (64) was murdered by robbers including John Broun.

In May 1385 Ralph Stafford 1367-1385 (18) was murdered by John Holland 1st Duke Exeter 1352-1400 (33) . He was buried at King's Langley Priory, King's Langley, Hertfordshire

Lords Appellant

Around 08 Sep 1397 Thomas of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Duke Albemarle aka Aumale, 1st Duke Gloucester 1355-1397 (42) was murdered in Calais for his role as leader of the Lords Appellant . His son Humphrey Plantagenet 2nd Earl Buckingham 1381-1399 (16) succeeded as 2nd Earl Buckingham (3C 1377) .

Murder of Louis of Orleans

On 23 Nov 1407 Louis Valois Duke Touraine, I Duke Orléans 1372-1407 (35) was murdered on the orders of John "Fearless" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy 1371-1419 (36) at Paris . His son Charles Valois Duke Orléans 1394-1465 (12) succeeded as Duke Orléans .

On 25 Jan 1431 Alison May -1431 was murdered

On 22 Feb 1452 William Douglas 8th Earl Douglas, 2nd Earl Avondale 1425-1452 (27) was murdered by James II King Scotland 1430-1460 (21) at Edinburgh Castle for refusing to desist from conspiring with Tiger Earl 4th Earl Crawford 1423-1453 (29) . His brother James Douglas 9th Earl Douglas, 3rd Earl Avondale 1426-1488 (26) succeeded as 9th Earl Douglas , 3rd Earl Avondale .

Around Apr 1456 Watkin Vaughan 1415-1456 (41) was murdered at Bredwardine Castle, Bredwardine, Herefordshire .

On 21 Jul 1457 Henry Pierrepoint 1408-1457 (49) was murdered at Papplewick Moor, Sherwood, Nottinghamshire

On 25 Jul 1460 Thomas Scales 7th Baron Scales 1397-1460 (63) was murdered at Tower of London, Tower Hill, City of London . On 25 Jul 1460 His daughter Elizabeth Scales Countess Rivers -1473 succeeded as 8th Baron Scales .

On 26 Dec 1476 Galeazzo Maria Sforza 5th Duke Milan 1444-1476 (32) was murdered . Supported by about thirty friends, the three men waited in the church for the duke to arrive for mass. When Galeazzo Sforza arrived, Lampugnani knelt before him; after some words were exchanged, Lampugnani rose suddenly and stabbed Sforza in the groin and breast. Olgiati and Visconti soon joined in, as did a servant of Lampugnani's. Sforza was dead within a matter of seconds. All the assassins quickly escaped in the ensuing mayhem save for Lampugnani, who became entangled in some of the church's cloth and was killed by a guard. His body soon fell into the hands of a mob, which dragged the corpse through the streets, slashing and beating at it; finally, they hung the body upside-down outside Lampugnani's house. The beheaded corpse was cut down the next day and, in an act of symbolism, the "sinning" right hand was removed, burnt and put on display. His son Gian Galeazzo Sforza 6th Duke Milan 1469-1494 (7) succeeded as 6th Duke Milan .

On 30 Aug 1482 Louis Bourbon 1438-1482 (44) was murdered .

On 07 Dec 1487 James Fitzgerald 8th Earl Desmond 1459-1487 (28) was murdered by John Murtagh at the instigation of his brother John Fitzgerald 12th Earl Desmond 1468-1536 at Rathkeale, County Limerick. His brother Maurice Fitzgerald 9th Earl Desmond -1520 succeeded as 9th Earl Desmond .

On 17 Jul 1497 James Ormond -1497 was murdered by Piers "Red" Butler 8th Earl Ormonde, 1st Earl Ossory 1467-1539 (30)

On 01 Jan 1534 Henry Longford -1534 was murdered during the attack by Thomas Foljambe and his followers during a service in Chesterfield church on New Year’s Day 1434, killing two of his companions - Henry Longford and William Bradshaw - and mutilating Pierrepont by cutting off the fingers of his right-hand.

On 08 Jun 1547 James Stewart 1506-1547 (41) was murdered at Dunblane, Perth.

On 10 Feb 1567 Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart 1545-1567 (21) was murdered at Kirk O Field . He was buried at Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood.

In Feb 1592 John Campbell 1540-1592 (52) was murdered in Knipoch House, Knipoch.

On 07 Feb 1592 James "The Bonnie Earl" Stewart 2nd Earl Moray 1565-1592 (27) was murdered . His son James Stewart 3rd Earl Moray 1590-1638 (1) succeeded as 3rd Earl Moray (5C 1562) .

On 14 May 1610 Henry IV King France 1553-1610 (56) was murdered in Paris . His son Louis XIII King France 1601-1643 (8) succeeded as XIII King France: Capet Valois Bourbon .

On 23 Aug 1628 George Villiers 1st Duke Buckingham 1592-1628 (35) was murdered at Greyhound Pub, Portsmouth, Hampshire by a disgruntled soldier John Felton. He was buried at Westminster Abbey . His son George Villiers 2nd Duke Buckingham 1628-1687 succeeded as 2nd Duke Buckingham (2C 1623) , 2nd Earl Buckingham (5C 1617) , 19th Baron Ros Helmsley

On 11 Apr 1646 Edward Sackville -1646 was murdered by Parliamentary forces at Chawley, Cumnor, Oxford, Oxfordshire

On 20 Aug 1711 Richard Thornhill -1711 was murdered by two men who allegedly invoked Cholmeley Dering 4th Baronet Dering 1679-1711 's name as they killed him at Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex

On 05 May 1840 William Russell 1767-1840 (72) was murdered

Unamed Fitzgerald was murdered by John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl Worcester 1427-1470 .

Robert Belleme was murdered .

Robert Frankland was murdered at India

Abergavenny Massacre

Around 25 Dec 1175, Christmas, William Braose 4th Baron Bramber 1144-1211 invited the local Welsh nobles to his Christmas court at Abergavenny Castle, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South-East Wales as an act of reconciliation. Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Gwent -1175 and his elder son Geoffrey Gwent -1175 were murdered . William Braose 4th Baron Bramber 1144-1211 and his men then rode to Seisyll ap Dyfnwal Gwent -1175 's home.There his younger son Cadwalladr Gwent 1168-1175 was murdered and his wife captured.

Unamed Fitzgerald was murdered by John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl Worcester 1427-1470 .