Field Argent

Babington. Argent, ten Torteau in chief a label three points Azure. Source.

Badlesmere. Argent, a Fess between two Gemelles Gules.

Beresford. Argent, crusilly fitchée sable, three fleurs-de-lis within a Bordure Engrailed of the second.

Bertie. Argent, three battering rams, barwise in pale proper, armed and garnished azure. Source.

Boleyn. Argent, a Chevron Gules between three bull's heads afrontée. Source.

Booth. Argent, three boars heads erect Sable. Source.

Bourchier. Argent, Argent a Cross Engrailed Gules between Four Water-Bougets Sable.Source.

Bowes-Lyon. Quarterly 1&4 Argent a lion rampant azure, armed and langued gules within a double tressure flory counter-flory of the second (for Lyon); 2 and 3 ermine three bows stringed palewise in fess proper (for Bowes).

Brudenell. Argent, a Chevron Gules between three morion caps azure pointed to the sinister. Source.

Burnell. Argent, a lion rampant Sable, a Bordure Azure. Source.

Carey. Argent, a Bend Sable, three roses of the first. Source.

Catesby. Argent, two lions passant Sable crowned or. Source.

Chaucer Modern. Argent, a Chief Gules overall a lion rampant double queued or.

Clement. Argent, two bendlets wavy Sable on a Chief Gules Three Leopard's Faces or a Bordure Compony or and Azure. Source.

Clinton. Argent, Six Cross Crosslets Fitchée Sable three two and one on a Chief Azure Two Mullets or pierced Gules. Source.

Cockayne. Argent, 3 cocks Gules with legs, beaks, etc. Sable. Source.

Conyngham. Argent, a shake-fork between Three Mullets, Sable. Source.

Cranfield. Argent, in pale three fleur-de-lys Argent. Source.

Culpepper. Argent, a Bend Engrailed Gules. Source.

De La Mere. Argent.

Despencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a Fret Or, over all a Bend Sable.

Devereux. Argent, a Fess Gules Three Torteaux in chief. Source.

Dillon. Argent, a lion passant Gules. Source.

Lord Douglas. Argent, on a Chief Azure Three Mullets of the first.

Drake of Ash. Argent, a wyvern wings displayed and tail nowed Gules. Source.

Dundas. Argent, a lion rampant gules. Source.

Egerton. Argent, a lion rampant gules between three Pheons Sable. Source.

Eyre. Argent, a chevron gules.

Finch. Argent, a Chevron between three griffins passant Sable. Source.

Fitzgerald. Argent, a Saltire gules. Source.

Fitzherbert. Argent, a Chief Vairy Or and Gules a Bend Sable. Source.

Furnival. Argent, a Bend Gules six Martlets Gules. Source.

Gresham. Argent, a Chevron Ermine between Three Mullets pierced Sable.

Hampden. Argent, a saltire gules between four eagles displayed azure. Source.

Harrington. Argent, Fret Sable.

Hay. Argent three inescutcheons gules. Source.

Jerningham. Argent, three buckles lozengy gules. Source.

Killigrew. Argent, an eagle displayed with two heads Sable a Bordure of the second bezantée. The bezantée Bordure indicates a connection to the ancient Earls of Cornwall. Source.

Knyvet. Argent, a bend sable a bordure engrailed of the last. Source.

Lennox. Argent, a saltire between four roses gules. Source.

Littleton. Argent, a Chevron between three escallops Sable. Source.

Lucas. Argent, a fess between six annulets gules.

Lumley. Argent a fesse gules between three parrots vert, collared of the second. Source.

Luxemburg. Argent a lion rampant gules, armed and langued Or. Source.

Lygon. Argent, two lions passant double queued Gules.

Lyttleton. Argent, a Chevron between three escallops Sable. Source.

Mansel. Argent, a Chevron between three Maunches Sable. Source.

Maxwell. Argent, a two headed eagle displayed sSable beaked and membered Gules on an inescutcheon Argent a Saltire Sable charged with a hedgehog or. Source.

Montagu. Argent, three fusils conjoined in Fess Gules. Source.

Mordaunt. Argent, a Chevron between three estoiles Sable. Source.

Multon. Argent, three bars Gules. Source.

Newport. Argent, a Chevron Gules between three Leopard's Heads Sable. Source.

Parr. Argent, two bars Azure a Bordure Engrailed Sable. Source.

Perceval. Argent, a Chief Indented Gules three crosses pattee of the field. Source.

Pierrepoint. Argent, semée of Cinquefoils Gules, a lion rampant Sable. Source.

Pollard. Argent, a Chevron Sable between three escallops gules.

Pulteney. Argent, a Fess Dancetté Gules in chief Three Leopard's Faces Sable. Source.

Radclyffe. Argent, a Bend Engrailed Sable. Source.

Russell. Argent, lion rampant gules.

Saluzzo. Argent, a Chief Azure. Source.

Savage. Argent, six lions rampant Sable. Source.

Savile. Argent, a Bend Sable three owls of the same. Source.

Slanning. Argent, two pales engrailed gules over all on a bend azure three griffin's heads or.

León. Argent, a lion rampant purpure.

Despencer. Quarterly 1&4: Argent, 2&3: Gules, a Fret Or, over all a Bend Sable.

St John. Argent, a Chief Gules two estoiles or. Source.

Stanley. Argent, a bend Azure three buck's heads cabossed or. Source.

Stapleton. Argent, a lion rampant Sable. Source.

Strange. Argent, two lions passant in pale Gules. Source.

Tailboys. Argent, a saltire gules in chief gules three scallops argent. Source.

Tempest. Argent, a Bend Engrailed between six Martlets Sable. Source.

Tiptoft. Argent, a Saltire Engrailed Gules.

Tollemache. Argent, a Fret Sable.

Trelawney. Argent, a Chevron Sable.

Vernon. Argent, Fretty Sable.Source.

Villiers. Argent, on a Cross Gules five escallops. Source.

Watson. Argent, on a chevron engrailed azure between three martlets sable as many crescents or. Source.

West. Argent, a Fess Dancetté Sable. Source.

Wingfield. Argent, a Bend Gules three wings conjoined in lure of the field. Source.

Woodville. Argent, a Fess and a Canton conjoined Gules. Source.

Worsley. Argent, a Chief Gules. Source.

Wotton Arms. Argent, a Saltire Engrailed Sable. Source.