Twenty Trees

Biography of Scotland People


Constantine II King Alba

Malcolm I King Alba -954


Arthur James Balfour 1st Earl Balfour 1848-1930


Edward Balliol I King Scotland 1283-1367

John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland 1249-1314


Caroline Hay -1877

Margaret Hay 1819-1891

William Harry Hay 19th Earl Erroll 1823-1891


Elizabeth Brodie Duchess Gordon 1794-1864


Charles Bruce 4th Earl Elgin 3rd Earl Ailesbury 1682-1747

Christian Bruce Countess Devonshire -1675

David II King Scotland 1324-1371

Elizabeth Bruce 3rd Countess Cardigan 1689-1745

Isabel Bruce Queen Norway 1272-1358

Mary Bruce Duchess Richmond -1796

Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland 1274-1329

Robert Bruce 2nd Earl Elgin 1st Earl Ailesbury 1626-1685

Thomas Bruce 1st Earl Elgin 1599-1663

Thomas Bruce 3rd Earl Elgin 2nd Earl Ailesbury 1656-1741


Agnes Campbell 1526-1601

Annabel Campbell Countess Lothian -1652

Anne Campbell Countess Strafford 1715-1785

Archibald Campbell 1st Duke Argyll 1658-1703

Archibald Campbell 1st Marquess Argyll 1607-1661

Archibald Campbell 3rd Duke Argyll 1682-1761

Archibald Campbell 7th Earl Argyll 1575-1638

Archibald Campbell 9th Earl Argyll 1629-1685

Augusta Campbell 1760-1831

Captain Ronald George Elidor Campbell 1848-1879

Caroline Anne Julie Campbell -1815

Caroline Campbell Countess Elgin Countess Ailesbury 1721-1803

Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell 1775-1861

Colin Campbell 1st Baronet Lundie -1650

Colin Campbell 6th Earl Argyll 1544-1584

Edith Campbell Duchess Northumberland 1849-1913

Elizabeth Campbell Countess Moray Countess Sutherland -1547

Elizabeth Lucy Campbell Countess Desart 1822-1898

Frances Campbell 1858-1931

Frederick Campbell 1729-1816

George Douglas Campbell 8th Duke Argyll 1823-1900

George William Campbell 6th Duke Argyll 1768-1839

Jean Campbell -1700

Jean Campbell Duchess Lennox

Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Kent 1723-1797

John Campbell 1490-1564

John Campbell 1st Earl Cawdor 1790-1860

John Campbell 1st Marquess Breadalbane 1762-1834

John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll 1680-1743

John Campbell 4th Duke Argyll 1693-1770

John Campbell 5th Duke Argyll 1723-1806

John Campbell 9th Duke Argyll 1845-1914

John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell 7th Duke Argyll 1777-1847

John Frederick Vaughan Campbell 2nd Earl Cawdor 1817-1898

Mary Campbell Duchess Buckingham and Chandos 1795-1862

Niall Campbell 10th Duke Argyll 1872-1949

Rear Admiral George Pryse Campbell 1793-1858


Anne Cochrane Duchess Hamilton Duchess Brandon 1706-1724

Catherine Cochrane Countess Galloway 1709-1786


John Comyn 3rd Lord Baddenoch 1269-1305

Walter Comyn Lord Baddenoch 1189-1258

Constable maxwell

Gwendolen Constable Maxwell Duchess Norfolk 1877-1945

Cunninghame durham

Nicholas Townshend Durham -1943


Alexander Hamilton 10th Duke Hamilton 7th Duke Brandon 1767-1852

Anne Douglas Countess Kinnoul -1667

Anne Hamilton 1709-1748

Anne Hamilton 1766-1846

Anne Hamilton Countess Donegal 1738-1780

Archibald Douglas -1649

Archibald Douglas 1st Duke Touraine 1372-1424

Archibald Douglas 2nd Duke Touraine 1390-1439

Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus 1489-1557

Archibald Hamilton 1673-1754

Archibald Hamilton 9th Duke Hamilton 6th Duke Brandon 1740-1819

Catherine Hamilton Duchess Atholl 1662-1707

Charles Douglas 3rd Duke Queensberry 1698-1778

Charles Hamilton 2nd Earl Selkirk 1662-1739

Charles Noel 1st Earl Gainsborough 1781-1866

Charlotte Hamilton 1701-1774

Charlotte Hamilton Duchess Somerset 1772-1827

Douglas Hamilton 8th Duke Hamilton 5th Duke Brandon 1756-1799

Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant 1st Baron Penrhyn 1800-1886

Edward Sholton Douglas Pennant 3rd Baron Penrhyn 1864-1927

Elizabeth Douglas Countess Buchan Countess Orkney Countess Caithness -1451

Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Brooke Warwick Castle Countess Warwick 1720-1800

Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Derby 1753-1797

Frances Hamilton Countess Scarborough -1772

George Douglas 1st Earl Dumbarton 1635-1692

George Hamilton 1st Earl Orkney 1666-1737

George Sholto Douglas Pennant 2nd Baron Penrhyn 1836-1907

Isabel Douglas Marchioness Montrose 1630-1672

James "Gross" Douglas 7th Earl Douglas 1st Earl Avondale 1371-1443

James Douglas 10th Earl Morton -1686

James Douglas 2nd Duke Queensberry 1662-1711

James Douglas 4th Earl Morton 1516-1581

James Douglas 9th Earl Douglas 3rd Earl Avondale 1426-1488

James Hamilton 4th Duke Hamilton 1st Duke Brandon 1658-1712

James Hamilton 5th Duke Hamilton 2nd Duke Brandon 1703-1743

James Hamilton 6th Duke Hamilton 3rd Duke Brandon -1758

James Hamilton 7th Duke Hamilton 4th Duke Brandon 1755-1769

Janet Douglas 1420-1489

John Douglas 1433-1463

John Hamilton 1st Earl Ruglen 3rd Earl Selkirk 1664-1744

Margaret "Fair Lady of Galloway" Douglas Countess Atholl Countess Douglas Countess Avondale 1435-1475

Margaret Douglas Countess Lennox 1515-1578

Margaret Douglas Duchess Châtellerault -1579

Margaret Douglas Marchioness Argyll 1610-1678

Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchiness Northampton 1791-1830

Margaret Hamilton 1668-1731

Marjory Douglas Duchess Rothesay

Mary Louise Douglas Hamilton Duchess Montrose 1884-1957

Nicholas Douglas -1686

Spencer Hamilton 1742-1791

Susan Hamilton 1706-1753

Susan Hamilton Countess Dunmore 1774-1846

Susan Harriet Catherine Hamilton Duchess Newcastle under Lyne 1814-1889

Susannah Hamilton 1667-1737

Tom Cecil Noel 1897-1918

William "Flower of Chivalry and Knight Liddesdale" Douglas 1st Earl Atholl 1300-1353

William "Nithsdale" Douglas 1364-1392

William Alexander Archibald Hamilton 11th Duke Hamilton 8th Duke Brandon 1811-1863

William Douglas 1st Duke Queensberry 1637-1695

William Douglas 1st Marquess Douglas 1589-1660

William Douglas 3rd Duke Touraine 1424-1440

William Douglas 6th Earl Morton 1540-1606

William Douglas Hamilton 12th Duke Hamilton 9th Duke Brandon 1845-1895

William Hamilton 3rd Duke Hamilton 1634-1694


Anabella Drummond Queen Consort Scotland 1350-1401

Clementina Sarah Drummond Baroness Gwydyr Baroness Willoughby Eresby 1786-1865

Edward Drummond 6th Duke Perth -1760

James Drummond 1st Duke Perth 1648-1716

James Drummond 2nd Duke Perth 1674-1720

James Drummond 3rd Duke Perth 1713-1746

John Drummond 4th Duke Perth 1716-1747

John Drummond 5th Duke Perth -1757

John Ker 1st Duke Roxburghe 1680-1741

John Ker 3rd Duke Roxburghe 1740-1804

Margaret Drummond Queen Consort Scotland 1340-1371

Robert Ker 2nd Duke Roxburghe 1709-1755


Alexander Duff 1st Duke Fife 1849-1912


Ada Dunkeld Count Holland 1139-1206

Alexander "Fierce" I King Scotland 1078-1124

Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland 1264-1284

Alexander II King Scotland 1198-1249

Alexander III King Scotland 1241-1286

David Dunkeld 8th Earl Huntingdon 1152-1219

David I King Scotland 1084-1153

Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland 1032-1099

Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland 1001-1040

Duncan II King Scotland 1060-1094

Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland 1074-1107

Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Queen Consort England 1080-1118

Isabella Dunkeld Countess Norfolk 1195-1253

Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Malcolm IV King Scotland 1141-1165

Margaret Dunkeld Countess Kent 1193-1259

Margaret Dunkeld Duchess Brittany 1145-1201

Margaret Dunkeld Queen Consort Norway 1261-1283

Marjorie Dunkeld Countess Pembroke 1200-1244

Mary Dunkeld Countess Boulogne 1082-1116

William "Lion" I King Scotland 1143-1214

Dál riata

Comgall mac Domangairt King of Dál Riata -537

Domangart Réti King of Dál Riata -507

Domnall Brecc King of Dál Riata -642

Dúnchad mac Conaing King of Dál Riata -654

Eochaid Buide King of Dál Riata -629

Erc King of Dál Riata -474

Fergus Mór aka Great mac Eirc King of Dál Riata 430-501

Loarn mac Eirc King of Dál Riata

Áedán mac Gabráin King of Dál Riata

Áedán mac Gabráin King of Dál Riata 560-609


Mary Fairfax Duchess Buckingham 1638-1720

Thomas Fairfax 3rd Lord Fairfax 1612-1671


Elizabeth Fleming -1628

Jane Fleming Countess Harrington 1755-1824


Carey Fraser Countess Peterborough Countess Monmouth 1660-1709


Alexander Gordon 1739-1792

Anne Gordon Countess Dumfries 1709-1755

Catherine Gordon Duchess Gordon 1718-1799

Eleanor Vere Gordon Painter 1825-1916

George Gordon 3rd Earl Aberdeen 1722-1801

George Hamilton Gordon 4th Earl Aberdeen Prime Minister 1784–1869

William Gordon 1736-1818


Alice Anne Graham Montgomery Duchess Buckingham and Chandos 1847–1931

Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham 5th Duke Montrose 1852-1925

Eupheme Graham Duchess Touraine

James Graham 1st Duke Montrose 1680-1742

James Graham 3rd Duke Montrose 1755-1836

James Graham 4th Duke Montrose 1799-1874

James Graham 6th Duke Montrose 1878-1954

Lucy Graham Countess Powis 1793-1875

Violet Hermione Graham Duchess Montrose 1854-1940

William Graham 2nd Duke Montrose 1712-1790


Albertha Frances Anne Hamilton Duchess Marlborough 1847-1932

Anne Hamilton 3rd Duchess Hamilton 1632-1716

Claud Hamilton 1813-1884

Claud Hamilton 1843-1925

Claud Hamilton 1st Lord Paisley 1546-1621

Elizabeth Hamilton Duchess Montrose 1442-1517

Ernest Hamilton 1858-1939

Frederick Spencer Hamilton 1856-1928

George Hamilton 1845-1927

George Hamilton 3rd Earl Abercorn 1636-1682

Georgiana Susan Hamilton Countess Winterton 1841-1913

Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton Countess Lichfield 1834-1913

Harriet Hamilton 1812-1884

Henry Hamilton 2nd Earl Clanbrassil 1647-1675

James Edward Hamilton 4th Duke Abercorn 1904-1979

James Hamilton 1635-1669

James Hamilton 1st Duke Abercorn 1811-1885

James Hamilton 1st Duke Châtellerault 1516-1575

James Hamilton 1st Duke Hamilton 1606-1649

James Hamilton 1st Earl Arran 1475-1529

James Hamilton 2nd Duke Abercorn 1838-1913

James Hamilton 2nd Earl Abercorn 1604-1670

James Hamilton 2nd Marquess Hamilton 1589-1625

James Hamilton 3rd Earl Arran 1532-1609

John Hamilton -1550

John Hamilton 1st Marquess Hamilton 1535-1604

Katherine Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Mount Edgcumbe 1840-1874

Louisa Jane Hamilton Duchess Buccleuch Duchess Queensbury 1836-1912

Margaret Hamilton Countess Lindsay Countess Crawford 1612-1666

Maud Evelyn Hamilton Marchioness Lansdowne 1850-1932

Robert Hamilton Lord Aubigny 1476-1543

Walter Kerr Hamilton Bishop of Salisbury 1808-1869

William Hamilton -1669

William Hamilton 2nd Duke Hamilton 1616-1651

William Hamilton Antiquarian -1724


Elizabeth Hay Duchess Wellington 1820-1904

James Hay 1st Earl Carlisle 1580-1636

James Hay 2nd Earl Carlisle 1612-1660

John Hay 1st Marquess Teviotdale 1625-1697

John Hay 2nd Marquess Teviotdale 1645-1713

Margaret Hay Countess Roxburghe -1753

Robert Hay Drummond Archbishop of York 1711-1776


James "Lord Bothwell" Hepburn 1st Duke Orkney 1534-1578

Jean Hepburn -1599


Anne Home -1671

Innes kerr

George Victor Robert John Innes Kerr 9th Duke Roxburghe 1913-1974

Guy David Innes Kerr 10th Duke Roxburghe 1954-

Henry John Innes Kerr 8th Duke Roxburghe 1876-1932

James Henry Robert Innes Kerr 7th Duke Roxburghe 1839-1892

James Innes Kerr 6th Duke Roxburghe 1816-1879


Muriella Keith Duchess Albany 1358-1449


Anne Carr 1615-1684

Elizabeth Georgiana Kerr Baroness Clinton 1807-1871

Henry Francis Charles Kerr 1800-1882

John Kerr 7th Marquess Lothian 1794-1841

Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset 1587-1645

Robert Kerr 1st Marquess Lothian 1636-1703

Schomberg Henry Kerr Kerr 9th Marquess Lothian 1833-1900

William Schomberg Kerr 8th Marquess Lothian 1832-1870


Isabel Countess Lennox Duchess Albany -1458


Christian Leslie Marchioness Montrose 1661-1710

John Leslie 1st Duke Rothes 1630-1681

Margaret Leslie Countess Buccleuch Countess Wemyss -1688


Anne Lindsay Duchess Rothes -1689

David Lindsay 1st Duke Montrose 1440-1495

Elizabeth Lindsay Countess Hardwicke 1763-1858

Jean aka Jane Lindsay Countess Eglinton -1778

Violet Lindsay Duchess Rutland 1856-1937

William Lindsay 18th Earl Crawford 2nd Earl Lindsay 1644-1698


Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus -1866

General William Loftus 1752-1831

Lt General William Francis Bentinck Loftus 1783-1852

Lucy Loftus Marchioness Wharton

Major Henry Loftus 1823-1862


Grace Caroline Lowther Duchess of Cleveland -1883

James Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1736-1802

William Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1757-1844


Elizabeth Lyon Countess Aboyne 1672-1739

Jean Lyon Countess Angus Countess Morton 1556-1610

Patrick Lyon 3rd Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne 1643-1695


Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Lyons Duchess Norfolk


Charles Maitland 6th Earl Lauderdale 1688-1744

John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale 1616-1682

Mary Maitland Marchioness Teviotdale

Richard Maitland 4th Earl Lauderdale 1653-1695


Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon 1748-1812


Georgina Moncrieffe Countess Dudley 1846-1929


Anne Montgomery Marchioness Townshend 1752-1819

Nicholas Montgomery 1350-1435

Nicholas Montgomery 1434-1494


Lulach King Scotland -1058


Augusta Murray Duchess Sussex 1768-1830

Charles Murray 1st Earl Dunmore 1661-1710

Charlotte Murray Duchess Atholl 1731-1805

Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale 1626-1698

George Augustus Frederick Murray 6th Duke Atholl 1814-1864

James Murray 2nd Duke Atholl 1690-1764

John Murray 1st Duke Atholl 1660-1724

John Murray 3rd Duke Atholl 1729-1774

John Murray 4th Duke Atholl 1755-1830

John Murray 5th Duke Atholl 1778-1846


Beli King Strathclyde aka Alt Clut -641

Drest VI King Picts -677

Gartnait IV King Picts -663

Portrait painters

Francis Grant Painter 1803-1878

Gavin Hamilton Painter 1723-1798

John Phillip Painter 1817-1867

Thomas Murray Painter 1663-1735

William Aikman Painter 1682-1731


Euphemia Ross Queen Consort Scotland

Mary Ross Duchess Atholl 1687-


Mary Ruthven Countess Atholl

Sophia Ruthven Duchess Lennox


Anne Scott Duchess Monmouth and Buccleuch 1651-1732

Scottish poets

Thomas Campbell Poet 1777-1844


James "Athenian" Stuart Sculptor 1713-1788

James Currie Sculptor 1836-1891

James Forsyth Sculptor 1827-1910


Beatrix Sinclair Countess Douglas Countess Avondale 1398-1462

Catherine Sinclair Duchess Albany

Eleanor Sinclair Countess Atholl 1457-1518

William Sinclair 2nd Lord Sinclair 1436-1487

William Sinclair 3rd Earl Orkney 1st Earl Caithness 1410-1484


Adam Stewart -1575

Alexander "The Wolf of Badenoch" Stewart 3rd Earl Buchan 1343-1405

Alexander Stewart 1st Duke Albany 1454-1485

Alfred Fitzroy 8th Duke Grafton 1850-1930

Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott Duchess Gloucester 1901-2004

Amelius Beauclerk 1771-1846

Anabella Stewart 1436-1509

Andrew Moray Stewart Bishop Moray 1443-1501

Anne Fitzroy Countess Sussex 1661-1722

Anne Harriet Stewart 1769-1850

Anne Lennox Countess Albermarle 1703-1789

Anne Stewart Countess Ormonde Countess Angus 1614-1646

Arabella Fitzjames 1674-1704

Arbella Stewart 1575-1615

Aubrey Beauclerk 5th Duke St Albans 1740-1802

Aubrey Beauclerk 6th Duke St Albans 1765-1815

Augusta Catherine Gordon Lennox 1827-1904

Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton 1821-1918

Augustus Henry Fitzroy 3rd Duke Grafton 1735-1811

Blanche Georgiana Fitzroy Baroness Penrhyn -1944

Cardinal Henry Benedict Stewart 1725-1807

Cardinal Ludovic Stewart 10th Lord Aubigny 1619-1665

Carlos Fitz James Stuart 10th Duke Veragua 4th Duke Berwick 1752-1787

Carlos María Fitz James Stuart 16th Duke Alba 14th Duke Veragua 9th Duke Berwick 1849-1901

Carlos Miguel Fitz James Stuart 12th Duke Veragua 7th Duke Berwick 14th Duke Alba 1794-1835

Caroline Amelia Gordon Lennox Countess Bessborough 1819-1890

Caroline Beauclerk 1775-1838

Caroline Fitzroy Countess Harrington 1722-1784

Caroline Scott Marchioness Queensbury 1774-1854

Caroline Stuart Countess Portarlington 1762-1813

Catherine Darnley Duchess Buckingham and Normandby 1680-1743

Catherine Fitzcharles 1658-1759

Catherine Stewart Countess Morton 1495-1554

Cecilia Catherine Gordon Lennox Countess Lucan 1838-1910

Charles "Don Carlo" Fitzcharles 1st Earl Plymouth 1657-1680

Charles Alfred Euston Fitzroy 10th Duke Grafton 1892-1970

Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans 1915-1988

Charles Beauclerk 1st Duke St Albans 1670-1726

Charles Beauclerk 2nd Duke St Albans 1696-1751

Charles De Vere Beauclerk 11th Duke St Albans 1870-1934

Charles Edward "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Stewart 1720-1788

Charles Fitzroy 1791-1865

Charles Fitzroy 1st Duke Southampton 2nd Duke Cleveland 1662-1730

Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton 1683-1757

Charles Fitzroy Scudamore 1713-1782

Charles Gordon Lennox 5th Duke Richmond 1791-1860

Charles Gordon Lennox 6th Duke Richmond 1818-1903

Charles Gordon Lennox 7th Duke Richmond 1845-1928

Charles Gordon Lennox 8th Duke Richmond 1870-1935

Charles I King England Scotland and Ireland 1600-1649

Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685

Charles Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1672-1723

Charles Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond 1701-1750

Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond 1735-1806

Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond 1764-1819

Charles Stewart 6th Duke Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond 1639-1672

Charles William Henry Montagu Scott 4th Duke Buccleuch 6th Duke Queensberry 1772-1819

Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield 1664-1718

Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Fitzroy Countess Yarmouth 1650-1684

Charlotte Stewart Countess Dunmore -1818

Charlotte Stewart Lady Crofton 1777-1842

Charlotte Stuart Countess Canning 1817-1861

Charlotte Stuart Duchess of Albany 1753-1789

David Stewart 1455-1487

David Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay 1378-1402

David Stewart 1st Earl Strathearn 1356-1389

Edward Richard Stewart 1782-1851

Eleanor Stewart Duchess Austria 1433-1480

Elizabeth Diana Montagu Douglas Scott Duchess Northumberland 1922-2012

Elizabeth Euphemia Stewart 1771-1855

Elizabeth Jane Stuart 1803–1877

Elizabeth Stewart 1350-1389

Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray 1565-1591

Elizabeth Stewart Countess Arran Countess Lennox Countess March 1549-1595

Elizabeth Stewart Countess Arundel Countess Norfolk 1610-1674

Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662

Emilia Mary Lennox Duchess Leinster 1731-1814

Esme Stewart 1st Duke Lennox 1542-1583

Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox 1579-1624

Frances Scott Baroness Douglas 1750-1817

Frances Scudamore Duchess Norfolk 1750-1820

Frances Stewart Countess Portland 1617-1694

Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch 1695-1751

Frederick Beauclerk 1773-1840

Frederick Charles Gordon Lennox 9th Duke of Richmond and Lennox 4th Duke of Gordon 1904-1989

George Beauclerk 3rd Duke St Albans 1730-1786

George Beauclerk 4th Duke St Albans 1758-1787

George Fitzroy 1st Duke Northumberland 1665-1716

George Henry Fitzroy 4th Duke Grafton 1760-1844

George Stewart 9th Seigneur D'Aubigny 1618-1642

Georgiana Lennox Baroness Ros Helmsley 1795-1891

Grace Fitzroy Countess Darlington 1697-1763

Harriet Scott Marchioness Lothian 1780-1833

Harriet Stewart Duchess Hamilton Duchess Brandon -1788

Helen Gordon Lennox Duchess Northumberland 1886-1965

Henrietta Fitzjames Countess Newcastle 1667-1730

Henrietta Stewart 1640-1704

Henrietta Stewart Marchioness Huntly 1573-1642

Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart 1545-1567

Henry Fitzjames 1st Duke Albemarle 1673-1702

Henry Fitzroy 12th Duke Grafton 1978-

Henry Fitzroy 1st Duke Grafton 1663-1690

Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton 1790-1863

Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales 1594-1612

Henry James Montagu Scott 2nd Baron Montagu 1776-1845

Henry Scott 3rd Duke Buccleuch 1746-1812

Henry Stewart 1st Duke Gloucester 1640-1660

Henry Stewart 1st Lord Methven 1495-1552

Henry Stewart 2nd Lord Methven 1528-1572

Hugh Denis Charles Fitzroy 11th Duke Grafton 1919-2011

Isabel or Elizabeth Stewart Countess Lennox 1495-1564

Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford 1726-1782

Isabella Stewart Countess Douglas -1410

Isabella Stewart Duchess Brittany 1426-1494

Ivy Gordon Lennox 7th Duchess Portland 1887-1982

Jacobo Fitz James Stuart 10th Duke Veragua 5th Duke Berwick 1773-1794

Jacopo Fitz James Stuart 15th Duke Alba 13th Duke Veragua 8th Duke Berwick 1821-

James "Old Pretender" Stewart 1688-1766

James Edward Stewart 1743-1812

James Fitz James 2nd Duke Berwick 1696-1738

James Fitz James 3rd Duke Berwick 10th Duke Veragua 1718-1785

James Fitzjames 1st Duke Berwick 1670-1734

James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625

James I King Scotland 1394-1437

James II King England Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701

James II King Scotland 1430-1460

James III King Scotland 1451-1488

James IV King Scotland 1473-1513

James Scott 1st Duke Monmouth 1st Duke Buccleuch 1649-1685

James Stewart 1st Duke Ross 1476-1504

James Stewart 1st Earl Buchan 1442-1499

James Stewart 1st Earl Moray 1499-1544

James Stewart 1st Earl Moray Regent 1531-1570

James Stewart 4th Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1612-1655

James Stuart Mackenzie 1722-1800

James V King Scotland 1512-1542

Jane Francis Stewart Duchess Marlborough

Jane Stewart Duchess Marlborough 1798-1844

Jane Stuart 1748-1828

Janet Stewart Lady Fleming 1502-1562

Jean Stewart Countess Argyll -1588

Joan Stewart Countess Morton 1428-1486

John "Lord Darnley" Stewart 1531-1563

John Charles Montagu Douglas Scott 7th Duke Buccleuch 9th Duke Queensberry 1864-1935

John Charles William Fitzroy 9th Duke Grafton 1914-1936

John Stewart 1621-1644

John Stewart 1st Earl Atholl 1440-

John Stewart 1st Earl Mar 1456-1479

John Stewart 7th Earl Galloway 1736-1806

John Stewart Lord Burley Stewart -1425

John Stewart Lord Sticks -1523

John Stewart Sheriff of Bute Stewart 1360-1447

John Stuart 3rd Earl Bute 1713-1792

Katherine Stewart 1640-1702

Keith Stewart 1739-1795

Keith Stewart 1814-1879

Louisa Anne Stuart Marchioness Waterford 1818-1891

Louisa Maria Teresa Stewart 1692-1712

Louisa Stewart Baroness Feversham Duncombe Park 1804-1889

Louisa Stuart 1757-1851

Ludovic Stewart 2nd Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1574-1624

Margaret Stewart 1424-1445

Margaret Stewart 1st Countess Nottingham 1591-1639

Margaret Stewart Countess Erroll 1569-1586

Margaret Stewart Duchess Touraine

Marjorie Elizabeth Stewart -1812

Marjorie Stewart Countess Moray 1348-1417

Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1587

Mary Stewart 1434-1465

Mary Stewart Countess Arran 1453-1488

Mary Stewart Countess Mar 1582-1644

Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland 1662-1694

Mary Stewart Princess Orange 1631-1660

Mary Stuart Countess Lonsdale 1741-1824

Mary Tudor Countess Derwentwater 1673-1726

Montgomery Granville John Stewart 1780-1860

Murdoch Stewart 2nd Duke Albany 1362-1425

Murray Beauclerk 14th Duke St Albans 1939-

Osborne De Vere Beauclerk 12th Duke St Albans 1874-1964

Princess Egidia Stewart 1368-1388

Princess Henrietta Stewart Duchess Orléans 1644-1670

Queen Anne of England Scotland and Ireland 1665-1714

Robert II King Scotland 1316-1390

Robert III King Scotland 1337-1406

Robert Stewart -1581

Robert Stewart 1st Duke Albany 1340-1420

Robert Stewart 1st Earl Lennox 1st Earl March 1522-1586

Robert Stewart 1st Earl Orkney 1533-1615

Robert Stewart 4th Lord Aubigny 1470-1544

Susan Stewart Duchess Marlborough 1767-1841

Victoria Alexandrina Montagu Douglas Scott Marchioness Lothian 1844-1938

Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott 5th Duke Buccleuch 7th Duke Queensberry -1884

Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott 9th Duke Buccleuch 11th Duke Queensberry 1923-2007

Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott 8th Duke Buccleuch 10th Duke Queensberry 1894-1973

Walter Stewart 1338-1362

Walter Stewart 1st Earl Atholl 1360-1437

William Amelius Aubrey Beauclerk 10th Duke St Albans 1840-1898

William Beauclerk 8th Duke St Albans 1766-1825

William Beauclerk 9th Duke St Albans 1801-1849

William Fitzroy 3rd Duke Cleveland 2nd Duke Southampton 1698-1774

William Henry Fitzroy 6th Duke Grafton 1819-1882

William Henry Walter Montagu Douglas Scott 6th Duke Buccleuch 8th Duke Queensberry 1831-1914


Charles Stewart Vane Tempest Stewart 6th Marquess Londonderry 1852-1915

Charles William Vane 3rd Marquess Londonderry 1778-1854

Frances Anne Emily Vane Duchess Marlborough 1822-1899

Frances Teresa Stewart Duchess Lennox and Richmond 1647-1702

Robert Stewart 1st Marquess Londonderry 1739-1821

Robert Stewart 2nd Marquess Londonderry 1769-1822


Frances Laura Charteris Duchess Marlborough 1915-1990

Francis Richard Charteris 10th Earl Wemyss 1818-1914

Louisa Charteris 1830-1920

Margaret Wemyss Countess Cromartie 3rd Countess Wemyss 1659-1705


Adam Gordon 10th Earl Sutherland -1538

Alexander Gordon 2nd Duke Gordon 1678-1728

Alexander Gordon 4th Duke Gordon 1743-1827

Alexander Seton 1st Earl Dunfermline 1555-1622

Anne Gordon Duchess Mantua -1786

Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796

Catherine Gordon -1537

Catherine Susan Gordon Baroness Chesham 1792-1866

Charles Seton 2nd Earl Dunfermline 1615-1672

Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond 1768-1842

Cosmo George Gordon 3rd Duke Gordon 1720-1752

Elizabeth Gordon Countess Erroll -1500

Elizabeth Gordon Duchess Sutherland 1765-1839

Ethelreda Caroline Gordon 1864-1961

Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon Countess Ancaster 1846-1921

George Gordon 1st Duke Gordon 1643-1716

George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntley 1455-1501

George Gordon 5th Duke Gordon 1770-1836

Georgiana Gordon Duchess Bedford 1781-1853

Hugh Montgomerie 12th Earl Eglinton 1739-1819

Jane Gordon Duchess Perth 1691-1773

Jean Gordon Countess Bothwell Countess Sutherland 1546-1629

John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland 1525-1567

Louisa Gordon Marchioness Cornwallis 1776-1850

Madelaine Gordon 1772-1847

Margaret Seton Lady Paisley 1557-1616

Marie Seton Countess Menteith Countess Sutherland -1567

Mary Gordon Marchioness Douglas 1600-1674

Robert Seton 1st Earl Winton 1553-1603

Susan Gordon Countess Westmoreland 1752-1814

Susan Gordon Duchess Manchester -1828