Twenty Trees


Vere. Quarterly, gules and or, in the 1st quarter a mullet argent. .

Byng. Quarterly sable and argent, in the first quarter a lion rampant of the second. Source.

Saye. Quarterly, or and gules. Source.

Dutton. Quarterly argent and gules, in the 2&3 a fret or. Source.

Osborne. Quarterly ermine and azure, a Cross or. Source.

Cromwell. Quarterly per fess indented, azure and or, four lions passant counterchanged. Source.

Stanhope. Quarterly ermine and gules. Source.

Clavering. Quarterly, or and gules, a bend sable. Source.

Mandeville. Quarterly or and gules. < a href="">Source.

Heveningham. Quarterly or and gules on a bordure engrailed sable eight escallops argent. Source.

Sackville Original. Quarterly or and gules a bend# vair. Source.

Croft of Croft Castle. Quarterly per fess indented azure and argent, in the 1st quarter a lion passant guardant or. Source.