Biography of Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400

Family Trees

Around 1343 Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 was born.

Around 1367 [his son] Thomas Chaucer 1367-1434 was born to Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 (24) and [his wife] Philippa Roet 1346-1387 (21).

On Jun 1368 Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke Clarence 1338-1368 (29) and Violante Visconti 1354-1386 (14) were married in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Milan. The wedding festivities were lavish and ostentatious.[4] The banquet, held outside, included 30 courses of meat and fish presented fully gilded. Between the courses the guests were given gifts such as suits of armor, bolts of cloth, war horses, arms, and hunting dogs. Among the guests were Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 (25), Petrarch, Jean Froissart and John Hawkwood.

Around 1387 [his wife] Philippa Roet 1346-1387 (41) died.

On 25 Oct 1400 Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 (57) died. He was buried at Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey.

Detail of the North Side of the. Monument to Alice Chaucer Duchess Suffolk 1404-1475. Arms from left to right ...
1 quarterd impaled Unknown
2 . Her third husband William "Jackanapes" Pole 1st Duke Suffolk 1396-1450
3 quarted . Alice's son John Pole 2nd Duke Suffolk 1442-1492 by her second husband William "Jackanapes" Pole 1st Duke Suffolk 1396-1450
4 . Alice's father [his son] Thomas Chaucer 1367-1434
5 quartering impaled Chaucer. Alice's second husband Thomas Montagu 1st Count Perche, 4th Earl Salisbury 1388-1428
6 . Alice's paternal grandmother [his wife] Philippa Roet 1346-1387
7 impaling probably signifying John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster 1340-1399 and Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster 1350-1403, Katherine being the sister of Alice's paternal grandmother Philippa Roet 1346-1387 who married Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400
8 impaling . Her paternal grandparents Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 and Philippa Roet 1346-1387.

John Evelyn's Diary 1654 June. 09 Jun 1654. . Dined at Marlborough, which having been lately fired, was now new built. At one end of this town, we saw my Lord Seymour's (64) house, but nothing observable save the Mount, to which we ascended by windings for near half a mile. It seems to have been cast up by hand. We passed by Colonel Popham's (49), a noble seat, park, and river. Thence, to Newbury, a considerable town, and Donnington, famous for its battle, siege, and castle, this last had been in the possession of old Geoffrey Chaucer. Then to Aldermaston, a house of Sir Humphrey Forster's, built à la moderne. Also, that exceedingly beautiful seat of my Lord Pembroke (33), on the ascent of hill, flanked with wood, and regarding the river, and so, at night, to Cadenham, the mansion of Edward Hungerford, Esq, uncle to my wife (19), where we made some stay. The rest of the week we did nothing but feast and make good cheer, to welcome my wife (19).

John Evelyn's Diary 1667 August. 03 Aug 1667. Went to Mr. Cowley's funeral, whose corpse lay at Wallingford House, and was thence conveyed to Westminster Abbey in a hearse with six horses and all funeral decency, near a hundred coaches of noblemen and persons of quality following; among these, all the wits of the town, divers bishops and clergymen. He was interred next Geoffry Chaucer, and near Spenser. A goodly. Monument is since erected to his memory.
Now did his Majesty (37) again dine in the presence, in ancient state, with music and all the court ceremonies, which had been interrupted since the late war.

Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 and [his wife] Philippa Roet 1346-1387 were married.

[his daughter] Elizabeth Chaucer was born to Geoffrey Chaucer 1343-1400 and [his wife] Philippa Roet 1346-1387.

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