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Descendants Family Trees


Ida King Bernicia -559. 21 Person. 5 Generations. 13 Kings. 1 Queen Consort.
Families: , Bernicia.
Titles: King Bernicia, King Deira, King Picts, King Northumbria, Queen Consort Mercia.

Yffe Deira. 34 Person. 5 Generations. 1 Queen. 16 Kings. 4 Queen Consorts.
Families: , Deira, Bernicia, Picts.
Titles: King Deira, Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira, King Bernicia, King Picts, King Northumbria, Queen Consort Mercia, Queen Consort Strathclyde aka Alt Clut.

Wulfnoth Cild Godwinson -1014. 23 Person. 3 Generations. 1 King. 1 Queen Consort. 4 Earls.
Families: , Godwinson, Tostisson.
Titles: Earl Kent (1C 1020), Earl Wessex, Earl Hereford (1C 1043), King England Wessex, Queen Consort England, Earl East Anglia.

Creoda King Mercia 570-593. 18 Person. 5 Generations. 8 Kings.
Families: , Iclingas.
Titles: King Mercia, King South Mercia.

Leofwine Mercia. 21 Person. 5 Generations. 5 Earls. 1 Baron. 1 Baroness.
Families: , Mercia, Dinefwr, Cadelling, St John, Scrope, Fitzosbern, Godwinson.
Titles: Ealdorman Hwicce, Ealdorman Mercia, Earl East Anglia, Ealdorman Northumbria, Baron Burford (1C), Baron Burford (Feudal).

Octa King Kent 500-543. 22 Person. 5 Generations. 1 Queen. 7 Kings. 3 Queen Consorts.
Families: , Oiscingas, Deira, Bernicia, Picts.
Titles: King Kent, Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira, King Deira, King Northumbria, Queen Consort Mercia, Queen Consort Strathclyde aka Alt Clut.

Cerdic King Wessex -534. 13 Person. 5 Generations. 6 Kings.
Families: , Wessex.
Titles: King Wessex.

Wehha Wuffingas. 16 Person. 5 Generations. 7 Kings. 2 Queen Consorts.
Families: , Wuffingas.
Titles: King East Anglia, Queen Consort Kent, Queen Consort Deira, Queen Consort Northumbria.

Low Countries

Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster 1350-1403. 671 Person. 5 Generations. 9 Kings. 7 Queen Consorts. 2 Cardinal. 1 Archbishop. 23 Dukes. 10 Duchesses. 5 Marquesses. 3 Marchionesses. 6 Bishop. 48 Earls. 40 Countesses. 6 Viscountesses. 4 Viscounts. 49 Baronesses. 33 Barons. 2 Archdeacon. 5 Painters.
Families: , Roet, Beaufort, Tudor, Grey, Stewart, Montfort, Douglas, Hepburn, Hamilton, Gordon, Hay, Traquair, Home, Maxwell, Spencer, Carey, Percy, St Lawrence, Paston, Talbot, Somerset, Stafford, Darell, Tuchet, Courtenay, Clifford, Stradling, Ferrers, Greystoke, Darcy, Beaumont, Bigod, Aske, Scrope, Eure, Thornton, Lumley, Neville, Gascoigne, Fitzalan, Beauchamp, York, Fitzhugh, Fiennes, Constable, Parr, Vaux, Huddlestone, Smythe, Stonor, Browne, Fitzwilliam, Hastings, Bonville, Stanley, Strangeways, Conyers, Berkeley, Tanfield, Brooke, Mowbray, Lovell, Norreys, Hungerford, Harbottle, Cobham, Burgh, Knyvet, Holland, St Leger, Manners, Pole.
Titles: Duke Lancaster (2C 1362), Marquess Somerset (2C 1397), Marquess Dorset (1C 1397), Earl Somerset (2C 1397), Duke Somerset (1C 1443), Marquess Suffolk (1C), King England and Ireland: Tudor, Duke Cornwall, Queen Consort Scotland, Earl Chester (8C 1504), Queen Consort France, Duke Somerset (3C 1499), Baron Grey Wilton (1C 1295), Duke Brittany, Earl Morton, Earl March (1C Earl Dunbar), Earl Bothwell, King Scotland: Stewart, Earl Ross, Duke Ross, Earl Mar (1C 1404), Earl Arran, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), Duke Albany, Duke Austria, Earl Huntley, Earl Erroll, Earl Atholl (8C 1457), Bishop Caithness, Earl March (3C 1581), Earl Sutherland, Bishop Aberdeen, Earl Argyll, Earl Buchan (3C 1469), Bishop Moray, Count Perche, Marquess Dorset (2C 1442), Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Esquire to the Body, Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Baron Clifford, Baron Howth, Duke Somerset (2C 1448), Earl Worcester (5C 1514), Duke Buckingham (1C 1444), Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Earl Wiltshire (5C 1510), Viscount Fitzwalter, Earl Huntingdon (7C 1529), Baron Audley Heighley in Staffordshire, Earl Devon (2C Courtenay), Bishop Lincoln, Bishop Winchester, Cardinal, Earl Dorset (2C 1411), Duke Exeter (2C 1416), Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Baron Greystoke, Baron Hastings (1C 1295), Baron Scrope Masham, Baron Dacre Gilsland (3C 1482), Baron Lumley (2C 1461), Baron Montagu, Earl Salisbury (2C 1337), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Lincoln (6C 1467), Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Duke Warwick, Duke Gloucester (3C 1461), Queen Consort England, Earl Chester (6C 1483), Earl Salisbury (4C 1478), Baron Fitzhugh, Marquess Berkeley, Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh, Viscount Lovell, Baron Ughtred, Baron Berkeley (2C 1421), Baron Vaux Harrowden, Baron Parr Horton, Baron Montagu (4C 1461), Earl Northumberland (3C 1464), Marquess Montagu, Duke Bedford (3C 1470), Gentleman Usher, King's Cupbearer, Treasurer of the Royal Household, Earl Southampton (1C 1537), Baron Despencer (5C 1387), Baron Scrope Bolton, Archbishop York, Baron Hastings (2C 1430), Earl Derby (3C 1485), Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), Earl Waterford, Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), Baron Harington, Baron Bonville, Baron Ferrers Groby, Marquess Dorset (3C 1475), Viscount Grane, Baron Dudley, Baron Mountjoy, Baron Willoughby Broke, Baron Latimer, Earl Kildare, Baron Ferrers Chartley, Baron Stanley, Baron Strange Knockin (2C 1299), Baron Mohun Dunster, Baron Monteagle, Archdeacon Richmond, Bishop Ely, Earl Oxford (2C 1141), Bishop Salisbury, Bishop of Durham, Baron Fauconberg, Earl Kent (7C 1461), Baron Conyers, Baron Latimer Snape, Archdeacon Carlisle, Baron Cobham, Keeper of the Sewer, Master of the Hounds, Duke Norfolk (1C 1397), Earl Norfolk (3C 1312), Baron Deincourt (2C 1322), Baron Grey Rotherfield, Baron Holand, Groom of the Stool, Viscount Beaumont, Viscount Berkeley, Baron Grey Codnor, Baron Burghesh (2C 1330), Baron Hungerford, Baron Kyme, Baron Ogle, Baron De La Warr (1C 1299), Baron West, Baron Egremont, Earl Kent (8C 1465), Baron Hussey Sleaford, Bishop Carlisle, Baron Stafford (1C 1299), Earl Wiltshire (4C 1470), Baron Cobham Sternborough in Kent (4C 1347), Baron Strabolgi, Baron Burgh of Gainsborough, Earl Cambridge (3C 1414), Earl Ulster, Duke York (1C 1385), Duke Exeter (1C 1397), Baron Ros Helmsley, Earl Rutland (3C 1525), Earl Bath (2C 1536), Count Eu, Baron Sandys Vyne, King England: Plantagenet York, Viscount Lisle (4C 1523), Viscount Welles, Duke York (2C 1474), Duke Norfolk (2C 1481), Duke Bedford (4C 1478), Marquess Exeter (1C 1525), Earl Rutland (2C 1446), Duke Suffolk (1C 1448), Baron Marshal, Baron Morley, Duke Clarence (3C 1461), Lord Protector, Earl Pembroke (8C 1468), Captain Calais.

Jacquetta of Luxembourg Duchess Bedford 1415-1472. 439 Person. 5 Generations. 4 Kings. 6 Queens. 4 Queen Consorts. 8 Duchesses. 13 Dukes. 1 Marchioness. 5 Marquesses. 1 Bishop. 42 Earls. 28 Countesses. 3 Viscountesses. 5 Viscounts. 36 Baronesses. 18 Barons. 3 Baronets. 5 Painters.
Families: , Luxembourg, Woodville, Grey, Fitzalan, Willoughby, Audley, Blount, Denys, Paulet, Paulett, Devereux, Fitzgerald, Preston, Dudley, Arundell, York, Tudor, Stewart, Douglas, Brandon, Clifford, Courtenay, Somerset, Bourchier, Poyntz, Newton, Herbert, Neville, Percy, Mansel, Savage, Strange, Stanley, Radclyffe, Sheffield, Howard, Stafford, Pole, Fiennes, St Leger, Brooke, Vere, Manners, Stapleton, Greville, Bulmer, Hastings, Compton, Clinton.
Titles: Queen Consort England, Baron Ferrers Groby, Marquess Dorset (3C 1475), Baron Lumley (3C 1547), Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), Duke Suffolk (3C 1551), King England and Ireland: Grey (Disputed), Earl Hertford (3C 1559), Maid of Honour, Baron Grey Groby, Baron Audley Waldon in Essex, Viscount Grane, Baron Mountjoy, Baron Willoughby Broke, Baron Latimer, Earl Essex (5C 1461), Count Eu, Marquess Winchester, Baron Cromwell Oakham (5C 1540), Earl Devon (5C 1553), Baron Ferrers Chartley, Baron Bourchier, Viscount Hereford, Earl Essex (8C 1572), Earl Kildare, Earl Thomond (1C 1543), Baron Offaly, Earl Lincoln (8C 1572), Viscount Gormanston, Baron Dudley, Duke Cornwall, Queen Consort Scotland, Duke Rothesay, King Scotland: Stewart, Earl Moray (5C 1562), Earl Orkney, Earl Argyll, Duke Ross, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), Duke Albany (3C 1565), Baron Castle Stuart, Earl Chester (8C 1504), King England and Ireland: Tudor, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, Queen Consort France, Earl Derby (3C 1485), Duke Somerset (3C 1499), Baron Scrope Masham, Viscount Welles, King England: Plantagenet York, Duke York (2C 1474), Duke Norfolk (2C 1481), Duke Bedford (4C 1478), Marquess Exeter (1C 1525), Earl Worcester (5C 1514), Earl Kent (8C 1465), Earl Rivers (1C 1466), Earl Pembroke (8C 1468), Baron Herbert Raglan, Baron Latimer Snape, Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Earl Exeter, Baron Percy, Baronet Mansel of Margam, Baronet Savage, Baron Strange Knockin (2C 1299), Baron Mohun Dunster, Baron Marshal, Baron Morley, Baron Stafford, Baron Stourton, Earl Sussex, Baron Wharton, Baronet Stanley of Bickerstaffe, Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire, Dean Exeter, Bishop Salisbury, Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Lincoln (6C 1467), Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Duke Bedford (5C 1485), Duke Buckingham (1C 1444), Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Baron Montagu, Earl Huntingdon (7C 1529), Baron Despencer (1C 1264/1295), Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Baron Cobham, Baron Berkeley (2C 1421), Warden of the Cinque Ports, Earl Northampton (4C 1604), Baron Scrope Bolton, Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Viscount Howard Bindon, Duke Lennox, Duke Richmond (1C 1623), Baron Windsor, Lady in Waiting, Earl Rutland (3C 1525), Baron Dacre Gilsland (3C 1482), Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court, Mistress of the Robes, Earl Wiltshire (5C 1510), Viscount Fitzwalter, Baron Compton of Compton in Warwickshire, Earl Northampton (5C 1618), Marquess Worcester, Viscount Somerset of Cashel, Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire, Lord Chamberlain of the Household, Baron Hastings Loughborough, Earl Devonshire, Duke Somerset (4C 1547).


Rollo Normandy Duke Normandy 846-930. 129 Person. 5 Generations. 6 Kings. 4 Queen Consorts. 2 Archbishop. 4 Duchesses. 13 Dukes. 3 Bishop. 26 Earls. 9 Countesses.
Families: , Normandy, Ivrea, Flanders, Wessex, Knýtlinga, Penthièvre, Clare, Poitiers, Salian, Capet, Ponthieu, Montdidier, Reginar, Burgundy.
Titles: Duke Normandy, Count Burgundy, King England: Norman, Count Troyes and Meaux, Count Champagne, Count Aumale, Count Ponthieu, Count Flanders, Duke Bavaria, Archbishop Rouen, Count Arques, Count Évreux, Queen Consort England, King England Wessex, Count Boulogne, King England: Denmark, Count Blois, Count Rennes, Count Penthièvre, Earl Cornwall (1C 1068), Count Tréguier, Count Eu, Count Soissons, Count Angoulême, Bishop Lisieux, Duke Aquitaine, Queen Consort Leon, Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Aragon, Queen Consort Pamplona, Bishop Amiens, Count Mons, Count Hainault, King France: Capet, Duke Burgundy, Count Dammartin.

William "Conqueror" I King England 1028-1087. 276 Person. 5 Generations. 14 Kings. 1 Queen. 7 Queen Consorts. 1 Cardinal. 1 Archbishop. 8 Dukes. 9 Duchesses. 1 Marquess. 1 Marchioness. 9 Bishop. 32 Earls. 29 Countesses. 1 Viscountess. 1 Archdeacons.
Families: , Normandy, Plantagenet, Welf, Ivrea, Rouerge, Fitzroy, Cornwall, Longespée, Fitzrobert, Clare, Basset, Gernon, Chateaudun, Anjou, Montgomery, Canhiart, Penthièvre, Rohan, Beaumont-Sarthe, Tosny, Dunkeld, Montmorency, Montfort, Blois, Flanders, Avesnes, Hohenstaufen, Amboise, Capet, Burgundy, Bar, Metz, Dammartin, Reginar.
Titles: King England: Norman, Duke Normandy, Count Flanders, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Archdeacon Lincoln, Bishop Lincoln, Archbishop York, Count Poitiers, Duke Saxony, Count Perche, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke Brittany, Queen Consort Castile, King Castile, Queen Consort Portugal, Queen Consort France, Queen Consort Aragon, Count Toulose, Marquess Provence, Earl Cornwall (4C 1225), Earl Pembroke (2C 1199), Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Bishop Salisbury, Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Count Nantes, Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Count Évreux, Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Baron Cobham Sternborough in Kent (4C 1347), Earl Essex (2C 1199), Bishop Worcester, Bishop London, Earl Chester (2C 1071), Earl Lincoln (4C 1217), Earl Huntingdon (1C 1065), Earl Lincoln (1C 1141), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Derby (1C 1138), Bishop Bayeux, Count Maine, Count Alençon, Viscount Beaumont, Queen Consort Scotland, Earl Kent (4C 1227), Earl Norfolk (2C 1141), King Scotland: Dunkeld, Count Blois, Count Chartres, Count Eu, Count Champagne, King Navarre, Duke Merania, Count Soissons, King France: Capet, Count Boulogne, Bishop Noyen, Duke Burgundy, Count Savoy, Archbishop Reims, Cardinal, Count Sancerre, Count Bar, Duke Lorraine, Bishop Chartres, Count Mortain (Mortagne), Bishop Châlons-sur-Marne, Archdeacon Reims, King England: Blois, Earl Worcester (1C 1138), Count Holland, Count Guelders, Duke Brabant, Bishop Winchester.