Twenty Trees


Burned to death

Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

On 28 Jan 1069Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria -1069 was burned to death in Durham when a rebel army set fire to the house in which he was staying. All his men were killed. In retaliation William "Conqueror" I King England 1028-1087 (41) commenced the Harrying of the North.

On 17 Jul 1537 Janet Douglas 1498-1537 (39) burned to death.

In Apr 1687 Charles Egerton 1675-1687 (11) burned to death in the fire which destroyed Bridgewater House at Bridgwater House Barbican. He was buried at Little Gaddesden.

In Apr 1687 Thomas Egerton 1679-1687 (7) burned to death in the fire which destroyed Bridgewater House. He was buried at Little Gaddesden.

On 25 Jan 1807 Mary Meredith Countess Ferrers -1807 burned to death at Coombe Bank Sunridge Sevenoaks.

Died by being hit by a falling chest

On 23 Feb 1546 Francis Bourbon Count of Enghien 1519-1546 (26) died by being hit by a falling chest. His brother Jean Bourbon Count Soissons and Enghien 1528-1557 (17) succeeded Count Enghien.

Died after swallowing a frog

On 20 Nov 1518 Marmaduke Constable 1457-1518 (61) died after swallowing a frog while drinking a glass of water.

Died at sea

On 11 Oct 1694 Catherine Grey Baroness North Baroness Grey Rolleston 1631-1694 (63) died at sea on a voyage from Barbados.

On 25 Mar 1733 Captain William Berkeley -1733 died at sea whilst Commander of HMS Tyger on its journey from Guinea to the West Indies. He was buried at sea. Memorial in the Church of St Mary Bruton sculpted by Peter Scheemakers Sculptor 1691-1781 (58) in 1749.  beneath.

On 28 Oct 1758 Edward Moore 5th Earl Drogheda 1701-1758 (57) died at sea whilst travelling between Holyhead and Dublin. His son Charles Moore 1st Marquess Drogheda 1730-1822 (28) succeeded 6th Earl Mount Cashell.

On 17 May 1852 Montagu Lowther Chapman 3rd Baronet of Killua Castle 1808-1852 (43) died at sea unmarried when the vessel in which he was sailing disappeared without trace. His brother Benjamin James Chapman 4th Baronet of Killua Castle 1810-1988 (42) succeeded 4th Baronet Chapman of Killua Castle.

In 07 Sep 1870 William Reginald Herbert 1854-1870 (16) died at sea lost aboard HMS Captain.

In 1888 Frederick William Hesse Kassel 1854-1888 (34) died at sea.

Died by choking

On 21 Jul 1723 Anthony Grey 1695-1723 (28) died by choking on an ear of barley the beard of which stuck in his throat.

On 08 Oct 1847 Robert Gordon Diplomat 1791–1847 (56) died by choking on a fish bone. Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha 1819-1861 (28) bought Balmoral estate from his trustees a year later as a gift for his wife Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (28).

Before 05 Oct 1878 Francis Grant Painter 1803-1878. Portrait of Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha 1819-1861.

Around 1846. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873 (40). Portrait of Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha 1819-1861 (26).

Around 1846. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873 (40). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (26) and Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha 1819-1861 (26) and their children.

Around 1859. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873 (53). Portrait of Prince Albert Saxe Coburg Gotha 1819-1861 (39).

1845 Francis Grant Painter 1803-1878 (41). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (25).

1833. George Hayter Painter 1792-1871 (40). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (13).

Around 28 Jun 1838. George Hayter Painter 1792-1871 (45). Coronation Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (19).

Around 1840. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873 (34). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (20). Note the Garter worn on the Arm as worn by Ladies of the Garter.

In 1840. Richard Rothwell Painter 1800-1868 (39). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (20).

1880. Henry Tanworth Wells Painter 1828-1903 (51). Portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 1819-1901 (60) being informed she was Queen by Francis Nathaniel Conyngham 2nd Marquess Conyngham 1797-1876 and William Howley Archbishop of Canterbury 1766-1848.Death of King William IV Succession of Queen Victoria

Died from a fall from his horse

Died from sun stroke

On 23 Aug 1861 Philip Hamond 1839-1861 (22) died from sun stroke in India. Memorial in All Saints Church West Acre.

Died in a car accident

On 20 May 1912 George William Hanover 1880-1912 (31) died in a car accident.

Salisbury Cathedral. On 15 Dec 1922 Lieutenant General Sir George Montague Harper 1865-1922 (57) died in a car accident when his car skidded and overturned fracturing his skull. Sculpted by Allan Gairdner Wyon Sculptor 1882-1962 (40).

On 21 Feb 1944 John Pelham 8th Earl of Chichester 1912-1944 (31) died in a car accident.

On 03 May 1987 Viola Maud Lyttelton Duchess Westminster 1912-1987 (74) died in a car accident at Dungannon, County Tyrone.

On 29 Oct 1989 Commander Clare George Vyner 1894-1989 (95) died in a car accident at Ullapool.

Died in a carriage accident

On 13 Aug 1758 Diana Egerton Baroness Baltimore 1712-1758 (46) died in a carriage accident. She fell out of a Phaeton carriage while accompanied by her husband who was suspected of foul play but no charges were brought.

On 07 Dec 1847 Mary Lennox 1790-1847 (57) died in a carriage accident in Parramata Western Sydney.

Died from a carriage accident

On 25 Sep 1696 Robert Grove Bishop 1634-1696 (62) died from a carriage accident. He was buried in Chichester Cathedral.

On 12 Sep 1779 Richard Grenville Temple 2nd Earl Temple 1711-1779 (67) died from a carriage accident.

Died in a house fire

On 08 Jan 1774 Dodington Montagu 1694-1774 (80) died in a house fire.

On 30 Mar 1803 Aglae de Polignac "Guichette" 1768-1803 (34) died in a house fire at her home in Edinburgh.

Around 1794 Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun Painter 1755-1842 (38). Portrait of Aglae de Polignac "Guichette" 1768-1803 (25).

On 26 Apr 1831 George Grey 3rd Baron Walsingham 1776-1831 (54) died in a house fire with his wife at Upper Harley Street Harley Street Marylebone. His brother Thomas Grey 4th Baron Walsingham 1778-1839 (53) succeeded 4th Baron Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk. Elizabeth North Baroness Walsingham 1776-1845 (54) by marriage Baroness Walsingham of Walsingham in Norfolk.

Died in a plane crash

Memorials to the Mack family at St Margaret's Church Paston.
On 18 May 1933 Hugh Paston Mack 1858-1933 died.
On 23 Dec 1917 Lieutenant Commander Ralph Michael Mack 1883–1917 was killed in action when his destoyer Tornado was mined.
On 29 Apr 1943 Rear Admiral Philip John Mack 1892–1943 (50) died in a plane crash.

On 16 Nov 1937 Ludwig Hesse Darmstadt 1931-1937 (6) died in a plane crash.

On 16 Nov 1937 Alexander Hesse Darmstadt 1933-1937 (4) died in a plane crash.

On 16 Nov 1937 Georg Donatus Hesse Darmstadt Grand Duke 1906-1937 (31) died in a plane crash.

Dunbeath Air Crash

On 25 Aug 1942 George Windsor 1st Duke Kent 1897-1942 (45) and Michael Strutt 1914-1942 died in a plane crash at Dunbeath. Edward Windsor 2nd Duke Kent 1935- succeeded 2nd Duke Kent 2C 1934.

On 26 Jan 1947 Gustaf Adolf Bernadotte 1906-1947 (40) died in a plane crash.

On 13 May 1948 William Henry Lawrence Peter Wentworth Fitzwiliam 8th Earl Fitzwilliam 1910-1948 (37) and Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy 1920-1948 died in a plane crash at the Plateau du Coiron, Saint-Bauzile during the course of their journey from Paris. His titles were inhertited by his second cousin Eric Spencer Wentworth Fitzwiliam 9th Earl Fitzwilliam 1883-1952 (64). His wealth, estimated at 45 million pounds, including half of the Wentworth Woodhouse Wentworth estate, the Coolattin estate in County Wicklow, Ireland, and a large part of the Fitzwilliam art collection.

Around Oct 1921. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (52). Portrait of Mercedes Santamarina Gastañaga 1896-1972 (25). Painted in Paris.

Died in a shooting accident

On 11 Jan 1800 Charles Howard 1775-1800 (24) died in a shooting accident at Holker Hall Cartmel.

On 29 Apr 1863 Jane Elizabeth Coke 1777-1863 (85) died in a shooting accident at Holkham Hall Holkham.

On 27 Apr 1935 George Herbert Arthur Edward Hyde Villiers 1906-1935 (28) died in a shooting accident at the De Beers Estate, Kimberley.

Died in an accident

On 24 Oct 1525 Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1467-1525 (57) died in an accident. His son William Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 7th Baron Greystoke 1493-1563 (32) succeeded 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 3C 1473. He inherited about 280 km² of land in Cumberland, 120 km² in Yorkshire and 80 km² in Northumberland.

On 20 Jun 1632 Miles Hobart 1595-1632 (37) died in an accident having been fatally injured in a carriage accident on Holborn Hill Holborn.

On 04 Feb 2002 Sigvard Bernadotte 1907-2002 (94) died in an accident.

Died of exposure

Battle of Mechain

In 1069 at the Battle of Mechain fought in Radnorshire Welsh March the brothers Maredudd Cadelling -1069 and Idwal Cadelling -1069 attempted to regain control of Radnorshire Welsh March from brothers Bleddyn ap Cynfyn King Gwynedd King Powys -1073 and Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn Mathrafal -1069. Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn Mathrafal -1069 and Idwal Cadelling -1069 were killed. Maredudd Cadelling -1069 died of exposure following the battle.

On 30 Dec 1783 Hamilton Douglas 1763-1783 (20) died of exposure while commanding the barge of HMS Assistance being caught in a snowstorm while looking for deserters and wrecked at Sandy Hook Middletown Township Monmouth County New Jersey.

Died when her clothes caught fire

On 23 Feb 1700 Anne Douglas -1700 died when her clothes caught fire.

On 05 Mar 1783 Isabella Courtenay 1765- (17) died when her clothes caught fire.


Was killed accidentally

In 1703 Richard Kidder Bishop 1633-1703 (70) was killed accidentally when a chimney from the Bishop's Palace Wells fell on him and his wife whilst they were in bed during the 1703 Great Storm.

Was killed by lightning

In 1253 Burkhard V Count Hohenberg -1253 was killed by lightning.

In 1849 Martin William Browne ffolkes -1849 was killed by lightning.

Was killed whilst hunting

Before 1075 Richard Normandy 1054-1074 was killed whilst hunting at New Forest. He was buried at Winchester Cathedral.

Death of William Rufus

On 02 Aug 1100 William "Rufus" II King England 1056-1100 (44) was killed whilst hunting, not known whether accidentally or otherwise, in the New Forest. His brother King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (32) succeeded I King England. The brothers Robert Beaumont 1st Earl of Leicester Count Meulan 1040-1118 (60) and Henry Beaumont 1st Earl Warwick 1050-1119 (50), and Roger Clare 1066-1131 (34) and Gilbert Clare 1066-1117 (34) were present.

Was hit by an express train

On 16 May 1899 Henry Byng 4th Earl Strafford 1831-1899 (67) was hit by an express train (possible suicide but the coroner returned misadventure) at the Railway Station in Potter's Bar. He was buried at Byng Family Vault St John's Church Potter's Bar. On 16 May 1899 His brother Francis Edmund Cecil Byng 5th Earl Strafford 1835-1918 (64) succeeded 5th Earl Strafford 3C 1847. Emily Georgina Kerr Countess Strafford 1847-1929 (52) by marriage Countess Strafford 3C 1847.

Was accidentally poisoned fatally

John Smith MP 1767-1842 was accidentally poisoned fatally by his nearly blind wife who gave him an overdose of laudanum. What's the first rule?.

Was killed racing

1936 Limerick Grand Prix

On 04 Aug 1936 John Charles William Fitzroy 9th Duke Grafton 1914-1936 (22) was killed racing his Bugatti at Limerick, County Limerick during the Limerick Grand Prix. His first cousin once removed Charles Alfred Euston Fitzroy 10th Duke Grafton 1892-1970 (44) succeeded 10th Duke Grafton.

Was shot and killed accidentally

On 24 Dec 1143 Miles Gloucester 1st Earl Hereford -1143 was shot and killed accidentally whilst hunting in the Forest of Dean. He was buried in the Chapter House Llanthony Secunda Priory Gloucester. His son Roger Fitzmiles 2nd Earl Hereford 1124-1155 (18) succeeded 2nd Earl Hereford 5C 1141. Cecilia Fitzjohn Countess Hereford 1120-1204 (23) by marriage Countess Hereford 5C 1141.

In 1578 John Lyon 8th Lord Glamis -1578 was shot and killed accidentally in a street brawl in Stirling between his followers and those of David Lindsay, 11th Earl of Crawford. He was shot through the head.

Battle of Gainsborough

On 16 Jul 1643 Francis Willoughby 5th Baron Willoughby Parham -1666 launched a night attack on Gainsborough and captured it and Robert Pierrepoint 1st Earl Kingston 1584-1643 (58).
On 25 Jul 1643 Robert Pierrepoint 1st Earl Kingston 1584-1643 (58) was shot and killed accidentally while a prisoner on board a vessel bound for Hull. His son Henry Pierrepoint 1st Marquess Dorchester 1606-1680 (37) succeeded 2nd Earl Kingston upon Hull, 2nd Viscount Newark 1C 1627, 2nd Baron Pierrepoint Holme Pierrepoint. Catherine Stanley Marchioness Dorchester by marriage Countess Kingston upon Hull.

On 17 Jan 1848 Edward Herbert 2nd Earl Powis 1785-1848 (62) was shot and killed accidentally by his son Robert Charles Herbert 1827-1902 (20) during a pheasant shoot at Powis Castle Radnorshire Welsh March. His son Edward Herbert 3rd Earl Powis 1818-1891 (29) succeeded 2nd Earl Powis 3C 1804.