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On this Day in History ... 25 June

841 Battle of Fontenay

Siege of Toulose 1218

1381 Battle of North Walsham

1402 Battle of Bryn Glas

1483 Execution of the Woodvilles and their Affinity

1603 The Entertainment at Althorp

1640 Attack on Lambeth Palace

Battle of Fontenay

On 25 Jun 841 Lambert Guideschi II Count Nantes -852 fought at Fontenay, Yonne during the Battle of Fontenay: Franks.

Siege of Toulose 1218

On 25 Jun 1218 Simon "Elder" Montfort 5th Earl of Leicester 1175-1218 (43) was killed at the Siege of Toulose 1218. His son Amaury Montfort 1195-1241 (23) succeeded 6th Seigneur Montfort. His son Simon Montfort 6th Earl of Leicester 1208-1265 (10) succeeded 6th Earl of Leicester (1C 1107).

On 25 Jun 1259 Hugh Lusignan XIII Count Lusignan, VIII Count La Marche, IV Count Angoulême 1259-1303 was born to Hugh Lusignan XII Count Lusignan, VII Count La Marche, III Count Angoulême 1235-1270 (24) and Jeanne Fougères Countess Lusignan Countess La Marche Countess Angoulême.

On 25 Jun 1328 William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury 1328-1397 was born to William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury 1301-1349 (27) and Catherine Grandison Countess Salisbury 1304-1349 (24).

Battle of North Walsham

On 25 Jun 1381 Henry Despencer Bishop of Norwich 1341-1406 (40) brought the Peasant's Revolt to an end at North Walsham at the Battle of North Walsham.

Battle of Bryn Glas

On 22 Jun 1402 Owain ap Gruffudd "Glyndŵr" Mathrafal Prince Powys 1359-1415 (43) defeated the army of Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) at Knighton, Radnorshire, Welsh March, who was captured, at the Battle of Bryn Glas.
Henry IV King England 1367-1413 (35) made no attempt to ransom Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) and, as a consequence, Edmund Mortimer 1376-1408 (25) changed his allegiance, and subsequently married Owain's (43) daughter.
On 25 Jun 1402 Walter Devereux 1361-1402 (41) died from wounds.

On 25 Jun 1423 Reinald Jülich 4th Duke Guelders, 3rd Duke Jülich 1365-1423 (58) died. His sister Joanna Jülich 3rd Duchess Guelders -1394 succeeded 3rd Duke Guelders.

On 25 Jun 1456 John Trastámara 1456-1485 was born to Ferdinand I King Naples 1423-1494 (33) and Isabella Clermont Queen Consort Naples 1424-1465 (32).

On 25 Jun 1462 Catherine Valois Duchess Bavaria 1380-1462 (82) died.

Execution of the Woodvilles and their Affinity

On 25 Jun 1483 supporters of the Woodviles were executed at Pontefract Castle ...
Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers 1440-1483 (43) was beheaded. His brother Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers 1453-1491 (30) succeeded 3rd Earl Rivers (1C 1466).
Richard Grey 1457-1483 (26) and Thomas Vaughan were beheaded.

On 25 Jun 1519 Hugh Oldham Bishop of Exeter 1452-1519 (67) died.

On 25 Jun 1525 Ralph Neville 4th Earl Westmoreland 1498-1549 (27) was appointed 288th Knight of the Garter by Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 (33)..

On 25 Jun 1526 Elisabeth Brooke Marchioness Northampton 1526-1565 was born to George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 1497-1558 (29) and Anne Braye Baroness Cobham 1501-.

On 25 Jun 1532 Francis Hastings 2nd Earl Huntingdon 1514-1561 (18) and Catherine Pole Countess Huntingdon 1511-1576 (21) were married (he was her first-cousin twice-removed).

On 25 Jun 1533 Mary Tudor Queen Consort France 1496-1533 (37) died at Westhorpe.

On 25 Jun 1539 Gregory Fiennes 10th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1539-1594 was born to Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1515-1541 (24) and Mary Neville Baroness Dacre Gilsland 1524-1576 (15) at Herstmonceux Castle, Herstmonceux, East Sussex.

On 25 Jun 1550 Marie Eleonore Marck 1550-1608 was born to William Marck Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg 1516-1592 (33) and Maria Habsburg-Spain Duchess Cleves 1531-1581 (19).

On 25 Jun 1566 Francis Russell 2nd Earl Bedford 1527-1585 (39) and Bridget Hussey Countess Bedford 1526-1601 (40) were married. Bridget Hussey Countess Bedford 1526-1601 (40) by marriage Countess Bedford (3C 1551).

On 25 Jun 1576 Catherine Leigh Baroness Mountjoy 1532-1576 (44) was buried in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, Hackney.

On 25 Jun 1596 Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex 1565-1601 (30) was present at Cadiz.

On 25 Jun 1601 Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 (45) died at Berwick on Tweed. His son Robert Bertie 1582-1642 1st Earl Lindsey 1582-1642 (18) succeeded 14th Baron Willoughby Eresby. He was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby.
On 15 Feb 1610 Catherine Bertie 1595-1610 (15) died in childbirth. She was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby.
Monument Elizabethan Recumbent. Tall Sideboard Tomb with reclining hooded figure of Lady Katherine, daughter of Peregrine, with Chrisom Child in the crib at her feet. Above a standing figure of Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby Eresby 1555-1601 (45) in a niche, with Strapwork embellishments, all supported on composite columns with a Dentillated cornice.

The Entertainment at Althorp

On 25 Jun 1603 the Ben Johnson Playwright 1572-1637 Masque the The Entertainment at Althorp was performed at Althorp House, Daventry to welcome the new Royal Family on their journey from Edinburgh to London following the death of Queen Elizabeth. The performance was attended by Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland, England and Ireland 1574-1619 (28) and her son Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales 1594-1612 (9).

After 07 Feb 1612 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia 1596-1662. Elizabeth's standing collar of reticella is worked with the Royal coat of arms with its lion and unicorn supporters. She wears a gown of Italian silk brocade. The black armband is thought to be a sign of mourning for her brother Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales who died on 07 Feb 1612.

Attack on Lambeth Palace

John Evelyn's Diary 1640. 10th June 1640. I repaired with my brother (17) to the term, to go into our new lodgings (that were formerly in Essex-court), being a very handsome apartment just over against the Hall-court, but four pair of stairs high, which gave us the advantage of the fairer prospect; but did not much contribute to the love of that impolished study, to which (I suppose) my father (53) had designed me, when he paid £145 to purchase our present lives, and assignments afterward.
London, and especially the Court, were at this period in frequent disorders, and great insolences were committed by the abused and too happy City: in particular, the Bishop of Canterbury's (66) Palace at Lambeth was assaulted by a rude rabble from Southwark, my Lord Chamberlain (55) imprisoned and many scandalous libels and invectives scattered about the streets, to the reproach of Government, and the fermentation of our since distractions: so that, upon the 25th of June, I was sent for to Wotton, and the 27th after, my father's (53) indisposition augmenting, by advice of the physicians he repaired to the Bath.

25 Jun 1641 Garrard Napier 1st Baronet Napier 1606-1673 (34) was created 1st Baronet Napier.

On 25 Jun 1652 Charles Dormer 1652-1672 was born to Charles Dormer 2nd Earl Carnarvon 1632-1709 (19) and Elizabeth Capell Countess Carnarvon 1633-1678 (19).

John Evelyn's Diary 1652 June. 25 Jun 1652. After a drought of near four months, there fell so violent a tempest of hail, rain, wind, thunder, and lightning, as no man had seen the like in his age; the hail being in some places four or five inches about, broke all glass about London, especially at Deptford, and more at Greenwich.

On 25 Jun 1660 Thomas Stanley 1st Baronet Stanley 1597-1672 (63) was created 1st Baronet Stanley of Alderley.

On 25 Jun 1660 Frances Cavendish 1660-1690 was born to Henry Cavendish 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne 1630-1691 (30) and Frances Pierrepoint Duchess Newcastle upon Tyne 1630-1695 (29).

On 25 Jun 1674 Orlando Bridgeman 1st Baronet Bridgeman 1606-1674 (68) died. His son John Bridgeman 2nd Baronet Bridgeman 1631-1710 (42) succeeded 2nd Baronet Bridgeman of Great Lever in Lancashire.

On 25 Jun 1674 John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale 1616-1682 (58) was created 1st Earl Halifax (1C 1679), 1st Baron Petersham. Elizabeth Murray Duchess Lauderdale 1626-1698 (47) by marriage Countess Halifax (1C 1679).

John Evelyn's Diary 1679 June. 25th June 1679. The new Commissioners of the Admiralty came to visit me, viz, Sir Henry Capell (41), brother to the Earl of Essex (48), Mr. Finch (31), eldest son to the Lord Chancellor (57), Sir Humphry Winch (57), Sir Thomas Meeres (45), Mr. Hales, with some of the Commissioners of the Navy. I went with them to London.

John Evelyn's Diary 1686 June. 25 Jun 1686. Now his Ma* (52), beginning with Dr Sharp (41) and Tully, proceeded to silence and suspend divers excellent divines for preaching against Popery.

John Evelyn's Diary 1696 June. 25 Jun 1696. A trial in the Common Pleas between the Lady Purbeck Temple and Mr. Temple, a nephew of Sir Purbeck, concerning a deed set up to take place of several wills. This deed was proved to be forged. The cause went on my lady's side. This concerning my son-in-law, Draper, I stayed almost all day at Court. A great supper was given to the jury, being persons of the best condition in Buckinghamshire.

John Evelyn's Diary 1699. 25 Jun 1699. The heat has been so great, almost all this month, that I do not remember to have felt much greater in Italy, and this after a winter the wettest, though not the coldest, that I remember for fifty years last past.

On 25 Jun 1704 Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany 1704-1705 was born to Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy 1682-1712 (21) and Maria Adelaide Savoy 1685-1712 (18).

1710.Pierre Gobert Painter 1662-1744 (48). Portrait of Maria Adelaide Savoy 1685-1712 (24).

On 25 Jun 1717 Henry Browne 5th Viscount Montague -1717 died. His son Anthony Browne 6th Viscount Montague 1686-1767 (31) succeeded 6th Viscount Montague.

After 25 Jun 1727. St James the Apostle Church, Grafton Underwood. Monument to those contained in the vault: Richard Fitzpatrick 1st Baron Gowran -1727 and Anne Robinson Baroness Gowran -1744, their son John Fitzpatrick 1st Earl Upper Ossory 1719-1758 and his wife Evelyn Leveson-Gower Countess Upper Ossory 1725-1763, their son John Fitzpatrick 2nd Earl Upper Ossory 1745-1818 and Anne Liddell Duchess Grafton 1737-1804. Sculpted by Richard "The Younger" Sculptor Westmacott 1799-1892.

On 25 Jun 1729 Peregrine Osborne 2nd Duke Leeds 1659-1729 (70) died. His son Peregrine Osborne 3rd Duke Leeds 1691-1731 (37) succeeded 3rd Duke Leeds. Anne Seymour Duchess Leeds 1709-1722 by marriage Duchess Leeds.

On 25 Jun 1730 George Beauclerk 3rd Duke St Albans 1730-1786 was born to Charles Beauclerk 2nd Duke St Albans 1696-1751 (34) and Lucy Werden Duchess St Albans 1699-1752 (31).

On 25 Jun 1737 Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton 1737-1797 was born to Augustus Fitzroy 1716-1741 (20) and Elizabeth Cosby.

On 25 Jun 1738 Mary-Anastasia Grace Mordaunt Baroness Mordaunt 1738-1819 was born to Charles Mordaunt 4th Earl Peterborough, 2nd Earl Monmouth 1708-1779 (30) and Mary Cox Countess Peterborough, Countess Monmouth -1755.

In 25 Jun 1744 John Damer 1744-1776 was born to Joseph Damer 1st Earl Dorchester 1718-1798 (26) and Caroline Sackville Lady Milton -1775.

On 25 Jun 1744 William Flower 2nd Viscount Ashbrook 1744-1780 was born to Henry Flower 1st Viscount Ashbrook -1752.

On 25 Jun 1756 John Ashburnham 2nd Earl Ashburham 1724-1812 (31) and Elizabeth Crowley Countess Ashburham were married. Elizabeth Crowley Countess Ashburham by marriage Countess Ashburham.

On 25 Jun 1760 Elizabeth Compton Countess Burlington 1760-1835 was born to Charles Compton 7th Earl of Northampton 1737-1763 (22) and Anne Somerset Countess Northampton 1741-1763 (19) in Compton.

On 25 Jun 1791 Shute Barrington Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop of Durham 1734-1826 (57) was elected Bishop of Durham.

On 25 Jun 1800 Arthur Charles Legge 1800-1890 was born to George Legge 3rd Earl Dartmouth 1755-1810 (44) and Frances Finch Countess Dartmouth 1761-1838 (39).

On 25 Jun 1816 Alfred Hervey 1816-1875 was born to Frederick William Hervey 1st Marquess Bristol 1769-1859 (46).

On 25 Jun 1838 Constantine Phipps 1st Marquess Normanby 1797-1863 (41) was created 1st Marquess Normanby. Maria Liddell Marchioness Normanby 1798-1882 (40) by marriage Marchioness Normanby.

On 25 Jun 1857 Michael Henry Herbert 1857-1903 was born to Sidney Herbert 1st Baron Herbert Lea 1810-1861 (46).

On 25 Jun 1859 Charles Augustus Bennet 5th Earl Tankerville 1776-1859 (83) died. His son Charles Bennet 6th Earl Tankerville 1810-1899 (49) succeeded 6th Earl Tankerville (3C 1714). Olivia Montagu Countess Tankerville 1830-1922 (28) by marriage Countess Tankerville (3C 1714).

On 25 Jun 1865 William Feilding 6th Earl Desmond, 7th Earl Denbigh 1796-1865 (69) died.

On 25 Jun 1867 Lancelot Edward Lowther 6th Earl Lonsdale 1867-1953 was born to Henry Lowther 3rd Earl Lonsdale 1818-1876 (49).

On 25 Jun 1872 Henry Wodehouse 1834-1873 (38) and Mary Livingston "Minna" King Marchioness Anglesey were married.

On 25 Jun 1883 Humphrey Napier Sturt 2nd Baron Alington 1859-1919 (23) and Feodorowna Yorke Baroness Alington were married.

On 25 Jun 1884 Philip Gore 4th Earl Arran 1801-1884 (82) died. His son Arthur Saunders Gore 5th Earl Arran 1839-1901 (45) succeeded 5th Earl Arran (3C 1762). Edith Jocelyn 5th Countess Arran 1845-1871 by marriage 5th Countess Arran (3C 1762).

On 25 Jun 1895 Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess Salisbury 1830-1903 (65) was appointed Prime Minister.

On 25 Jun 1898 Victoria Alexandrina Fitzroy 1898- was born to Charles Fitzroy 4th Baron Southampton 1867-1958 (31) and Hilda Mary Dundas Baroness Southampton 1872-1957 (25).

On 25 Jun 1900 Louis Mountbatten 1st Earl Mountbatten Burma 1900-1979 was born to Prince Louis of Battenburg 1st Marquess Milford Haven 1854-1921 (46) and Victoria Hesse-Darmstadt Marchioness Milford Haven 1863-1950 (37).

1925. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (55). Portrait of Louis Mountbatten 1st Earl Mountbatten Burma 1900-1979 (24).

1910. Philip de László Painter 1869-1937 (40). Portrait of Prince Louis of Battenburg 1st Marquess Milford Haven 1854-1921 (55).

On 25 Jun 1912 Esme Ivo Bligh 9th Earl of Darnley 1886-1955 (25) and Daphne Rachel Mulholland -1948 were married.

On 25 Jun 1914 Georg II Duke of Saxe-Meiningen 1826-1914 (88) died. Bernhard Saxe-Meiningen III Duke Saxe-Meiningen 1851-1928 (63) succeeded as III Duke Saxe-Meiningen.

On 25 Jun 1923 Nicholas Mosley 3rd Baron Ravensdale Kedleston 1923-2017 was born to Oswald Mosley 6th Baronet Ancoats 1896-1980 (26) and Cynthia Blanche Curzon Lady Ancoats 1898-1933 (24).