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John Evelyn's Diary 1658

John Evelyn's Diary 1658 Oct

John Evelyn's Diary 1658 Oct. 30 Jan 1658. Saw the superb funeral of the protector (58). He was carried from Somerset House, Strand in a velvet bed of state, drawn by six horses, housed with the same; the pall held by his new lords; Oliver lying in effigy, in royal robes, and crowned with a crown, sceptre, and globe, like a king. The pendants and guidons were carried by the officers of the army; the imperial banners, achievements, etc., by the heralds in their coats; a rich caparisoned horse, embroidered all over with gold; a knight of honor, armed cap-a-pie, and, after all, his guards, soldiers, and innumerable mourners. In this equipage, they proceeded to Westminster: but it was the most joyful funeral I ever saw; for there were none that cried but dogs, which the soldiers hooted away with a barbarous noise, drinking and taking tobacco in the streets as they went.

Around 1649. Robert Walker 1599-1658 (50). Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658 (49).

Around 1745. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Old Somerset House, Strand.

Around 1750. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. Westminster from near the Terrace of Somerset House, Strand In the distance the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Bridge.

Around 1750. Canaletto Painter 1697-1768. The City from near the Terrace of Somerset House, Strand with St Paul's Cathedral.

In 1746 John Rocque Mapmaker 1704-1762 (42). Map of London Part 2C.