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History of All Saint's Church, Bakewell

All Saint's Church, Bakewell is in Bakewell.

Exterior of All Saint's Church, Bakewell, Saxon grave stones in the porch and the font.

In 949 Eadred I King England -955 by a charter granted land to Uhtred, younger son of the Earl of Northumbria, to provide income to establish a Minster church at All Saint's Church, Bakewell.

In 1086 Bakewell Minster is recorded as having two priests in the Domesday Book.

After 21 Jul 1403 Thomas Wendesley 1344-1403 was buried at All Saint's Church, Bakewell. Camail and Jupon Period armour. Orle with IHC NASARE Lettering. His Coat of Arms just visible. Lancastrian Esses Collar.

On 31 Aug 1565 George Vernon "King of the Peak" 1508-1565 (57) died. He was buried at All Saint's Church, Bakewell. By his will of 18 Aug 1565 he bequeathed six Derbyshire manors and two in Staffordshire to his wife for life. His executors were to take the profits of his manor of Kibblestone, in Staffordshire, and two Cheshire manors for 16 years after his decease to pay his debts, funeral expenses and the fulfilment of his will, which included among numerous bequests the provision of one gold chain worth £20 to his godson, Gilbert Talbot (12), the future 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, ‘as a remembrance of my good will towards him’. His wife, his son-in-law John Manners (38), his brother-in-law Nicholas Longford (33) and his ‘loving neighbours and faithful friends Thomas Sutton and Richard Wennesley were each to receive £20 for their services as executors, while his ‘right worshipful friends’ (Sir) John Zouche II and Francis Leke (55) were each to have a horse.
Monument with both his wives Margaret Tailboys 1528-1565 and Maud aka Magdelan Longford -1596 each wearing a French Hood.

On 24 Jun 1584 Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53) died. On 04 Jun 1611 John Manners 1527-1611 (84) died at Haddon Hall. Both were buried at All Saint's Church, Bakewell. Elizabethan Kneeling facing each other. Complex armorial of his arms impaled with her arms.
Arms of John Manners 1527-1611 (57) impaled with those of Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53).
On the left his arms from top left to bottom right:
Top Row: 1 2 His great-grandmother Eleanor Ros. Second Row: 5 6 7 Berkeley Arms 8 . Third Row: 11 .
On the right arms of Dorothy Vernon 1531-1584 (53). Top Row: 1 . Her arms. Second Row: 5 . Third Row: 9 . Fourth Row: 10 .

On 23 Apr 1623 George Manners 1572-1623 (51) died at Aylestone. In 1650 Grace Pierrepoint 1575-1650 died. Both were buried at All Saint's Church, Bakewell with an Jacobean Kneeling monument representing them and their nine children, four boys (one died an infant) on the left, five girls on the right. The armorials inclde:
Manners Augmented with a Crescent difference.
Their son John 8th Earl Rutland (18) was married to Frances Montagu Countess Rutland 1614-1671 (9).
Their daughter Eleanor (23) was married to Lewis Watson 1st Baron Rockingham 1587-1653 (35).
Their daughter Frances was married to Nicholas Saundeson 2nd Viscount Castleton -1641.