Portrait Painters

Thomas Murray 1663-1735

William Aikman 1682-1731

Gavin Hamilton 1723-1798

Francis Grant 1803-1878

John Phillip Painter 1817-1867


James "Athenian" Stuart 1713-1788

James Forsyth Sculptor 1827-1910

James Currie Sculptor 1836-1891


Walter Scott 1st Earl Buccleuch 1605-1633

Francis Scott 2nd Earl Buccleuch 1626-1651

Anne Scott Duchess Monmouth, Duchess Buccleuch 1651-1732


James Stewart 5th High Steward -1309

Walter Stewart 6th High Steward 1296-1327

Robert II King Scotland 1316-1390

Robert III King Scotland 1337-1406

James I King Scotland 1394-1437

James II King Scotland 1430-1460

James III King Scotland 1451-1488

James IV King Scotland 1473-1513

James V King Scotland 1512-1542

Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart I Queen Scotland 1542-1587

Matthew Stewart 4th Earl Lennox 1516-1571

Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart 1545-1567

James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625

Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales 1594-1612

Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662

Charles I King England, Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649

Charles II King England, Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685

James Scott 1st Duke Monmouth, 1st Duke Buccleuch 1649-1685

James Scott 1674-1705

Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch 1695-1751

Charles Fitzroy 1st Duke Southampton, 2nd Duke Cleveland 1662-1730

Henry Fitzroy 1st Duke Grafton 1663-1690

Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton 1683-1757

Augustus Fitzroy 1716-1741

Augustus Henry Fitzroy 3rd Duke Grafton 1735-1811

George Fitzroy 2nd Baron Southampton 1761-1810

Charles Fitzroy 3rd Baron Southampton 1804-1872

Blanche Georgiana Fitzroy Baroness Penrhyn -1944

Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford 1726-1782

Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield 1664-1718

George Fitzroy 1st Duke Northumberland 1665-1716

Charles Beauclerk 1st Duke St Albans 1670-1726

Charles Beauclerk 2nd Duke St Albans 1696-1751

Mary Stewart Princess Orange 1631-1660

James II King England, Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701

Mary Stewart II Queen England, Scotland and Ireland 1662-1694

Anne I Queen England, Scotland and Ireland 1665-1714

James "Old Pretender" Stewart 1688-1766

Charles Edward "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Stewart 1720-1788

Cardinal Henry Benedict Stewart 1725-1807

Charles Stewart 5th Earl Lennox 1557-1576

Arbella Stewart 1575-1615

John Stewart Duke Orkney

Esmé Stewart 1st Duke Lennox 1542-1583

Ludovic Stewart 2nd Duke Lennox, 1st Duke Richmond 1574-1624

Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox 1579-1624

George Stewart 1618-1642

Charles Stewart 6th Duke Lennox, 3rd Duke Richmond 1639-1672



Archibald Douglas 1197-1238

William "Longleg" Douglas 1220-1274

William "Hardy" Douglas 2nd Lord Douglas 1240-1298

James "Black" Douglas 1286-1330

John Douglas 1756-1818

Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant 1st Baron Penrhyn 1800-1886

George Sholto Douglas-Pennant 2nd Baron Penrhyn 1836-1907

Edward Sholton Douglas-Pennant 3rd Baron Penrhyn 1864-1927

Archibald "Grim" Douglas 3rd Earl Douglas 1329-1400

Archibald Douglas 1st Duke Touraine 1372-1424

William Douglas 10th Earl Angus 1552-1611

William Douglas 1st Marquess Douglas 1589-1660

William Hamilton 3rd Duke Hamilton 1634-1694

James Hamilton 4th Duke Hamilton, 1st Duke Brandon 1658-1712

James Hamilton 5th Duke Hamilton, 2nd Duke Brandon 1703-1743

Charles Noel 1st Earl Gainsborough 1781-1866

Gerard Cecil Noel

Tom Cecil Noel 1897-1918

Archibald Hamilton 9th Duke Hamilton, 6th Duke Brandon 1740-1819

Alexander Hamilton 10th Duke Hamilton, 7th Duke Brandon 1767-1852

Susan Harriet Catherine Hamilton Duchess Newcastle-under-Lyne 1814-1889

Andrew Douglas

James Douglas -1323

William "Flower of Chivalry and Knight Liddesdale" Douglas 1st Earl Atholl 1300-1353


Alan Balliol -1271

Alexander Balliol -1278

John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland 1249-1314

Edward Balliol I King Scotland 1283-1367


Robert Bruce 5th Lord Annadale 1215-1295

Robert Bruce Earl Carrick 1243-1304

Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland 1274-1329

David II King Scotland 1324-1371


Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland 1001-1040

Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Duncan II King Scotland 1060-1094

Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland 1074-1107

Alexander "Fierce" I King Scotland 1078-1124

David I King Scotland 1084-1153

Henry Dunkeld 3rd Earl Huntingdon, 4th Earl Northumberland 1114-1152

Malcolm IV King Scotland 1141-1165

William "Lion" I King Scotland 1143-1214

Alexander II King Scotland 1198-1249

Alexander III King Scotland 1241-1286

Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway 1261-1283

Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland 1264-1284

Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Queen Consort England 1080-1118

Mary Dunkeld Countess Boulogne 1082-1116

Donald "The Fair, White" III King Scotland 1032-1099


Colin Campbell

Caroline Anne Julie Campbell Marchioness Cholmondeley -1815

Archibald Campbell 7th Earl Argyll 1575-1638

Archibald Campbell 1st Marquess Argyll 1607-1661

Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll 1629-1685

Pryse Campbell 1727-1768

John Campbell 1st Baron Cawdor 1753-1821

John Campbell 1st Earl Cawdor 1790-1860

John Frederick Vaughan Campbell 2nd Earl Cawdor 1817-1898

Captain Ronald George Elidor Campbell 1848-1879

Rear-Admiral George Pryse Campbell 1793-1858


John "Red" Comyn 1st Lord Baddenoch 1220-1275

John "The Black" Comyn 2nd Lord Baddenoch 1242-1302

John Comyn 3rd Lord Baddenoch 1269-1305


Malcolm Drummond 1270-1346

John Drummond of Stobhall 11th Thane of Lennox 1318-1360

Anabella Drummond Queen Consort Scotland 1350-1401

Margaret Drummond Queen Consort Scotland 1340-1371

James Drummond 11th Earl Perth 1744-1800

James Drummond 1791-1799

Clementina Sarah Drummond Baroness Gwydyr, Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1786-1865


Thomas Fleming Judge 1544-1613

Elizabeth Fleming -1628


Simon Fraser -1291

Simon Fraser -1306


Richard Terrick Bishop 1710-1777


William Hamilton Antiquarian -1724

Alexander Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton Archdeacon 1739-1812

Anthony Hamilton Archdeacon 1778-1851

Walter Kerr Hamilton Bishop Salisbury 1808-1869

James Hamilton 1st Earl Arran 1475-1529

James Hamilton 1st Duke Châtellerault 1516-1575

James Hamilton 3rd Earl Arran 1532-1609

John Hamilton 1st Marquess Hamilton 1535-1604

James Hamilton 2nd Marquess Hamilton 1589-1625


James Hay 1563-1609

John Hay 1st Earl Tweeddale 1593-1653

John Hay 1st Marquess Teviotdale 1625-1697

Peter Hay 3rd of Megginch 1499-1565

James Hay of Fingask -1610

James Hay 1st Earl Carlisle 1580-1636


John Kerr 1500-1562

Thomas Kerr 9th of Ferniehirst 1529-1586

Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645


Christopher Lowther 1675-1718

William Lowther 1st Baronet of Little Preston 1707-1788

William Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1757-1844


Lulach King Scotland 1058


William Murray 1561-1616

William Murray 1st Earl Dysart 1600-1655

Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale 1626-1698


Adam Gordon 10th Earl Sutherland -1538

Alexander Gordon 1505-1530

John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland 1525-1567


Edward Bruce 1505-1565

Edward Bruce 1st Lord Kinloss 1548-1611

Christian Bruce Countess Devonshire -1675


Constantine I King Picts -877

Donald II King Alba -900

Malcolm I King Alba -954

Áed mac Cináeda King Picts -878

Constantine II King Alba


Unknown Name Picts

Gartnait IV King Picts -663

Drest VI King Picts -677

Beli King Strathclyde aka Alt Clut -641


John 1st Lord Thirlestane Maitland 1545-1595

John Maitland 1st Earl Lauderdale -1645

John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale 1616-1682