Paternal Family Trees

Walter Fitzalan 1st High Steward 1106-1177. 815 Person. 29 Generations. 3 Queens. 11 Kings. 1 Cardinal. 12 Duchesses. 75 Dukes. 5 Marchionesses. 51 Countesses. 62 Earls. 11 Baronesses. 14 Barons.
Families: Fitzalan, Fitzwalter, Stewart, Stuart, Scott, Montagu-Scott, Douglas-Montagu-Scott, Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Montagu Scott, Fitzroy, Fitzcharles, Fitzroy-Scudamore, Beauclerk, Beauclerk-Lennox, De Vere Beauclerk, Gordon-Lennox, Tudor, Fitzjames, Fitz-James, Fitz-James Stuart, Darnley, Traquair, Menteith.
Titles: King Scotland: Stewart, Earl Carrick, Duke Rothesay, Earl Morton, Earl Moray (3C 1501), Earl Moray (5C 1562), Earl Erroll, Earl Bothwell, Earl Orkney, Earl Argyll, Duke Ross, Earl Ross, Earl Mar (1C 1404), Earl Arran, Duke Albany, Count Geneva, Earl Huntley, Earl Douglas, Earl Wigtown, Duke Touraine, Earl Angus, Earl Menteith, Earl Fife, Earl Buchan (2C 1374), Baron Castle Stuart, Earl Nottingham (6C 1596), Earl Avondale, Earl Sutherland, Earl Moray (2C 1372), Earl Strathearn, Earl Atholl (5C 1398), Earl Crawford, Earl Galloway, Duke Marlborough, Baron Feversham Duncombe Park in Yorkshire, Baron Ashburton of Ashburton in Devon, Duke Hamilton, Duke Brandon of Suffolk, Earl Dunmore, Earl Aboyne, Earl Gower, Marquess Stafford, Count Évreux, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), King England Scotland and Ireland: Stewart, Earl Chester (10C 1610), Duke Cornwall, Prince of Wales, Duke Monmouth, Duke Buccleuch, Earl Doncaster, Earl Dalkeith, Duke Queensbury, Baron Romney, Duke Northumberland (3C 1766), Duke Gloucester (5C 1928), Baron Montagu Beaulieu, Marquess Lothian, Marquess Queensbury, Baron Montagu of Boughton in Northamptonshire (2C 1786), Earl Home, Baron Douglas, Earl Deloraine, Earl Yarmouth, Earl Plymouth (1C 1675), Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Earl Sussex (4C 1674), Duke Cleveland (1C 1670), Duke Southampton, Baron Barnard, Earl Darlington, Earl Euston, Duke Grafton (1C 1675), Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), Baron Penrhyn of Llandegai in Carnarvonshire, Baron Dynevor of Dynevor in Camarthenshire, Baron Churchill Wychwood in Oxfordshire (1C 1815), Baron Southampton, Baron Bagot of Bagot's Bromley in Staffordshire, Earl Harrington, Earl Lichfield (2C 1674), Earl Northumberland (4C 1674), Duke Northumberland (2C 1683), Earl Burford, Duke St Albans (1C 1684), Baron Vere, Earl Coventry, Earl Essex (9C 1641), Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), Earl Montgomery, Duke Richmond (3C 1675), Earl Berkeley, Duke Portland, Earl Bessborough, Earl Lucan of Castlebar in Mayo, Baron Ros Helmsley, Earl Bathurst Sussex, Earl Albermarle (1C 1697), King England Scotland and Ireland: William and Mary, Duke Cambridge (1C 1664), Duke Kendal (1C 1666), Baronet Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave Chewton Somerset (1C 1686), Earl Newcastle in Limerick, Duke Cambridge (2C 1667), Duke Berwick, Duke Albermarle (Jacobite 1C 1696), Earl Anglesey (2C 1661), Duke Buckingham and Normandby (4C 1822), Cardinal, Duke Gloucester (4C 1659), Duke Orléans, Earl March (3C 1581), Earl Lennox (6C 1581), Duke Lennox, Marquess Huntly, Duke Richmond (1C 1623), Earl March (3C 1619), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Norfolk (5C 1644), Duke Richmond (2C 1641), Earl Arran (1C 1662), Earl Ormonde, Earl Portland (1C 1633), Earl Lichfield (1C 1645), Earl Atholl (8C 1457), Earl Buchan (3C 1469).

Stewart Arms. Or a fess chequy argent and azure.


Paternal Family Trees

William Douglas 1st Lord Douglas -1214. 429 Person. 27 Generations. 7 Duchesses. 16 Dukes. 5 Marquesses. 3 Marchionesses. 28 Countesses. 47 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 3 Barons. 1 Baroness. 1 Baronetess. 3 Baronets.
Families: Douglas, Douglas-Pennant, Hamilton, Douglas-Hamilton, Edwardes, Noel.
Titles: Earl Atholl, Earl Buchan (3C 1469), Earl Morton, Earl Argyll, Marquess Argyll, Earl Kinnoul, Earl Home, Earl Dunfermline, Earl Fitzwilliam, Baron Penrhyn of Llandegai in Carnarvonshire, Viscount Portman, Marquess Montrose, Earl Erroll, Earl Douglas, Earl Wigtown, Duke Touraine, Earl Atholl (8C 1457), Earl Avondale, Earl Buchan (2C 1374), Earl Orkney, Earl Caithness, Earl Moray (2C 1372), Earl Ormonde, Earl Carrick, Duke Rothesay, Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Viscount Drumlanrig, Earl Queensberry, Baronet Kelhead (Nova Scotia), Marquess Queensbury, Duke Queensbury, Earl Dalkeith, Duke Buccleuch, Earl Galloway, Earl Mar (1C 1404), Earl Angus, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), Earl Bothwell, Earl March (4C 1697), Marquess Douglas, Earl Selkirk, Duke Hamilton, Duke Brandon of Suffolk, Earl Derby (3C 1485), Earl Donegal, Duke Montrose, Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne, Duke Somerset (4C 1547), Earl Dunmore, Earl Gainsborough (2C 1841), Duke Atholl, Earl Ruglen, Earl Orkney (3C 1696), Earl Inchiquin, Earl Scarborough, Earl Cork, Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court, Earl Brooke Warwick Castle, Earl Warwick (4C 1759), Earl Aldborough, Earl Dumbarton, Earl Atholl (3C 1342), Earl Arran, Duke Châtellerault, Earl March (1C Earl Dunbar).

John Balliol 1207-1268. 11 Person. 2 Generations. 2 Kings.
Families: Balliol.
Titles: King Scotland: Balliol.

Robert Bruce 1st Lord Annadale, 1st Lord Skelton 1070-1141. 47 Person. 7 Generations. 2 Kings. 1 Earl. 1 Countess. 1 Baroness.
Families: Bruce.
Titles: Baron Mauley (1C), Earl Carrick, King Scotland: Bruce, Earl Ross.

Duncan Campbell 1st Lord Campbell -1453. 123 Person. 16 Generations. 2 Duchesses. 10 Dukes. 3 Marquesses. 3 Marchionesses. 11 Countesses. 11 Earls. 1 Baroness. 1 Baronet.
Families: Campbell.
Titles: Earl Breadalbaine and Holland, Marquess Kent, Marquess Breadalbane, Duke Buckingham and Chandos (3C 1703), Earl Argyll, Earl Lothian, Marquess Huntly, Marquess Argyll, Duke Argyll, Earl Strafford (2C 1711), Baron Greenwich, Earl Bute, Earl Elgin, Earl Ailesbury (1C 1664), Duke Northumberland (3C 1766), Earl Rosebery, Marquess Lothian, Baronet Lundie, Earl Moray (3C 1501), Earl Sutherland, Earl Mar (1C 1404), Earl Cassilis, Earl Atholl (8C 1457), Earl Eglinton.

Francis Charteris 7th Earl Wemyss 1723-1808. 33 Person. 6 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 3 Countesses. 6 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 1 Baroness.
Families: Charteris, Douglas.
Titles: Earl Wemyss, Duke Marlborough, Earl Plymouth in Devon (3C 1905), Viscount Vesci of Abbeyleix in Queen's County, Earl Warwick (4C 1759), Baron Grey Groby, Earl Stamford, Earl Warrington (2C 1796).

William Comyn Earl Buchan 1163-1233. 36 Person. 5 Generations. 4 Earls. 2 Baronesses.
Families: Comyn.
Titles: Earl Buchan, Baron Talbot (1C 1331), Earl Angus, Baron Beaumont.

Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland 1001-1040. 49 Person. 7 Generations. 11 Kings. 2 Queen Consorts. 1 King Consort. 3 Earls. 6 Countesses.
Families: Dunkeld, Skipton.
Titles: King Scotland: Dunkeld, Count Aumale, Earl Albermarle aka Aumale, Earl York, Earl Huntingdon (1C 1065), Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Earl Kent (4C 1227), Earl Norfolk (2C 1141), Queen Consort Norway, Prince Scotland, Earl Pembroke (2C 1199), Earl Angus, Queen Consort England, Count Boulogne.

Dunkeld Arms. Or a lion rampant gules armed and langued azure a double tressure flory counter-flory gules. 1207 William Cantilupe Baron 1159-1239 (48) was present at the Siege of Mountsorrel Castle.">Source.

Alexander Elphinstone 1st Lord Elphinstone -1513. 30 Person. 13 Generations. 1 Countess.
Families: Elphinstone, Fullerton Elphinstone, Buller-Fullerton-Elphinstone.
Titles: Earl Perth.

Gillispec Fleming. 23 Person. 13 Generations. 9 Barons.
Families: Fleming.
Titles: Baron Slane.

James Forbes 1424-1460. 24 Person. 14 Generations. 2 Countesses. 4 Earls.
Families: Forbes.
Titles: Earl Granard, Earl Mornington (1C 1760), Earl Clarendon (2C 1776).

James Graham 1st Marquess Montrose 1612-1650. 16 Person. 8 Generations. 6 Dukes. 3 Marquesses. 1 Countess.
Families: Graham.
Titles: Marquess Montrose, Duke Montrose, Earl Powis (3C 1804).

James Hamilton 1396-1440. 138 Person. 17 Generations. 3 Dukes. 4 Duchesses. 5 Marquesses. 9 Earls. 15 Countesses. 1 Baronet. 1 Baronetess.
Families: Hamilton.
Titles: Earl Crawford, Duke Montrose, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), Earl Arran, Earl Argyll, Duke Châtellerault, Earl Huntley, Earl Eglinton, Marquess Hamilton, Earl Lindsay, Duke Hamilton, Earl Selkirk, Earl Cassilis, Earl Abercorn, Earl Lichfield (3C 1831), Earl Durham, Duke Buccleuch, Duke Queensbury, Earl Spencer, Earl Wicklow, Earl Mount Edgcumbe, Earl Winterton in County Galway, Duke Marlborough, Baronet Copley Sprotborough (2C 1711), Baronet Donalong, Earl Angus, Earl Glencairn.

William Hay of Lochorwart and Yester 1375-1421. 49 Person. 15 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 8 Marquesses. 10 Earls. 2 Countesses.
Families: Hay.
Titles: Earl Dunfermline, Earl Tweeddale, Marquess Teviotdale, Marquess Tweedale, Earl Mornington (1C 1760), Duke Wellington (1C 1814), Earl Roxburghe, Earl Kinnoul, Earl Carlisle (2C 1622).

Patrick "Younger" of Hailes Hepburn -1402. 23 Person. 7 Generations. 1 Duke. 1 Countess. 3 Earls.
Families: Hepburn.
Titles: Earl Bothwell, Duke Orkney, Earl Angus.

Thomas Home of Home 1335-1427. 43 Person. 14 Generations. 3 Countesses. 12 Earls.
Families: Home, Ramey-Home, Douglas-Home.
Titles: Earl Home, Earl Moray (5C 1562), Earl Arran, Earl Dunbar (2C 1605), Earl Suffolk (4C 1603).

Andrew Kerr 1405-1481. 104 Person. 17 Generations. 12 Marquesses. 2 Marchionesses. 4 Countesses. 6 Earls. 2 Baronesses.
Families: Kerr, Carr.
Titles: Earl Roxburghe, Earl Perth, Earl Lothian, Viscount Drumlanrig, Earl Queensberry, Viscount Rochester, Earl Somerset (3C 1613), Baron Russell, Baron Russel Thornhaugh, Earl Bedford (3C 1551), Earl Ancram, Earl Lothian (2C 1631), Marquess Lothian, Earl Home, Baron Clinton, Baron Dormer, Marquess Douglas.

Christopher Lowther 1557-1617. 15 Person. 6 Generations. 1 Earl. 1 Countess. 1 Baronet.
Families: Lowther.
Titles: Earl Darlington, Baron Lowther, Viscount Lowther, Earl Lonsdale (1C 1784), Baronet Lowther of Swillington in West Yorkshire.

Patrick Lyon 3rd Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne 1643-1695. 71 Person. 9 Generations. 1 Countess. 14 Earls.
Families: Lyon, Bowes, Lyon-Bowes, Bowes-Lyon.
Titles: Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Earl Aboyne.

John Maxwell 3rd Lord Maxwell -1484. 22 Person. 4 Generations. 1 Countess. 2 Earls.
Families: Maxwell.
Titles: Earl Morton, Earl Nithsdale, Earl Angus.

Maxwell Arms. Argent a two headed eagle displayed ssable beaked and membered Gules on an inescutcheon Argent a saltire sable charged with a hedgehog or.

John Murray 1st Duke Atholl 1660-1724. 54 Person. 5 Generations. 1 Duchesses. 6 Dukes. 2 Countesses. 1 Baron. 1 Baronetess.
Families: Murray.
Titles: Duke Atholl, Baron Goldolphin Helston, Earl Camden, Earl Ilchester, Baronet Thirkleby.