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On this Day in History ... 21 June

1377 Death of Edward III

On 21 Jun 1040 Fulk "Black" Ingelger III Count Anjou 970-1040 (70) died. His son Geoffrey "Martel aka Hammer" Ingelger II Count Anjou -1060 succeeded II Count Anjou. Agnes Ivrea Duchess Aquitaine by marriage Countess Anjou.

On 21 Jun 1208 Philip King Germany 1177-1208 (30) was killed.

On 21 Jun 1213 Eleanor Capet Countess Vermandois 1149-1213 (64) died.

On 21 Jun 1221 Henry Luxemburg III Duke Limburg 1140-1221 (81) died.

On 21 Jun 1221 Alexander II King Scotland 1198-1249 (22) and Joan Plantagenet 1210-1238 (10) were married (he was her half third-cousin). Joan Plantagenet 1210-1238 (10) by marriage as Queen Consort Scotland.

Death of Edward III

On 21 Jun 1377 King Edward III England (64) died of a stroke at Sheen Palace. He was buried in the Chapel of St Edward the Confessor, Chapels, Westminster Abbey. His grandson Richard II King England 1367-1400 (10) succeeded II King England: Plantagenet Angevin.

On 21 Jun 1483 Elizabeth Valois-Burgundy Duchess Cleves 1439-1483 (44) died.

On 21 Jun 1528 Maria Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1528-1603 was born to Charles Habsburg-Spain V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558 (28) and Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain 1503-1539 (24) at Madrid.

1557. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Maria Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1528-1603 (28).

1548. Titian Painter 1488-1576 (60). Equestrian Portrait of Charles Habsburg-Spain V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558 (47).

1519. Bernard Van Orley Painter 1491-1541 (32). Portrait of Charles Habsburg-Spain V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-1558 (18).

1548. Titian Painter 1488-1576 (60). Portrait of Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain 1503-1539.

On 21 Jun 1562 Frederick Habsburg-Spain 1562-1563 was born to Maximilian Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1527-1576 (34) and Maria Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1528-1603 (34).

Around 1544. William Scrots Painter 1517-1553 (27). Portrait of Maximilian Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1527-1576 (16).

Around 1566. Nicolas Neufchatel Painter 1527-1590 (39). Portrait of Maximilian Habsburg-Spain II Holy Roman Emperor 1527-1576 (38).

1557. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Maria Habsburg-Spain Holy Roman Empress 1528-1603 (28).

On 21 Jun 1581 Edward Barrett 1st Baron Barrett 1581-1581 died without issue.

On 21 Jun 1581 Edward Barrett 1st Baron Barrett 1581-1581 was born.

On 21 Jun 1585 Henry Percy 8th Earl of Northumberland 1532-1585 (53) committed suicide at Tower of London. He was found dead in his bed in his cell, having been shot through the heart. A jury was at once summoned, and returned a verdict of suicide. He was buried in St Peter ad Vincula Church, Tower of London. His son Henry "Wizard Earl" Percy 9th Earl of Northumberland 1564-1632 (21) succeeded 9th Earl of Northumberland (1C 1377). Dorothy Devereux Countess Northumberland 1564-1619 (21) by marriage Countess of Northumberland (1C 1377).

On 21 Jun 1603 Edward Carey 1540-1618 (63) and his son Henry Carey 1st Viscount Falkland 1575-1633 (28) were appointed jointly Master of the Jewels.

On 21 Jun 1638 Mildmay Fane 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1602-1666 (36) and Mary Vere Countess Westmoreland 1608-1669 (30) were married at Hackney. Mary Vere Countess Westmoreland 1608-1669 (30) by marriage Countess Westmoreland (2C 1624).

On 21 Jun 1650 Wilhelmina Ernestina Oldenburg 1650-1706 was born to Frederick III King Denmark 1609-1670 (41) and Sophie Amalie Hanover Queen Consort Denmark 1628-1685 (22).

John Evelyn's Diary 1650 June. 21st June 1650. I went to see the Samaritan, or pump, at the end of the Pont Neuf, which, though to appearance promising no great matter, is, besides the machine, furnished with innumerable rarities both of art and nature; especially the costly grotto, where are the fairest corals, growing out of the very rock, that I have seen; also great pieces of crystals, amethysts, gold in the mine, and other metals and marcasites, with two great conchas, which the owner told us cost him 200 crowns at Amsterdam. He showed us many landscapes and prospects, very rarely painted in miniature, some with the pen and crayon; divers antiquities and relievos of Rome; above all, that of the inside of the amphitheater of Titus, incomparably drawn by Monsieur St. Clere himself; two boys and three skeletons, molded by Fiamingo; a book of statues, with the pen made for Henry IV., rarely executed, and by which one may discover many errors in the taille-douce of Perrier, who has added divers conceits of his own that are not in the originals. He has likewise an infinite collection of taille-douces, richly bound in morocco.
He led us into a stately chamber furnished to have entertained a prince, with pictures of the greatest masters, especially a Venus of Perino del Vaga; the Putti carved in the chimney-piece by the Fleming; the vases of porcelain, and many designed by Raphael; some paintings of Poussin, and Fioravanti; antiques in brass; the looking-glass and stands rarely carved. In a word, all was great, choice, and magnificent, and not to be passed by as I had often done, without the least suspicion that there were such rare things to be seen in that place. At a future visit, he showed a new grotto and a bathing place, hewn through the battlements of the arches of Pont Neuf into a wide vault at the intercolumniation, so that the coaches and horses thundered over our heads.

John Evelyn's Diary 1651 June. 21st June 1651. I became acquainted with Sieur William Curtius, a very learned and judicious person of the Palatinate. He had been a scholar to Alstedius, the Encyclopedist, was well advanced in years, and now Resident for his Majesty at Frankfort.

John Evelyn's Diary 1653 June. 21 Jun 1653. My Lady Gerrard, and one Esquire Knight, a very rich gentleman, living in Northamptonshire, visited me.

On 21 Jun 1663 Thomas Bruce 1st Earl Elgin 1599-1663 (64) was created 1st Earl Elgin. Diana Cecil Countess Oxford, Countess Elgin 1596-1654 by marriage Countess Elgin.

Around 1638 Cornelius Johnson Painter 1593-1661 (44). Portrait of Thomas Bruce 1st Earl Elgin 1599-1663 (39). Kenwood House.

John Evelyn's Diary 1672 June. 21 Jun 1672. At a Council of Plantations. Most of this week busied with the sick and wounded.

On 21 Jun 1684 Charles Shirley 1684-1685 was born to Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers 1650-1717 (33) and Elizabeth Washington Baroness Ferrers Chartley -1693.

On 21 Jun 1688 William Cavendish 2nd Duke Devonshire 1672-1729 (16) and Rachel Russell Duchess Devonshire 1674-1725 (14) were married (he was her half third-cousin).

On 21 Jun 1692 Frederick William I Duke Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1675-1713 (17) succeeded I Duke Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

John Evelyn's Diary 1693 June. 21 Jun 1693. I saw a great auction of pictures in the Banqueting house, Whitehall. They had been my Lord Melford's (42), now Ambassador from King James (59) at Rome, and engaged to his creditors here. Lord Mulgrave (45) and Sir Edward Seymour (60) came to my house, and desired me to go with them to the sale. Divers more of the great lords, etc., were there, and bought pictures dear enough. There were some very excellent of Vandyke, Rubens, and Bassan. Lord Godolphin (48) bought the picture of the Boys, by Murillo the Spaniard, for 80 guineas, dear enough; my nephew Glanville, the old Earl of Arundel's head by Rubens, for £20. Growing late, I did not stay till all were sold.

John Evelyn's Diary 1696 June. 21 Jun 1696. An exceedingly rainy, cold, unseasonable summer, yet the city was very healthy.

On 21 Jun 1698 John Arundell 2nd Baron Arundel Trerice 1649-1698 (49) died. His son John Arundell 3rd Baron Arundel Trerice 1678-1706 (20) succeeded 3rd Baron Arundel Trerice in Cornwall.

On 21 Jun 1701 Charles Berkeley of Bruton Abbey 1701-1765 was born to William Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley 1663-1741 (38) and Frances Temple Baroness Berkeley -1707.

On 21 Jun 1702 Arthur Ingram 3rd Viscount Irvine 1666-1702 (36) died. In 1714 His son Edward Machell Ingram 4th Viscount Irvine 1686-1714 (16) succeeded 4th Viscount Irvine.

On 21 Jun 1716 William Cadogan 1st Earl Cadogan 1672-1726 (44) was created 1st Baron Cadogan. Margaret Cecilia Munter Countess Cadogan by marriage Baroness Cadogan.

On 21 Jun 1729 John Tyrrell 3rd Baronet Tyrrell Springfield 1685-1729 (44) died. His son Charles Tyrrell 4th Baronet Tyrrell Sprinfield 1685-1725 (4) succeeded 4th Baronet Tyrrell of Springfield.

On 21 Jun 1731 Bysshe Shelley 1st Baronet of Castle Goring 1731-1815 was born to Timothy Shelley 1700-1770 (31) in Newark.

On 21 Jun 1738 Charles Townshend 2nd Viscount Townsend 1674-1738 (64) died. His son Charles Townshend 3rd Viscount Townsend 1700-1764 (37) succeeded 3rd Viscount Townsend.

On 21 Jun 1767 John Chetwynd 2nd Viscount Chetwynd 1682-1767 (85) died.

On 21 Jun 1779 Paul Methuen 1st Baron Methuen 1779-1849 was born.

On 21 Jun 1796 John Campbell 1st Baron Cawdor 1753-1821 (43) was created 1st Baron Cawdor of Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire. Isabella Caroline Howard Baroness Cadogan 1771-1848 (25) by marriage Baroness Cawdor of Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire.

On 21 Jun 1797 Robert Jocelyn 1st Earl Roden 1731-1797 (65) died at York Street, Dublin. His son Robert Jocelyn 2nd Earl Roden 1756-1820 (40) succeeded 2nd Earl Roden.

On 21 Jun 1805 Edward Anson 1805- was born to Thomas Anson 1st Viscount Anson 1767-1818 (38) and Anne Margaret Coke Viscountess Anson 1779-1843 (26).

Around 1815 Thomas Barber Painter 1771-1843 (44). Portrait of Anne Margaret Coke Viscountess Anson 1779-1843 (35).

On 21 Jun 1809 Sophia Georgiana Lennox 1809- was born to Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond 1764-1819 (44) and Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond 1768-1842 (40).

On 21 Jun 1813 George Sackville-West 5th Earl De La Warr 1791-1869 (21) and Elizabeth Sackville Countess De La Warr 1795-1870 (17) were married. Elizabeth Sackville Countess De La Warr 1795-1870 (17) by marriage Countess De La Warr (1761).

On 21 Jun 1818 Ernest Saxe-Coburg-Gotha II Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1818-1893 was born to Ernest Saxe-Coburg-Gotha I Duke Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1784-1844 (34) and Louise Dorothea Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg Duchess Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1800-1831 (17).

On 21 Jun 1834 James Everard Arundell 10th Baron Arundel Wardour 1785-1834 (48) died in Rome. His brother Henry Benedict Arundell 11th Baron Arundel Wardour 1804-1862 (29) succeeded 11th Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.

On 21 Jun 1837 Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau Clavering-Cowper 5th Earl Cowper 1778-1837 (59) died. His son George Augustus Frederick Cowper 6th Earl Cowper 1806-1856 (30) succeeded 6th Earl Cowper.

On 21 Jun 1840 Frederick Charles Howard 1840-1893 was born to Henry Howard 2nd Earl Effingham 1806-1889 (33) and Eliza Drummond Baroness Howard (29).

On 21 Jun 1842 George Rodney 3rd Baron Rodney 1782-1842 (60) died. His brother Thomas James Rodney 4th Baron Rodney 1784-1843 (58) succeeded 4th Baron Rodney of Rodney Stoke in Somerset.

On 21 Jun 1851 Florence Gordon-Lennox 1851-1895 was born to Charles Gordon-Lennox 6th Duke Richmond 1818-1903 (33) and Frances Harriett Greville Duchess Richmond 1824-1887 (27).

On 21 Jun 1855 Henry Fitzharding 2nd Viscount Portman 1829-1919 (25) and Mary Selina Wentworth-Fitzwiliam Viscountess Portman 1836-1899 (19) were married.

On 21 Jun 1883 Maurice Anthony Wingfield 1883-1956 was born to Mervyn Wingfield 7th Viscount Powerscourt 1836-1904 (46) and Julia Coke Viscountess Powerscourt 1844-1931 (39).

On 21 Jun 1917 William Lever 1st Viscount Leverhulme 1851-1925 (65) was created 1st Baron Leverhulme.

On 21 Jun 1982 William Windsor 1st Duke Cambridge 1982- was born to Charles Windsor Prince of Wales 1948- and Diana Spencer Princess Wales 1961-1997 (20).