Beckford. Per pale, gules and azure, on a chevron argent between three martlets or, an eagle displayed sable.

Chaworth. Barry Argent and Gules over three Martlets.

Valence. Barry of Argent and Azure, an orle of martlets gulesSource.

Watson. Argent, on a chevron engrailed azure between three martlets sable as many crescents or. Source.

Martlets are birds which have no feet so are continously in flight.

Martlets Sable

Brabazon. Gules on a Bend Or three Martlets Sable.

Brownlow. Or an escutcheon within an orle of Martlets Sable.

six Martlets

six Martlets Argent

Arundell. Sable, six Martlets Argent. Source.

six Martlets Gules

Furnival. Argent, a Bend Gules six Martlets Gules. Source.


Buck's Head

Duff. Vert, a fess dancetté ermine, between a buck's head cabossed in chief and two escallops in base or.

three buck's heads cabossed

Cavendish. Sable, three buck's heads cabossed Argent. Source.

Stanley. Argent, a bend Azure three buck's heads cabossed or. Source.


three fishes

three fishes hauriant

Kitson. Sable three fishes hauriant in Fess Argent a Chief Or. Source.



Newport. Argent, a Chevron Gules between three Leopard's Heads Sable. Source.

Leopard's faces

Three Leopard's Faces

Cantilupe. Azure Three Leopard's Faces jessant-de-lys or.

Clement. Argent, two bendlets wavy Sable on a Chief Gules Three Leopard's Faces or a Bordure Compony or and Azure. Source.

De La Pole. Azure, a Fess between Three Leopard's Faces or.

Pulteney. Argent, a Fess Dancetté Gules in chief Three Leopard's Faces Sable. Source.

Wentworth. Sable, a Chevron Or Three Leopard's Faces or. Source.


armed and langued

Marshal. Per Pale or and vert a lion rampant gules armed and langued Source.

armed and langued means with its tongue sticking out, and with claws.

armed and langued Gules

Bowes-Lyon. Quarterly 1&4 Argent a lion rampant azure, armed and langued gules within a double tressure flory counter-flory of the second (for Lyon); 2 and 3 ermine three bows stringed palewise in fess proper (for Bowes).

Dudley. Or a lion rampant vert queue fourchy armed and langued Gules. Source.

Ivrea. Azure, a Lion Rampant Or, armed and langued Gules. href="">Source.

Sutton. Or a lion rampant vert queue fourchy armed and langued Gules. Source.

Welles. Or a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules. Source.

armed and langued Argent

lion passant

Lygon. Argent, two lions passant double queued Gules.

lion passant. Walking, with the right fore paw raised and all others on the ground.

lion passant Gules

Dillon. Argent, a lion passant Gules. Source.

lion passant guardant

lion passant guardant is a Lion Passant with its face turned towards the viewer.

lions passant

Catesby. Argent, two lions passant Sable crowned or. Source.

Cromwell. Quarterly, per Fess indented, Azure and or, four lions passant counterchanged. Source.

Dampierre. Gules, two lions passant or, Armed and Langued Azure. Source.

Dymoke. Sable, two lions passant in pale argent ducally crowned or. Source.

Strange. Argent, two lions passant in pale Gules. Source.

Strangeways. Sable two lions passant Paly of six Argent and Gules. Source.

lions passant guardant

Plantagenet. Gules, three lions passant guardant in Pale or Armed and Langued Azure. Source.

Three Lions Passant Guardant

Giffard. Gules Three Lions Passant Guardant or in Pale or.

lion rampant

Bohun. Azure, a Bend Argent cotised or between six lions rampant or.

Byng. Quarterly Sable and Argent, in the first quarter a lion rampant of the second. Source.

Chaucer Modern. Argent, a Chief Gules overall a lion rampant double queued or.

Fitzalan. Gules, a lion rampant or. Source.

Percy. Or, a lion rampant Azure. Source.

Rolle. Or, a Fess Dancetté between three billets Azure each charged with a lion rampant of the first three bezants. Source.

Talbot. Gules, a lion rampant within a Bordure Engrailed Or. Source.

lion rampant. In profile standing erect with forepaws raised.

Lion Rampant Or

Brandon. Barry of ten argent and gules, a Lion Rampant Or ducally crowned per pale of the first and second.

Burghesh. Gules, a lion rampant, double queued, or.

lions rampant or

Fiennes. Azure three lions rampant or. Source.

Lion Rampant Argent

Cecil. Barry of ten Argent and Azure six escutcheons aable, 3, 2, 1 each charged with a lion rampant Argent langued Gules.

Churchill. Sable a lion rampant Argent a Canton of the last a Cross Gules. Source.

Clifton. Sable semée of Cinquefoils and a lion rampant Argent. Source.

De La Warr. Gules a lion rampant Argent Cross Crosslets.

Dunbar. Gules a lion rampant Argent on a Bordure of the same eight roses of the field. Source.

Hayward. Gules, a lion rampant argent crowned or. Source.

Herbert. Per Pale Azure and Gules, three lions rampant Argent. Source.

Mowbray. Gules, a lion rampant Argent. Source.

Segrave. Sable, a lion rampant Argent, crowned or.

Three Lions Rampant Argent

Browne. Sable a Bend Sable cotised Three Lions Rampant Argent. Source.

lion rampant Sable

Burnell. Argent, a lion rampant Sable, a Bordure Azure. Source.

Pierrepoint. Argent, semée of Cinquefoils Gules, a lion rampant Sable. Source.

Stapleton. Argent, a lion rampant Sable. Source.

Welles. Or a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules. Source.

Three Lions Rampant Sable

Cobham. Gules a Chevron Or Three Lions Rampant Sable. Source.

Six lions rampant Sable

Savage. Argent, six lions rampant Sable. Source.

Tails (Queues)

double queued

Burghesh. Gules, a lion rampant, double queued, or.

double queued means having two tails.

double queued Gules

Lygon. Argent, two lions passant double queued Gules.

tail nowed

tail nowed means knotted; depicted interlaced in a knot.

tail nowed Gules

Drake of Ash. Argent, a wyvern wings displayed and tail nowed Gules. Source.

tail nowed and erected


wings conjoined in lure

Seymour. Gules two wings conjoined in lure.

Wingfield. Argent, a Bend Gules three wings conjoined in lure of the field. Source.

wings conjoined in lure means wings pointed downwards like those used in falconry as a lure.