Twenty Trees

On this Day in History ... 22 June

1239 Christening of Edward I

1402 Battle of Nesbit Moor

1402 Battle of Bryn Glas

1476 Battle of Morat

1483 The Princes of the Tower described as Illegitimate

1498 Battle of Blackheath aka Cornish Rebellion

1535 Trial and Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

1644 Battle of Oswestry

1679 Popish Plot

1685 Argyll's Rising

On 22 Jun 1000 Robert "Magnificent" Normandy I Duke Normandy 1000-1035 was born to Richard "Good" Normandy II Duke Normandy 963-1026 (36) and Judith Penthièvre Duchess Normandy 982-1017 (18).

Christening of Edward I

On 22 Jun 1239 Edward "Longshanks" I King England 1239-1307 was christened at Westminster Abbey. Humphrey Bohun 2nd Earl Hereford, 1st Earl Essex 1204-1275 (35) as godfather. He was named after Edward "Confessor" King England 1003-1066.

On 22 Jun 1283 Dafydd ap Gruffudd Aberffraw Prince Wales 1238-1283 (44) and Owain ap Dafydd Aberffraw 1275-1325 (8) were captured at Nanhysglain, Bangor, Carnarvonshire, North-West Wales. Dafydd (44), seriously wounded in the struggle, was brought to King Edward's (44) camp at Rhuddlan that same night. Dafydd (44) was taken from here to Chester and then on to Shrewsbury. Dafydd (44) and Dafydd's wife Elizabeth de Ferrers (67), their daughter Gwladys, infant niece Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn (1), and Dafydd's six illegitimate daughters were also taken prisoner at the same time.

On 22 Jun 1343 Aymon "Peaceful" Savoy Count Savoy 1291-1343 (51) died. His son Amadeus "Green Count" Savoy VI Count Savoy 1334-1383 (9) succeeded VI Count Savoy.

On 22 Jun 1370 John Duke of Görlitz 1370-1396 was born to Charles IV King Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg 1316-1378 (54) and Elizabeth Pomerania Holy Roman Empress Luxemburg 1347-1393 (23).

Around 22 Jun 1378 Walter Hungerford 1st Baron Hungerford 1378-1449 was born to Thomas Hungerford -1397 and Joan Hussey 1349-1412 at Farleigh Hungerford.

On 22 Jun 1379 Millicent Zouche Baroness Deincourt -1379 died at Blankney.

On 22 Jun 1382 John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley -1393 and Mary Percy Baroness Ros Helmsley 1367-1394 (15) were married (he was her third-cousin). Mary Percy Baroness Ros Helmsley 1367-1394 (15) by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley.

Around 22 Jun 1394 Philip Valois-Orleans Count Vertus 1394-1420 was born to Louis Valois Duke Touraine, I Duke Orléans 1372-1407 (22) and Valentina Visconti 1371-1408 (23).

Battle of Bryn Glas

On 22 Jun 1402 Owain ap Gruffudd "Glyndŵr" Mathrafal Prince Powys 1359-1415 (43) defeated the army of Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) at Knighton, Radnorshire, Welsh March, who was captured, at the Battle of Bryn Glas.
Henry IV King England 1367-1413 (35) made no attempt to ransom Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) and, as a consequence, Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) changed his allegiance, and subsequently married Owain's (43) daughter.
On 25 Jun 1402 Walter Devereux 1361-1402 (41) died from wounds.

Battle of Nesbit Moor

On 22 Jun 1402 George Dunbar 10th Earl March 1338-1420 (64) commanded a force of around 200 men from the Berwick garrison who defeated a Scottish army of around 400 men at Nisbet during the Battle of Nesbit Moor. Patrick "Younger" of Hailes Hepburn -1402 (64) was killed. John Cockburn, Thomas Haliburton, John Haliburton and Robert Lawedre -1425 were captured.

On 22 Jun 1407 Richard Boteville Bishop of Bath and Wells, Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London -1421 was translated to be Bishop of London.

On 22 Jun 1450 Eleanor Trastámara 1450-1493 was born to Ferdinand I King Naples 1423-1494 (27) and Isabella Clermont Queen Consort Naples 1424-1465 (26).

Battle of Morat

On 22 Jun 1476 John Luxemburg Count Soissons -1476 was killed at the Battle of Morat. His brother Peter Luxemburg II Count Saint-Pol and Soissons 1440-1482 (36) succeeded Count Soissons (1367).

On 22 Jun 1477 Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset 1477-1530 was born to Thomas Grey 1st Marquess Dorset 1455-1501 (22) and Cecily Bonville Marchioness Dorset 1460-1529 (16).

The Princes of the Tower described as Illegitimate

On 22 Jun 1483 Ralph Shaa -1484 preached the bastardy of Edward IV's children by Elizabeth Woodville, including Edward V, and were therefore ineligible to be King, at St Paul's Cross. .

On 22 Jun 1492 Edmund Tuchet Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Hereford, Bishop of Salisbury 1443-1524 (49) was appointed Bishop of Hereford.

Battle of Blackheath aka Cornish Rebellion

Wriothesley's Chronicle Volume 1 Henry VII. 1498. This yeare was Blackheath feild in June. The Lord Awdley chiefe capteyn with 30,000 Cornishe men. The capteynes put to death, and in August Perkin Warbeck (24) landed in Cornwale, and by pursuit fledd to Bowdley St. Marie , but by appoyntment he came to the Kinge (40), followinge the Courte. See Battle of Blackheath aka Cornish Rebellion.

On 22 Jun 1498 Elizabeth Hopton Countess Worcester 1427-1498 (71) died at Hopton Castle, Hopton.

On 22 Jun 1528 William Carey 1500-1528 (28) died of sweating sickness. He was buried at Compton-Wynyates.

Trial and Execution of Bishop Fisher and Thomas More

On 22 Jun 1535 John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (65) was beheaded on Tower Hill.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck Painter 1499-1525 (10). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 in the Masters Lodge, St John's College. Commissioned by John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window. She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

On 22 Jun 1535 John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (65) was appointed Bishop of Rochester.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck Painter 1499-1525 (10). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond 1443-1509 in the Masters Lodge, St John's College. Commissioned by John Fisher Bishop of Rochester 1469-1535 (40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window. She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

On 22 Jun 1549 John Scrope 8th Baron Scrope Bolton 1510-1549 (39) died. His son Henry Scrope 9th Baron Scrope Bolton 1534-1592 (15) succeeded 9th Baron Scrope Bolton.

On 22 Jun 1558 Thomas Percy 7th Earl of Northumberland 1528-1572 (30) and Anne Somerset Countess Northumberland 1538-1596 (20) were married (he was her third-cousin). Anne Somerset Countess Northumberland 1538-1596 (20) by marriage Countess of Northumberland (1C 1377).

On 22 Jun 1593 John Gell 1st Baronet Gell 1593-1671 was born to Thomas Gell 1532-1594 (61) and Millicent Sacheverell in Hopton Hall.

On 22 Jun 1596 William Cockayne 1561-1626 (35) and Mary Morris Countess Dover -1648 were married.

On 22 Jun 1610 William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset 1588-1660 (22) and Arbella Stewart 1575-1615 (35) were married (he was her third-cousin once-removed) in secret at Palace of Placentia. For having married without permission James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625 (44) had Arbella Stewart 1575-1615 (35) imprisoned in Sir Thomas Perry's House, Lambeth and he in the Tower of London.

On 22 Jun 1633 David Carnegie 1st Earl Southesk 1575-1658 (58) was created 1st Earl Southesk.

On 22 Jun 1634 Elizabeth Carey Baroness Savile 1570-1634 (64) died.

Battle of Oswestry

On 22 Jun 1644 Francis Newport 1st Earl Bradford 1620-1708 (24) was captured during the Battle of Oswestry fighting for the Royalists.

John Evelyn's Diary 1660 June. 22d June 1660. The Warwickshire gentlemen (as did all the shires and chief towns in all the three nations) presented their congratulatory address. It was carried by my Lord Northampton.

On 22 Jun 1660 John Robinson Lord Mayor of London 1st Baronet 1615-1680 (45) was created 1st Baronet Robinson of London.

John Evelyn's Diary 1664 June. 22d June 1664. One Tomson, a Jesuit, showed me such a collection of rarities, sent from the Jesuits of Japan and China to their Order at Paris, as a present to be reserved in their repository, but brought to London by the East India ships for them, as in my life I had not seen. The chief things were, rhinoceros's horns; glorious vests, wrought and embroidered on cloth of gold, but with such lively colors, that for splendor and vividness we have nothing in Europe that approaches it; a girdle studded with agates and rubies of great value and size; knives, of so keen an edge as one could not touch them, nor was the metal of our color, but more pale and livid; fans, like those our ladies use, but much larger, and with long handles curiously carved and filled with Chinese characters; a sort of paper very broad, thin, and fine, like abortive parchment, and exquisitely polished, of an amber yellow, exceedingly glorious and pretty to look on, and seeming to be like that which my Lord Verulam describes in his "Nova Atlantis"; several other sorts of paper, some written, others printed; prints of landscapes, their idols, saints, pagods, of most ugly serpentine monstrous and hideous shapes, to which they paid devotion; pictures of men and countries, rarely painted on a sort of gummed calico, transparent as glass; flowers, trees, beasts, birds, etc., excellently wrought in a kind of sleeve silk, very natural; divers drugs that our druggists and physicians could make nothing of, especially one which the Jesuit called Lac Tigridis: it looked like a fungus, but was weighty like metal, yet was a concretion, or coagulation, of some other matter; several book MSS.; a grammar of the language written in Spanish; with innumerable other rarities.

John Evelyn's Diary 1665 June. 22 Jun 1665. We waited on the Chancellor of the Exchequer (43), and got an Order of Council for our money to be paid to the Treasurer of the Navy for our Receivers.

On 22 Jun 1677 Washington Shirley 2nd Earl Ferrers 1677-1729 was born to Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers 1650-1717 (26) and Elizabeth Washington Baroness Ferrers Chartley -1693.

On 22 Jun 1678 Ralph Dutton 1st Baronet Dutton 1645-1721 (33) was created 1st Baronet Dutton. Mary Barwick Lady Dutton by marriage Lady Dutton.

Popish Plot

John Evelyn's Diary 1679 June. 22d June 1679. There were now divers Jesuits executed about the plot, and a rebellion in Scotland of the fanatics, so that there was a sad prospect of public affairs.

John Evelyn's Diary 1684 June. 22 Jun 1684. Last Friday Sir Tho. Armstrong was executed at Tyburn for treason, without tryal, having ben outlaw'd and apprehended in Hol land, on the conspiracy of the Duke of Monmouth (35), Lord Russell, &c. which gave occasion of discourse to people and lawyers, in reguard it was on an outlawry that judgment was given and execution.

Argyll's Rising

John Evelyn's Diary 1685 June. 22 Jun 1685. We had now plentiful raine after 2 yeares excessive drowth and severe winters.
Argyle (56) taken in Scotland and executed, and his party dispers'd.Argyll's Rising.

On 22 Jun 1689 Edward Watson 2nd Baron Rockingham 1630-1689 (58) died. His son Lewis Watson 1st Earl Rockingham 1655-1724 (33) succeeded 3rd Baron Rockingham.

On 22 Jun 1695 Basil Feilding 3rd Earl Desmond, 4th Earl Denbigh 1668-1717 (27) and Hester Firebrace Countess Desmond, Countess Denbigh were married. Hester Firebrace Countess Desmond, Countess Denbigh by marriage Countess Desmond, Earl Denbigh.

John Evelyn's Diary 1701. 22 Jun 1701. I went to congratulate the arrival of that worthy and excellent person my Lord Galway (53), newly come out of Ireland, where he had behaved himself so honestly, and to the exceeding satisfaction of the people: but he was removed thence for being a Frenchman, though they had not a more worthy, valiant, discreet, and trusty person in the two kingdoms, on whom they could have relied for his conduct and fitness. He was one who had deeply suffered, as well as the Marquis, his father, for being Protestants.

Before 1720. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743. Portrait of Henri de Massue Earl of Galway 1648-1720.

John Evelyn's Diary 1702. 22 Jun 1702. I dined at the Archbishop's (65) with the newly made Bishop of Carlisle, Dr. Nicolson, my worthy and learned correspondent.

On 22 Jun 1713 John Sackville 1713-1765 was born to Lionel Cranfield Sackville 1st Duke Dorset 1688-1765 (25) and Elizabeth Colyear Duchess Dorset 1689-1768 (24).

On 22 Jun 1716 Robert Marsham 1st Baron Romney 1685-1724 (30) was created 1st Baron Romney. Elizabeth Shovell Baroness Romney by marriage Baroness Romney.

On 22 Jun 1731 Edward Howard 8th Earl Suffolk 1672-1731 (59) died. His brother Charles Howard 9th Earl Suffolk 1685-1733 (46) succeeded 9th Earl Suffolk (4C 1603). Henrietta Hobart Countess Suffolk 1689-1767 (42) by marriage 9th Countess Suffolk (4C 1603).

On 22 Jun 1740 Catherine Harpur Lady Gough -1740 died.

In 1739 John Vanderbank Painter 1694-1739 (44). Portrait of Catherine Harpur Lady Gough -1740.

On 22 Jun 1744 William Fitzwilliam 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam 1720-1756 (24) and Anne Watson Countess Fitzwilliam -1769 were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. Anne Watson Countess Fitzwilliam -1769 by marriage Countess Fitzwilliam, Baron Fitzwilliam.

On 22 Jun 1749 Gilbert Heathcote 3rd Baronet Heathcote 1720-1785 (29) and Margaret Yorke Lady Heathcote 1733-1769 (16) were married.

On 22 Jun 1764 John Philipps 6th Baronet Philips 1699-1764 (64) died. His son Richard Philipps 1st Baron Milford 1744-1823 (20) succeeded 7th Baronet Philips of Picton Castle.

On 22 Jun 1772 Henry George Herbert 2nd Earl Carnarvon 1772-1833 was baptised at St George's Church, Hanover Square.

On 22 Jun 1778 George Percy 5th Duke Northumberland 1778-1867 was born to Algernon Percy 1st Earl Beverley 1750-1830 (28) and Isabella Susan Burrell Countess Beverley 1750-1812 (27).

On 22 Jun 1782 Charles Jenkinson 1st Earl Liverpool 1729-1808 (53) and Catherine Bisshop Countess Liverpool 1744-1827 (37) were married at her house in Hertford Street.

On 22 Jun 1787 George Gough-Calthorpe 3rd Baron Calthorpe 1787-1851 was born to Henry Gough-Calthorpe 1st Baron Calthorpe 1749-1798 (38) and Frances Carpenter Baroness Calthorpe 1761-1827 (26).

On 22 Jun 1788 William Pole-Tylney-Long-Wellesley 4th Earl Mornington 1788-1857 was born to William Wellesley-Pole 3rd Earl Mornington 1763-1845 (25) and Katherine Forbes Countess Mornington 1761-.

On 22 Jun 1801 George Percy 5th Duke Northumberland 1778-1867 (23) and Louisa Harcourt Stuart-Wortley 1781-1848 (19) were married.

On 22 Jun 1820 George John Manners 1820-1874 was born to John Henry Manners 5th Duke Rutland 1778-1857 (42) and Elizabeth Howard Duchess Rutland 1780-1825 (39).

On 22 Jun 1821 Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy 7th Duke Grafton 1821-1918 was born to Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton 1790-1863 (31) and Mary Caroline Berkeley Duchess Grafton 1795-1873 (26).

On 22 Jun 1826 James Henry Legge Dutton 3rd Baron Sherborne 1804-1883 (22) and Elizabeth Howard Baroness Sherborne 1803-1845 (23) were married (he was her first-cousin).

On 22 Jun 1832 Archibald Acheson 3rd Earl Gosford 1806-1864 (25) and Theodosia Brabazon Countess Gosford were married.

On 22 Jun 1840 Thomas Reynolds-Moreton 1st Earl Ducie 1776-1840 (63) died.

On 22 Jun 1857 Ida Louise Bennet Countess Dalhousie 1857-1887 was born to Charles Bennet 6th Earl Tankerville 1810-1899 (47) and Olivia Montagu Countess Tankerville 1830-1922 (26).

On 22 Jun 1878 Bertram Ashburnham 4th Earl Ashburham 1797-1878 (80) died.

On 22 Jun 1881 Henry Page Croft 1st Baron Croft 1881-1947 was born.

1924. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (54). Portrait of Henry Page Croft 1st Baron Croft 1881-1947 (42).

On 22 Jun 1883 Beatrice Eleanor Paget Countess Pembroke, Countess Montgomery 1883-1973 was born to Alexander Victor Paget 1839-1896 (44).

On 22 Jun 1894 Orlando Weld-Forester 4th Baron Forester 1813-1894 (81) died. He was buried at Willey Church, Willey. His son Cecil Weld-Forester 5th Baron Forester 1842-1917 (51) succeeded 5th Baron Forester of Willey Park in Shropshire.

On 22 Jun 1904 Richard Boyle 9th Earl Cork 1829-1904 (75) died at Berkeley Square. His son Charles Spencer Boyle 10th Earl Cork 1861-1925 (42) succeeded 10th Earl Cork.

On 22 Jun 1909 Beatriz Bourbon 1909-2002 was born to Alfonso XIII King Spain 1886-1941 (23) and Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain 1887-1969 (21).

1927. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (57). Portrait of Beatriz Bourbon 1909-2002 (17).

Times Newspaper Marriages. 22 Jun 1910. LORD ACHESON (33) AND MISS CARTER (22).
The marriage of Viscount Acheson (33), elder son of the Earl (68) and Countess of Gosford (54), and Miss Mildred Carter (22), only daughter of Mr. J. Ridgely Carter (46), American Minister to Rumania, and Mrs. Ridgely Carter (45), took place yesterday at St. George's, Hanover-square. The Sub-Dean of the Chapels Royal (the Rev. Edgar Sheppard, D.D.) performed the ceremony, assisted by the Rev. David Anderson and other clergy, and Mr. Ridgely Carter (46) gave his daughter away. She wore a very simple wedding gown of soft white satin with a long train draped with old point de Venise, and a Venetian lace cap over a spray of myrtle and orange blossom, covered by a plain tulle veil. Master David Stanley, Master Julian Ward, and Miss Diana Roberts, dressed all in white, followed the bride, and there were seven bridesmaids, Lady Theo Acheson (28) (sister of the bridegroom), Lady Victoria Stanley, Mlle. Irene deo La Grange, Miss Canilla Morgan, the Hon. Rhoda Astley, Miss Elsie Nicholl, and Miss Marian Scranton, who wore white chiffon dresses with draped bodices and wreaths of myrtle beneath tulle veils. They also wore diamond neckislides and carried loose bunches of red roses. The Hon. Patrick Acheson (26) was best man to his brother.
Mrs. Ridgely Carter (45) afterwards held a large reception at Dorchester House (lent by the American Ambassador and Mrs. Whitelaw Reid), and among the many who came on from the church were the French, Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian Ambassadors, the Danish Minister, tho Rumanian Minister, the Swedish Minister and Countess Wrangel, Mme. Dominguez, the Servian Charge d'Affaires and Mme. Grouitel, the Chilian Minister and Mme. Gana, the Belgian Minister and Countess de Lalaing, the Duke (63) and Duchess of Somerset (57), Katharine Duchess of Westminster (53) and Lady Helen Grosvenor (22), Prince and Princess Alexis Dolgorouki, the Marquis and Marchioness of Hamilton, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, the Marquis (48) and Marchioness of Salisbury (42), the Marchioness of Anglesey (26), the Countess of Powis (45), the Earl (56) and Countess of Chesterfield, the Countess of Kintore and Lady Hilda Keith-Falconer, the Earl (68) and Countess of Gosford (54), Prince and Princess Frederick Liechtenstein, the Countess of Kimberley, Countess Grey, the Marquis d'Hautpoul, the Countess of Leicester (54) and Lady Bridget Coke (19), the Earl (41) and Countess of Craven (38), the Earl of Desart, Countess Fritz Hochberg, the Earl and Countess of Meath, the Countess of Bilmorey, the Countess of Londesborough (49) and Lady Irene Denison (19), the Earl and Countess of Derby (70), the Earl (51) and Countess of Yarborough (51), Ellen Lady Inchiquin and the Hon Lilah O'Brien, Lord and Lady Charles Beresford, Lord and Lady Leith of Fyvie, Lady Saltoun, Baroness Nunburnholme (30), Baroness Newborough, Sir John and Lady Lister-Raye, Lord and Lady Monson, Lord and Baroness Savile, Lady Rothschild, Viscount and Viscountess AIdleton, Lady Alexander Paget, Lady Harcourt, Lady Desborough, Lord Suffield, Sir Herbert and Lady Jekyll and Miss Jekyll, the Hon. Sir Francis and Baroness Ufford and Miss Viliers, Lady Heien Vincent, Lord Knaresborough and the Hon. Helen Meysey-Thompson, Lady Pauncefote, Lord and Lady Weardale, Lady Grace Baring, Lord Strathcona, Lady Margaret Graham and Miss Graham, Sir Francis and Lady Channing, Mary Baroness Gerard, Baroness Manners and the Hon. Misses Manners, Lady Edward Cavendish, Mme. Langenbach, Lord Revelstoke, the Countess of Bessborough (84) and Ladv Gweneth Ponsonby (22), Lord Aberdare and the Hon. Eva Bruce, the Hon. Harry and Mrs. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin, Mrs. F. Vanderbilt, Mrs. Arthur James, Mrs. Walter Burns, Mrs. Lewis Harcourt, Mrs. Lowther and Miss Lokther, Mine. Vagliano, Captain and Mrs. Clonman, Miss Ralli, Mr. William Giuett, Mrs: Hwfa Williams, the Hon. Mrs. Derek Keppel, Mr. William Phillips, Mrs. Frank D'Arcy, the Hon. Lady Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Sassoon, Sir Bartle Frere, Mme. de Bille, Mrs. Featherston- haugh, Mrs. Cotton Jodrell, Mrs. Frank Mackay, the Hon. Urs. Charles Lawrence, the Hon. Mrs. Rochfort Maguire, Lady Barrymore, Mrs. Chauncey, and Mrs. Ronalds.
Lord (33) and Lady Acheson (22) left later in the afternoon for the Continent, the bride (22) travelling in a dress of grey chiffon and a large hat swathed in tulle to match the dress.
A list of the principal wedding presents was published in The Times yesterday.

In 1908.John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (51). Portrait of Mildred Carter Countess Gosford 1888-1965 (19).

1901. John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (44). Portrait of John Ridgeley Carter 1864-1944 (36).

In 1902 John Singer-Sargent Painter 1856-1925 (45). Known as the Acheson Sisters: Portrait of Alexandra Louise Elizabeth Acheson 1878–1958 (24), Mary Acheson 1881– and Theodosia Louisa Augusta Acheson 1882–1977 (20).

On 22 Jun 1911 George V King United Kingdom 1865-1936 (46) was crowned V King United Kingdom: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha aka Windsor.

1911. Luke Fildes Painter 1843-1927 (67). Coronation Portrait of George V King United Kingdom 1865-1936 (45).

On 22 Jun 1911 Cecilie Glücksburg Grand Duchess 1911-1937 was born to Andrew Glücksburg 1882-1944 (29) and Princess Alice of Battenburg 1885-1969 (26).

1907. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (37). Portrait of Princess Alice of Battenburg 1885-1969 (21).

On 22 Jun 1919 Algitha Frederica Mary Lumley 1847-1919 (71) died. On 05 Dec 1884 Her brother Aldred Beresford Lumley 10th Earl Scarborough 1857-1945 (61) succeeded 10th Earl Scarborough.

On 22 Jun 1927 Charles Fitzroy 5th Baron Southampton 1904-1989 (23) and Margaret Drake Baroness Southampton were married. Margaret Drake Baroness Southampton by marriage Baroness Southampton.

On 22 Jun 1940 Ethel Jemima Ponsonby Baroness Raglan 1857-1940 (83) died.