Twenty Trees

Biography of John Eyre -1561

Before 27 Dec 1545 John Spelman of -1545 and [his future wife] Margaret Blennerhasset -1558 were married.

After 27 Dec 1545 John Eyre -1561 and [his wife] Margaret Blennerhasset -1558 were married. Her second husband.

On 20 May 1561 John Eyre -1561 died. On 15 Dec 1558 [his wife] Margaret Blennerhasset -1558 died. They were buried in All Saints Church Narborough. Brass. The inscription on the brass says “Here do lye John Eyer Esquire late Receyvor Generale to Elizabeth the Quenes Majestie, in the counties of Norf., Suff., Cantabridge, and Huntyngton, and one of the Masters of her High Court of Chancerye and Margaret his wyfe, one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Blenerhaiset of Frens Knight late Wyfe of John, Spelman Esquire, son and heyre apparent of Sir John Spelman, Knyght.” Armorials top left and middle Quartered  and  with a crescent difference, top right Quartered  and  impaled with 1&6 , 2, Argent, three Escutcheons Sable: LOWDHAM 3 Gules a Pall reversed Ermine: KELVEDON or KELDON 4 Azure a Lion rampant Argent crowned Or: ORTON: 5 Azure a Fess between three Fleurs-de-lis Or: SKELTON.