Paternal Family Trees

Reginar "Longneck" Reginarids I Duke Lorraine 865-915. 208 Person. 25 Generations. 1 Queen Consort. 4 Duchesses. 5 Dukes. 1 Bishop. 20 Earls. 18 Countesses. 10 Baronesses. 9 Barons.
Families: Reginarids, Brabant, Unknown, Percy, Umfraville, Montfort.
Titles: Duke Lorraine, Count Vermandois, Queen Consort England, Duke Lower Lorraine, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Count Nevers, Count Saint-Pol, Duke Bavaria, Count Cleves, Baron Percy Topcliffe (Feudal), Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Earl Leicester (4C 1618), Earl Carlisle (2C 1622), Earl Chesterfield, Earl Essex (9C 1641), Duke Somerset (4C 1547), Baron Percy Alnwick, Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys, Baron Clifford, Duke Buckingham (1C 1444), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Baron De La Warr (1C 1299), Baron West, Baron Scrope Bolton, Baron Egremont, Earl Kent (8C 1465), Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Baron Grey Codnor, Earl Worcester (2C 1397), Baron Ros Helmsley, Baron Ferrers Groby, Baron Neville Raby (1C 1295), Baron Fitzwalter, Baron Aton, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Count Boulogne, Count Anjou, Count Évreux, Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Count Dreux, Count Soissons, Count Nola, Earl Chester (2C 1071), Earl Worcester (1C 1138).

William "The Rich" I Count of Nassau-Dillenburg 1487-1559. 41 Person. 9 Generations. 2 Duchesses.
Families: Orange-Nassau.
Titles: Elector Palatine Rhine, Duke Thouars.

Giles "Payne" Roet 1310-1380. 5 Person. 1 Generations. 1 Duchesses.
Families: Roet.
Titles: Duke Lancaster (2C 1362).

Roet Arms. Gules, three wheels or.


Paternal Family Trees

Dirk Gerulfing II Count Holland 925-988. 48 Person. 12 Generations. 2 Countesses.
Families: Gerulfing.
Titles: Count Cleves, Count Boulogne, Count Ponthieu.

Holland Arms. Plantagenet Arms, a bordure argent.

Baldwin "Iron Arm" Flanders I Margrave Flanders 830-. 81 Person. 13 Generations. 2 Queen Consorts. 3 Duchesses. 3 Marquesses. 8 Earls. 3 Countesses.
Families: Flanders, Fitzeustace.
Titles: Margrave Flanders, Count Saint-Pol, Count La Marche, Count Soissons, Marquis Namur, Count Évreux, Queen Consort England, Queen Consort Denmark, Duke Lorraine, Duke Bavaria, Count Boulogne, Count Lens, Ealdorman Northumbria, Earl Huntingdon (1C 1065), Duke Lower Lorraine.

Gerald Guelders 1st Count Guelders 1060-1129. 36 Person. 8 Generations. 4 Countesses.
Families: Guelders.
Titles: Count Namur, Count Cleves, Count Blois.