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Samuel Pepy's Diary 1661 Jan

Execution of Deceased Regicides

Samuel Pepy's Diary 1661 Jan. 30 Jan 1661.Fast day1. The first time that this day hath been yet observed: and Mr. Mills made a most excellent sermon, upon “Lord forgive us our former iniquities;” speaking excellently of the justice of God in punishing men for the sins of their ancestors.
Home, and John Goods comes, and after dinner I did pay him 30l. for Jemima Crew Countess Sandwich 1625-1674 (36), and after that Admiral William Penn 1621-1670 (39) and I into Moorfields and had a brave talk, it being a most pleasant day, and besides much discourse did please ourselves to see young Davis and Whitton, two of our clerks, going by us in the field, who we observe to take much pleasure together, and I did most often see them at play together.
Back to the Old James, Bishopsgate Street, Bishopsgate in Bishopsgate Street, where Sir W. Batten and Sir Wm. Rider met him about business of the Trinity House, Deptford. So I went home, and there understand that my mother is come home well from Brampton, and had a letter from my brother John Pepys, a very ingenious one, and he therein begs to have leave to come to town at the Coronacion.
Then to my Lady Batten’s; where my wife and she are lately come back again from being abroad, and seeing of Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658, Henry Ireton 1611-1651, and John Bradshaw Judge 1602-1659 hanged and buried at Tyburn. Then I home.
Note 1. 30 Jan the anniversary of the execution of Charles I and was regarded as a Fast Day.

Around 1649. Robert Walker 1599-1658 (50). Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1599-1658 (49).

Around 1650. Robert Walker 1599-1658 (51). Portrait of Henry Ireton 1611-1651 (39).