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Biography of Anna Leeke 1425-1468

Family Trees


Around 1425 Anna Leeke 1425-1468 was born to [her father] Simon Leeke 1345-1428 (80) in Cotham Ollerton.

Around 1428 [her father] Simon Leeke 1345-1428 (83) died.

Around 1468 Anna Leeke 1425-1468 (43) died in Wollaton. She was buried at St Leonard's Church Wollaton.

On 07 Oct 1471 [her future husband] Richard Willoughby -1471 died. He was buried in St Leonard's Church Wollaton.
Monument to [her future husband] Richard Willoughby -1471 and Anna Leeke 1425-1468. Excellent brass with Cadaver Underneath. The arms being, left to right, ,  impaled with Leeke,  impaled with Foljambe Arms,  impaled with Annesley Arms.

[her former husband] Richard Willoughby -1471 and Anna Leeke 1425-1468 were married.

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Leeke


Father: Simon Leeke 1345-1428

GrandFather: John Leeke 1325-1415