Twenty Trees

History of Somerset

Somerset is in Studland

In 1186 Godeheut Tosny 1130-1186 (56) died at Somerset.

In 1480 John Vere 1433-1480 (47) died at Somerset.

Before 01 Mar 1590 Edward Bourchier 4th Earl Bath 1590-1636 was born to William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath 1557-1623 and Elizabeth Russell Countess Bath Count Eu -1605 at Somerset.


Church of St Andrew Aller

In 1420 Reginald Botreaux -1420 died. He was buried at Church of St Andrew Aller.


Around 1132 Robert Fitzwilliam Hastings 1132-1186 was born at Ashington.

Around 1186 Robert Fitzwilliam Hastings 1132-1186 (54) died at Ashington.


Around 909 Dunstan 909-988 was born to Heorstan in Baltonsborough.


Barrington Court Barrington

Around 1570 Gervase Clifton 1st Baron Clifton 1570-1618 was born to John Clifton 1538-1593 (32) and Anne Stanley 1532-1591 (38) in Barrington Court Barrington.



On 01 Dec 1769 Robert Dashwood 1710-1769 (59) died at Bicknoller.


In 1068 Eadnoth the Constable -1068 was killed in Bleadon leading a force against the two sons of Harold II King England 1022-1066 who had invaded Somerset.


Peregrine Poulett -1752 was elected MP Bridgwater.

On 17 Aug 1469 Humphrey Stafford 1st Earl Devon 1439-1469 (30) was executed by a mob at Bridgwater.

In 1625 Arthur Lake 1598-1633 (27) was elected MP Bridgwater.

In 1626 Arthur Lake 1598-1633 (28) was elected MP Bridgwater.

In 1673 Ralph Stawell 1st Baron Stawell 1641-1689 (32) was elected MP Bridgwater.

In 1701 Thomas Wroth 3rd Baronet Wroth 1674-1721 (27) was elected MP Bridgwater.

On 28 Mar 1761 Edward Southwell 20th Baron Clifford 1738-1777 (22) was elected MP Bridgwater.

In 1762 John Perceval 3rd Earl Egmont 1738-1822 (23) was elected MP Bridgwater.

Westonzoyland Bridgwater

Battle of Sedgemoor

On 06 Jul 1685 John Berkeley 4th Viscount Fitzhardinge 1650-1712 (35) fought at Westonzoyland Bridgwater during the Battle of Sedgemoor: Royalists.


Around 1391 Thomas Brooke 1391-1439 was born at Brooke.

Around 1415 Edward Brooke 6th Baron Cobham 1415-1464 was born to Thomas Brooke 1391-1439 (24) and Joan Braybrooke 5th Baroness Cobham 1403-1442 (11) at Brooke.

Around 1433 Elizabeth Brooke 1433- was born to Edward Brooke 6th Baron Cobham 1415-1464 (18) and Elizabeth Tuchet Baroness Cobham 1420-1464 (13) at Brooke.


Around Dec 1605 William Berkeley 1605-1677 was born to Maurice Berkeley 1576-1617 (29) and Elizabeth Killigrew at Bruton.

On 24 Mar 1741 William Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley 1663-1741 (78) died at Bruton. His son John Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley 1697-1773 (43) succeeded 5th Baron Berkeley of Stratton in Cornwall.

Bruton Abbey Bruton

On 18 Apr 1773 John Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley 1697-1773 (75) died without issue at Bruton Abbey Bruton.

Church of St Mary Bruton

Brympton d'Evercy

On 26 Mar 1857 Jane Huck Saunders Countess Westmoreland 1783-1857 (74) died at Brympton d'Evercy where she was buried. St Andrew's Church Brympton d'Evercy.

Before 1440 John Sydenham 1420-1468 and Joan Stourton 1418-1472 were married by which Brympton d'Evercy came into the possession of the Sydenham family.

St Andrew's Church Brympton d'Evercy


In 1730 Hugh Clifford 2nd Baron Clifford Chudleigh 1663-1730 (67) died at Cannington. In 1730 His son Hugh Clifford 3rd Baron Clifford Chudleigh 1700-1732 (29) succeeded 3rd Baron Clifford Chudleigh in Devon. Elizabeth Blount Baroness Clifford Chudleigh -1778 by marriage Baroness Clifford Chudleigh in Devon.

Castle Cary

On 19 Feb 1215 Henry Lovel 1215-1251 was born at Castle Cary.

Before 05 Sep 1251 Hugh Lovel 1251-1291 was born to Henry Lovel 1215-1251 at Castle Cary.

Around 1276 Richard Lovel 1276-1351 was born to Hugh Lovel 1251-1291 (24) at Castle Cary.

On 21 May 1291 Hugh Lovel 1251-1291 (39) died at Castle Cary.

Around 1297 Joan Lovel Baroness Maynard 1297-1337 was born to Richard Lovel 1276-1351 (21) at Castle Cary.

On 21 Aug 1337 Joan Lovel Baroness Maynard 1297-1337 (40) died at Castle Cary.

On 03 Mar 1550 John Carey 3rd Baron Hunsdon 1550-1617 was born to Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon 1526-1596 (23) and Anne Morgan Baroness Hunsdon 1529-1607 (21) in Castle Cary.

On 29 Mar 1763 Samuel Woodford Painter 1763-1817 was born in Castle Cary.


In 1293 Idonea Lisle 1293-1359 was born to William Lisle at Chaffcombe.

Chew Magna

After 1603 Anne Ratclyffe 1539-1603 died at Chew Magna.

Chewton Mendip

In 1442 William Bonville 6th Baron Harington 1442-1460 was born to William Bonville 1420-1460 (22) and Elizabeth Harrington 1423-1458 (19) at Chewton Mendip.


Around 1533 George Paulet of Holberry 1533-1603 was born to Hugh Poulett 1509-1573 (23) at Cossington.


In 1399 Robert Harrington 1330-1399 (69) died at Chuton.

Curry Rivel

Burton Pynsent

Around 1715 Edmund Star of New Court and Mary Jennings were married. She brough the estate of Burton Pynsent to the marriage.

On 08 Jan 1765 William Pynsent 2nd Baronet 1679-1765 (86) died having outlived his three daughters and his son, none of whom had issue. He left his estate to William "The Elder" Pitt 1st Earl Chatham 1708-1778 (56) who was no relation and who he had never met. Pitt erected the Burton Pynsent Monument nearby at a cost of £2,000.

In 1800 Hester Lucy Stanhope Traveller 1776-1839 (23) was sent to live with her maternal grandmother Hester Granville Countess Chatham 1720-1803 (79) at Burton Pynsent.


Around 1369 John Harrington 1369-1421 was born to Robert Harrington 1330-1399 (39) at Donyatt.


On 25 May 709 Saint Aldhelm 639-709 (70) died in Doulting.


In 1227 John Mohun 1227-1253 was born to Reynold Mohun 1206-1258 (21) and Hawise Fitzpeter at Dunster.

In 1228 Alice Mohun 1228-1275 was born to Reynold Mohun 1206-1258 (22) and Hawise Fitzpeter at Dunster.

In 1249 John Mohun 1249-1279 was born to John Mohun 1227-1253 (22) and Joan Ferrers -1267 at Dunster.

On 20 Jan 1258 Reynold Mohun 1206-1258 (52) died at Dunster. He was buried at Newenham Axminster.

Around 1269 John Mohun 1st Baron Mohun Dunster 1269-1330 was born to John Mohun 1249-1279 (20) and Eleanor Fitzpiers 1250-1324 (19) at Dunster.

Around 1270 Margaret Deincourt Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1270-1333 was born to Edmund Deincourt 8th Lord Deincourt 1250-1327 (20) and Isabel Mohun Baroness Deincourt 1243-1280 (27) at Dunster.

On 11 Jun 1279 John Mohun 1249-1279 (30) died at Dunster.

In 1280 Isabel Mohun Baroness Deincourt 1243-1280 (37) died at Dunster.

In 1305 Reginald Mohun 1305-1347 was born to John Mohun 1st Baron Mohun Dunster 1269-1330 (36) and Ada Tiptoft 1275-1323 (30) at Dunster.

On 25 Aug 1330 John Mohun 1300-1330 (30) was killed at Boroughbridge. He was was buried at Dunster.

In 1347 Reginald Mohun 1305-1347 (42) died at Dunster.

Around 1367 Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York 1367-1431 was born to John Mohun 2nd Baron Mohun Dunster 1320-1375 (47) and Joan Burghesh Baroness Mohun Dunster 1319-1404 (48) in Dunster.

Around 1374 Elizabeth Mohun Countess Salisbury 1374-1415 was born to John Mohun 2nd Baron Mohun Dunster 1320-1375 (54) and Joan Burghesh Baroness Mohun Dunster 1319-1404 (55) in Dunster.

Around 1440 Thomas Mohun 1352-1440 (88) died at Dunster.


St Peter's Church

On or before 13 Mar 1596 Ralph Hopton 1st Baron Hopton 1596-1652 was born to Robert Hopton of Witham 1575-1638 (21). He was baptised 13 Mar 1596 at St Peter's Church.

Farleigh Hungerford

Around 22 Jun 1378 Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford 1378-1449 was born to Thomas Hungerford -1397 and Joan Hussey 1349-1412 at Farleigh Hungerford.

On 03 Dec 1397 Thomas Hungerford -1397 died at Farleigh Hungerford. He was buried at Chapel of St Anne St Leonard's Chapel Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford.

In 1400 Robert Hungerford 2nd Baron Hungerford 1400-1459 was born to Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford 1378-1449 (21) and Eleanor or Catherine Peverell at Farleigh Hungerford.

In 1412 Margaret Hungerford 1412-1476 was born to Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford 1378-1449 (33) and Eleanor or Catherine Peverell at Farleigh Hungerford.

Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford

On 14 Aug 1473 Margaret York Countess Salisbury 1473-1541 was born to George York 1st Duke Clarence 1449-1478 (23) and Isabel Neville 1451-1476 (21) at Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford.

Around 1535 Unknown Painter. Portrait of unknown woman formerly thought to be Margaret York Countess Salisbury 1473-1541 (61).

On 26 Jul 1518 Edward Hungerford -1522 was strangled by his wife Agnes Cotell 1485-1523 (33) at Farleigh Hungreford Castle with the aid of William Mathewe and William Inges, yeomen of Heytesbury.

In 1522 Walter Hungerford 1464-1516 was buried at Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford.

Letter CXI. Elizabeth Lady Hungerford to Lord Cromwell. Around 1536. Letter CXI. Cotton. MS. TITUS, B. I. FOL. 388. Original.
Note. The present letter, being addressed to Cromwell (51) as lord privy seal, must have been written between 1536 and 1540. The writer (39) was the daughter of John lord Husee and the wife of Walter (33) the last lord Hungerford. He was afterwards attainted and beheaded at the same time with Cromwell; "which certainly," says the chronicler Hall, at the time of his death seemed to be very unquiet in his mind, and rather in a frenzy than otherwise. Perhaps his ill treatment of his wives filled up his cup of remorse.
Most piteously complaining and meekly beseeching your good and gracious lordship tenderly to consider the humble complaint and true intent of me, your most poorest and unfeigned beadswoman, Elizabeth Hungerford (39), now abiding as I have been long in captivity and as a prisoner within my lord's castle of Hungerford, where no creature is suffered nor dare come unto me at any time, what need soever I have or shall happen unto me, for my lord's displeasure, but all only such as is by him appointed at this time, which have not only heretofore sought all the means they might to rid me in secret out of my life, but yet daily doth, as it is not unknown to all this country, if it shall please your good lordship to inquire of any gentleman or yeoman dwelling about my lord. I will except none.
And whereas my said lord Hungerford (33) of late, unknown to me, obtained a commission of your lordship to the intent he would have been from me divorced for mine incontinency, as he damnably hath reported to my great slander and utter confusion in world, objecting such a crime of me unto your lordship and other as I never offended in, I take God to record; and now perceiving with himself that he could not, nor yet can prove, any manner of cause on my behalf to him given to be divorced, but that I may sooner object such matters against him, with many other detestable and urgent causes, than he can against me, if I would express them, as he well knoweth. And farther, that it pleased your good lordship of your goodness and charity to advertise him at the sending forth of your commission that I should have things necessary in every behalf, as it beseemed for his own honour, and that he should depart somewhat with me yearly towards my sustentation and living ; which things chiefly, as I suppose, is the very cause only at this time of his stay in this matter : for surely it may please your good lordship to understand that it will grieve him not a little to depart with one groat at any time, although I am not of myself owner of one penny, nor have any earthly friend more than your lordship in this world able to help me, or house to resort unto, or that any man will or dare speak or do for me towards your lordship, or any other, for fear of my lord's displeasure : by reason whereof now of his own presumption he hath discharged your lordship's commissioners assigned, without any exa- mination or amendment had or used of his demean- our towards me. And so am I, your most woefullest and poorest beadswoman, left in worse case than ever I was, as a prisoner alone, and continually locked in one of my lord's towers of his castle in Hungerford, as I have been these three or four years past, without comfort of any creature, and under the custody of my lord's chaplain, sir John a Lee [Note. Sir John a Leigh was made knight of the Bath in 1523, and died August 27th, 1543.— Har/. MS, 897,fol. 16.], which hath once or twice heretofore poisoned me, as he will not deny upon examination. And after that he heard say that your lordship's pleasure was that my lord Hungerford should give me yearly a pension for my honest sustentation, he then said and promised my lord that he would soon rid me for that matter, and so ease my lord of that money paying, if he might have the keeping of me again, as now he hath ; and I am sure he intendeth to keep promise with my said lord, if your good lordship see not remedy in this behalf shortly, for I have none other meat nor drink but such as cometh from the said priest, and brought me by my lord's fool continually, mine old servitor, as all men in these parts knoweth. Which meat and drink, con- sidering the priest's promise made unto my lord, and his acts heretofore done unto me, as my lord well knoweth, I have oft feared, and yet do every day more than otlier, to taste either of the same meat or drink ; wherefore many and sundry (times) I have been and yet am fain to drink water, or else I should die for lack of sustenance, and had, long ere this time, had not poor women of the country, of their charity, knowing my lord's demeanour always to his wives, brought me to my great window in the night such meat and drink as they had, and gave me for the love of God, for money have I none wherewith to pay them, nor yet have had of my lord these four years four groats.
And thus, my singular good lord, I am like to perish I fear me very soon, unless your good lord- ship, moved with pity and compassion, will command my said lord Hungerford, now being in London as I believe, to bring me before your lord- ship ; and also the said priest, sir John h Lee ; by whom your lordship, upon his examination, shall perceive many strange things of my lord's demean- our : and to the intent that I may, upon causes rea- sonable, be divorced from my said lord, or else require him to suffer me to come out of prison. And then will I come up on foot with some poor body unto your lordship, for the security of ray life, if it may please you to condescend thereunto, as I shall most humbly beseech your good lordship, for surely I will not longer continue this wretched life with him ; I had rather destroy myself, or beg my living from door to door. And therefore, on the reverence of Jesus Christ, let not his fair, crafty, and subtle tongue longer defraud your good lordship in this matter. But require his lordship to send for me, and safely to be brought before your lordship, without farther delay ; or else to command some other man at your lordship's pleasure to fetch me from him. And in so doing I shall be most bounden to pray, as I do evermore, to God for the preservation of your honourable estate long to endure.
By your most bounden beadswoman,.
Elizabeth Hungerford.

Around 1625 based on a work of 1532.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Essex 1485-1540.

Around 1635 Frances Hungerford 1635-1696 was born to Anthony Hungerford 1608-1657 (27) and Rachel Jones -1680 at Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford.

On 18 Aug 1657 Anthony Hungerford 1608-1657 (49) died at Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford. He was buried at Hungerford Chapel St Mary the Virgin Church Black Bourton Bampton.

St Leonard's Chapel Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford

Chapel of St Anne St Leonard's Chapel Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford

On 03 Dec 1397 Thomas Hungerford -1397 died at Farleigh Hungerford. He was buried at Chapel of St Anne St Leonard's Chapel Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farleigh Hungerford.

Farley Castle

On 16 Feb 1656 Anthony Carey 5th Viscount Falkland 1656-1694 was born to Henry Carey 4th Viscount Falkland 1634-1663 (22) and Rachel Hungerford Viscountess Falkland 1635-1718 (21) at Farley Castle.


On 08 Dec 1921 Edgar Clifford Arundell 14th Baron Arundel Wardour 1859-1921 (61) died at Fiddington. On 08 Dec 1921 His brother Gerald Arthur Arundell 15th Baron Arundel Wardour 1861-1939 (59) succeeded 15th Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.


Swell Court Fivehead

After 1758 Thomas Grosvenor 1734-1795 lived at Swell Court Fivehead.


On 11 Jul 1797 Francis Close Dean Carlisle 1797-1882 was born in Frome.

Church of St John the Baptist Frome

On 19 Mar 1711 Thomas Ken Bishop 1637-1711 (73) died. He was buried in Church of St John the Baptist Frome.


Around 1368 Jane Basset 1368-1394 was born to Ralph Basset 3rd Baron Basset Drayton 1335-1390 (33) and Joan Beauchamp Baroness Basset Drayton at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Abbey

Henry Blois Bishop of Winchester 1098-1171 was appointed Abbot Glastonbury.

Death of King Edmund

On 26 May 946 Edmund I King England 921-946 (25) was murdered by Leofa, an exiled thief, whilst attending mass at Pucklechurch. He was buried at Glastonbury Abbey. His brother Eadred I King England -955 succeeded I King England.

Death of King Edgar Peaceful

On 08 Jul 975 Edgar "Peaceful" I King England 943-975 (32) died at Winchester. He was buried in Glastonbury Abbey. His son Edward "Martyr" I King England 962-978 (13) succeeded I King England.

Death of King Edmund Ironside

On 30 Nov 1016 Edmund "Ironside" I King England 1015-1016 (26) died. The cause of death is unknown. Some chroniclers describe murder, some describe wounds from battle. He ws buried near his grandfather Edgar "Peaceful" I King England 943-975 in Glastonbury Abbey.


On 25 Aug 1339 Henry Cobham 1st Baron Cobham 1260-1339 (79) died at Hache. His son John Cobham 2nd Baron Cobham 1285-1355 (54) succeeded 2nd Baron Cobham. Agnes Stone Baroness Cobham by marriage Baroness Cobham.

Hatch Beauchamp

Around 1050 Robert Beauchamp 1050-1086 was born at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1085 Robert I Beauchamp 1085- was born to Robert Beauchamp 1050-1086 (35) at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1110 Robert II Beauchamp 1110- was born to Robert I Beauchamp 1085- at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1135 Robert III Beauchamp 1135-1195 was born to Robert II Beauchamp 1110- at Hatch Beauchamp.

In 1217 Robert V Beauchamp 1217-1265 was born to Robert IV Beauchamp 1190-1252 (27) and Juliana Brett at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1248 John I Beauchamp Baron Beauchamp 1248-1283 was born to Robert V Beauchamp 1217-1265 (31) and Alice Mohun 1228-1275 (20) at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1278 Eleanor Beauchamp Baroness Fitzwarin 1278-1341 was born to John I Beauchamp Baron Beauchamp 1248-1283 (30) and Cicely Vivonne Forz Baroness Beauchamp at Hatch Beauchamp.

On 24 Oct 1283 John I Beauchamp Baron Beauchamp 1248-1283 (35) died at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1304 Margaret St John Baroness Beauchamp Somerset 1304-1361 was born to John St John 1st Baron St John Basing 1273-1329 (30) and Isabel Courtenay Baroness St John Basing 1283-1335 (21) at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1327 Eleanor Beauchamp 1327-1391 was born to John Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1306-1343 (20) and Margaret St John Baroness Beauchamp Somerset 1304-1361 (23) at Hatch Beauchamp.

On 19 Nov 1361 Margaret St John Baroness Beauchamp Somerset 1304-1361 (57) died at Hatch Beauchamp.

Around 1370 Roger Seymour 1370-1420 was born to William Seymour -1390 at Hatch Beauchamp.

Hinton St George

Around 1407 John Paulett 1407- was born to Thomas Paulett 1378-1407 (29) at Hinton St George.

Around 1456 Alice Paulett 1456-1525 was born to William Paulett 1405-1488 (51) at Hinton St George.

Before 1510 Hugh Poulett 1509-1573 was born to Amyas Poulett 1457-1538 at Hinton St George.

Around 1533 Amias Poulett Courtier 1533-1588 was born to Hugh Poulett 1509-1573 (23) at Hinton St George.

In 1562 Anthony Poulett 1562-1600 was born to Amias Poulett Courtier 1533-1588 (29) at Hinton St George.

On 06 Dec 1573 Hugh Poulett 1509-1573 (63) died at Hinton St George.

On 26 Sep 1588 Amias Poulett Courtier 1533-1588 (55) died at Hinton St George.

Church of St George Hinton St George

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

The Letter Books of Amias Paulet Keeper of Mary queen of Scots Published 1874 Marys Execution. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots.The inventory of the property of the Queen of Scots (44), alluded to in the foregoing letter, is printed in Prince Labanoff's collection, in which it occupies more than twenty pages. Poulet (54) compiled it by summoning Mary's servants before him, and requesting each of them to give him a written note of all that the Queen (44) had given them. A comparison of this inventory, made after Mary's death, with a former one, dated June 13, 1586, which Prince Labanoff found amongst M. de Chateauneuf's papers enables us to see that Mr. Froude has been led into a curious error respecting Mary Stuart's dress at the scaffold by the anonymous writer whose account he follows in preference to the narratives drawn up by responsible witnesses. It may seem to be of little importance, but as Mr. Froude has chosen to represent the last moments of Mary's life as "brilliant acting throughout," he should at least have been accurate in his details. He even goes so far as to say that she was deprived of the assistance of her chaplain for "fear of some religious melodrame." As to her dress, he says, "She (44) stood on the black scaffold with the black figures all around her, blood-red from head to foot. Her reasons for adopting so extraordinary a costume must be left to conjecture. It is only certain that it must have been carefully studied, and that the pictorial effect must have been appalling." And he quotes from the Vray Rapport the words, "Ainsy fut executee toute en rouge. [Translation: So was executed all in red.]".
The rouge was not " blood-red," but a dark red brown. Blackwood says that she wore, with a pourpoint or bodice of black satin, "une Juppe de vellours cramoisi brun," and the narrative called La Mort de la Royne d'Escosse says the same. There it is in the June inventory, "Une juppe de velloux cramoisy brun, bandee de passement noir, doublee de taffetas de couleur brune." In the inventory taken after her death it is wanting. As it happens, if she had wished to be "blood-red," she might have been so, for in the wardrobe there was "satin figure incarnat," " escarlate," and " satin incarnate." These figure both in the June and February inventories. When she was dressed "le plus proprement qu'elle put et mieux que de coutume," she said to her maids of honour, "Mes amies, je vous eusse laisse plustost cet accoustrement que celui d'hier, sinon qu'il faut que j'aille a la mort un peu honnorablement, et que j'aye quelque chose plus que le commun." "La tragedie finie," continues Blackwood, " les pauvres damoiselles, soigneuses de rhonneur de leur maistresse s'adresserent a Paulet son gardien, et le prierent que le bourreau ne touchast plus au corps de sa Majeste, et qu'il leur fust permis de la despouiller, apres que le monde seroit retire, afin qu'aucune indignite ne fust faitte au corps, promettant de luy rendre la despouille, et tout ce qu'il pourroit demander. Mais ce maudict et espou- ventable Cerbere les renvoya fort lourdement, leur commandant de sortir de la salle. Cependant le bourreau la dechausse, et la manie a sa discretion. Apres qu'il eust fait tout ce qu'il voulust, le corps fut porte en une chambre joignante celle de ces serviteurs, bien fermee de peur qu'ils n'y entrassent pour luy rendre leurs debvoirs. Ce qui augmenta grandement leur ennuy, ils la voyoient par le trou de la serrure demy couverte d'un morceau de drop de bure qu'on avoit arrache de la table du billard, dont nous avous parle cy dessus, et prioyent Dieu a la porte, dont Paulet (54) s'appercevant fist boucher le trou.".
The executioner snatched from her hand the little gold cross that she took from her neck. "Sa Majeste osta hors de son col line croix d'or, qu'elle vouloit bailler a mie de ses filles, disant au maistre d'oeuvres, Mon amy, cecy n'est pas k vostre usage, laissez la a cette damoiselle elle vous baillera en Argent plus qu'elle ne vaut; il luy arracha d'entre les mains fort rudement, disant, C'est mon droit. C'eust este merveille qu'elle eust trouve courtoisie en un bourreau Anglois, qui ne I'avoit jamais sceu trouver entre les plus honestes du pais, sinon tant qu'ils en pouvoient tirer de profit." It was worthy of Poulet (54) to insist that, even though everything Mary wore was to be burnt and the headsman was to lose his perquisites lest he should sell them for relics, it was to be by his hands that they should be taken from the person of his victim.
Several narratives of the execution exist. The most complete, attributed to Bourgoin, is printed in Jebb. Sir H. Ellis and Robertson print the official report of the Commissioners. Then there is Chateauneuf's Report to Henry III., February 27, 1587, N.S., in Teulet, and a narrative drawn up for Burghley by R. W. (Richard Wigmore). Blackwood also furnishes an interesting and trustworthy description. The anonymous Vray Rapport will be found in Teulet. Mr. Froude appears to have selected it, partly because it was possible to expand the Realistic description of the dissevered head, and in particular the inevitable contraction of the features, into the gross and pitiless caricature which he permits himself of the poor wreck of humanity; partly too, because the Vray Rapport, in direct contradiction to the other accounts, supports his assertion that Mary was "dreadfully agitated" on receiving the message of death from the two Earls. To convey the impression that the writer was bodily present on that occasion, Mr. Froude introduces him as "evidently an eye-witness, one of the Queen of Scots' (44) own attendants, probably her surgeon." But the narrative shows us that the writer, whoever he was, could not have been one of Mary's attendants, nor even acquainted with them, for he designates the two ladies who assisted their mistress at the scaffold as "deux damoiselles, I'une Francoise nommee damoiselle Ramete, et l'autre Escossoise, qui avait nom Ersex." There were no such names in Mary's household. The two ladies were both Scottish, Jane Kennedy and Elspeth Curie, Gilbert Curle's sister. Mr. Froude says, "Barbara Mowbray bound her eyes with a handkerchief." It was Jane Kennedy who performed for her this last service.
Poulet's (54) inventory, amongst other things, contains the following entry : "Memorandum that the Priest claimeth as of the said late Queen's gift, a silver chalice with a cover, two silver cruets, four images, the one of our Lady in red coral, with divers other vestments and necessaries belonging to a Massing Priest." When the scaffold had been taken away, the Priest was allowed to leave his room and join the rest of the household. On the morning after the execution he said Mass for Mary's soul; but on the afternoon of that day Melville and Bourgoin were sent for by Poulet, who gave orders that the altar should be taken down, and demanded an oath that Mass should not be said again. Melville excused himself as he was a Protestant and not concerned; the physician stoutly refused. Poulet (54) sent for the Priest, and required the coffer in which the vestments were kept to be brought to him. Du Preau, who was evidently a timid man, took the oath that Poulet (54) insisted on, little thinking that he was pledging himself for six months. "II jura sur la bible de ne faire aucune office de religion, craignant d'estre resserre en prison.".
The household of the late Queen (44) were not allowed to depart as soon as Poulet (54) expected. They were detained at Fotheringay, from motives of policy, till the 3rd of August, when the funeral of their mistress having been at last performed, they were set free. Some of them were taken to Peterborough to accompany the corpse and to be present at the funeral ceremonies on the 1st of August. Amongst them, in the order of the procession, it is surprising to find Mary's chaplain, "Monsieur du Preau, aumosnier, en long manteau, portant une croix d'Argent en main." The account of the funeral from which this is taken, written by one of the late Queen's (44) household, takes care to mention that when they reached the choir of Peterborough Minster, and the choristers began "a chanter a leur fagon en langage Anglois," they all, with the exception of Andrew Melville and Barbara Mowbray, left the church and walked in the cloisters till the service was finished. "Si les Anglois," he says, "et principalement le Roy des heraux . . . estoit en extreme cholere, d'autant estoient joieux et contents les Catholiques.".
Poulet left for London, and as long as Mary's servants were detained at Fotheringay, he seems to have retained jurisdiction over them. It was to him, therefore, that Melville and Bourgoin applied in March for leave to sell their horses and to write into France respecting the bequests made to them by the Queen of Scots ; and to him that Darrell forwarded in June "the petition of the whole household and servants of the late Queen of Scotland remaining at Fotheringay," begging to be released from their prison and to be allowed to leave the country.
Poulet (54), as has already been said, was made Chancellor of the Garter in April, 1587, but he did not retain this preferment for a whole year. He continued in the Captaincy of Jersey up to his death, but he appears to have resided in and near London. In the British Museum are two letters from him of small importance. One, addressed to the Lord High Admiral, is dated, "From my poor lodging in Fleet Street, the 14th of January, 1587," about "right of tenths in Jersey, belonging to the Government." The other, "From my little lodge at Twickenham, the 24th of April, 1588," "on behalf of Berry," whose divorce was referred by the Justices of the Common Pleas to four Doctors of the Civil Law, of whom Mr. Doctor Caesar, Judge of the Admiralty, to whom the letter was written, was one.
His name also occurs in a letter, from Walsingham to Burghley, dated May 23, 1587, while Elizabeth still kept up the farce of Burghley's disgrace for despatching Mary Stuart's death-warrant. "Touching the Chancellorship of the Duchy, she told Sir Amias Poulet that in respect of her promise made unto me, she would not dispose of it otherwise. But yet hath he no power to deliver the seals unto me, though for that purpose the Attorney is commanded to attend him, who I suppose will be dismissed hence this day with- out any resolution." And on the 4th of January following, together with the other lords of the Council, he signed a letter addressed by the Privy Council to the Lord Admiral and to Lord Buckhurst, the Lieutenants of Sussex, against such Catholics as "most obstinately have refused to come to the church to prayers and divine service," requiring them to " cause the most obstinate and noted persons to be committed to such prisons as are fittest for their safe keeping : the rest that are of value, and not so obstinate, are to be referred to the custody of some -ecclesiastical persons and other gentlemen well affected, to remain at the charges of the recusant, to be restrained in such sort as they may be forthcoming, and kept from intelligence with one another." On the 26th of September, in the year in which this letter was written, 1588, Sir Amias Poulet died.
Poulet was buried in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London.When that church was pulled down to be rebuilt, his remains, with the handsome. Monument erected over them, were removed to the parish church of Hinton St. George. After various panegyrics in Latin, French, and English inscribed on his. Monument, a quatrain, expressive apparently of royal favour, pays the following tribute to the service rendered by him to the State as Keeper of the Queen of Scots: Never shall cease to spread wise Poulet's fame; These will speak, and men shall blush for shame: Without offence to speak what I do know, Great is the debt England to him doth owe.


In 1591 Hugh Cholmondeley 1591-1665 was born to Hugh "The Younger" Cholmondeley 1552-1596 (39) and Mary Holford 1562-1625 (28) at Holford.


Illubruar Manor

In 1484 Edward Redman Lord Harewood 1455-1510 (29) was awarded the manor at Illubruar Manor.


Merryfield Ilton

In 1531 Nicholas Wadham 1531-1609 was born to John Wadham -1578 at Merryfield Ilton.


Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

On 12 Apr 1477 Ankarette Twynyho -1477 was arrested at Keyford and taken to Bath.


In 1847 Richard Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Granville 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos 1797-1861 (49) was declared bankrupt with debts of over a million pounds. He was required to sell his estate in Keynsham, Avington Park Itchen Valley Winchester and the contents of Stowe House in 1848.


Walton Kilmersdon

On 20 Feb 1389 William Botreaux 3rd Baron Botreaux 1389-1462 was born to William Botreaux 2nd Baron Botreaux 1367-1395 (22) and Elizabeth St Lo Baroness Botreaux 1364-1389 (25) at Walton Kilmersdon.



On 12 Mar 1716 Georgiana Caroline Carteret 1716-1780 was born to John Carteret 2nd Earl Granville 1690-1763 (25) and Frances Worsley Countess Granville 1693-1743 (23) at Lansdown.


Around 1290 Hugh Beauchamp 1290-1338 was born to Humphrey Beauchamp 1253-1317 (36) at Lillesdon.

In Jun 1338 Hugh Beauchamp 1290-1338 (48) died at Lillesdon.

On 08 Feb 1443 Alice Beauchamp Baroness Sudeley 1366-1443 (77) died at Lillesdon.

Long Ashton

Low Ham

On 29 Feb 1624 Edward Hext 1550-1624 (74) died at Low Ham.

On 08 Aug 1689 Ralph Stawell 1st Baron Stawell 1641-1689 (48) died at Low Ham. His son John Stawell 2nd Baron Stawell 1669-1692 (20) succeeded 2nd Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1C 1683. Margaret Cecil Countess Ranelagh 1672-1728 (17) by marriage Baroness Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1C 1683.


Mells Manor Mells


Around 1250 Simon Montagu 1st Baron Montagu 1250-1316 was born to William Montagu 1213-1270 (37) at Montacute.

Montacute House Montacute

In Mar 1694 Edith Phelips 1694-1772 was born to Edward Phelips 1638-1699 (56) at Montacute House Montacute.

In 1736 Enoch "The Younger" Seeman Painter 1694-1744 (42). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (41).

Around 1750 Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771 (47). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (55).

Church of St Catherine Montacute

Church of St Catherine Montacute. Monuments to the Phelips family.

On 05 Feb 1680 Edward Phelips 1613-1680 (67) died. He was buried at Church of St Catherine Montacute.

Before 06 Aug 1658 Jacob Huysmans Painter 1633-1696. Portrait of Edward Phelips 1613-1680.

Nether Stowey

In 1155 Simon Valletort 1155-1199 was born at Nether Stowey.

In 1398 Margaret Tuchet 1398-1438 was born to John Tuchet 4th Baron Audley Heighley 1371-1408 (26) and Elizabeth Stafford Baroness Audley Heighley in Nether Stowey.

Newton St Loe

In 1347 Margaret Clivedon 1347-1411 was born to John Clivedon 1322-1348 (25) at Newton St Loe.

Around 1550 Edward Neville 8th Baron Bergavenny 1550-1622 was born to Edward Neville 7th Baron Bergavenny 1526-1588 (24) and Katherine Brome Baroness Bergavenny at Newton St Loe.

Around 1584 Christopher Neville 1584-1649 was born to Edward Neville 8th Baron Bergavenny 1550-1622 (34) and Rachel Lennard Baroness Bergavenny 1553-1616 (31) at Newton St Loe.

Around 1590 Mary Neville 1590-1648 was born to Edward Neville 8th Baron Bergavenny 1550-1622 (40) and Rachel Lennard Baroness Bergavenny 1553-1616 (37) at Newton St Loe.

Richard Neville -1643 was born to Christopher Neville 1584-1649 and Rachel Lennard Baroness Bergavenny 1553-1616 at Newton St Loe.

North Cadbury

On 14 Jun 1596 Maud aka Magdelan Longford -1596 died at North Cadbury.

Church of St Michael North Cadbury

On 16 May 1462 William Botreaux 3rd Baron Botreaux 1389-1462 (73) died. He was buried at Church of St Michael North Cadbury.

North Petherton

Huntworth North Petherton

In 1531 John Popham Lord Chief Justice 1531-1607 was born in Huntworth North Petherton.


On 27 Nov 1442 Constance Poynings 1408-1442 (34) died at Nunney.


Orchard Portman

Around 1613 Anne Portman Baroness Seymour 1613-1695 was born to John Portman 1st Baronet Portman 1575-1612 in Orchard Portman.

Joan Portman was born to John Portman 1st Baronet Portman 1575-1612 in Orchard Portman.

Over Stowey

On 15 Aug 1798 Henry Labouchere 1st Baron Taunton 1798-1869 was born at Over Stowey.

On 13 Jul 1869 Henry Labouchere 1st Baron Taunton 1798-1869 (70) died at Belgrave Square Belgravia. He was buried at Over Stowey.


Melcomb Paulet

On 20 Jul 1368 William Paulet 1368-1435 was born to John Paulett 1354-1391 (14) at Melcomb Paulet.

On 17 Aug 1435 William Paulet 1368-1435 (67) died at Melcomb Paulet.


St. Dubricius Church Porlock

Lady Chapel St Dubricius Church Porlock


Portbury Church Portbury

On 05 Dec 1314 Eva Zouche 1281-1314 (33) died. He was buried at Portbury Church Portbury.


On 26 May 1709 Henry William Berkeley Portman 1709-1761 was born to William Portman -1737 in Pylle.

Queen Camel

On 12 Oct 1772 Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (78) died in Queen Camel. He was buried in Church of St Barnabus Queen Camel.

In 1736 Enoch "The Younger" Seeman Painter 1694-1744 (42). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (41).

Around 1750 Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771 (47). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (55).

Church of St Barnabus Queen Camel

On 12 Oct 1772 Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (78) died in Queen Camel. He was buried in Church of St Barnabus Queen Camel.

In 1736 Enoch "The Younger" Seeman Painter 1694-1744 (42). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (41).

Around 1750 Andrea Soldi Painter 1703-1771 (47). Portrait of Edith Phelips 1694-1772 (55).


On 10 Apr 1635 Helena Snakenbourg Marchioness Northampton 1549-1635 (86) died at Redlynch.

In 1672 Stephen Fox Paymaster 1627-1716 (44) bought the manor of Redlynch.

Redlynch Park Redlynch


In 1354 John Paulett 1354-1391 was born at Rode.

On 28 Nov 1391 John Paulett 1354-1391 (37) died at Rode.

Rodney Stoke

Around 1416 Walter Rodney 1416-1467 was born to John Rodney -1417 and Agnes St John at Rodney Stoke.

Church of St Leonard Rodney Stoke


Around 1315 Isabel Zouche 1315-1350 was born to William Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Harringworth 1276-1352 (38) and Maud Lovell Baroness Zouche Harringworth 1280-1346 (35) at Seaborough.

Shepton Beauchamp

Shepton Montacute

Around 1213 William Montagu 1213-1270 was born at Shepton Montacute.

South Petherton

In 1220 Ralph Dalbini 1173-1220 (47) died at South Petherton.

In 1424 William Daubeney 1424-1460 was born to Giles Daubeney 1393-1446 (31) at South Petherton.

Before 1436 Joan Darcy 1398-1435 died at South Petherton.

Patent Rolls Edward IV 1461. 29 Apr 1461. Durham. Grant to Cecilia, late wife of Thomas Kyriell 1396-1461, knight, and executrix of his will, during the minority of Giles (9) the son and heir of William Daubeney 1424-1460 late of Southpederton, co Somerset, esquire, deceased, of all the possessions of the latter, with the custody and marriage of the heir, saving to Alice the late wife of the said William her reaonsable dower. If the heir dire during the minority she hsall have the same during the minority of the next heir, and so on. By p.s.

Our Lady Chapel South Petherton


In 1574 Samuel Dashwood 1574-1638 was born at Stogumber.

In 1638 Samuel Dashwood 1574-1638 (64) died at Stogumber.

In 1759 Robert Dashwood 1665-1759 (94) died at Stogumber.

Stoke sub Hambdon

On 04 Oct 1306 John Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1306-1343 was born to John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1274-1336 (32) and Joan Cheduit Baroness Beauchamp Somerset at Stoke sub Hambdon.

On 29 Jan 1330 John Beauchamp 3rd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1330-1361 was born to John Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Somerset 1306-1343 (23) and Margaret St John Baroness Beauchamp Somerset 1304-1361 (26) at Stoke sub Hambdon.


Around 1200 William Sydenham 1200-1233 was born at Sydenham.

In 1846 Alexander Dalton Cockburn 1846-1887 was born to Alexander Cockburn 1802-1880 (43) at Sydenham.


Orchard Wyndham Watchet

In 1558 John Wyndham of Orchard 1558-1645 was born to John Wyndham 1516-1572 (42) and Florence Wadham 1538-1596 (20) at Orchard Wyndham Watchet.

In 1602 Hugh Wyndham Baron of the Exchequer 1602-1684 was born to John Wyndham of Orchard 1558-1645 (44) and Joan Portman in Orchard Wyndham Watchet.

On 29 Oct 1609 Wadham Wyndham Judge 1609-1668 was born to John Wyndham of Orchard 1558-1645 (51) and Joan Portman in Orchard Wyndham Watchet.

Saint Decumans Watchet

In 1572 John Wyndham 1516-1572 (56) died at Saint Decumans Watchet.


West Bradley

After 1594 Edmund Brydges 1547-1594 died at West Bradley.


St Decumans Williton

On 19 Nov 1696 Frances Hungerford 1635-1696 (61) died at St Decumans Williton.


On 31 Jan 1350 Isabel Zouche 1315-1350 (35) died at WinCanton.

Witham Friary

On 19 May 1400 John Stourton 1st Baron Stourton 1400-1462 was born to William Stourton 1373-1413 (27) at Witham Friary.


Around 1454 Edmund Gorges 1454-1511 was born to Walter Gorges 1422-1466 (32) in Wraxall.

In 1474 Anne Howard 1446-1474 (28) died in Wraxall.

On 22 Apr 1511 Edmund Gorges 1454-1511 (57) died in Wraxall.

In 1536 Thomas Gorges of Longford Castle 1536-1610 was born in Wraxall.


Around 1587 Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645 was born to Thomas Kerr 9th of Ferniehirst 1529-1586 at Wrington.

Around 1628 John Hoskins Painter 1590-1664 (38) (copy from original). Portrait of Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645 (41).


Langport Yeovil

Battle of Lanport

On 10 Jul 1645 the Battle of Lanport was fought at Langport Yeovil.
Charles Goring 2nd Earl Norwich 1615-1671 (30) was Colonel of a Regiment of Horse.