Biography of Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661

On or before 19 Jun 1608 Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661 was born at The Rectory, Aldwincle, Thrapston. He was baptised 19 Jun 1608.

On 16 Aug 1661 Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661 (53) died of typhus at his lodgings in Covent Garden. He was buried in Cranford Church, Cranford.

History of the Worthies of England. In 1662 Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661 wrote History of the Worthies of England.

Samuel Pepy's Diary 1669 May. Tuesday 04 May 1669. Up, and to the office, and then my wife (28) being gone to see her mother at Deptford, I before the office sat went to the Excise Office, and thence being alone stepped into Duck Lane, and thence tried to have sent a porter to Deb.’s (18), but durst not trust him, and therefore having bought a book to satisfy the bookseller for my stay there, a 12d. book, Andronicus of Tom Fuller, I took coach, and at the end of Jewen Street next Red Cross Street I sent the coachman to her lodging, and understand she is gone for Greenwich to one Marys’s, a tanner’s, at which I, was glad, hoping to have opportunity to find her out; and so, in great fear of being seen, I to the office, and there all the morning, dined at home, and presently after dinner comes home my wife (28), who I believe is jealous of my spending the day, and I had very good fortune in being at home, for if Deb. (18) had been to have been found it is forty to one but I had been abroad, God forgive me. So the afternoon at the office, and at night walked with my wife (28) in the garden, and my Lord Brouncker (49) with us, who is newly come to W. Pen’s (48) lodgings; and by and by comes Mr. Hooke (33); and my Lord (43), and he, and I into my Lord’s lodgings, and there discoursed of many fine things in philosophy, to my great content, and so home to supper and to bed.

Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661.

Andronicus or The Unfortunate Politician. In 1646 Andronicus or The Unfortunate Politician authored by Thomas Fuller Author 1608-1661 was first published.