In 592 Ceawlin King Wessex -592 died. His nephew Ceol King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

On Jul 925 Fruela II King Asturias, II King Leon, King Galicia 875-925 (50) died. His son Alfonso "Hunchback" King Galicia succeeded King Galicia. His nephew Alfonso "Monk" IV King Leon, IV King Galicia 890-933 (35) succeeded IV King Leon.

Death of King Eadred

In 955 Eadred I King England -955 died. His nephew Eadwig "All Fair" I King England -959 succeeded I King England Wessex.

In 1099 Donald "The Fair, White" III King Scotland 1032-1099 (67) died. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline and subsequently reburied in Iona. His nephew Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland 1074-1107 (25) succeeded I King Scotland: Dunkeld.

Around 1143 Adam Bruce 2nd Lord Annadale, 2nd Lord Skelton 1105-1143 (38) died at Skelton Castle, Skelton. His nephew William Bruce 3rd Lord Annadale 1154-1212 succeeded 3rd Lord Annadale.

In 1178 Ivo Nesle II Count Soissons -1178 died. His nephew Conon Nesle I Count Soissons -1180 succeeded I Count Soissons.

In Aug 1186 Baldwin IV King Jerusalem 1161-1186 (25) died at Jerusalem. He was buried in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. His nephew Baldwin V King Jerusalem 1177-1186 (9) succeeded V King Jerusalem.

On 26 Oct 1232 Ranulf de Blondeville Gernon 6th Earl Chester, 1st Earl Lincoln 1170-1232 (62) died at Wallingford Castle. His nephew John Dunkeld 9th Earl Huntingdon 7th Earl Chester 1207-1237 (25) succeeded 7th Earl Chester (2C 1071).

On 07 Apr 1234 Sancho "Strong" VII King Navarre 1154-1234 (79) died. His nephew Theobald IV King Navarre 1201-1253 (32) succeeded IV King Navarre. Margaret Bourbon Queen Consort Navarre by marriage Queen Consort Navarre.

On 07 May 1243 Hugh Daubigny 5th Earl Lincoln, 5th Earl Arundel -1243 died at Canelli. He was buried at Wymondham Abbey, Wymondham. His nephew John Fitzalan 6th Earl Arundel 1223-1267 (20) succeeded 6th Earl Arundel (Sussex).

In 1244 Richard Percy 5th Baron Percy Topcliffe 1170-1244 (74) died. He was buried at Whitby Abbey. His nephew William Percy 6th Baron Percy Topcliffe 1197-1245 (47) succeeded 6th Baron Percy Topcliffe (Feudal).

On 08 Jan 1268 William Maudit 8th Earl Warwick 1220-1268 (48) died. His nephew William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick 1237-1298 (31) succeeded 9th Earl Warwick (1C 1088). Maud Fitzjohn Countess Warwick 1238-1301 (30) by marriage Countess Warwick (1C 1088).

In 1270 Roger Bigod 4th Earl Norfolk 1209-1270 (61) died. His nephew Roger Bigod 5th Earl Norfolk 1245-1306 (25) succeeded 5th Earl Norfolk (2C 1141).

On 02 Sep 1277 Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Lord Offaly 1238-1277 (39) died at Ross, County Wexford. His nephew John Fitzgerald 1st Earl Kildare 1250-1316 (27) succeeded 4th Lord Offaly.

Around 1315 Nicholas Astley 2nd Baron Astley -1315 died. His nephew Thomas Astley 3rd Baron Astley 1308-1366 (7) succeeded 3rd Baron Astley. Elizabeth Beauchamp Baroness Astley 1316-1359 by marriage Baroness Astley.

On 17 Apr 1331 Robert Vere 6th Earl Oxford 1257-1331 (73) died. His nephew John Vere 7th Earl Oxford 1312-1360 (19) succeeded 7th Earl Oxford (2C 1141).

In 1333 Hugues Thouars II Viscount Thouars -1333 died. His nephew Louis Thouars I Viscount Thouars -1370 succeeded I Viscount Thouars.

On Jun 1347 John Warenne 7th Earl Surrey 1286-1347 (60) died. His nephew Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel, 8th Earl Surrey 1306-1376 (41) succeeded 8th Earl Surrey (1C 1088). Eleanor Plantagenet Countess Arundel, Countess Surrey 1318-1372 (28) by marriage Countess Surrey (1C 1088).

On 15 Oct 1361 Humphrey Bohun 6th Earl Hereford, 5th Earl Essex 1309-1361 (52) died. His nephew Humphrey Bohun 7th Earl Hereford, 6th Earl Essex, 2nd Earl of Northampton 1341-1373 (20) succeeded 7th Earl Hereford (6C 1199), 6th Earl Essex (3C 1239). Joan Fitzalan Countess Essex, Hereford and Northampton 1347-1419 (14) by marriage Countess Essex (3C 1239), Earl Hereford (6C 1199).

On 16 Jul 1369 John Grandison Bishop of Exeter 1292-1369 (77) died. He was buried at Exeter Cathedral. His nephew Thomas Grandison 4th Baron Grandison 1339-1375 (30) succeeded 4th Baron Grandison. Margaret Caru Baroness Grandison by marriage Baroness Grandison.

Death of David II of Scotland

On 22 Feb 1371 David II King Scotland 1324-1371 (46) died at Edinburgh Castle. He was buried at Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood. His nephew Robert II King Scotland 1316-1390 (54) succeeded II King Scotland: Stewart. He, David, was the last of the male line of the Bruce family; Robert being the son of his sister Marjory Bruce 1296-1316 who had married Walter Stewart 6th High Steward 1296-1327.

On 03 Jun 1397 William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury 1328-1397 (68) died. His nephew John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury 1350-1400 (47) succeeded 3rd Earl Salisbury (2C 1337), 2nd Baron Montagu. Maud Francis Countess Salisbury 1364-1424 (37) by marriage Countess Salisbury (2C 1337).

On 31 May 1410 Martin I King Aragon 1356-1410 (53) died. His nephew Ferdinand I King Aragon 1380-1416 (29) succeeded I King Aragon.

On 17 Jul 1431 Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale, Duchess York 1367-1431 (64) died at Carisbrooke Castle. She was buried at Chapel of St Nicholas, Chapels, Westminster Abbey. Her nephew Richard Strange 3rd Baron Mohun Dunster, 7th Baron Strange Knockin 1381-1449 (49) succeeded 3rd Baron Mohun Dunster as a result of her death bring the title out of abeyance.

On 03 Nov 1484 Ralph Neville 2nd Earl Westmoreland 1406-1484 (78) died. He was buried at St Brandon's Church, Brancepeth. On 03 Nov 1484 His nephew Ralph Neville 3rd Earl Westmoreland 1456-1499 (28) succeeded 3rd Earl Westmoreland (1C 1397). Isabel Booth Countess Westmoreland 1457-1478 by marriage Countess Westmoreland (1C 1397).

On 10 Mar 1513 John Vere 13th Earl Oxford 1442-1513 (70) died at Hedingham Castle. He was buried at Colne Priory. His nephew John Vere 14th Earl Oxford 1499-1526 (13) succeeded 14th Earl Oxford (2C 1141).

Battle of Flodden

On 09 Sep 1513 at the Battle of Flodden the English army was commanded by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk 1443-1524 (70), Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk 1473-1554 (40), Edmund Howard 1478-1539 (35), Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland 1467-1525 (45), Edward Stanley 1st Baron Monteagle 1462-1524 (51) and Marmaduke Constable 1457-1518 (56).
The English army included: Henry "Shepherd Lord" Clifford 10th Baron Clifford 1454-1523 (59), William Conyers 1st Baron Conyers 1468-1524 (44), Thomas Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley 1472-1533 (41) and Richard Neville 2nd Baron Latimer Snape 1468-1530 (45).
Randall Babington -1513, John Bigod 1475-1513 and Thomas Fitzwilliam 1474-1513 were killed.
Marmaduke Constable 1480-1545 (33), William Constable 1475-1551 (38), George Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Aston -1558, Edmund Walsingham 1480-1550 (33), Thomas Burgh 7th Baron Cobham Sternborough, 5th Baron Strabolgi, 1st Baron Burgh 1488-1550 (25) and Walter Stonor 1477-1551 were knighted by Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk 1473-1554 (40).
Christopher Savage -1513, Thomas Venables 1469-1513 and Brian Tunstall -1513 were killed.
Bryan Stapleton of Wighill 1458-1513 (55) was killed.(Some reports have him dying in 1518)
The Scottish army suffered heavy casualties.
James IV King Scotland 1473-1513 (40) was killed. His son James V King Scotland 1512-1542 (1) succeeded V King Scotland: Stewart.
Alexander Stewart Archbishop St Andrews 1493-1513 (20) was killed.
William Keith 3rd Earl Marischal -1513 was killed. His nephew William Keith 4th Earl Marischal 1506-1581 (7) succeeded 4th Earl Marischal.
David Kennedy 1st Earl Cassilis 1470-1513 (43) was killed. His son Gilbert Kennedy 2nd Earl Cassilis 1494-1527 (18) succeeded 2nd Earl Cassilis. Isabel Campbell Countess Cassilis by marriage Countess Cassilis.
William Sinclair 2nd Earl Caithness 1459-1513 (54) was killed. His son John Sinclair 3rd Earl Caithness -1529 succeeded 3rd Earl Caithness.
Matthew Stewart 2nd Earl Lennox -1513 was killed. His son John Stewart 3rd Earl Lennox 1490-1526 (23) succeeded 3rd Earl Lennox (2C 1488).
William Hay 4th Earl Erroll -1513 was killed. His son William Hay 5th Earl Erroll 1495-1522 (18) succeeded 5th Earl Erroll.
John Douglas 2nd Earl Morton -1513 was killed. His son James Douglas 3rd Earl Morton -1553 succeeded 3rd Earl Morton, 6th Lord Dalkeith.
Adam Hepburn 2nd Earl Bothwell -1513 was killed. His son Patrick Hepburn 3rd Earl Bothwell 1512-1556 (1) succeeded 3rd Earl Bothwell.
Alexander Stewart 4th of Garlies 1481-1513 (32) was killed. His son Alexander Stewart 5th of Garlies 1507-1581 (6) succeeded 5th Master Garlies.
Alexander Elphinstone 1st Lord Elphinstone -1513 was killed. His son Alexander Elphinstone 2nd Lord Elphinstone 1510-1547 (3) succeeded 2nd Lord Elphinstone.
Thomas Hay -1513, George Hepburn Bishop Isles 1454-1513, Adam Hepburn Master 1457-1513, Thomas "Younger of Cushnie" Lumsden -1513,
William Douglas 6th Lord Drumlanrig -1513 was killed. William "Younger" Douglas 7th Lord Drumlanrig -1572 succeeded 7th Lord Drumlanrig.
George Seton 5th Lord Seton -1513 was killed. His son George Seton 6th Lord Seton -1549 succeeded 6th Lord Seton.
John Hay 2nd Lord Hay -1513 was killed. His son John Hay 3rd Lord Hay -1543 succeeded 3rd Lord Hay of Yester. Elizabeth Douglas Lady Hay by marriage Lord Hay of Yester.
Robert Keith 1483-1525, Guiscard Harbottle 1485-1513, John Erskine -1513, David Home 1491-1513. Henry 03 Lord Sinclair 1465-1513, Andrew Stewart 1st Lord Avondale 1470-1513 (43), James Traquair 1480-1513, Archibald Campbell 2nd Earl Argyll 1449-1513, Robert Douglas 1424-1513, John Maxwell 4th Lord Maxwell -1513 was killed. Robert Maxwell 5th Lord Maxwell 1493-1552 (20) succeeded 5th Lord Maxwell.
William Murray 1470-1513 (43), Colin Oliphant 1487-1513, William Ruthven -1513, George Douglas 1469-1513 and William Douglas 1471-1513 were killed.
George Home 4th Lord Home -1549 and John Stewart 2nd Earl Atholl 1475-1522 (38) fought.
Brothers David Lyon of Cossins -1513, William Lyon -1513 and George Lyon -1513 were killed.

On 02 Jun 1537 Henry Percy 6th Earl of Northumberland 1502-1537 (35) died. His nephew Thomas Percy 7th Earl of Northumberland 1528-1572 (9) succeeded 7th Earl of Northumberland (1C 1377).

On 22 Jan 1557 Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus 1489-1557 (68) died at Tantallon Castle. His nephew David Douglas 7th Earl Angus 1515-1558 (42) succeeded 7th Earl Angus.

On Apr 1578 James "Lord Bothwell" Hepburn 1st Duke Orkney 1534-1578 (44) died at Dragsholm Castle. His nephew Francis Stewart 5th Earl Bothwell 1562-1612 (15) succeeded 5th Earl Bothwell at Great Hall, Stirling Castle.

Around 10 Mar 1591 William Hay 6th Lord Hay 1561-1591 (30) died. His nephew John Hay 1st Earl Tweeddale 1593-1653 succeeded 7th Lord Hay of Yester.

On 03 Dec 1600 Roger North 2nd Baron North 1530-1600 (70) died. His nephew Dudley North 3rd Baron North 1582-1666 (18) succeeded 3rd Baron North.

On 22 Nov 1614 Thomas "Black Tom" Butler 10th Earl Ormonde, 3rd Earl Ossory 1532-1614 (82) died. His nephew Walter Butler 11th Earl Ormonde, 4th Earl Ossory 1559-1633 (55) succeeded 11th Earl Ormonde (1C 1328), 4th Earl Ossory. Helen Butler Countess Ormonde, Countess Ossory by marriage Countess Ormonde (1C 1328), Earl Ossory.

On 14 Nov 1615 John Kennedy 5th Earl Cassilis 1575-1615 (40) died. His nephew John Kennedy 6th Earl Cassilis -1668 succeeded 6th Earl Cassilis.

On 02 Apr 1630 George Talbot 9th Earl Shrewsbury, 9th Earl Waterford 1566-1630 (63) died. His nephew John Talbot 10th Earl Shrewsbury, 10th Earl Waterford 1601-1654 (29) succeeded 10th Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), 10th Earl Waterford. Mary Fortescue Countess Shrewsbury, Countess Waterford 1600-1636 (30) by marriage Countess Shrewsbury (2C 1442) Countess Waterford.

On 06 Jul 1640 William Cecil 2nd Earl Exeter 1566-1640 (74) died. His nephew David Cecil 3rd Earl Exeter 1600-1643 (40) succeeded 3rd Earl Exeter, 4th Baron Burghley. Elizabeth Egerton Countess Exeter -1688 by marriage Countess Exeter.

On 24 Oct 1642 Oliver St John 5th Baron St John Bletso 1603-1642 (39) died from wounds. On 24 Oct 1642 His nephew Oliver St John 2nd Earl Bolingbroke 1633-1688 (8) succeeded 6th Baron St John Bletso (1C 1559). Frances Cavendish Countess Bolingbroke -1678 by marriage Baroness St John Bletso (1C 1559).

On 20 Apr 1647 John Hobart 2nd Baronet Hobart 1593-1647 (54) died. His nephew John Hobart 3rd Baronet Hobart 1628-1683 (19) succeeded 3rd Baronet Hobart of Intwood in Norfolk.

On 02 Jul 1671 John Lucas 1st Baron Lucas Shenfield 1606-1671 (64) died. His nephew Charles Lucas 2nd Baron Lucas Shenfield -1688 succeeded 2nd Baron Lucas (1C 1645).

On 13 Jul 1673 Robert Long 1st Baronet Long 1600-1673 (73) died unmarried. His nephew James Long 2nd Baronet Long 1617-1692 (56) succeeded 2nd Baronet Long of Westminster in London.

Before 13 Jul 1673 Jacob Huysmans Painter 1633-1696. Portrait of Robert Long 1st Baronet Long 1600-1673.

On 15 Mar 1674 James Fiennes 2nd Viscount Saye and Sele 1602-1674 (72) died. His nephew William Fiennes 3rd Viscount Saye and Sele 1641-1698 (33) succeeded 3rd Viscount Saye and Sele.

In 1675 Gervase Clifton 2nd Baronet Clifton 1612-1675 (63) died. His nephew William Clifton 3rd Baronet Clifton 1663-1686 (11) succeeded 3rd Baronet Clifton of Clifton in Nottinghamshire.

On 18 Mar 1675 Arthur Chichester 1st Earl Donegal 1606-1675 (68) died. He was buried at St Nicholas' Church, Carrickfergus, County Antrim. His nephew Arthur Chichester 2nd Earl Donegal -1678 succeeded 2nd Earl Donegal.

On 15 Apr 1683 Clement Fisher 2nd Baronet 1613-1683 (70) died. His nephew Clement Fisher 3rd Baronet 1675-1729 (8) succeeded 3rd Baronet Fisher of Packington Magna.

On Jan 1684 Henry Jermyn 1st Earl St Albans 1605-1684 (78) died at St James' Square. His nephew Thomas Jermyn 2nd Baron Jermyn 1633-1703 (50) succeeded 2nd Baron Jermyn of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk. Mary Merry Baroness Jermyn by marriage Baroness Jermyn of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk. Thomas Jermyn 2nd Baron Jermyn 1633-1703 (50) succeeded as 2nd Baron Jermyn of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk.

In 1685 Alexander Livingston 2nd Earl Callendar -1685 (68) died. His nephew Alexander Livingstone 3rd Earl Callendar -1692 succeeded 3rd Earl Callendar.

Abdication of James II

On 23 Dec 1688 James II King England, Scotland and Ireland 1633-1701 (55) abdicated II King England Scotland and Ireland: Stewart. His daughter Mary Stewart II Queen England, Scotland and Ireland 1662-1694 (26) succeeded II King England Scotland and Ireland: William and Mary. His nephew William III King England, Scotland and Ireland 1650-1702 (38) succeeded IIi King England Scotland and Ireland: William and Mary.

In 1695 George Livingston 4th Earl Linlithgow -1695 died. His nephew James Livingston 5th Earl Linlithgow 4th Earl Callendar -1723 succeeded 5th Earl Linlithgow.

On 19 Jun 1697 Henry Mordaunt 2nd Earl Peterborough 1621-1697 (75) died. His nephew Charles Mordaunt 3rd Earl Peterborough, 1st Earl Monmouth 1658-1735 (39) succeeded 3rd Earl Peterborough. Carey Fraser Countess Peterborough, Countess Monmouth 1660-1709 (37) by marriage Countess Peterborough.

On 02 Apr 1701 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk 1655-1701 (46) died of apoplexy. He was buried in the Fitzalan Chapel, Arundel Castle, Arundel. His nephew Thomas Howard 8th Duke Norfolk 1683-1732 (17) succeeded 8th Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), 26th Earl Arundel (Sussex), 9th Earl Surrey (3C 1483), 6th Earl Norfolk (5C 1644), 3rd Earl Norwich (3C 1672), 19th Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), 23rd Baron Segrave (2C 1295), 17th Baron Furnivall (1C 1295), 21st Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), 16th Baron Maltravers (1C 1330), 18th Baron Talbot (1C 1331), 16th Baron Arundel (1C 1377), 3rd Baron Howard of Castle Rising.

In Aug 1701 John Hamner 3rd Baronet Hamner -1701 (53) died. His nephew Thomas Hanmer 4th Baronet Hamner 1677-1746 (23) succeeded 4th Baronet Hamner of Hamner in Flintshire. Isabella Bennet Duchess Grafton 1655-1723 (46) by marriage Lady Hamner of Hamner in Flintshire.

On 19 Sep 1706 Henry Palmer 3rd Baronet Palmer -1706 died. On His nephew Thomas Palmer 4th Baronet Palmer 1682-1723 (24) succeeded 4th Baronet Palmer of Wingham (1C 1661).

On 08 Nov 1707 Samuel Barnardiston 1st Baronet Brightwell 1620-1707 (87) died at his house in Bloomsbury Square, Bloomsbury, Camden. His nephew Samuel Barnardiston 2nd Baronet Brightwell 1659-1709 (48) succeeded 2nd Baronet Barnardiston of Brightwell.

On 27 Dec 1707 Robert Leke 3rd Earl Scarsdale 1654-1707 (53) died. His nephew Nicholas Leke 4th Earl Scarsdale 1682-1736 (25) succeeded 4th Earl Scarsdale.

On 03 May 1716 Ralph Assheton 2nd Baronet Assheton 1651-1716 (65) died. His nephew Ralph Assheton 3rd Baronet Assheton 1692-1765 (24) succeeded 3rd Baronet Assheton of Middleton in Lancashire.

In 1719 Henry Stafford Howard 1st Earl Stafford 1648-1719 (71) died. His nephew William Stafford Howard 2nd Earl Stafford 1690-1734 (29) succeeded 2nd Earl Stafford (2C 1688), 3rd Baron Stafford (5C 1640).

In 1723 Charles Robartes 2nd Earl Radnor 1660-1723 (63) died. His nephew Henry Robartes 3rd Earl Radnor 1695-1741 (28) succeeded 3rd Earl Radnor (1C 1679), 3rd Viscount Bodmin, 3rd Baron Robartes, 3rd Baronet Robartes.

Around 1730. Michael Dahl Painter 1659-1743 (71). Portrait of Mary Booth Countess Stamford 1704-1772 (26) with her son Henry Robartes 3rd Earl Radnor 1695-1741 (35).

On 30 Jul 1729 Thomas Tufton 6th Earl Isle Thanet 1644-1729 (84) died. Baron Clifford became abeyant. His nephew Sackville Tufton 7th Earl Isle Thanet 1688-1753 (41) succeeded 7th Earl Isle Thanet, 7th Baron Tufton. Mary Savile Countess Isle Thanet -1751 by marriage Countess Isle Thanet.

On 24 Oct 1733 Henrietta Churchill 2nd Duchess Marlborough 1681-1733 (52) died. Her nephew Charles Spencer 3rd Duke Marlborough 1706-1758 (26) succeeded 3rd Duke Marlborough. Elizabeth Trevor Duchess Marlborough 1713-1761 (20) by marriage Duchess Marlborough.

On 16 Jun 1743 Montagu Venables-Bertie 2nd Earl Abingdon 1673-1743 (70) died. His nephew Willoughby Bertie 3rd Earl Abingdon 1692-1760 (50) succeeded 3rd Earl Abingdon.

On 06 Aug 1745 Henry Shirley 3rd Earl Ferrers 1691-1745 (53) died at Kensington Gore. His nephew Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers 1720-1760 (24) succeeded 4th Earl Ferrers.

On 17 Apr 1747 Thomas Frankland 3rd Baronet Thirkleby 1685-1747 (62) died. His nephew Charles Frankland 4th Baronet Thirkleby 1716-1768 (31) succeeded 4th Baronet Thirkleby.

On 07 Feb 1750 Algernon Seymour 7th Duke Somerset 1684-1750 (65) died. He was buried at Northumberland Vault, Westminster Abbey. His half fifth-cousin once-removed Edward Seymour 8th Duke Somerset 1695-1757 (55) succeeded 8th Duke Somerset (4C 1547). Mary Webb Duchess Somerset 1697-1768 (53) by marriage Duchess Somerset (4C 1547). His daughter Elizabeth Seymour Duchess Northumberland 1716-1776 (33) succeeded 2nd Baron Percy. His nephew Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont 1710-1763 (39) succeeded 2nd Earl Egremont.

On 12 Dec 1751 Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 1678-1751 (73) died. His brother John St John 2nd Viscount St John 1702-1748 succeeded 2nd Viscount St John. His nephew Frederick St John 3rd Viscount St John, 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke 1732-1787 (18) succeeded 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke.

On 11 Aug 1752 Richard Verney 21st Baron Latimer, 13th Baron Willoughby Broke 1693-1752 (59) died. His nephew John Peyto-Verney 22nd Baron Latimer, 14th Baron Willoughby Broke 1738-1816 (14) succeeded 22nd Baron Latimer, 14th Baron Willoughby Broke.

In 1757 Arthur Chichester 4th Earl Donegal 1695-1757 (62) died. His nephew Arthur Chichester 1st Marquess Donegal 1739-1799 (17) succeeded 5th Earl Donegal. Anne Hamilton 1738-1780 (19) by marriage 5th Countess Donegal.

On 06 Dec 1758 George Compton 6th Earl of Northampton 1692-1758 (66) died. His nephew Charles Compton 7th Earl of Northampton 1737-1763 (21) succeeded 7th Earl of Northampton (5C 1618). Anne Somerset Countess Northampton 1741-1763 (17) by marriage Countess of Northampton (5C 1618).

On 30 Mar 1759 William Molyneux 7th Viscount Molyneux 1685-1759 (74) died. On 30 Mar 1759 His nephew Charles Molyneux 1st Earl Sefton 1748-1795 (10) succeeded 8th Viscount Molyneux.

In 1763 George Ingram 8th Viscount Irvine 1694-1763 (69) died. His nephew Charles Ingram 9th Viscount Irvine 1727-1778 (35) succeeded 9th Viscount Irvine.

On 08 Jan 1764 James Murray 2nd Duke Atholl 1690-1764 (73) died. His nephew John Murray 3rd Duke Atholl 1729-1774 (34) succeeded 3rd Duke Atholl. Charlotte Murray Duchess Atholl 1731-1805 (32) by marriage Duchess Atholl.

On 10 Nov 1764 Fulwar Craven 4th Baron Craven -1764 died. His nephew William Craven 5th Baron Craven 1705-1769 (59) succeeded 5th Baron Craven.

On 17 Nov 1768 Thomas Pelham-Holles 1st Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne 1693-1768 (75) died. His nephew Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton 2nd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne 1720-1794 (48) succeeded 2nd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyne. Catherine Pelham Duchess Newcastle-under-Lyne 1727-1760 by marriage Duchess Newcastle-under-Lyne.

On 05 Jan 1769 Charles Sackville 2nd Duke Dorset 1711-1769 (57) died. His nephew John Frederick Sackville 3rd Duke Dorset 1745-1799 (23) succeeded 3rd Duke Dorset (1C 1720), 9th Earl Dorset (4C 1604).

On 02 Aug 1769 Daniel Finch 8th Earl Winchilsea, 3rd Earl Nottingham 1689-1769 (80) died. His nephew George Finch 9th Earl Winchilsea, 4th Earl Nottingham 1752-1826 (16) succeeded 9th Earl Winchilsea, 4th Earl Nottingham (7C 1681).

On 28 Apr 1770 Jean Louis Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier 1680-1770 (89) died unmarried. Earl Ligonier (1C 1766), Viscount Ligonier of Enniskillen and Baron Ligonier extinct. His nephew His nephew Edward Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier 1740-1782 (30) succeeded Viscount Ligonier of Clonmell and was created Earl Ligonier (2C 1776) albeit in the Irish peerage six years later.

On 04 Feb 1782 Hugh Boscawen 2nd Viscount Falmouth 1704-1782 (77) died. His nephew George Evelyn Boscawen 3rd Viscount Falmouth 1758-1808 (23) succeeded 3rd Viscount Falmouth.

In 1784 George Romney Painter 1734-1802 (49). Portrait of George Evelyn Boscawen 3rd Viscount Falmouth 1758-1808 (25).

On 12 Jan 1786 Thomas Barrett-Lennard 17th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1717-1786 (69) died. His nephew Charles Trevor-Roper 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1745-1794 (41) succeeded 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland (1C 1321).

On 17 Aug 1786 Frederick "The Great" I King Prussia 1712-1786 (74) died. His nephew Frederick William II King Prussia 1744-1797 (41) succeeded II King Prussia.

In 1787 George Talbot 14th Earl Shrewsbury, 14th Earl Waterford 1719-1787 (68) died. His nephew Charles Talbot 15th Earl Shrewsbury, 15th Earl Waterford 1753-1827 (33) succeeded 15th Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), 15th Earl Waterford. Elizabeth Hoey Countess Shrewsbury, Countess Waterford by marriage Countess Shrewsbury (2C 1442) Countess Waterford.

On 27 Dec 1787 Thomas Hay 9th Earl Kinnoul 1710-1787 (77) died. His nephew Robert Hay Drummond 10th Earl Kinnoul 1751-1804 (36) succeeded 10th Earl Kinnoull.

On 09 Oct 1789 James Hamilton 8th Earl Abercorn 1712-1789 (76) died. His nephew John Hamilton 1st Marquess Abercorn 1756-1818 (33) succeeded 9th Earl Abercorn. Catherine Moyle Marchioness Abercorn -1791 by marriage Countess Abercorn.

On 16 May 1790 Philip Yorke 2nd Earl Hardwicke 1720-1790 (70) died. His nephew Philip Yorke 3rd Earl Hardwicke 1757-1834 (32) succeeded 3rd Earl Hardwicke.

On 11 Oct 1791 William Gage 2nd Viscount Gage 1718-1791 (73) died without issue. His nephew Henry Gage 3rd Viscount Gage 1761-1808 (30) succeeded 3rd Viscount Gage of Castle Island in County Kerry, 3rd Baron Gage of Castlebar in County Mayo, 2nd Baron Gage of Highmeadow.

On 01 Sep 1793 William Wildman Barrington 2nd Viscount Barrington 1717-1793 (76) died. His nephew William Barrington 3rd Viscount Barrington 1761-1801 (32) succeeded 3rd Viscount Barrington of Ardglass in County Down, 3rd Viscount Barrington of Ardglass in County Down.

On 26 Dec 1793 Brownlow Cecil 9th Earl Exeter 1725-1793 (68) died. His nephew Henry Cecil 1st Marquess Exeter 1754-1804 (39) succeeded 10th Earl Exeter, 11th Baron Burghley. Sarah Hoggins Countess Exeter 1774-1797 (19) by marriage Countess Exeter.

In 1795 Francis Wood 1st Baronet 1728-1795 (67) died. His nephew Francis Lindley Wood 2nd Baronet Barnsley 1771-1846 (23) succeeded 2nd Baronet Wood of Barnsley.

On Apr 1797 John Webb 5th Baronet Webb 1742-1797 (54) died. He was buried at St Pancras. His nephew Thomas Webb 6th Baronet Webb succeeded 6th Baronet Webb of Odstock in Wiltshire. Frances Charlotte Dillon-Lee Baronetess Webb, Baronetess Heathcote 1780-1819 (17) by marriage Lady Webb of Odstock in Wiltshire.

On 30 Nov 1800 Matthew Robinson 2nd Baron Rokeby 1713-1800 (87) died. His nephew Morris Robinson-Montagu 3rd Baron Rokeby 1757-1829 (43) succeeded 3rd Baron Rokeby.

On 15 Apr 1805 George Carpenter 2nd Earl Tyrconnel 1750-1805 (55) died. His nephew George Carpenter 3rd Earl Tyrconnel 1788-1812 (17) succeeded 3rd Earl Tyrconnel, 5th Baron Carpenter of Killaghy in County Tipperary.

On 29 Dec 1806 Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond 1735-1806 (71) died at Goodwood, West Sussex. He was buried at Chichester Cathedral. His nephew Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond 1764-1819 (42) succeeded 4th Duke Richmond (3C 1675), 4th Earl March (4C 1675), 4th Baron Settrington. Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond 1768-1842 (38) by marriage Duchess Richmond (3C 1675).

On 10 Feb 1808 Murrough Obrien 1st Marquess Thomond 1726-1808 (82) died. His nephew William Obrien 2nd Marquess Thomond 1765-1846 (43) succeeded 2nd Marquess Thomond, 6th Earl Inchiquin. Rebecca Trotter Marchioness Thomond 1775-1852 (33) by marriage Marchioness Thomond.

On 24 Feb 1811 James Brudenell 5th Earl Cardigan 1725-1811 (85) died at Grosvenor Square, Belgravia. His nephew Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan 1769-1837 (41) succeeded 6th Earl Cardigan. Penelope Cooke Countess Cardigan 1770-1826 (41) by marriage Countess Cardigan.

On 10 Mar 1824 Charles Maynard 2nd Viscount Maynard 1752-1824 (71) died. His nephew Charles Henry Maynard 3rd Viscount Maynard 1786-1865 (37) succeeded 3rd Viscount Maynard of Easton Lodge in Essex.

In 1826 Henry Carteret 1st Baron Carteret 1735-1826 (91) died. His nephew George Thynne 2nd Baron Carteret 1770-1838 (55) succeeded 2nd Baron Carteret (2C 1784).

On 06 Apr 1827 Charles Talbot 15th Earl Shrewsbury, 15th Earl Waterford 1753-1827 (74) died. His nephew John "Good Earl" Talbot 16th Earl Shrewsbury, 16th Earl Waterford 1791-1852 (36) succeeded 16th Earl Shrewsbury (2C 1442), 16th Earl Waterford.

On 20 Jul 1828 George Pitt 2nd Baron Rivers 1751-1828 (76) died in Grosvenor Place, Belgravia. His nephew Horace Pitt-Rivers 3rd Baron Rivers 1777-1831 (50) succeeded 3rd Baron Rivers (3C 1776) of Stratfield Saye in Hampshire.

On 18 Nov 1834 Philip Yorke 3rd Earl Hardwicke 1757-1834 (77) died. He was buried in St Andrew's Church, Wimpole. His nephew Charles Yorke 4th Earl Hardwicke 1799-1873 (35) succeeded 4th Earl Hardwicke. Susan Liddell Countess Hardwicke 1810-1886 (24) by marriage Countess Hardwicke.

On 20 Jan 1837 Arthur Saunders Gore 3rd Earl Arran 1761-1837 (75) died without issue. His nephew Philip Gore 4th Earl Arran 1801-1884 (35) succeeded 4th Earl Arran (3C 1762). Elizabeth Marianne Napier 4th Countess Arran by marriage 4th Countess Arran (3C 1762).

In 1838 James Edward Colebrooke 3rd Baronet Colebrooke 1761-1838 (77) died. His nephew Thomas Edward Colebrooke 4th Baronet Colebrooke 1813-1890 (24) succeeded 4th Baronet Colebrooke of Gatton in Surrey.

On 22 Dec 1838 John Villiers 3rd Earl Clarendon 1757-1838 (81) died. His nephew George William Villiers 4th Earl Clarendon 1800-1870 (38) succeeded 4th Earl Clarendon (2C 1776).

On 23 Apr 1839 George Capell-Coningsbury 5th Earl Essex 1757-1839 (81) died. His nephew Arthur Algernon Capell Capell 6th Earl Essex 1803-1892 (36) succeeded 6th Earl Essex (9C 1641).

On 10 Jun 1842 Abraham Creighton 2nd Earl Erne 1765-1842 (77) died. His nephew John Creighton 3rd Earl Erne 1802-1885 (39) succeeded 3rd Earl Erne of Crom Castle in County Fermanagh.

On 12 May 1845 John Evans 6th Baron Carbery 1765-1845 (79) died without surviving male issue. His nephew George Patrick Evans 7th Baron Carbery 1810-1889 (35) succeeded 7th Baron Carbery.

On 14 Sep 1846 John Murray 5th Duke Atholl 1778-1846 (68) died at Greville Place, St John's Wood. His nephew George Augustus Frederick Murray 6th Duke Atholl 1814-1864 (31) succeeded 6th Duke Atholl.

In 1850 William Orde-Powlett 2nd Baron Bolton 1782-1850 (68) died. His nephew William Henry Orde-Powlett 3rd Baron Bolton 1818-1895 (31) succeeded 3rd Baron Bolton.

On 16 Dec 1852 Henry Peyto-Verney 24th Baron Latimer, 16th Baron Willoughby Broke 1773-1852 (79) died. His nephew Robert John Verney 25th Baron Latimer, 17th Baron Willoughby de Broke 1809-1862 (43) succeeded 25th Baron Latimer, 17th Baron Willoughby Broke. He changed his surname from Barnard to Verney at this time as part of the settlement.

On 12 Nov 1856 Nathaniel Curzon 3rd Baron Scarsdale 1781-1856 (75) died. His nephew Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon 4th Baron Scarsdale 1831-1916 (25) succeeded 4th Baron Scarsdale. Blanche Pocklington-Senhouse Baroness Scarsdale 1837-1875 (19) by marriage Baroness Scarsdale.

On 09 Mar 1857 James Duff 4th Earl Fife 1776-1857 (80) died. His nephew James Duff 5th Earl Fife 1814-1879 (42) succeeded 5th Earl Fife.

On 04 May 1859 Francis Godolphin Osborne 7th Duke Leeds 1798-1859 (60) died. He was buried at Osbourne Family Chapel, All Hallows' Church, Harthill. His first-cousin George Godolphin Osborne 8th Duke Leeds 1802-1872 (56) succeeded 8th Duke Leeds, 15th Baron Darcy Knayth, 12th Baron Conyers. Harriet Emma Leveson-Gower Duchess Leeds 1800-1852 by marriage Duchess Leeds. His nephew Sackville George Lane-Fox 15th Baron Darcy Knayth, 12th Baron Conyers 1827-1888 (31) succeeded 15th Baron Darcy Knayth, 12th Baron Conyers.

On 25 Apr 1862 Robert Henry Herbert 12th Earl Pembroke, 9th Earl Montgomery 1791-1862 (70) died. His nephew George Robert Charles Herbert 13th Earl Pembroke, 10th Earl Montgomery 1850-1895 (11) succeeded 13th Earl Pembroke (10C 1551), 10th Earl Montgomery.

In 1864 John Poulett 5th Earl Poulett 1783-1864 (80) died. His nephew William Henry Poulett 6th Earl Poulett 1827-1899 (36) succeeded 6th Earl Poulett.

On 12 Dec 1870 Beaumont Hotham 3rd Baron Hotham 1794-1870 (76) died unmarried without issue. His nephew Charles Hotham 4th Baron Hotham 1836-1873 (34) succeeded 4th Baron Hotham.

On 04 Mar 1872 William Lowther 2nd Earl Lonsdale 1787-1872 (84) died. His nephew Henry Lowther 3rd Earl Lonsdale 1818-1876 (53) succeeded 3rd Earl Lonsdale (2C 1807), 4th Viscount Lowther, 4th Baron Lowther.

On 02 Aug 1874 George Perceval 6th Earl Egmont 1794-1874 (80) died. His nephew Charles George Perceval 7th Earl Egmont 1845-1897 (29) succeeded 7th Earl Egmont, 4th Baron Arden of Lohort Castle in County Cork, 3rd Baron Arden Arden in Warwickshire.

On 24 Feb 1878 William Lennox Bathurst 5th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1791-1878 (87) died. His nephew Allen Bathurst 6th Earl Bathurst Sussex 1832-1892 (45) succeeded 6th Earl Bathurst Sussex. Meriel Warren Countess Bathurst Sussex 1839-1872 by marriage Countess Bathurst Sussex.

On 13 Aug 1884 Arthur Wellesley 2nd Duke Wellington 1807-1884 (77) died. His nephew Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke Wellington 1846-1900 (38) succeeded 3rd Duke Wellington (1C 1814), 7th Earl Mornington (1C 1760), 7th Viscount Wellesley of Dangan Castle. Evelyn Katrine Gwenfra Williams Duchess Wellington 1855-1939 (29) by marriage Duchess Wellington (1C 1814).

On 26 Mar 1889 Richard Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Granville 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos 1797-1889 (65) died from diabetes at 2 Queen Anne Street aka Chandos House, Marylebone. His nephew William Stephen Gore-Langton 4th Earl Temple 1847-1902 (41) succeeded 4th Earl Temple of Stowe.

On 29 Mar 1889 William George Howard 8th Earl Carlisle 1808-1889 (81) died unmarried. His nephew George Howard 9th Earl Carlisle 1843-1911 (45) succeeded 9th Earl Carlisle (3C 1661). Rosalind Frances Stanley Countess Carlisle 1845-1921 (44) by marriage Countess Carlisle (3C 1661).

On 17 May 1889 James Harris 3rd Earl Malmesbury 1807-1889 (82) died. His nephew Edward Harris 4th Earl Malmesbury 1842-1899 (47) succeeded 4th Earl Malmesbury.

On 19 Jun 1890 Harry Grey 8th Earl Stamford, 4th Earl Warrington 1812-1890 (78) died without legitimate male issue. His nephew William Grey 9th Earl Stamford, 5th Earl Warrington 1850-1910 (40) succeeded 9th Earl Stamford, 5th Earl Warrington (2C 1796), 11th Baron Grey Groby.

On 07 May 1891 Edward Herbert 3rd Earl Powis 1818-1891 (72) died unmarried at 45 Berkeley Square, Mayfair. He was buried in St Mary's Church, Welshpool, Radnorshire, Welsh March. His nephew George Herbert 4th Earl Powis 1862-1952 (28) succeeded 4th Earl Powis (3C 1804). Violet Ida Evelyn Lane-Fox Countess Powis 1865-1929 (26) by marriage Countess Powis (3C 1804).

On 09 Oct 1894 Henry George Grey 3rd Earl Grey 1802-1894 (91) died. His nephew Albert Henry George Grey 4th Earl Grey 1851-1917 (42) succeeded 4th Earl Grey.

On 07 Aug 1907 Frederick William John Hervey 3rd Marquess Bristol 1834-1907 (73) died. His nephew Frederick Hervey 4th Marquess Bristol 1863-1951 (43) succeeded 4th Marquess Bristol, 4th Earl Jermyn.

On 24 Mar 1908 Spencer Cavendish 8th Duke Devonshire 1833-1908 (74) died of pneumonia at Hotel Metropol. His nephew Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire 1868-1938 (39) succeeded 9th Duke Devonshire, 12th Earl Devonshire. On 28 Mar 1908 he (74) was buried in the Cavendish Plot, St Peter's Church, Edensor, Chatsworth.

On 03 Sep 1908 Lionel Sackville-West 2nd Baron Sackville 1827-1908 (81) died. His nephew Lionel Sackville-West 3rd Baron Sackville 1867-1928 (41) succeeded 3rd Baron Sackville of Knole in Kent. Victoria Sackville-West Baroness Sackville by marriage Baroness Sackville of Knole in Kent.

On 02 May 1914 John Campbell 9th Duke Argyll 1845-1914 (68) died at Cowes, Isle of Wight. His nephew Niall Campbell 10th Duke Argyll 1872-1949 (42) succeeded 10th Duke Argyll.

On 02 Jan 1920 Frederick Dutton 5th Baron Sherborne 1840-1920 (79) died. His nephew James Dutton 6th Baron Sherborne 1873-1949 (46) succeeded 6th Baron Sherborne.

On 01 Jan 1928 Aubrey Fitzclarence 4th Earl Munster 1862-1928 (65) died. His nephew George Fitzclarence 5th Earl Munster 1906-1975 (21) succeeded 5th Earl Munster.

On 10 Jan 1938 Henry Neville 3rd Marquess Abergavenny 1854-1938 (83) died. His nephew Guy Larnach Neville 4th Marquess Abergavenny 1883-1954 (54) succeeded 4th Marquess Abergavenny, 8th Earl Abergavenny, 4th Earl Lewes, 24th Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392). Nellie Larnach Marchioness Abergavenny by marriage Marchioness Abergavenny.

In 1940 George Francis Alexander Seymour 7th Marquess Hertford 1871-1940 (69) died. His nephew Hugh Seymour 8th Marquess Hertford 1930-1997 (9) succeeded 8th Marquess Hertford.

On 09 Feb 1966 Mary Irene Curzon 2nd Baroness Ravensdale Kedleston 1896-1966 (70) died. Her nephew Nicholas Mosley 3rd Baron Ravensdale Kedleston 1923-2017 (42) succeeded 3rd Baron Ravensdale Kedleston.

On 23 Feb 2000 John Henry Guy Neville 5th Marquess Abergavenny 1914-2000 (85) died. His nephew Christopher Neville 6th Marquess Abergavenny 1955- succeeded 6th Marquess Abergavenny, 10th Earl Abergavenny, 6th Earl Lewes, 26th Baron Bergavenny (1C 1392). Venetia Maynard Marchioness Abergavenny 1958- by marriage Marchioness Abergavenny.

Half Nephew


In 1408 Margaret Audley -1408 died. In 1408 Her great-nephew John Tuchet 4th Baron Audley Heighley 1371-1408 (36) abeyance terminated 4th Baron Audley Heighley in Staffordshire. Elizabeth Stafford Baroness Audley Heighley by marriage Baroness Audley Heighley in Staffordshire.

In 1560 Thomas Sandys 2nd Baron Sandys Vyne -1560 died. In 1560 His great-nephew William Sandys 3rd Baron Sandys Vyne 1542-1623 (18) succeeded 3rd Baron Sandys Vyne.

On 29 Dec 1630 Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison 1559-1630 (71) died. His great-nephew William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison 1614-1643 (16) succeeded 2nd Viscount Grandison (1C 1620). Mary Bayning Countess Anglesey by marriage Viscountess Grandison (1C 1620).

On 08 Dec 1680 Henry Pierrepoint 1st Marquess Dorchester 1606-1680 (74) died. He was buried at Holme Pierrepoint. His great-nephew Robert Pierrepoint 3rd Earl Kingston 1660-1682 (20) succeeded 3rd Earl Kingston upon Hull, 3rd Viscount Newark (1C 1627), 3rd Baron Pierrepoint Holme Pierrepoint.

On 12 Apr 1706 Thomas Howard 3rd Earl Berkshire 1619-1706 (86) died. His great-nephew Henry Bowes Howard 4th Earl Berkshire, 11th Earl Suffolk 1686-1757 (20) succeeded 4th Earl Berkshire (2C 1626).

On 28 Jul 1714 Thomas Thynne 1st Viscount Weymouth 1640-1714 (74) died. His great-nephew Thomas Thynne 2nd Viscount Weymouth 1710-1751 (4) succeeded 2nd Viscount Weymouth.

Before 1714 Unknown Artist. Portrait of Thomas Thynne 1st Viscount Weymouth 1640-1714.

On 19 Aug 1758 Mary Hay 14th Countess Erroll -1758 died at Slains Castle, Slains. Her great-nephew James Hay 15th Earl Erroll 1726-1778 (32) succeeded 15th Earl Erroll.

On 19 May 1798 William Byron 5th Baron Byron 1722-1798 (75) died. His great-nephew George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron 1788-1824 (10) succeeded 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale in Lancashire.

In Oct 1870 Arthur George Onslow 3rd Earl Onslow 1777-1870 (92) died. His great-nephew William Onslow 4th Earl Onslow 1853-1911 (17) succeeded 4th Earl Onslow. Florence Coulston Gardner Countess Onslow 1853-1934 (17) by marriage Countess Onslow.

On 20 Feb 1937 Charles Gordon 11th Marquess Huntly 1847-1937 (89) died. His great-nephew Douglas Charles Lindsey Gordon 12th Marquess Huntly 1908-1987 (29) succeeded 12th Marquess Huntly, 8th Earl Aboyne.

Half Great-Nephew