Twenty Trees

1488-1496 Battle of Sauchieburn and Yorkshire Rebellion

Battle of Sauchieburn

On 11 Jun 1488 James III King Scotland 1451-1488 (36) was killed in action or attempting to escape, at the Battle of Sauchieburn. His son James IV King Scotland 1473-1513 (15) succeeded IV King Scotland: Stewart.

On 11 Jun 1488 Alexander Stewart 3rd of Garlies -1500 fought at the Battle of Sauchieburn. Alexander Cunningham 1st Earl Glencairn 1426-1488 (62) was killed at the Battle of Sauchieburn. Robert Cunningham 2nd Earl Glencairn 1451-1490 (37) succeeded 2nd Earl Glencairn.

Mad War

Siege of Loja

On 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville Lord Scales -1488 fought at Loja during the Siege of Loja.

Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier

On 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville Lord Scales -1488 was killed during the Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier.

Yorkshire Rebellion

Wriothesley's Chronicle Volume 1 Henry VII. 1489. This yeare the Kinge (31) sent manye knightes with seaven thowsand men into Brytane.
Th' Earle of Northumberlande slayne (40) in the Northe. See Yorkshire Rebellion
A capp of mayntenance brought from Rome to the Kinge (31).

In 1489 Parliament granted Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (31) £10,000 taxes to pay for his support of Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France 1477-1514 's claim to the throne of Brittany. The North rebelled claiming to have already paid through local taxes.

On 28 Apr 1489 Henry Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland 1449-1489 (40) was hanged at York by the rebels when attempting to collect the tax. On 28 Apr 1489 His son Henry Percy 5th Earl of Northumberland 1478-1527 (11) succeeded 5th Earl of Northumberland (1C 1377).
The King then sent an army of 8000 north led by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk 1443-1524 (46). The rebels dispersed; their leader John à Chambre was hanged for treason. The rebels then chose John Percy 1459- as their leader. His leadership proved less than reliable; he eventually fled to the court of Margaret Duchess of Burgundy 1446-1503 (42) (sister of Edward IV and Richard III) who remained sympathetic to the Yorkist cause.

Arthur Tudor created Prince of Wales

On 27 Feb 1490 Arthur Tudor Prince Wales 1486-1502 (3) was created Prince Wales at Westminster Palace.
Thomas West 8th Baron De La Warr, 5th Baron West 1457-1525 (33) was appointed Knight of the Bath.

Este and Visconti Double Wedding

On 12 Jan 1491 Alfonso Este I Duke Modena 1476-1534 (14) and Anne Sforza 1476-1497 (14) were married fourteen years after their bethrothal. The marriage was unhappy: blonde and without femininity, Anna, all her time dressed like a man, refused to consummate her union, preferred the company of women and spent every night with a small black slave.

On 12 Jan 1491 Ludovico Sforza Duke Milan 1452-1508 (38) and Beatrice Este 1475-1497 (15) were married.

On 12 Jan 1491 a double wedding ceremony was held between the Este and Visconti families of Milan. Leonardo da Vinci orchestrated the celebrations.

Christening of Henry VIII

After 28 Jun 1491 Henry VIII King England and Ireland 1491-1547 was baptised by Richard Foxe Bishop 1448-1528 at the Church of the Observant Friars.

Siege of Boulogne 1492

John Savage 1444-1492 was killed.

Ferdinand I King Naples Dies Alfonso II King Naples Succeeds

On 25 Jan 1494 Ferdinand I King Naples 1423-1494 (70) died. His son Alfonso II King Naples 1448-1495 (45) succeeded II King Naples. Ippolita Maria Sforza Queen Consort Naples 1446-1484 by marriage Queen Consort Naples.

Edward IV's Daughter's Marriages

In 1495 Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (37) arranged marriages for two of the daughters of Edward IV King England 1442-1483 (his wife's (28) sisters).

On 04 Feb 1495 Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk 1473-1554 (22) and Anne York 1475-1511 (19) were married.

In Oct 1495 William Courtenay 1st Earl Devon 1475-1511 (20) and Catherine York Countess Devon 1479-1527 (16) were married.

5th Parliament of Henry VII

On 15 Oct 1495 Robert Drury 1454-1536 (41) was appointed Speaker of the House of Commons during the 5th Parliament of Henry VII.

Perkin Warbreck Plot

Wriothesley's Chronicle Volume 1 Henry VII. 1495. This yeare was beheaded Sir William Stanley, Lord Chamberlayne (60), Sir Symon Monforde and his sonne, and manye other that landed in the Downes, to the number of viii, that came from Perkin Werbeck, callinge himselfe King Edwardes sonne. Note. Unclear as to which son of Simon Montfort is being referred to.

On 16 Feb 1495 William Stanley Lord Chamberlain 1435-1495 (60) and Simon Montfort -1495 were beheaded at Tower Hill for their part in the Perkin Warbeck Plot.

Around Oct 1495 John Radclyffe 9th Baron Fitzwalter 1452-1496 (43) was imprisoned at Guines as a result of his joining the Perkin Warbeck Plot.

On 24 Nov 1496 John Radclyffe 9th Baron Fitzwalter 1452-1496 (44) was beheaded at Calais for trying to bribe his jailers.

Death of Jasper Tudor Duke Bedford

On 21 Dec 1495 Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford 1431-1495 (64) died at Thornbury Manor without legitimate issue. He had been half-brother to Henry VI King England, II King France 1421-1471 and uncle to Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 (38) for whom he fought at the Battle of Bosworth and Battle of Stoke Field. He had lived in Brittany and France during the years when the House of York occupied the throne. He enjoyed the last ten years of his life as Duke Bedford. He had married Catherine Woodville (37) in November 1485, after the Battle of Bosworth. A somewhat curious choice she being the sister of the former queen Elizabeth Woodville. His name, Jasper, an enigma. It apparently means "Keeper of the Treasure" - it isn't clear what treasure is being referred to although there is speculation as to whether his and his brother Edmund's father was Owen Tudor 1400-1461.