Paternal Family Trees

Richard Boyle 1st Earl Cork 1566-1643. 77 Person. 9 Generations. 2 Duchesses. 11 Countesses. 20 Earls. 2 Viscounts. 1 Viscountess. 1 Baron. 2 Baronesses.
Families: Boyle, Boyle-Walsingham.
Titles: Earl Cork, Earl Barrymore, Baron Digby of Geashill in County Offaly, Earl Kildare, Earl Burlington (1C 1664), Baron Clifford, Duke Queensbury, Duke Devonshire, Earl Shannon, Earl Isle Thanet, Earl Sandwich, Earl Rochester (2C 1682), Viscount Boyle of Kinalmeaky, Earl Orrery, Earl Essex (9C 1641), Viscount Torrington, Baron Ros Helmsley, Earl Inchiquin, Earl Donegal, Viscount Shannon, Earl Warwick (3C 1618).

Boyle Arms. Per bend embattled argent and gules.

Gerald Fitzwalter 1075-1135. 163 Person. 20 Generations. 7 Countesses. 31 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 7 Barons. 4 Baronesses.
Families: Fitzwalter, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald-De-Ros.
Titles: Earl Kildare, Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Baron Grey Codnor, Earl Thomond (1C 1543), Baron Offaly, Earl Lincoln (8C 1572), Baron Foley of Kidderminster in Worcestershire, Baron Lecale of Ardglass in County Down, Baron Ros Helmsley, Viscount Gormanston, Earl Tyrone (1C), Earl Ossory, Baron Slane, Earl Carrick, Baron Desmond, Earl Desmond (1C 1329).