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Hussa of Bernicia


Ida King Bernicia -559

Aethelric King Bernicia -572

Aethelfrith King Bernicia, King Deira 572-616

Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634

Taloran King Picts 615-657

Oswald King Northumbria 604-641

Aethelwald King Deira 642-

Oswiu King Bernicia 612-670

Ealhfrith King Deira 630-664

Ecgfrith King Deira, King Northumbria 645-685

Aelfwine King Deira -679

Aldfrith King Northumbria -705

Osred King Northumbria 697-716

Osthryth Bernicia Queen Consort Mercia -697


Yffe Deira

Aella King Deira -588

Acha Deira Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira

Edwin King Bernicia, King Deira, King Northumbria 586-

Eanfled Deira Queen Consort Bernicia 626-685

Aethelric King Deira -604

Osric King Deira -634

Oswine King Deira -651

Unknown Name Deira Queen Consort Strathclyde aka Alt Clut


Wulfnoth Cild Godwinson -1014

Godwin Godwinson 1st Earl Kent, Earl Wessex 1001-1053

Harold II King England 1022-1066

Edith of Wessex Queen Consort England 1026-1075


Creoda King Mercia 570-593

Pybba King Mercia 590-610

Penda King Mercia -655

Paeda King South Mercia -656

Wulfhere King Mercia 640-675

Coenred King Mercia -709

Aethelred King Mercia -704

Ceolred King Mercia -716

Eowa King Mercia -642


Cearl Mercia

Cwenburg Mercia Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira

Aethelred Mucel Mercia Earldorman Gaini

Aethelwulf Mercia Earldorman Gaini -901

Ealhswith Mercia Queen Consort England -902

Eohric King East Anglia -902

Beornwulf King Mercia -852

Cuthberht Mercia

Coenwulf King Mercia -821

Cuthred Mercia -807

Coelwulf King Mercia, King East Anglia, King Kent


Octa King Kent 500-543

Eormenric King Kent

Aethelberht King Kent 550-616

Eadbald King Kent -640

Eorcenberht King Kent -644

Ecgberht I King Kent -673

Eadric King Kent -686

Aethelburh Oiscingas Queen Consort Bernicia, Queen Consort Deira 605-647


Cerdic King Wessex -534

Cynric King Wessex

Cutha Wessex

Ceol King Wessex

Cynegils King Wessex -641

Ceawlin King Wessex -592

Cuthwine 565-

Cedda Wessex 590-

Cenberht Wessex 620-661

Caedwalla King Wessex 659-689

Mul King Kent -687

Ceolwald Wessex

Cenred Wessex

Ine King Wessex 670-726

Cuthburh Wessex Queen Consort Northumbria

Eoppa Wessex 717-

Eafa Wessex

Ealmund King Kent

Egbert King Wessex 773-839

Aethelwulf King Wessex -858

Aethelstan King Kent

Aethelswith Wessex Queen Consort Mercia 838-888

Aethelbald King Wessex -860

Aethelberht King Wessex -865

Aethelred King Wessex 847-871

Aethelhelm Prince Wessex -890

Alfred "The Great" King England 849-899

Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons 874-924

Aethelstan I King Anglo-Saxons, I King England 894-939

Eadgifu Wessex Queen Consort West Francia -951

Eadgyth Wessex Queen Consort Germany -946

Edmund I King England 921-946

Eadwig "All Fair" I King England -959

Edgar "Peaceful" I King England 943-975

Edward "Martyr" I King England 962-978

Aethelred "Unready" II King England 966-1016

Edmund "Ironside" I King England 1015-1016

Edward "The Exile" Wessex 1016-1057

Edgar "Aetheling" II King England 1051-1126

Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland 1045-1093

Edward "ConFessor" King England 1003-1066

Eadred I King England -955


Wehha Wuffingas

Wuffa King East Anglia

Tytila King East Anglia -616

Raedwald King East Anglia 570-624

Eorpwald King East Anglia -632

Eni Wuffingas

Anna King East Anglia -654

Seaxburh Wuffingas Queen Consort Kent -699

Aethelthryth Wuffingas Queen Consort Deira, Queen Consort Northumbria 636-679

Aethelhere King East Anglia -655

Aethelwold King East Anglia -664


BeornhAeth Sub-King Northern Northumbria aka Lothian -685

Thored Northumbria

Aelfgifu Northumbria Queen Consort England


Edmund "The Martyr" King East Anglia -869

Wihtred King of Kent 670-725

Pope Constantine I 664-715

Sighere King of Essex -688

Offa King of Essex -709

Pope Honorius -638



John Singleton Copley 1738-1815

Benjamin West Painter 1738-1820

John SINGER-SARGENT Painter 1856-1925


Levi Zeigler Leiter 1834-1904

Mary Victoria Leiter Baroness Curzon Kedleston 1870-1906


Portrait Painters

François Clouet Portrait Painter 1510-1572

Henri Gascar 1635-1701

François de Troy 1645-1730

Pierre Gobert 1662-1744

Charles D'Agar 1669-1723

Jean Ranc 1674-1735

Jean-Etienne Liotard 1702-1789

Louis-Michel van Loo 1707-1771

Marie-Suzanne Giroust 1734-1772

Anne Vallayer-Coster Painter 1744-1818

Elisabeth Louise Vigee Lebrun 1755-1842


Pierre-Étienne Monnot 1657-1733

Louis-Francois Roubiliac Sculptor 1702-1762

Leon-Joseph Chavalliaud Sculptor 1858-1919


Theobald Blois III Count Blois 1012-1089

Stephen Blois II Count Blois 1045-1102

Theobald Blois II Count Champagne, IV Count Blois 1090-1152

Henry Blois I Count Champagne 1127-1181

Theobald Blois 1179-1201

Theobald IV King Navarre 1201-1253

Theobald "Young" II King Navarre 1239-1270

Henry I King Navarre 1244-1274

Joan Blois I Queen Navarre 1273-1305

Cardinal William "White Hands" Blois 1135-1202

Stephen I King England 1094-1154


Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall 1284-1312


William "Taillefer" Angoulême VI Count Angoulême -1179

Aymer Angoulême I Count Angoulême 1160-1202

Isabella Angoulême Queen Consort England 1188-1246


Godfrey "The Prisoner" Ardennes I Count Verdun -1002

Gothelo Ardennes Duke Lower Lorraine, Duke Upper Lorraine -1044

Frederick Ardennes 1020-1058


Boson II Count Arles 928-967

William "Liberator" Arles 1st Count Provence, 1st Count Arles 950-993

Constance Arles Queen Consort France 986-1034


Beatrice Armagnac

Joanne Armagnac

Martha Armagnac Queen Consort Aragon 1347-1378


John Hainault II Count Hainault, II Count Holland 1247-1304

William Hainault I Count Hainault, III Count Avesnes, III Count Holland, II Count Zeeland 1286-1337

Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress 1312-1369

Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England 1314-1369

Auvergne Family

Robert VII Auvergne XII Count Auvergne 1282-1325

William Auvergne XII Count Auvergne, II Count Boulogne 1300-1332

Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France 1326-1360


Henry Bar IV Count Bar 1315-1344

Robert Bar 1st Duke Bar 1344-1411

Yolande Bar Queen Consort Aragon 1365-1431

Cardinal Louis Bar 1377-1430


Richard Aigle 1050-

Gilbert Aigle Lord Aigle

Marguerite Aigle Queen Consort Navarre


Roger Beaumont 2nd Earl Warwick 1102-1153

Waleran Beaumont 4th Earl Warwick 1153-1204

Henry Beaumont 5th Earl Warwick 1192-1229

Margaret Beaumont 7th Countess Warwick -1253

Alice Beaumont -1262


Roscelin Beaumont-Sarthe 7th Viscount Beaumont -1176

Richard Beaumont-Sarthe I Viscount 1135-1199

Ermengarde Beaumont-Sarthe Queen Consort Scotland 1170-1233


Ranulf Gernon 4th Earl Chester 1099-1153

Hugh de Kevelioc Gernon 5th Earl Chester 1147-1181

Ranulf de Blondeville Gernon 6th Earl Chester, 1st Earl Lincoln 1170-1232


Robert "Strong" King West Francia 830-866

Odo I King West Franks 857-898

Robert I King West Francia 866-923

Hugh "Great" Capet Count Paris 898-956

Hugh I King France 941-996

Robert "Pious" II King France 972-1031

Henry I King France 1008-1060

Philip "Amorous" I King France 1052-1108

Louis "Fat" VI King France 1081-1137

Louis VII King Franks 1120-1180

Philip Augustus II King France 1165-1223

Louis "Lion" VIII King France 1187-1226

Louis IX King France 1214-1270

Philip "Bold" III King France 1245-1285

Philip "Fair" IV King France 1268-1314

Louis X King France 1289-1316

Joan Capet Queen Consort Navarre 1312-1349

John "The Posthumous" I King France 1316-1316

Philip V King France 1293-1322

Charles IV King France 1294-1328

Isabella Capet Queen Consort England 1295-1358

Charles Valois I Count Valois 1270-1325

Philip "Fortunate" VI King France 1293-1350

John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364

Charles V King France 1338-1380

Charles "Beloved, Mad" VI King France 1368-1422

Isabella Valois Queen Consort England 1389-1409

Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England 1401-1437

Charles "Victorious" VII King France 1403-1461

Louis "Father of the People" XI King France 1423-1483

Joan Valois Queen Consort France 1464-1505

Charles VIII King France 1470-1498

Louis Valois Duke Touraine, I Duke Orléans 1372-1407

Charles Valois Duke Orléans 1394-1465

Louis XII King France 1462-1515

Claude Valois-Orleans Queen Consort France 1499-1524

John Valois-Orleans 1399-1467

Charles Valois-Orleans Count Angoulême 1459-1496

Marguerite Valois-Orleans Queen Consort Navarre 1492-1549

Francis I King France 1494-1547

Henry II King France 1519-1559

Francis II King France King Consort Scotland 1544-1560

Elizabeth Valois-Angoulême Queen Consort Spain 1545-1568

Charles IX King France 1550-1574

Henry III King France 1551-1589

Margaret Valois-Angoulême Queen Consort France 1553-1615

Louis Valois-Anjou I Duke Anjou 1339-1384

Louis King Naples 1377-1417

René Valois-Anjou I Duke Anjou 1409-1480

Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England 1430-1482

Marie Valois-Anjou Queen Consort France 1404-1463

Philip "Bold" Valois-Burgundy II Duke Burgundy 1342-1404

John "Fearless" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy 1371-1419

Philip "Good" Valois-Burgundy III Duke Burgundy 1396-1467

Charles "Bold" Valois-Burgundy Duke Burgundy 1433-1477

Joan Valois Queen Consort Navarre 1343-1373

Charles Valois Count Alençon 1297-1346

Cardinal Philippe Valois 1339-1397

Blanche Valois Holy Roman Empress Luxembourg 1317-1348

Louis Évreux I Count Évreux 1276-1319

Philip "Noble" III King Navarre 1306-1343

Maria Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1329-1347

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France 1331-1398

Charles "Bad" II King Navarre 1332-1387

Charles III King Navarre 1361-1425

Blanche Évreux Queen Consort Aragon 1388-1441

Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England 1370-1437

Joan Évreux Queen Consort France 1310-1371

Margaret of France Queen Consort England 1279-1318

Louis Bourbon I Duke Bourbon 1279-1341

Peter Bourbon Duke Bourbon 1311-1356

Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France 1338-1378

Blanche Bourbon Queen Consort Castile 1339-1361

Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme 1470-1495

Charles Bourbon Duke Vendôme 1489-1537

Antoine King Navarre 1518-1562

Henry IV King France 1553-1610

César Bourbon-Vendôme 1st Duke Vendôme 1594-1665

François Bourbon-Vendôme 2nd Duke Beaufort 1616-1669

Louis XIII King France 1601-1643

Louis "Sun King" XIV King France 1638-1715

Louis "Le Grand Dauphin" Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1661-1711

Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712

Louis XV King France 1710-1774

Louis Bourbon 1729-1765

Louis XVI King France 1754-1793

Louis XVII King France 1785-1795

Louis XVIII King France 1755-1824

Philippe V King Spain 1683-1746

Louis I King Spain 1707-1724

Ferdinand VI King Spain 1713-1759

Charles III King Spain 1716-1788

Charles IV King Spain 1748-1819

Ferdinand VII King Spain 1784-1833

Philip Bourbon I Duke Orléans 1640-1701

Marie Louise Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1662-1689

Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia 1669-1728

Philippe Bourbon II Duke Orléans 1674-1723

Louis Philippe "The Fat" Bourbon I Duke Orléans 1725-1785

Louis Philippe II Duke of Orléans 1747-1793

Louis Philippe I King France 1773-1850

Louise Élisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1709-1742

Elisabeth Bourbon Queen Consort Spain 1602-1644

Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England 1609-1669

Louis Bourbon-Condé Prince Condé 1530-1569

Henri Bourbon-Condé Prince Condé 1552-1588

Eleonora Bourbon-Condé Princess Orange 1587-1619

Cardinal Charles Bourbon-Conti 1562-

Robert Capet 1216-

Blanche Capet Queen Navarre 1248-1302

Charles King Sicily 1227-1285

Charles II King Naples 1254-1309

Charles Martel King Hungary 1271-1295

Charles I King Hungary 1288-1342

Louis I King Hungary, King Poland 1326-1382

Mary Hungary I Queen Hungary 1371-1395

Clementia Hungary Queen Consort France 1293-1328

Robert "Wise" King Naples 1275-1343

Blanche Capet Queen Consort Aragon

Arthur Capet Duke Brittany 1261-1312

John Montfort IV Duke Brittany 1295-1345

John Montfort V Duke Brittany 1339-1399

Richard Montfort 1395-1438

Francis Montfort II Duke Brittany 1433-1488

Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France 1477-1514

Henry "Gallant" Burgundy 1035-1074

Odo Burgundy III Duke Burgundy 1166-1218

Hugh Burgundy IV Duke Burgundy 1213-1272

Robert Burgundy II Duke Burgundy 1248-1306

Margaret Burgundy Queen Consort France 1290-1315

Joan "Lame" Burgundy Queen Consort France 1293-1349

Isabella Burgundy Queen Consort Germany

Henry Burgundy Count Portugal 1066-1112

Afonso "Conqueror Founder Great" I King Portugal 1109-1185

Urraca Burgundy Queen Consort Leon 1148-1211

Sancho "Populator" I King Portugal 1154-1211

Alfonso "Fat" II King Portugal 1185-1223

Sancho "Pious" II King Portugal 1209-1248

Alfonso III King Portugal 1210-1279

Denis I King Portugal 1261-1325

Constance Burgundy Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon 1290-1313

Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal 1291-1357

Maria Burgundy Queen Consort Castile 1313-1357

Peter I King Portugal 1320-1367

Ferdinand I King Portugal 1345-1383

John "Good Great" I King Portugal 1357-1433

Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal 1391-1438

Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal 1432-1481

John II King Portugal 1455-1495

Ferdinand Aviz 1433-1470

Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal 1469-1521

John III King Portugal 1502-1557

Maria Aviz Queen Consort Spain 1527-1545

John Manuel Aviz Prince Portugal 1537-1554

Sebastian King Portugal 1554-1578

Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress 1434-1467

Joan Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1439-1475

Peter Aviz I Duke Coimbra 1392-1449

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Portugal 1432-1455

Prince John Aviz Constable Portugal 1400-1442

Isabella Aviz Queen Consort Castile 1428-1496

Eleanor Burgundy Queen Consort Aragon 1328-1348

Mafalda Burgundy Queen Consort Castile 1196-1256

Berengaria Burgundy Queen Consort Denmark 1198-1221


Charles "Charlemagne aka Great" King Franks King Lombardy Holy Roman Emperor 742-814

Pippin "Hunchback" Carolingian 769-811

Charles "Younger" King Franks 772-811

Adalhaid Carolingian 774-774

Rotrude Carolingian 775-810

Louis "Pious" King Aquitaine, I King Franks 778-840

Lothair King Bavaria, Holy Roman Emperor, King Middle Francia 795-855

Louis II King Italy, Holy Roman Emperor 825-875

Lothair II King Lotharingia 835-869

Charles King Provence 845-863

Pepin I King Aquitaine 797-838

Pepin II King Aquitaine 823-864

Louis "German" II King East Francia 804-876

Carloman King Bavaria 829-880

Arnulf King East Francia, Holy Roman Emperor

Louis "Younger" King Saxony, King Bavaria 835-

Charles "Fat" King East Francia, Holy Roman Emperor, III King West Francia, King Aquitaine 839-888

Charles "Bald" I King West Francia 823-877

Judith Carolingian Queen Consort Wessex 844-870

Louis "Stammerer" II King Aquitaine, III King West Francia 846-879

Louis III King West Francia 863-882

Carloman II King West Francia 866-884

Charles "Simple" III King West Francia 879-929

Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia 920-954

Lothair III King West Francia 941-986

Louis "Do Nothing" V King West Francia 967-987

Mathilde Carolingian Queen Consort Burgundy 943-992

Charles "Child" III King Aquitaine 847-866


Guy Dampierre Count Flanders 1226-1305

John Dampierre I Marquis Namur 1267-1330

Blanche Dampierre Queen Consort Norway and Sweden 1320-1363


René Lorraine II Duke Lorraine, Duke Bar 1451-1508

Antoine Lorraine I Duke Lorraine 1489-1544

Archduke Charles Duke of Teschen 1771-1847

Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria 1818-1874

Maria Christina of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1858-1929

Nicholas Lorraine 1524-1577

Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France 1553-1601

Claude Lorraine 1st Duke Guise 1496-1550

Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland 1515-1560

Gabrièle Louise Lorraine 1706-1710

Léopold Clement Charles Lorraine 1707-1723

Francis Stephen Lorraine I Holy Roman Emperor 1708-1765

Leopold Lorraine II Holy Roman Emperor 1747-1792

Francis Lorraine II Holy Roman Emperor 1768-

Eléonore Lorraine -1710

Elisabeth Therese Lorraine Queen Consort Sardinia 1711-1741


Hugh "Brown" Lusignan VII Count Lusignan, II Count La Marche 1065-1151

Hugh Lusignan VIII Count Lusignan 1108-1170

Hugh Lusignan X Count Lusignan, V Count La Marche 1183-1249

William Valence 1st Earl Pembroke -1296

William "The Younger" Valence -1282

Aymer Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke 1275-1324

Almaric II King Jerusalem 1145-1205

Guy I King Jerusalem 1150-1194


Amadeus Savoy II Count Savoy 1050-1080

Humbert "Fat" Savoy II Count Savoy 1065-1103

Amadeus Savoy III Count Savoy 1095-1148

Malfada Savoy Queen Consort Portugal 1125-1157

Amadeus Savoy VIII Count Savoy 1383-1451

Louis Savoy I Count Savoy 1413-1465

Charlotte Savoy Queen Consort France 1441-1483

Adelaide Savoy Queen Consort France -1154

Victor Amadeus King Sardinia 1666-1732

Maria Luisa Savoy 1688-1714

Victor Amadeus Savoy 1699-1715

Charles Emmanuel III King Sardinia 1701-1773

Victor Amadeus III King Sardinia 1726-1796

Agnès de Savoy Duchess Longueville 1445-1509


William "Great" Poitiers V Duke Aquitaine 969-1030

Guy William Poitiers VIII Duke Aquitaine 1025-1086

Agnes Poitiers Queen Consort Leon, Queen Consort Castile 1052-1078

Agnes Poitiers Queen Consort Aragon, Queen Consort Pamplona 1072-1097

William "Troubadour" Poitiers IX Duke Aquitaine 1071-1127

William "Saint" Poitiers X Duke Aquitaine 1099-1137

Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks Queen Consort England 1122-1204

Agnes Poitiers Queen Consort Aragon 1105-1159


Bivin Bivinids 820-863

Richildis Bivinids Queen Consort West Francia 845-910

Richard "Black" Bivinids Duke Burgundy 858-921

Rudolph aka Raoul I King West Francia 890-935

Richilda Bivinids

Boso Bivinids 841-887

Engelberge Bivinids Queen Consort West Francia


Alfonso XII King Spain 1857-1885

Fernando Sanz y Martínez de Arizala Bourbon 1881-1922

María Teresa Bourbon 1882-1912

Alfonso XIII King Spain 1886-1941

Juan Carlos Bourbon

Juan Carlos I King Spain 1938-

Margaret Bourbon Queen Consort Navarre

Beatrice Bourbon Queen Bohemia

Charlotte Bourbon Princess Orange


Clothar "The Old" I King Paris Merovingian, King Franks 497-561

Charibert King Paris Merovingian 517-567

Bertha Merovingian Queen Consort Kent 565-605


Erard Brienne II Count Brienne -1191

William Brienne -1199

John de Brienne I King Jerusalem 1170-1237

Isabella Brienne II Queen Jerusalem 1212-

John Beaumont 4th Baron Beaumont 1361-1396

Henry Beaumont 5th Baron Beaumont 1380-1413

John Beaumont 1st Viscount Beaumont 1409-1460

William Beaumont 2nd Viscount Beaumont 1438-1507


Hilduin III Count Montdidier -1032

Hilduin Montdidier IV Count Montdidier -1063

Felicia Montdidier Queen Consort Aragon, Queen Consort Pamplona 1060-1123


Antoine Orleans Duke Montpensier 1824-1890

Maria de las Mercedes Unknown Queen Consort Spain 1860-1878



Lucas Cranach "The Elder" Painter 1472-1553

Hans Maler Painter 1480-1526

Gerlach Flicke 1520-1558

Johannes Spilberg 1619-1690

John Closterman 1660-1711

Anton Raphael Mengs 1728-1779

Johan Joseph Zoffany 1733-1810

Wilhelm Bottner Painter 1752-1810

John Hoppner 1758-1810

Franz Xaver Winterhalter 1805-1873


John Francis Moore 1745-1809


Christian Ludwig Hanover Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg 1622-1665

George Wilhelm Hanover Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg 1624-1705

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort England 1666-1726

Johann Friedrich Hanover 1625-1679

Sophie Amalie Hanover Queen Consort Denmark 1628-1685

Dorothea Magdalene Hanover 1629-1660

Ernest Augustus Hanover Elector Brunswick-Lüneburg 1629-1698

George I King Great Britain and Ireland 1660-1727

George Augustus II King Great Britain and Ireland 1683-1760

Frederick Louis Hanover Prince of Wales 1707-1751

George III King Great Britain and Ireland 1738-1820

George IV King Great Britain and Ireland 1762-1830

William IV King United Kingdom 1765-1837

Edward Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Kent and Strathearn 1767-1820

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901

Ernest Augustus King Hanover 1771-1851

George V King Hanover 1819-1878

Augustus Frederick Hanover 1st Duke Sussex 1773-1843

Henry Frederick Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland and Strathearn 1745-1790

Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1751-1775

William Augustus Hanover 1st Duke Cumberland 1721-1765

Louise Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1724-1751

Sophia Dorothea Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1687-1757

Sophia Charlotte Hanover Queen Consort Prussia 1668-1705


Francis Saxe-Coburg-Gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1750-1806

Ernest Saxe-Coburg-Gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1784-1844

Prince Albert Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1819-1861

Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia 1840-1901

Edward VII King United Kingdom 1841-1910

George V King United Kingdom 1865-1936

Edward VIII King United Kingdom 1894-1972

George VI King United Kingdom 1895-1952

Elizabeth II Queen United Kingdom 1926-

Maud Windsor Queen Consort Norway 1869-1938


Alexander Hesse-Darmstadt 1823-1888

Louis Mountbatten 1st Marquess Milford Haven 1854-1921

Louise Mountbatten Queen Consort Sweden 1889-1965

Henry Mountbatten 1858-1896

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969


Adolph Marck Archbishop Cologne 1334-1394

Adolph Marck I Duke Cleves 1373-1448

John "Babymaker" Marck II Duke Cleves 1458-1521

John Marck III Duke Cleves 1490-1538

Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England 1515-1557

Agnes Marck Queen Consort Navarre


Marie Saxe-Altenburg Queen Consort Hanover


Anton Ulrich Duke of Saxe-Meiningen 1687-1763

Georg I Duke of Saxe-Meiningen 1761-1803

Adelaide Saxe-Meiningen Queen Consort England


Henry "Fowler" I King East Francia 876-936

Thankmar Saxon-Ottonian 908-938

Hedwig Saxon-Ottonian 910-965

Otto I King Germany, I King Italy, Holy Roman Emperor 912-973

Otto "Red" II King Germany, II Holy Roman Emperor, II King Italy 955-983

Otto III King Italy, III King Germany, III Holy Roman Emperor 980-1002

Gerberga Saxon-Ottonian Queen Consort West Francia

Henry Saxon-Ottonian I Duke Bavaria 920-955

Henry "Quarrelsome" Saxon-Ottonian II Duke Bavaria 951-995

Henry King Romans, II Holy Roman Emperor 975-1024


Liudolf Saxony Duke Saxony

Liutgard Saxony Queen Consort Bavaria

Anna Saxony Princess Orange


Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria 1206-1253

Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria 1229-1294

Adolph Count Palatine Rhine 1300-1327

Rupert II Elector Palatine 1325-1398

Rupert King Germany 1352-1410

Louis Palatinate-Simmern VI Elector Palatine Rhine 1539-1583

Frederick Palatinate-Simmern IV Elector Palatine Rhine 1574-1610

Frederick Palatinate-Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine 1596-1632

Prince Rupert Palatinate-Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland 1619-1682

Maurice Palatinate-Simmern 1621-1652

Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor 1282-1347

Stephen Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria 1319-1375

Stephen "Magnificient, Fop" Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria 1337-1413

Isabeau Wittelsbach Queen Consort France 1370-1435

Albert V Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria 1528-1579

William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria 1548-1626

Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress 1574-1616

Cardinal Philipp Wilhelm Wittelsbach 1576-1598


Anna Bavaria Holy Roman Empress Luxembourg


Liudolf Brunonids Margrave Frisia 1003-1038

Matilda Brunonids Queen Consort France -1044


Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England 1768-1821


Welf -825

Judith Welf Queen Consort Aquitaine, Queen Consort Franks 797-843

Conrad Welf I Count Auxerre 800-864

Conrad Welf II Count Auxerre -876

Rudolph I King Burgundy 859-912

Rudolph "Pious" II King Burgundy, II King Italy 880-937

Conrad I King Burgundy 925-993

Bertha Welf Queen Consort France 964-1010

Rudolph "Idle" III King Burgundy 971-1032

Adelaide Welf Holy Roman Empress 931-999

Rudolph Welf Count Ponthieu 802-866

Liutfrid Welf

Hemma Welf Queen Consort East Francia 803-876

Ferdinand Albert Welf 1680-1735

Juliana Maria Welf Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1729-1796


Emilie Hesse-Kassel 1626-1693

Wilhelm "The Just" Hesse-Kassel 1629-1663

Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1650-1714

William Hesse-Kassel 1674-1676

Charles Hesse-Kassel 1675-1677

Frederick I King Sweden 1676-1751

Frederick Hesse-Kassel 1720-1785

Charles Hesse-Kassel 1744-1836

Marie Sophie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway 1767-1852

Frederick Hesse-Kassel 1747-1837

William Hesse-Kassel 1787-1867

Louise Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark 1817-1898

Friedrich Wilhelm Hesse-Kassel 1820-1884

Frederick Charles I King Finland 1868-1940

Leopold Hesse-Kassel 1684-1704

Louis Hesse-Kassel 1686-1706

Marie Louise Hesse-Kassel Princess Nassau-Dietz 1688-1765


Polyxena Hesse-Rotenburg Queen Consort Sardinia 1706-1735


Rudolph I King Romans 1218-1291

Leopold "The Just" Habsburg III Duke Austria 1351-1386

Ernest "The Iron" Habsburg I Duke Austria 1377-1424

Frederick "Peaceful or Fat" Habsburg III Holy Roman Emperor 1415-1493

Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor 1459-1519

Philip "Handsome, Fair" King Castile 1478-1506

Eleanor Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort France, Queen Consort Portugal 1498-1558

Charles Habsburg-Spain V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558

Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain 1527-1598

Ferdinand King Asturias 1571-1578

Diego King Asturias 1575-1582

Philip III King Spain 1578-1621

Anne Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort France 1601-1666

Philip IV King Spain 1605-1665

Maria Theresa Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort France 1638-1683

Margaret Theresa Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1651-1673

Charles "Bewitched" II King Spain 1661-1700

Maria Anna Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1606-1646

Maria Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1528-1603

Isabella Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort Denmark, Queen Consort Norway 1501-1526

Ferdinand Habsburg-Spain I Holy Roman Emperor 1503-1564

Maximilian Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1527-1576

Anna of Austria Queen Consort Spain 1549-1580

Rudolf Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1552-1612

Elisabeth Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort France 1554-1592

Matthias Habsburg-Spain I Holy Roman Emperor 1557-1619

Ferdinand Habsburg-Spain II Archduke Austria 1529-1595

Anna Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1585-1618

Charles Habsburg-Spain II Archduke Austria 1540-1590

Ferdinand Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637

Leopold Habsburg-Spain V Archduke Austria 1586-1632

Maria Leopoldine Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort Bohemia 1632-1649

Ferdinand King Bohemia, III Holy Roman Emperor 1608-1657

Ferdinand King Bohemia

Maria Anna Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort Spain 1634-1696

Leopold Habsburg-Spain I Holy Roman Emperor 1640-1705

Joseph Habsburg-Spain I Holy Roman Emperor 1678-1711

Charles Habsburg-Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor 1685-1740

Maria Theresa Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1717-1780

Margaret Habsburg-Spain Queen Consort Spain 1584-1611

Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal 1507-1578


Ernst Hohenlohe-Langenburg II Prince 1863-1950

Alfred Christian Hohenlohe-Langenburg 1911-1911

Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Count Gleichen 1833-1891


Frederick "One Eyed" Hohenstaufen I Holy Roman Emperor 1090-1147

Frederick "Barbarossa" Hohenstaufen I Holy Roman Emperor 1122-1190

Henry Hohenstaufen VI Holy Roman Emperor 1165-1197

Frederick I King Jerusalem, II Holy Roman Emperor 1194-1250

Henry VII King Germany 1211-1242

Conrad Hohenstaufen King Germany 1228-1254

Manfred King Sicily 1232-1266

Constance Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Aragon 1249-1302

Philip King Germany 1177-1208

Elisabeth Hohenstaufen Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon 1205-1235


George William Hohenzollern 1595-1640

Frederick William "Great Elector" Hohenzollern Elector Brandenburg 1620-1688

Frederick I King Prussia 1657-1713

Frederick William "Soldier King" I King Prussia 1688-1740

Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia 1712-1786

Augustus William Hohenzollern 1722-1758

Frederick William II King Prussia 1744-1797

Frederick William II King Prussia 1770-1840

Frederick William IV King Prussia 1795-1861

William I King Prussia 1797-1888

Frederick III King Prussia 1831-1888

Wilhelm Hohenzollern 1859-1941

Albert Hohenzollern 1620-1667

John Frederick Hohenzollern 1654-1686

Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England 1683-1737

Leopold Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 1835-1905

Ferdinand "The Unfier" Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 1865-1927

King Carol II Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 1893-1953


Adolphus Frederick Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1738-1794

Charles II Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1741-1816

Frederica Mecklenburg-Strelitz Queen Consort Hanover

Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz Queen Consort England 1744-1818


Alexandrine Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark

John Albert Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1525-1576

Ulrich Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1527-1603

Sophie Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark 1557-1631

Sophia Louise Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Prussia 1685-1735


Portrait Painters

Charles Jervas 1675-1739

James Latham 1696-1747

Sampson Towgood Roch 1757-1847


Thomas Fitzgerald 7th Earl Kildare 1421-1478

Gerald Fitzgerald 8th Earl Kildare 1456-1513

Gerald Fitzgerald 9th Earl Kildare 1487-1534


Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran -1727

John Fitzpatrick 1st Earl Upper Ossory 1719-1758

John Fitzpatrick 2nd Earl Upper Ossory 1745-1818

Anne Fitzpatrick -1841


John Savile Foljambe 1776-1805

George Savile Foljambe 1800-1869

Cecil George Savile Foljambe 1st Earl Liverpool 1846-1907


William Burgh 1160-1205

Walter Burgh 1st Earl Ulster 1230-1271

Richard "Red Earl" Burgh 2nd Earl Ulster 1259-1326

Elizabeth Burgh Queen Consort Scotland 1284-1327

Hugh Burgh 1388-1430

Thomas Burgh 1405-1487

Thomas Burgh 1st Baron Burgh 1431-1496

Richard Óge Burgh Bishop Limerick

Hubert Burgh Count Mortain, 1st Earl Kent 1170-1243


Portrait Painters

Domenico Ghirlandaio Painter 1448-1494

Raphael Painter 1483-1520

Titian Painter 1488-1576

Sofonisba Anguissola 1532-1625

Antonio Verrio Painter 1636-1707

Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771

Pompeo Batoni Painter 1708-1787

Canaletto Painter 1697-1768


Pietro Torrigiano

Giovanni Battista Guelphi 1690-1736

Antonio Trentanove 1745-1812

Antonio Canova Sculptor 1757-1822

Rafaelle Monti 1818-1881

Edwardo Orlandini

Adolfo Polloni 1855-1923


Boniface V Pope -625


Pope Paul III 1648-1549


Welf I Duke Bavaria 1037-1101

Henry "Black" Welf IX Duke Bavaria 1075-1126

Judith Welf Holy Roman Empress 1100-1130

Henry "Proud" Welf X Duke Bavaria 1108-1139

Henry "Lion" Welf XII Duke Saxony, III Duke Bavaria 1129-1195

Otto Welf IV Holy Roman Emperor 1175-1218

Francesco Este I Duke Modena 1610-1658

Alfonso Este IV Duke Modena 1634-1662

Mary of Modena Queen Consort England, Scotland and Ireland 1658-1718


Piero "The Unfortunate" de Medici 1472-1503

Lorenzo de Medici Duke of Urbino 1492-1519

Catherine Medici Queen Consort France 1519-1589

Cosimo I de Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany 1519-1574

Francesco I de Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany 1541-1587

Marie de Medici Queen Consort France 1575-1642


Francesco Sforza I Duke Milan 1401-1466

Galeazzo Maria Sforza 5th Duke Milan 1444-1476

Bianca Maria Sforza Holy Roman Empress 1472-1510


Cardinal Guala Bicchieri 1150-1227

Low Countries


Juan de Flandes 1440-1519

Meynnart Wewyck 1499-1525

Hans Holbein The Younger 1497-1543

Antonis Mor 1517-1577

William Scrots 1517-1553

Corneille de Lyon 1520-1575

Hans Eworth 1520-1574

Nicolas Neufchâtel 1527-1590

Lucas van Valckenborch the Elder Painter 1535-1597

Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564

Peter Paul Rubens Painter 1577-1640

Pieter Bronckhorst -1583

Hieronimo Custodis Painter -1593

John Critz 1551-1642

Marcus Gheeraerts 1562-1636

Michiel Janszoon van Mierevelt 1566-1641

Daniel Mijtens 1590-1648

Gerrit van Honthorst 1592-1656

Cornelius Johnson 1593-1661

Gilbert Jackson 1595-1648

Anthony Van Dyck 1599-1641

Adriaen Hanneman 1603-1671

John Weesop -1652

Gilbert Soest 1605-1681

Peter Lely 1618-1680

Jacob Huysmans 1633-1696

Pieter Borsseler 1634-1687

Simon Pietersz Verelst 1644-1710

Willem Wissing 1656-1687

François Harrewijn Painter 1700-1764


Jasper Hollemans

Cornelius Cure -1607

John Nost Sculptor -1729

Peter Scheemakers 1691-1781

John Michael Rysbrack Sculptor 1694-1770

Joseph Nollekens 1737-1823

Peter Mathias Van Gelder 1742-1809


Henry "Great" Luxembourg V Count Luxembourg, III Count Namur 1216-1281

Henry Luxembourg VI Count Luxembourg 1240-1288

Henry Luxembourg VII Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg 1275-1313

John I King Bohemia 1296-1346

Bonne Luxembourg Queen Consort France 1315-1349

Charles IV King Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg 1316-1378

Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England 1366-1394

Sigismund I King Hungary, I King Germany, I King Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor Luxembourg 1368-1437

Marie Luxembourg Queen Consort France 1304-1324

John Luxembourg 1370-1397

Peter Luxembourg I Count Saint-Pol 1390-1433

Jacquetta of Luxembourg Duchess Bedford 1415-1472



Adalberon Luxembourg-Ardennes

Gislebert Luxembourg-Ardennes -1004

Cunigunda Luxembourg-Ardennes Holy Roman Empress 975-1040


Dirk Gerulfing III Count Holland -1039

Floris Gerulfing I Count Holland 1025-1061

Bertha Gerulfing Queen Consort France 1055-1094

Adelina Gerulfing Count Boulogne, Count Ponthieu

Egbert Gerulfing Bishop Trier

Erlinde Gerulfing


Baldwin "Bearded" Flanders IV Count Flanders 980-1035

Baldwin "The Good" Flanders V Count Flanders 1012-1067

Baldwin Flanders IV Count Hainault 1108-1171

Baldwin Flanders V Count Hainault 1150-1195

Isabelle Flanders Queen Consort France 1170-1190

Matilda Flanders Queen Consort England 1031-1083

Robert "The Frisian" Flanders I Count Flanders 1033-1093

Adela Flanders Queen Consort Denmark 1064-1115

Eustace Flanders I Count Boulogne -1049

Eustace Flanders II Count Boulogne 1015-1087

Baldwin I King Jerusalem 1058-1118


Louis Nassau-Beverweert 1602-1665

Elisabeth Nassau-Beverweert Countess Arlington 1633-1718


William "The Rich" I Count of Nassau-Dillenburg 1487-1559

William "The Silent" Orange-Nassau I Prince Orange 1533-1584

Philip William Orange-Nassau I Prince Orange 1554-1618

Maurice Orange-Nassau I Prince Orange 1567-1625

Frederick Henry Orange-Nassau II Prince Orange 1584-1647

William Orange-Nassau II Prince Orange 1626-1650

William III King England, Scotland and Ireland 1650-1702

William Frederick Prince of Nassau-Dietz 1613-1664

Henry Casimir II Prince of Nassau-Dietz 1657-1696

John William Friso Orange-Nassau Prince Nassau-Dietz 1687-1711

Willam Karel Hendrik Friso Orange-Nassau 1711-1751

William Orange-Nassau V Prince Orange 1748-1806

William Orange-Nassau I Prince Orange 1772-1843


Robert de Bethune Bishop Hereford -1148


Adrien Carpentiers 1713-1778


Oswald Keppel

Arnold Keppel 1st Earl Albermarle 1670-1718

William Anne Keppel 2nd Earl Albermarle 1702-1754

George Keppel 3rd Earl Albermarle 1724-1772

William Charles Keppel 4th Earl Albermarle 1772-1849

Anne Amelia Keppel Countess Leicester 1803-1844

Augustus Keppel 1st Viscount Keppel 1725-1786

William Keppel 1727-1782

Frederick Keppel Bishop Exeter 1728-1777


Portrait Painters

Michael Dahl 1659-1743

Carl Gustaf Pilo 1711-1793

Alexander Roslin Painter 1718-1793

Enoch "The Younger" Seeman 1694-1744


Adolph Frederick King Sweden 1710-1771

Gustav III King Sweden 1746-1792

Charles XIII King Sweden 1748-1818


Christian I King Denmark 1426-1481

Olaf Oldenburg 1450-1451

Canute Oldenburg 1451-1455

John King Denmark, King Norway, King Sweden 1455-1513

Christian II King Denmark, II King Norway 1481-1559

Margaret Oldenburg Queen Consort Scotland 1456-1486

Frederick I King Denmark 1471-1533

Christian III King Denmark 1503-1559

Frederick II King Denmark 1534-1588

Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland, England and Ireland 1574-1619

Christian IV King Denmark 1577-1648

Frederick III King Denmark 1609-1670

Christian V King Denmark and Norway 1646-1699

Frederick IV King Denmark and Norway 1671-1730

Christian VI King Denmark and Norway 1699-1746

Frederick V King Denmark and Norway 1723-1766

Christian VII King Denmark and Norway 1749-1808

Frederick VI King Denmark and Norway 1768-1839

Prince George of Denmark 1st Duke Cumberland 1653-1708

Frederick Christian Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1721-1794

Frederick Christian Oldenburg II Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg 1765-1814

Caroline Amalie Oldenburg Queen Norway 1796-1881

Friedrich Karl Ludwig Oldenburg I Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck 1757-1816

Friedrich Wilhelm Glücksburg Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1785-1831

Christian IX King Denmark 1818-1906

Frederick VIII King Denmark 1843-1912

Christian X King Denmark 1870-1947

Haakon VII King Norway 1872-1957

Alexandra Glücksburg Queen Consort England 1844-1925

George I King Greece 1845-1913

Constantine I King Greece 1868-1923

George II King Hellenes 1890-1947

Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920

Paul I King Greece 1901-1964

Sophia Glücksburg Queen Consort Spain 1938-

Constantine II King Hellenes 1940-

Christian I King Norway, VIII King Denmark 1786-1848



Oscar I King Sweden and Norway 1799-1859

Charles XV King Sweden IV King Norway 1826-1872

Louise of Sweden Queen Consort Denmark 1851-1926

Oscar II King Sweden and Norway 1829-1907

Gustav V King Sweden 1858-1950

Gustaf Adolph VI King Sweden 1882-1973

Gustaf Adolf Bernadotte 1906-1947

Carl XVI King Sweden 1946-

Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark 1910-2000


Sweyn "Forkbeard" King Denmark, King Norway, King England 960-1014

Canute aka Cnut King England 995-1035

Harold "Harefoot" King England 1016-1040

Harthacnut Knýtlinga King England 1018-1042

Gunhilda Knýtlinga 1020-1038

Harald King Denmark -1018

Estrid Svendsdatter Knýtlinga 990-


Eric I King Denmark 1060-1103

Canute Lavard 1096-1131

Valdemar "Great" I King Denmark 1131-1182

Canute VI King of Denmark 1163-1202

Valdemar II King Denmark 1170-1241

Ingeborg Estridsen Queen Consort France 1174-1237


Thorgil "Sprakling aka Strut Leg" Estrigen

Ulf Estrigen -1027

Sweyn II King Denmark 1019-1076

Canute "The Holy" IV King Denmark 1042-1086

Benedict IV King Denmark -1086


Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland


Harald King Vestfold

Olaf "Stout" II King Norway 995-1030


Sigurd Syr King Ringerike -1018

Halfdan Hardrada

Ingerid Hardrada

Harald III King Norway 1015-1066


Charles Gustav X King Sweden 1622-1660

Charles XI King Sweden 1655-1697

Ulrika Eleonora Palatinate-Zweibrücken Queen Consort Sweden 1688-1741


Eric King Norway, King Denmark, King Sweden 1381-1459


Wartislaw Griffins 7th Duke Pomerania 1345-1394

Sophie Griffins

Elizabeth Pomerania Holy Roman Empress Luxembourg 1347-1393


Portrait Painters

Alonso Sánchez Coello 1531-1588


Ordoño I King Asturias 821-866

Alfonso "Great" III King Asturias 848-910

Fruela II King Asturias, II King Leon, King Galicia 875-925

Alfonso "Hunchback" King Galicia

García I King Leon 871-914

Ordoño II King Galicia, II King Leon 873-924

Sancho King Galicia 895-929

Alfonso "Monk" IV King Leon, IV King Galicia 890-933

Ordoño "Wicked" IV King Leon

Ramiro II King Leon 900-951

Ordoño "Blind" III King Leon 926-956

Bermudo "Gouty" II King Galicia, II King Leon 953-999

Alfonso "Noble" V King Leon 994-1028

Bermudo III King Leon 1015-1037

Sancho "Fat" I King Leon 932-966

Ramiro III King Leon 961-985


Ramon Berenguer "Towhead" Barcelona II Count Barcelona 1053-1082

Raymond Berenguer Barcelona III Count Barcelona 1082-1131

Raymond Berenguer Barcelona V Count Barcelona 1114-1162

Alfonso II King Aragon 1157-1196

Peter II King Aragon 1178-1213

James I King Aragon 1208-1276

Violante Barcelona Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon

Peter III King Aragon 1240-1285

Alfonso III King Aragon 1265-1291

James "The Just" II King Aragon 1267-1327

Alfonso IV King Aragon 1299-1336

Peter IV King Aragon 1319-1387

John I King Aragon 1350-1396

Martin I King Aragon 1356-1410

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Castile 1358-1382

Elisabeth Barcelona Queen Consort Portugal 1271-1336

Frederick III King Sicily 1272-1337

Peter II King Sicily 1304-1342

Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Aragon

Isabella Barcelona Queen Consort France 1248-1271

Alfonso Barcelona II Count Provence 1174-1209

Raymond Berenguer Provence IV Count Provence 1198-1245

Margaret Provence Queen Consort France 1221-1295

Eleanor Provence Queen Consort England 1223-1291

Sanchia Provence Queen Consort Germany 1228-1261

Dulce Barcelona Queen Consort Portugal

Berenguela Barcelona Queen Consort Castile, Queen Consort Leon 1116-1149


Federico Gonzaga II Duke Mantua 1500-1540

Charles Gonzaga Duke Nevers, Duke Rethel 1609-1631

Eleonora Gonzaga Queen Consort Bohemia 1630-1686


García King Pamplona 805-870

Fortún "One-Eyed & Monk" I King Pamplona 830-922


Reginald Ivrea I Count Burgundy 986-1057

William Ivrea I Count Burgundy 1020-1087

Stephen Ivrea I Count Burgundy 1065-1102

Reginald Ivrea III Count Burgundy 1093-1148

Beatrice Ivrea Holy Roman Empress 1145-1184

Hugh Ivrea Count Burgundy 1220-1266

Otto Ivrea IV Count Burgundy 1248-1302

Joan Ivrea Queen Consort France 1292-1330

Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France 1297-1326

Raymond Ivrea 1070-1107

Alfonso VII King Castile, VII King Leon 1105-1157

Sancho III King Castile 1134-1158

Alfonso VIII King Castile 1155-1214

Berengaria Ivrea I Queen Castile 1179-1246

Urraca Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1187-1220

Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France 1188-1252

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon -1244

Henry I King Castile 1204-1217

Ferdinand II King Leon 1137-1188

Alfonso IX King Leon 1171-1230

Sancha Ivrea Queen Consort Castile 1191-1242

Ferdinand III King Castile, III King Leon 1199-1252

Alfonso X King Castile, X King Leon 1221-1284

Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1254-1280

Sancho IV King Castile, IV King Leon 1258-1295

Isabella Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1283-1328

Ferdinand IV King Castile, IV King Leon 1285-1312

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1307-1359

Alfonso "Avenger" XI King Castile 1311-1350

Peter "Cruel" I King Castile 1334-1369

Constance of Castile Duchess of Lancaster 1354-1394

Sancho Alfonso Ivrea 1331-

Eleanor Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1374-1465

Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile 1334-1379

John I King Castile 1358-1390

Henry III King Castile 1379-1406

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Aragon 1401-1458

John II King Castile 1405-1454

Henry IV King Castile 1425-1474

Joanna "La Beltraneja" Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1462-1530

Isabella Queen Castile 1451-1504

Ferdinand I King Aragon 1380-1416

Alfonso V King Aragon 1396-1458

Ferdinand I King Naples 1423-1494

Alfonso II King Naples 1448-1495

Ferdinand II King Naples 1469-1496

Frederick IV King Naples 1452-1504

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Castile 1396-1445

John II King Aragon 1398-1479

Charles "Viana" IV King Navarre 1421-1461

Blanche Trastámara II Queen Navarre 1424-1464

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Navarre 1426-1479

Ferdinand II King Aragon 1452-1516

Isabella Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1470-1498

Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile 1479-1555

Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal 1482-1517

Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England 1485-1536

Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal

Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort Navarre 1363-1425

Alfonso Enríquez Enríquez 1354-1429

Fadrique Enríquez Count Melgar, Count Rueda 1390-1473

Juana Enríquez Queen Consort Aragon 1425-1468

Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1293-1359

Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England 1241-1290

Sancha Ivrea Queen Consort Aragon 1155-1208

Guy Ivrea


Íñigo Jiménez

Sancha Jiménez

Sancho I King Pamplona 860-925

García I King Pamplona 919-970

Sancho II King Pamplona 938-994

García Sánchez "Tremulous" II King Pamplona -1000

Sancho "Great" III King Pamplona 994-1035

Ramiro Sánchez I King Aragon 1007-1063

Sancho Ramírez I King Aragon, V King Pamplona 1042-1094

Peter I King Aragon, I King Pamplona 1068-1104

Alfonso I King Aragon, I King Pamplona 1073-1134

Ramiro "Monk" II King Aragon 1086-1157

Petronilla Jiménez Queen Aragon 1136-1173

García III King Pamplona 1012-1054

Sancho "Noble" IV King Pamplona

Sancho Jiménez 1038-1083

Ramiro Jiménez 1070-1116

García "Restorer" IV King Navarre 1112-1150

Sancho "Wise" King Navarre 1132-1194

Sancho "Strong" VII King Navarre 1154-1234

Berengaria of Navarre Queen Consort England 1165-1230

Blanche Ramirez Queen Consort Castile 1133-1156

Ferdinand "Great" I King Leon 1015-1065

Sancho "Strong" II King Leon, II King Castile 1037-1072

Alfonso "Brave" VI King Leon, VI King Castile 1041-1109

Urracca "Reckless" Jiménez Queen Consort Aragon, Queen Consort Pamplona 1079-1126

Jimena Sánchez Jiménez Queen Consort Leon

Urraca Jiménez Queen Consort Leon

Urraca Jiménez Queen Consort Leon

Oneca Jiménez Queen Consort Leon, Queen Consort Galicia

Sancha Jiménez Queen Consort Leon, Queen Consort Galicia


John IV King Portugal 1604-1656

Catherine of Braganza Queen Consort England 1638-1705

Afonso VI King Portugal 1643-1683

Peter II King Portugal 1648-1706

John V King Portugal 1689-1750

Barbara Queen Consort Spain 1711-1758


Portrait Painters

Angelica Kauffmann Painter 1741-1807


Portrait Painters

Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy Painter 1778-1848


Portrait Painters

Hans Bocksberger der Ältere Painter 1510-1561

Joseph Edgar Boehm 1834-1890