On this Day in History ... 18 May

1152 Marriage of Henry I and Eleanor of Aquitaine

1425 Purge of the Albany Stewarts

1452 Battle of Brechin

1464 Battle of Hexham

On 18 May 978 Frederick Ardennes I Duke Lower Lorraine 912-978 (66) died. His son Thierry Ardennes I Duke Lower Lorraine 965-1057 (13) succeeded I Duke Lower Lorraine.

Marriage of Henry I and Eleanor of Aquitaine

On 18 May 1152 Whit Sunday Henry "Curtmantle" II King England 1133-1189 (19) and Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England 1122-1204 (30) were married (he was her half third-cousin) at Poitiers Cathedral, Poitiers. They were more closely related than Eleanor and her previous husband Louis. The marriage brought the Kingdom of England, the Duchies of Normandy and Aquitaine under the control of Henry "Curtmantle" II King England 1133-1189 (19); once conquered.. She a 3 x Great Granddaughter of Robert "Pious" II King France 972-1031.

On 18 May 1281 Agnes Habsburg 1281-1364 was born to Albert Habsburg I Duke Austria 1255-1308 (25) and Elizabeth Carinthia Duchess Austria.

On 18 May 1282 John Strange 2nd Baron Strange Knockin 1282-1312 was born to John Strange 1st Baron Strange Knockin 1253-1309 (29) and Maud Eiville Baroness Strange Knockin at Ellesmere.

On 18 May 1296 William Valence 1st Earl Pembroke -1296 died.

On 18 May 1296 Aymer Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke 1275-1324 (21) succeeded 2nd Earl Pembroke (3C 1247).

On 18 May 1365 Geoffrey Cornwall 3rd Baron Burford 1335-1365 (29) died at Burford. His son Bryan Cornwall 4th Baron Burford 1355-1400 (10) succeeded 4th Baron Burford (1C).

On 18 May 1368 Henry Percy 3rd Baron Percy 1321-1368 (47) died at Alnwick Castle, Alnwick. He was buried at Alnwick Abbey, Alnwick. His son Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland 1341-1408 (26) succeeded 4th Baron Percy. Margaret Neville Countess Northumberland 1329-1372 (39) by marriage Baroness Percy.

On 18 May 1409 Bartholomew Bourchier 3rd Baron Bourchier -1409 died. His daughter Elizabeth Bourchier 4th Baroness Bourchier, Baroness Stafford 1399-1433 (10) succeeded 4th Baron Bourchier.

On 18 May 1410 Rupert King Germany 1352-1410 (58) died.

Purge of the Albany Stewarts

On 18 May 1425 Murdoch Stewart 2nd Duke Albany 1362-1425 (63), his two sons Walter Stewart 1394-1425 and Alexander Stewart -1425, and Duncan Lennox 8th Earl Lennox 1345-1425 were tried at Stirling Castle in the presence of James I King Scotland 1394-1437 (30).
An assize of seven earls and fourteen lesser nobles heard the evidence that linked the prisoners to the rebellion in the Lennox—in a trial lasting just one day the four men were found guilty of treason.
The jury which condemned them was composed of 21 knights and Peers, including Albany's half uncle Walter Stewart 1st Earl Atholl 1360-1437 (65), first cousin Alexander Stewart 1st Earl Mar 1375-1435 (50), first cousins once-Removed Archibald Douglas 2nd Duke Touraine 1390-1439 (35), and Alexander, Earl of Ross and Lord of the Isles. .

On 18 May 1445 Edward Grey 6th Baron Ferrers Groby 1415-1457 (30) by marriage 6th Baron Ferrers Groby.

On 18 May 1445 William Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers Groby 1372-1445 (73) died at Woodham Ferrers. His granddaughter Elizabeth Ferrers 6th Baroness Ferrers Groby 1419-1483 (26) succeeded 6th Baron Ferrers Groby.

Battle of Brechin

On 18 May 1452 the Battle of Brechin was fought between supporters of James II King Scotland 1430-1460 (21) and his rellious nobility including the Black Douglases. Alexander Gordon 1st Earl Huntley -1470 defeated the rebels led by Tiger Earl 4th Earl Crawford 1423-1453 (29) on behalf on the King. John Lindsay 1423-1452 (29),and the brothers William Gordon -1452 and Henry Gordon -1452, were killed..

Battle of Hexham

On 15 May 1464 a Yorkist army commanded by John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu 1431-1471 defeated a Lancastrian army commanded by Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke Somerset 1436-1464 (28) at Hexham during the Battle of Hexham.
Those fighting for York included John Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire 1427-1473 (36), John Scrope 5th Baron Scrope Bolton 1437-1498 (26) and Richard Welles 7th Baron Willoughby Eresby, 7th Baron Welles 1428-1470 (36).
Of the Lancastrian army William Tailboys 7th Baron Kyme 1415-1464 (49) fought. Robert Hungerford 3rd Baron Hungerford 1431-1464 (33) and Philip Wentworth 4th Baron Despencer 1424-1464 (40) were both captured.
Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke Somerset 1436-1464 (28) was beheaded following the battle. His brother Edmund Beaufort 4th Duke Somerset 1439-1471 succeeded 4th Duke Somerset (2C 1448).
On 18 May 1464 Robert Hungerford 3rd Baron Hungerford 1431-1464 (33) was executed at Newcastle on Tyne.
Philip Wentworth 4th Baron Despencer 1424-1464 (40) was executed at Middleham. His son Henry Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer 1448-1501 (16) succeeded 5th Baron Despencer (5C 1387).

On 18 May 1464 Mary Clifford Baroness Despencer 1422-1464 (42) died.

On 18 May 1475 Afonso Aviz 1475-1491 was born to John II King Portugal 1455-1495 (20) and Eleanor Viseu Queen Consort Portugal. He a 4 x Great Grandson of King Edward III England.

On 18 May 1497 Catherine Woodville Duchess Buckingham, Duchess Bedford 1458-1497 (39) died.

On 18 May 1509 John Marney 2nd Baron Marney 1484-1525 (24) was appointed Keeper of Rochester Castle.

On 18 May 1514 Francis I King France 1494-1547 (19) and Claude Valois-Orleans Queen Consort France 1499-1524 (14) were married (he was her second-cousin). Claude Valois-Orleans Queen Consort France 1499-1524 (14) by marriage Queen Consort France. He a 2 x Great Grandson of Charles V King France 1338-1380. She a Daughter of Louis XII King France 1462-1515.

On 18 May 1539 John Russell 1st Earl Bedford 1485-1555 (54) was appointed 301st Knight of the Garter by Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 (47)..

Around 1525 Unknown Artist. Netherlands. Portrait of Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 (33).

In 18 May 1581 Margaret Gamage Baroness Howard 1515-1581 (66) died in Reigate.

On 18 May 1598 Cardinal Philipp Wilhelm Wittelsbach 1576-1598 (21) died.

On 18 May 1622 Peter Courten 1st Baronet Courten Aldington 1598-1624 (24) was created 1st Baronet Courten Aldington in Worcestershire. Jane Stanhope Viscountess Valentia 1606-1683 (16) by marriage Lady Courten Aldington in Worcestershire.

On 18 May 1623 George Villiers 1st Duke of Buckingham 1592-1628 (30) was created 1st Duke of Buckingham (2C 1623). Katherine Manners Duchess Buckingham 1602-1649 (21) by marriage Duchess of Buckingham (2C 1623).

John Evelyn's Diary 1645 May. 18th May 1645. I intended to have seen Loretto, but, being disappointed of moneys long expected, I was forced to return by the same way I came, desiring, if possible, to be at Venice by the Ascension, and therefore I diverted to take Leghorn in the way, as well to furnish me with credit by a merchant there, as to take order for transporting such collections as I had made at Rome. When on my way, turning about to behold this once and yet glorious city, from an eminence, I did not, without some regret, give it my last farewell.
Having taken leave of our friends at Rome, where I had sojourned now about seven months, autumn, winter, and spring, I took coach, in company with two courteous Italian gentlemen. In the afternoon, we arrived at a house, or rather castle, belonging to the Duke of Parma, called Caprarola, situate on the brow of a hill, that overlooks a little town, or rather a natural and stupendous rock; witness those vast caves serving now for cellarage, where we were entertained with most generous wine of several sorts, being just under the foundation. The palace was built by the famous architect, Vignola, at the cost of Cardinal Alex. Farnese, in form of an octagon, the court in the middle being exactly round, so as rather to resemble a fort, or castle; yet the chambers within are all of them square, which makes the walls exceedingly thick. One of these rooms is so artificially contrived, that from the two opposite angles may be heard the least whisper; they say any perfect square does it. Most of the paintings are by Zuccari. It has a stately entry, on which spouts an artificial fountain within the porch. The hall, chapel, and a great number of lodging chambers are remarkable; but most of all the pictures and witty inventions of Hannibal Caracci; the Dead Christ is incomparable. Behind are the gardens full of statues and noble fountains, especially that of the Shepherds. After dinner, we took horse, and lay that night at Monte Rossi, twenty miles from Rome.

On 18 May 1661 Robert Jenkinson 1st Baronet Jenkinson 1621-1677 (40) was created 1st Baronet Jenkinson.

Samuel Pepy's Diary 1669 May. Tuesday 18 May 1669. Up, and to St. James’s and other places, and then to the office, where all the morning. At noon home and dined in my wife’s (28) chamber, she being much troubled with the tooth-ake, and I staid till a surgeon of hers come, one Leeson, who hath formerly drawn her mouth, and he advised her to draw it: so I to the Office, and by and by word is come that she hath drawn it, which pleased me, it being well done. So I home, to comfort her, and so back to the office till night, busy, and so home to supper and to bed.

John Evelyn's Diary 1675 May. 18 May 1675. I went to visit one Mr. Bathurst, a Spanish merchant, my neighbor.

John Evelyn's Diary 1688 May. 18 May 1688. King (54) enjoining the ministers to read his Declaration for giving liberty of conscience (as it was styled) in all churches of England, this evening, six Bishops, Bath and Wells (50), Peterborough (60), Ely (50), Chichester (64), St. Asaph (60), and Bristol (38), in the name of all the rest of the Bishops, came to his Majesty to petition him, that he would not impose the reading of it to the several congregations within their dioceses; not that they were averse to the publishing it for want of due tenderness toward dissenters, in relation to whom they should be willing to come to such a temper as should be thought fit, when that matter might be considered and settled in Parliament and Convocation; but that, the Declaration being founded on such a dispensing power as might at pleasure set aside all laws ecclesiastical and civil, it appeared to them illegal, as it had done to the Parliament in 1661 and 1672, and that it was a point of such consequence, that they could not so far make themselve parties to it, as the reading of it in church in time of divine service amounted to.
The King (54) was so far incensed at this address, that he with threatening expressions commanded them to obey him in reading it at their perils, and so dismissed them.

On 18 May 1701 Charles Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond 1701-1750 was born to Charles Lennox 1st Duke Richmond 1672-1723 (28) and Anne Brudenell Duchess Richmond 1671-1722 (30). He a Grandson of Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 and 2 x Great Grandson of Henry IV King France 1553-1610.

John Evelyn's Diary 1704. 18 May 1704. I went to see Sir John Chardin, at Turnham Green, the gardens being very fine, and exceedingly well planted with fruit.

On 18 May 1721 Johann Adolf Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 1721-1799 was born to Frederick Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg II Duke Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg 1676-1732 (44) and Magdalena Augusta Anhalt-Zerbst Anhaltzerbst Duchess Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg at Gotha.

On 18 May 1726 Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796 was born to Alexander Montgomerie 9th Earl Eglinton 1660-1729 (66) and Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton 1690-1780 (36).

Before 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman 1682-1731. Portrait of Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton 1690-1780.

On 18 May 1763 Anne Somerset Countess Northampton 1741-1763 (22) died in Naples.

On 18 May 1765 Henrietta Greville Baronetess Long 1683-1765 (81) died.

On 18 May 1774 William Fitzroy 3rd Duke Cleveland, 2nd Duke Southampton 1698-1774 (76) died.

On 18 May 1776 Charles Henry Mordaunt 5th Earl Peterborough, 3rd Earl Monmouth 1758-1814 (18) was educated at Christ Church College.

On 18 May 1792 Joseph Damer 1st Earl Dorchester 1718-1798 (74) was created 1st Earl Dorchester (2C 1792).

On 18 May 1795 Thomas Pelham-Clinton 3rd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne 1752-1795 (42) died at Sunninghill. His son Henry Pelham-Clinton 4th Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne 1785-1851 (10) succeeded 4th Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne, 11th Earl Lincoln (8C 1572).

On 18 May 1838 James Wandesford Butler 1st Marquess Ormonde 1777-1838 (60) died. His son John Butler 2nd Marquess Ormonde 1808-1854 (29) succeeded 2nd Marquess Ormonde (3C 1825), 20th Earl Ormonde, 14th Earl Ossory, 2nd Baron Ormonde of Llanthony in Monmouthshire.

On 18 May 1841 Jacob Astley 16th Baron Hastings 1797-1859 (43) abeyance terminated 16th Baron Hastings (1C 1295) after 299 years of the title being in abeyance. Georgiana Carolina Dashwood Baroness Hastings 1796-1835 by marriage Baroness Hastings (1C 1295).

On 18 May 1845 Elizabeth North Baroness Walsingham 1776-1845 (68) died. He was buried at Merton.

On 18 May 1846 Emily Georgiana Craven 1846-1932 was born to William Craven 2nd Earl Craven 1809-1866 (36) and Emily Mary Grimston Countess Craven 1816-1901 (30).

On 09 Nov 1865 Henry George Cavendish 1836-1865 (29) died. On 18 May 1891 Edward Cavendish 1838-1891 (53) died. They were bured in the Cavendish Plot, St Peter's Church, Edensor, Chatsworth.

On 18 May 1870 Charles Strathavon Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 1870-1949 was born to Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby 1st Earl Ancaster 1830-1910 (39) and Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon Countess Ancaster 1846-1921 (24).

On 18 May 1891 Edward Cavendish 1838-1891 (53) died. Monument to Edward Cavendish 1838-1891 (53) in Cartmel Priory, Cartmel.

On 18 May 1897 Charles Philip "Champagne Charlie" Yorke 5th Earl Hardwicke 1836-1897 (61) died. His son Albert Yorke 6th Earl Hardwicke 1867-1904 (30) succeeded 6th Earl Hardwicke.

On 18 May 1899 Dorothy Hastings Marchioness Cambridge 1899-1988 was born.

On 18 May 1901 Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Stanhope Duchess of Cleveland 1819-1901 (81) died.

On 18 May 1912 Richard Grosvenor 1st Baron Stalbridge 1837-1912 (75) died.

On 18 May 1947 Edmund Bernard Fitzalan-Howard 1st Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby 1855-1947 (91) died. His son Henry Edmund Fitzalan-Howard 2nd Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby 1883-1962 (63) succeeded 2nd Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby.