Maternal Family Trees

Angharad Queen Consort Gwynedd 1065-1162. 37 Person. 5 Generations. 2 Kings. 2 Queen Consorts. 2 Princes.
Families: Dinefwr, Aberffraw, Mathrafal, Tudor.
Titles: Queen Consort Gwynedd, Queen Consort Deheubarth, King Deheubarth, King Gwynedd, Prince Powys Fadog, Prince Deheubarth.

Sybil of Lansgtone Manor 1462-1502. 60 Person. 9 Generations. 2 Duchesses. 1 Duke. 4 Countesses. 10 Earls. 1 Viscountess. 4 Baronesses. 1 Baronetess.
Families: Unknown, St John, Edgecombe, Deheubarth, Parker, Gamage, Howard, Dudley, Sheffield, Butler, Preston, Stanhope, Lyon, Cavendish, Seymour, Bourchier.
Titles: Baron Marshal, Baron Morley, Viscount Rochford, Baron Howard of Effingham (1C 1554), Earl Nottingham (6C 1596), Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire, Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), Earl Ossory, Duke Ormonde (England), Earl Arran (1C 1662), Earl Chesterfield, Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Earl Gowran, Duke Devonshire, Baronet Wentworth North Emstal, Earl Mulgrave (2C 1812), Baron Dudley, Earl Hertford (3C 1559), Earl Bath (2C 1536).