Plantagenet. Gules, three lions passant guardant in Pale or Armed and Langued Azure. Source.

Giffard. Gules Three Lions Passant Guardant or in Pale or.

Herbert. Per Pale Azure and Gules, three lions rampant Argent. Source.

Pale means vertically. Usually a vertical stripe, sometimes an animal.

Per Pale

Chaucer. Per Pale Argent and Gules, a Bend counterchanged. Source.

Coke. Per pale gules and azure three eagles displayed argent. Source.

Marshal. Per Pale or and vert a lion rampant gules armed and langued Source.

Strutt. Per Pale Sable and Azure, two Chevronels Engrailed, between three Cross Crosslets fitchee or. Source.

Waldegrave. Per pale argent and gules.


Saunderson. Paly of six, Argent and Azure, a Bend Sable three Annulets or. Source.

Shirley. Paly of six, or and Azure, a quarter Ermine.

Strangeways. Sable two lions passant Paly of six Argent and Gules. Source.

Strelley. Paly Argent and Azure. Source.

Paly is an even number of vertical stripes.

Paly or and Gules

Provence. Paly or and Gules. Source.