Twenty Trees


Agar. Azure, a lion rampant or. Source.

Vane. Azure three sinister gauntlets (appaumée) or. These are a difference of the , Earls of Westmorland from 1624, which show: three dexter gauntlets back affrontée, with identical tinctures. Source.

Fane. Azure three dexter gauntlets back affrontée or. Source.

Hyde. Azure, a chevron between three lozenges or.

Digby. Azure, a fleur de lys argent. Source.

Bohun. Azure, a bend argent cotised or between six lions rampant or.

Capet. Azure, three Fleur de lys or. Source.

Ivrea. Azure, a lion rampant or, armed and langued gules. Source.

Bruyn. Azure, a cross moline or. Appears to be the same as .

Bligh. Azure, a griffin segreant or, armes and langued gules, between three crescents argent.Source.

Blois. Azure a bend argent cotised. Source.

Legge. Azure a stag's head caboshed argent. Source.

Cosin. Azure, a fret or.

Darcy. Azure semée of cross crosslets argent, three cinquefoils of the last. Source.

Zouche. Azure, ten bezants 4, 3, 2, 1.

Holand. Azure, semée-de-lys argent, a lion rampant. Source.

Dormer. Azure, ten billets or 4,3,2,1 issuant from a chief of the second a demi-lion rampant sable langued gules. Source.

Greene. Azure, three bucks or. Source.

Murray. Azure, three mullets argent, within a double tressure flory counter-flory or. Source.

Tilney. Azure, a chevron between three griffin's heads erased or. Source.

Scrope. Azure, a bend or. Source.

Wyndham. Azure, a chevron between three lion's heads erased or.

Fiennes. Azure three lions rampant or. Source.

Bardolf. Azure three cinquefoils buttoned gules. Source.

Conyers. Azure, a maunch or. Source.

Ireland. Azure, a harp or stringed argent.

Bingham. Azure a bend cotised between six crosses pattee or. Source.

Bentinck. Azure a cross moline argent. Source.

Musgrave. Azure six annulets or. Source.

Halswell. Azure, three bars wavy argent over all a bend gules. Source

Ponthieu. Azure, three bends or a bordure gules.

Kevelioc. Azure three garbs or. Source.

Fitzhugh. Azure, three chevrons interlaced in base or a chief of the last. Source.

Molyneux. Azure a cross moline or. Source.

St Leger. Azure fretty argent, a chief or. Source.

Rochfort. Azure, a lion rampant argent. Source.

Townshend. Azure, a chevron ermine between three escallops argent. Source.

Grosvenor. Azure a garb or. Source.

Fortescue. Azure a bend engrailed argent cotised or. Source.

Aylesbury. Azure, a cross argent. Source.

Cantilupe. Azure three leopard's faces jessant-de-lys or.

De La Pole. Azure, a fess between three leopard's faces or.

Clotworthy. Azure, a chevron ermine between three chaplets or. Source.

Wriothesley. Azure, a cross or between 4 doves close argent, beaks & legs gules. Source.

Freschville. Azure, bend argent between six escallops.

France Ancient. Azure semy-de-lis or. Source.