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Maternal Family Trees


Aoife NI Diarmait Macmurrough Countess Pembroke Countess Buckingham 1145-1188. 701 Person. 20 Generations. 2 Kings. 2 Queen Consorts. 1 Lord Protector. 1 Cardinal. 2 Archbishop. 11 Dukes. 9 Duchesses. 5 Marquesses. 3 Marchionesses. 2 Bishop. 54 Countesses. 52 Earls. 3 Viscountesses. 3 Viscounts. 46 Barons. 43 Baronesses. 5 Baronets. 5 Baronetesses.
Families: , Macmurrough, Clare, Marshal, Bigod, Lacy, Verdun, Geneville, Fitzjohn, Beauchamp, Despencer, Camoys, Hastings, Chaworth, Plantagenet, Ufford, Vere, Burgh, Mortimer, Percy, Clifford, Wentworth, Neville, Mowbray, Vache, Grey, Ware, West, Fitzalan, Bohun, Bourchier, Stafford, Holland, Lancaster, Charleton, Tiptoft, Ros, Manners, Ingaldsthorpe, Stonor, Scrope, Browne, Somerset, Herbert, Palmer, Cecil, Paulet, Paulett, Denny, Hay, Alington, Bacon, Fanshawe, Tufton, Danvers, Stanley, Fortescue, Digby, Mansel, Rice, Fitzwilliam, Gascoigne, Huddlestone, Smythe, Bowes, Dudley, York, Bromflete, Aske, Threlkeld, Beaufort, Stewart, Montfort, Douglas, Hepburn, Seton, Gordon, Courtenay, Montagu, Fitzhugh, Fiennes, Constable, Ughtred, Berkeley, Throckmorton, Arden, Devereux, Poyntz, Heneage, Finch, Parr, Cheney, Vaux, Strange, Talbot, Dacre, Wharton, Jerningham, Dormer, Caryll, Webb, Compton, Bonville, Blount, Denys, Chichester, Arundell, Willoughby, Cromwell, Tollemache, Fitzgerald, Preston, Beaumont, Vipont, Brewes, Cobham, Leybourne, Butler, Warenne, Cornwall, Redvers, Forz, Fitzwarin, Bruce, Ferrers, Vesci, Basset, Mohun, Deincourt, Umfraville, Braose, Burnell, Lovell, Calthorpe, Cantilupe, Zouche, Harcourt, Green, Musgrave, Maltravers, Fitzwalter.
Titles: Earl Pembroke (1C 1138), Earl Buckingham (2C 1164), Earl Pembroke (2C 1199), Earl Norfolk (2C 1141), Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Baron Geneville, Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Baron Monthermer, Baron Camoys (1C 1313), Baron Hastings (1C 1295), Baron Bergavenny (Feudal Creation), Earl Leicester (2C 1265), Earl Lancaster, Earl Derby (2C 1337), Duke Lancaster (1C 1351), Baron Wake Liddell, Earl Ulster, Earl Oxford (2C 1141), Marquis Dublin, Duke Ireland, Earl March (1C 1328), Baron Camoys (2C 1383), Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Baron Clifford, Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Baron Despencer (5C 1387), Earl Pembroke (4C 1339), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), Baron Segrave (1C 1295), Baron Poynings (1C 1337), Baron Grey Wilton (1C 1295), Baron West, Baron Maltravers (1C 1330), Baron Arundel (1C 1377), Bishop Ely, Archbishop York, Archbishop Canterbury, Earl Essex (3C 1239), Earl Hereford (6C 1199), Earl Northampton (3C 1337), Earl Essex (4C 1376), Earl Buckingham (3C 1377), Duke Albemarle aka Aumale (1C 1385), Duke Gloucester (1C 1385), Count Eu, Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Baron Bourchier, Earl Essex (5C 1461), Baron Fitzwarin, Baron Berners, Bishop Worcester, Cardinal, Duke Norfolk (1C 1397), Duke Buckingham (1C 1444), Duke Exeter (1C 1397), Baron Neville Raby (1C 1459), Earl Douglas, Earl Avondale, Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), Baron Talbot (1C 1331), Duke Lancaster (2C 1362), King England: Plantagenet Lancaster, Duke Clarence (2C 1412), Duke Bedford (1C 1414), Duke Bedford (2C 1433), Duke Gloucester (2C 1414), Queen Consort Denmark, Earl Kent (6C 1360), Baron Cherleton, Earl Tankerville (1C 1418), Baron Tiptoft, Earl Worcester (4C 1449), Baron Ros Helmsley, Duke Bedford (3C 1470), Baron Scrope Masham, Baron Scrope Bolton, Earl Worcester (5C 1514), Baron Latimer Snape, Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys, Earl Castlemaine, Earl Exeter, Marquess Winchester, Viscount Wimbledon, Baron Denny of Waltham in Essex, Earl Norwich (1C 1626), Earl Carlisle (2C 1622), Baronet Bacon of Mildenhall, Baronet Tufton of Hothfield, Baron Tufton, Earl Isle Thanet, Earl Danby, Baron Percy, Baronet Fortescue, Baronet Mansel of Margam, Gentleman Usher, King's Cupbearer, Treasurer of the Royal Household, Earl Southampton (1C 1537), Baron Dudley, Earl Cambridge (3C 1414), Baron Ferrers Groby, Earl Devon (2C Courtenay), Earl Chester, Duke Cornwall, Lord Protector, Duke Surrey, Baron Willoughby Eresby, Duke York (1C 1385), Marquess Somerset (2C 1397), Earl Somerset (2C 1397), Duke Somerset (1C 1443), Queen Consort Scotland, Duke Brittany, Earl Morton, Earl Bothwell, King Scotland: Stewart, Duke Austria, Earl Huntley, Earl Erroll, Earl Atholl (8C 1457), Earl Buchan (3C 1469), Bishop Moray, Count Perche, Marquess Dorset (2C 1442), Earl Salisbury (2C 1337), Duke Warwick, Baron Fitzhugh, Marquess Berkeley, Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh, Viscount Lovell, Baron Ughtred, Baron Berkeley (2C 1421), Baronet Devereux of Castle Bromwich, Viscount Hereford, Baronet Eastwell in Kent, Viscount Maidstone, Earl Winchelsea, Baron Vaux Harrowden, Baron Parr Horton, Baron Montagu (4C 1461), Earl Northumberland (3C 1464), Marquess Montagu, Baron Hastings (2C 1430), Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), Earl Waterford, Baron Dacre Gilsland (3C 1482), Earl Cumberland, Baron Wharton, Viscount Montague, Baronet Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire, Baron Dormer, Baronet Webb of Odstock in Wiltshire, Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), Baron Compton of Compton in Warwickshire, Baron Harington, Baron Bonville, Marquess Dorset (3C 1475), Viscount Grane, Baron Mountjoy, Baron Willoughby Broke, Baron Cromwell Oakham (5C 1540), Baronet Talmash of Helmingham in Suffolk, Earl Devon (5C 1553), Earl Kildare, Earl Lincoln (8C 1572), Viscount Gormanston, Baron Ferrers Chartley, Baron Stanley, Baron Strange Knockin (2C 1299), Baron Mohun Dunster, Baron Monteagle, Archdeacon Richmond, Baron Beaumont, Earl Worcester (2C 1397), Earl Norfolk (3C 1312), Warden of the Scottish Marches, Baron Leybourne, Earl Carrick, Earl Lincoln (1C 1141), Earl Cornwall (4C 1225), Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Earl Devon (1C 1141), Earl Albermarle aka Aumale, Baron Beauchamp (Feudal), Baron Beauchamp Somerset, Baron Mortimer Wigmore, Baron Burnell, Baron Mortimer Chirk, Baron Zouche Harringworth, Baron Berkeley (Feudal), Baron Berkeley (1C 1295), Baron Musgrave, Earl Derby (1C 1138), Baron Fitzwalter, Baron Neville Essex.

Emmeline Riddlesford 1223-1276. 295 Person. 12 Generations. 1 Archbishop. 1 Duchesses. 2 Dukes. 2 Marquesses. 1 Marchioness. 2 Bishop. 12 Countesses. 20 Earls. 1 Viscount. 32 Barons. 35 Baronesses. 1 Archdeacons. 1 Painter.
Families: , Riddlesford, Lacy, Longespée, Zouche, Clavering, Neville, Fitzgerald, Clare, Clifford, Mauley, Ughtred, Percy, Umfraville, Ferrers, Beauchamp, Deincourt, Clinton, Lumley, Chideocke, Arundell, Daubeney, Bourchier, Chichester, Marney, Bonham, Capell, Paulet, Paulett, Strangeways, Stafford, Vere, Wingfield, Stourton, Fitzwalter, Badlesmere, Ros, Welles, Scrope, Butler, Willoughby, Meinhill, Darcy, Devereux, Beaumont, Courtenay, Bohun, Fitzalan, Mowbray, Howard, Tanfield, Brooke, Pole, Grey, Berkeley, Goushill, Stanley, Molyneux, Troutbeck, Savage, Legh, Brandon, Bonville, Talbot, Vernon, Corbet, Newport, Beaufort, Stradling, Mortimer, Tiptoft.
Titles: Baron Warkworth, Baron Neville Raby (1C 1295), Baron Zouche Ashby, Baron Clifford, Baron Welles, Baron Mauley (1C), Earl Suffolk (2C 1337), Baron Ughtred, Baron Percy, Bishop Norwich, Baron Ferrers Groby, Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397), Baron Furnivall (1C 1295), Baron Deincourt (2C 1322), Baron Clinton, Baron Lumley (1C 1384), Bishop Carlisle, Bishop Lincoln, Baron Daubeney, Earl Bridgewater (1C 1538), Earl Bath (2C 1536), Count Eu, Baron Marney, Marquess Winchester, Baron Zouche Harringworth, Esquire to the Body, Earl Devon (2C 1469), Earl Oxford (2C 1141), Baron Latimer Snape, Baron Stourton, Baron Grey Codnor, Baron Fitzwalter, Baron Aton, Baron Badlesmere, Baron Ros Helmsley, Baron Scrope Masham, Archdeacon Richmond, Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Baron Willoughby Eresby, Baron Darcy Knayth, Baron Haversham, Baron Devereux, Baron Beaumont, Baron Burnell, Earl Northampton (3C 1337), Earl Hereford (6C 1199), Earl Essex (3C 1239), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Duke Norfolk (1C 1397), Earl Norfolk (3C 1312), Earl Nottingham (2C 1383), Baron Grey Ruthyn (1324), Baron Bergavenny (2C 1450), Baron Cobham, Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), Earl Suffolk (3C 1385), Baron Berkeley (2C 1421), Baron Lisle (4C 1444), Viscount Lisle (2C 1483), Earl Nottingham (4C 1483), Marquess Berkeley, Baron Stanley, Earl Derby (3C 1485), Archbishop York, Baron De La Warr (1C 1299), Baron West, Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Earl Worcester (3C 1421), Earl Wiltshire (3C 1449), Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), Earl Waterford, Baron Cherleton, Earl March (1C 1328), Baron Tibetot.


Dangereuse Ile-Bouchard Viscountess Chatellerault 1079-1151. 111 Person. 7 Generations. 9 Kings. 1 Queen. 6 Queen Consorts. 3 Duchesses. 1 Duke. 1 Marquess. 1 Marchioness. 15 Earls. 10 Countesses. 1 Viscount.
Families: , Île-Bouchard, Chatellerault, Poitiers, Plantagenet, Welf, Chateaudun, Ivrea, Brienne, Beaumont, Burgundy, Capet, Barcelona, Rouerge, Blois, Flanders, Avesnes, Hainault, Luxembourg, Dampierre, Chatillon, Hohenstaufen, Andechs, Amboise, Nesle, Angoulême.
Titles: Duke Aquitaine, Queen Consort Franks, Queen Consort England, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Count Poitiers, Duke Saxony, Count Perche, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Holy Roman Emperor, Duke Brittany, Queen Consort Castile, King Castile, King Leon, Count Eu, Viscount Beaumont, Queen Consort Portugal, King Portugal, Queen Consort France, King France: Capet, Count Poitou, Count Toulose, Queen Consort Aragon, Marquess Provence, Count Champagne, Count Flanders, Count Hainault, Count Luxembourg, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg, Count Bar, Count Blois, Count Saint-Pol, Duke Merania, Count Burgundy, Count Soissons, Count Vermandois, Count Angoulême.

Etienette Countess Provence Countess Arles. 196 Person. 19 Generations. 5 Kings. 4 Queen Consorts. 2 Duchesses. 2 Dukes. 1 Bishop. 15 Countesses. 9 Earls. 17 Baronesses. 17 Barons.
Families: , Unknown, Arles, Gevaudan, Barcelona, Ivrea, Capet, Montgomery, Dammartin, Plantagenet, Clare, Despencer, Fitzalan, Berkeley, Zouche, Audley, Stafford, Ferrers, Ros, Clifford, Grey, Bonville, Tailboys, Strangeways, Courtenay, Poynings, Charleton, St Leger, Burnell, Radclyffe, Hungerford, Babington, Markham, Burgh, Verdun, Strathbogie, Scrope, Percy, Damory, Bardolf, Monthermer, Brabant, Bohun, Butler, Talbot, Darcy, Cobham, Pole, Braybrooke, Brooke, Guelders, Ramirez, Blois.
Titles: Count Provence, Count Arles, Count Barcelona, Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon, King Castile, King Leon, Count Ponthieu, Queen Consort England, Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Baron Zouche Mortimer, Baron Despencer (1C 1264/1295), Earl Arundel (Sussex), Baron Berkeley (Feudal), Baron Berkeley (1C 1295), Baron Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire (3C 1357), Baron Audley Stratton Audley in Oxfordshire, Earl Gloucester (3C 1337), Baron Stafford (1C 1299), Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Baron Cobham Sternborough in Kent (4C 1347), Baron Ferrers Chartley, Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), Baron Ros Helmsley, Earl Desmond (1C 1329), Baron Clifford, Baron Latimer Corby, Earl Cambridge (3C 1414), Baron Grey Ruthyn (1324), Baron Kyme, Baron Poynings (1C 1337), Baron Cherleton, Baron Talbot (1C 1331), Baron Strange Knockin (2C 1299), Baron Sutton Dudley, Earl Ulster, Baron Ferrers Groby, Earl Atholl (1C ), Baron Bardolf of Wormegay in Norfolk, Baron Monthermer, Duke Brabant, Count Holland, Earl Essex (3C 1239), Earl Hereford (6C 1199), Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Baron Grey Wilton (1C 1295), Baron Darcy Knayth, Earl Devon (2C Courtenay), Earl Northampton (3C 1337), King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Duke Guelders, King Navarre, Bishop Pamplona, Count Champagne.

Adela Valois Countess Blois Countess Vermandois. 141 Person. 15 Generations. 3 Kings. 2 Duchesses. 1 Duke. 2 Bishop. 23 Earls. 22 Countesses. 1 Deans. 1 Baroness.
Families: , Valois, Blois, Vermandois, Capet, Beaugency, Coucy, Beaumont, Clare, Warenne, Taillebois, Peverell, Dunkeld, Gerulfing, Cleves, Penthièvre, Plantagenet, Thouars, Lusignan, Fife, Comyn, Cheney, Seton, Dunbar, Bohun, Angus, Stewart, Menteith, Lennox, Carrick, Bruce, Ross, Clermont, Dammartin, Fiennes, Guines.
Titles: Count Blois, Count Vermandois, Bishop Châlons-sur-Marne, Count Troyes and Meaux, Count Champagne, Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Count Meulan, Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Earl Worcester (1C 1138), Earl Pembroke (1C 1138), Earl Buckingham (2C 1164), Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Dean Salisbury, Earl Norfolk (2C 1141), Earl Derby (1C 1138), Earl Huntingdon (1C 1065), Earl Northumberland (1C 1377), Count Holland, Count Cleves, Bishop Glasgow, Duke Brittany, Earl Richmond (2C 1218), Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, Count Angoulême, Earl Gloucester (1C 1121), Earl Hertford (1C 1138), Baron Berkeley (Feudal), Earl Fife, Earl Buchan, Earl Hereford (6C 1199), King Scotland: Dunkeld, Earl Angus, Earl Menteith, Earl Lennox (1C 12th Century), Earl Carrick, King Scotland: Bruce, Earl Ross, Count Flanders, Count Boulogne, Count Dammartin, Count Aumale, Count Guînes.

Jeanne Fougères Countess Lusignan Countess La Marche Countess Angoulême. 175 Person. 10 Generations. 1 Duke. 1 Bishop. 8 Earls. 7 Countesses. 17 Barons. 17 Baronesses.
Families: , Fougères, Lusignan, Geneville, Mortimer, Berkeley, Cobham, Grey, Charleton, Audley, Tuchet, Beauchamp, Clifford, Greystoke, Welles, Ferrers, Culpepper, Melton, Longford, Pierrepoint, Stafford, Neville, Dacre, Harrington, Savile, Stanley, Dudley, Tempest, Darcy, Musgrave, Scrope, Pole, Morley, Hastings, Arundell, Tyrrell, Wentworth, Kerdeston, Basset, Grandison.
Titles: Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, Count Angoulême, Baron Mortimer Wigmore, Baron Geneville, Baron Berkeley (Feudal), Baron Berkeley (1C 1295), Baron Cobham Sternborough in Kent (4C 1347), Baron Grey Codnor, Baron Cherleton, Baron Audley Heighley in Staffordshire, Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Baron Clifford, Baron Greystoke, Baron Welles, Baron Ferrers Groby, Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Baron Neville Raby (1C 1295), Baron Haversham, Bishop Ely, Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321), Baron Dacre Gilsland (2C 1459), Baron Dacre Gilsland (3C 1482), Baron Darcy Aston, Baron Scrope Bolton, Earl Suffolk (3C 1385), Marquess Suffolk (1C), Duke Suffolk (1C 1448), Baron Marshal, Baron Morley, Baron Hastings (1C 1295), Baron Despencer (5C 1387), Baron Wentworth, Count Foix, Baron Bourchier, Baron Stafford (3C 1411), Earl Kent (6C 1360), Baron Beauchamp Somerset, Baron Basset Drayton (2C 1295), Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), Earl Suffolk (2C 1337), Earl Pembroke (4C 1339), Baron Grandison.

Margaret Geneva Countess Savoy. 141 Person. 8 Generations. 7 Kings. 3 Queens. 13 Queen Consorts. 1 King Consort. 1 Archbishop. 5 Dukes. 3 Duchesses. 3 Marquesses. 9 Countesses. 13 Earls.
Families: , Geneva, Savoy, Provence, Capet, Ivrea, Bourbon, Burgundy, Évreux, Barcelona, Valois, Plantagenet, Dunkeld, Sverre, Chatillon, Bohemia, Dampierre, Artois, Auvergne, Cornwall, Redvers.
Titles: Count Savoy, Count Flanders, Archbishop Canterbury, Count Provence, Queen Consort France, King France: Capet, Count Valois, Count Alençon, Count Clermont, Duke Burgundy, Earl Richmond (1C 1136), Queen Consort Navarre, Queen Consort Aragon, King Navarre, King France: Capet Valois, Count Bar, Duke Lorraine, Queen Consort England, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Queen Consort Norway, King Scotland: Sverre (Disputed), Prince Scotland, Count Saint-Pol, Duke Bourbon, Duke Touraine, Duke Orléans, Queen Consort Castile, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg, Earl Pembroke (3C 1247), Count Auvergne, Count Boulogne, Count Burgundy, Count Artois, Marquis Namur, Count Namur, Queen Consort Norway and Sweden, Earl Leicester (2C 1265), Earl Lancaster, Earl Cornwall (4C 1225), Queen Consort Germany, King Naples, Earl Devon (1C 1141).


Sueva Orsini 1360-1430. 113 Person. 8 Generations. 2 Queens. 3 Kings. 4 Queen Consorts. 1 Duchesses. 10 Dukes. 1 Marchioness. 2 Marquesses. 1 Bishop. 15 Earls. 10 Countesses. 2 Viscountesses. 3 Barons. 6 Baronesses. 1 Painter.
Families: , Orsini, Baux, Luxembourg, Woodville, Grey, York, Tudor, Stewart, Douglas, Brandon, Seymour, Clifford, Stanley, Courtenay, Somerset, Bourchier, Herbert, Savage, Strange, Sheffield, Fitzalan, Stafford, Radclyffe, Hastings, Devereux, Valois-Anjou.
Titles: Count Saint-Pol, Queen Consort England, Baron Ferrers Groby, Marquess Dorset (3C 1475), Duke Cornwall, Queen Consort Scotland, Duke Rothesay, King Scotland: Stewart, Duke Ross, Earl Lennox (2C 1488), Duke Albany (3C 1565), Earl Argyll, Baron Castle Stuart, Earl Chester (8C 1504), King England and Ireland: Tudor, Queen Consort France, King England and Ireland: Grey (Disputed), Earl Hertford (3C 1559), Maid of Honour, Earl Derby (3C 1485), Duke Somerset (3C 1499), Baron Scrope Masham, Viscount Welles, King England: Plantagenet York, Duke York (2C 1474), Duke Norfolk (2C 1481), Duke Bedford (4C 1478), Marquess Exeter (1C 1525), Earl Worcester (5C 1514), Earl Essex (5C 1461), Count Eu, Baron Ferrers Chartley, Earl Kent (8C 1465), Earl Rivers (1C 1466), Earl Pembroke (8C 1468), Baron Herbert Raglan, Baron Strange Knockin (2C 1299), Baron Mohun Dunster, Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire, Dean Exeter, Bishop Salisbury, Earl Arundel (Sussex), Earl Lincoln (6C 1467), Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Duke Bedford (5C 1485), Duke Buckingham (1C 1444), Earl Stafford (1C 1351), Earl Wiltshire (5C 1510), Viscount Fitzwalter, Earl Sussex, Earl Huntingdon (7C 1529), Lord Chamberlain of the Household, Baron Hastings Loughborough, Baron Bourchier, Viscount Hereford, Earl Essex (8C 1572), Baron Berkeley (2C 1421), Count Maine, Duke Anjou.


Helene du Donjon 1095-1189. 45 Person. 6 Generations. 2 Kings. 1 Queen Consort. 1 Bishop. 4 Earls. 4 Countesses. 2 Barons. 1 Baroness.
Families: , Donjon, Unknown, Courtenay, Angoulême, Plantagenet, Cornwall, Hohenstaufen, Montfort, Aberffraw, Lusignan, Warenne, Percy, Balliol, Valence.
Titles: Count Angoulême, Queen Consort England, King England: Plantagenet Angevin, Earl Cornwall (4C 1225), Earl Pembroke (2C 1199), Earl Leicester (1C 1107), Count Nola, Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, Bishop Winchester, Earl Surrey (1C 1088), Baron Percy Topcliffe (Feudal), King Scotland: Balliol, Earl Pembroke (3C 1247), Count Toulose, Baron Okehampton.


María González Henestrosa Lady Villagera -1356. 91 Person. 12 Generations. 1 King. 3 Queen Consorts. 1 Cardinal. 3 Dukes. 2 Duchesses. 1 Bishop. 6 Countesses. 2 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 2 Baronesses. 6 Barons. 1 Baronetess. 1 Painter.
Families: , Henestrosa, Padilla, Ivrea, Lancaster, Trastámara, York, Despencer, Beauchamp, Neville, Pole, Stafford, Drury, Wray, Cecil, Clifford, Holland, Tuchet, Grey, Ludlow, Vernon, Curzon.
Titles: Duke Lancaster (2C 1362), Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Aragon, King Castile, Earl Cambridge (2C 1362), Duke York (1C 1385), Duke Albemarle aka Aumale (2C 1397), Earl Gloucester (4C 1397), Baron Burghesh (2C 1330), Earl Warwick (1C 1088), Earl Worcester (3C 1421), Duke Warwick, Earl Salisbury (2C 1337), Baron Montagu, Cardinal, Mistress of the Robes, Baronet Glentworth, Earl Buchan (3C 1469), Viscount Wimbledon, Baron Stafford, Duke Gloucester (3C 1461), Queen Consort England, Earl Chester (6C 1483), Earl Salisbury (4C 1478), Duke Cornwall, Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392), Baron Audley Heighley in Staffordshire, Bishop Rochester, Bishop Hereford, Bishop Salisbury, Earl Tankerville (2C 1695), Baron Grey Powis, Earl Cambridge (3C 1414).