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Survey London Volume 20

Survey London Volume 20 Part 3 Pages 101-103 Volume 20

Survey London Volume 20 Part 3 Pages 101-103 Volume 20. In 1669 Shaver's Hall, Haymarket, St James' with all its appurtenances was bought by Colonel Thomas Panton -1685, succinctly described by the Dictionary of National Biography as a "gambler," who in 1671 petitioned the Privy Council "that having been at great charge in purchasing a parcell of ground, lying at Pickadilly, part of it being the two bowling greens fronting the Haymarket, the other part lying on the north of Tennis Court," he might have leave to continue with his development of the property in spite of the king's "late proclamation" against building. Christopher Wren Architect 1632-1723 (45) reported that "by opening a new street from the Hay-markett into Leicester-fields" Panton's scheme would "ease in some measure the great passage of the Strand, and will cure the noysomness of that part," and recommended that a licence to build be granted provided that the houses were built of brick "with sufficient scantlings, good paving in the streets, and sufficient sewers and conveighances for the water." Panton Street first appears in the ratebooks in 1674 and Oxendon Street, Haymarket, named after Baker's son-in-law, in 1675. Panton was also responsible for the erection of houses on the east side of the Haymarket at this time.

In 1711 Godfrey Kneller Painter 1646-1723. Portrait of Christopher Wren Architect 1632-1723 (87).

Survey London Volume 20 Part 3 Pages 101-103 Volume 20. Panton Street, Haymarket, St James' was described by Strype in 1720 as "a good open street, inhabited by tradesmen." On the south side lived in 1696–1730 Thomas Hickford, proprietor of "Hickford's Great Room" used for auction sales and entertainments.