Table Tomb

On 17 Sep 1563 Henry Manners 2nd Earl Rutland 1526-1563 (36) died. His son Edward Manners 3rd Earl Rutland 1549-1587 (14) succeeded 3rd Earl Rutland (3C 1525), 14th Baron Ros Helmsley.
On 13 Oct 1559 Margaret Neville -1559 died. She was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford.
Monument an unusual Table Tomb with their effigies beneath surmounted by effigies of their children, and the Arms of Manners and Neville. He wearing a Leg Garter.
His arms showing quarterly: 1&4: . Paternal Great Great Grandfather Thomas Ros 9th Baron Ros Helmsley 1427-1464 2nd: Top Row: , , Trusbutt [or Belvoir], Bottom Row: Todeni [Albini ancient], , . Possibly a reference to Maudit. 3rd Quarterly: 1 , 2 . Paternal Great Grandmother Philippa Tiptoft Baroness Ros Helmsley 1423-1487, 3 Unknown 4 .

On 11 Jun 1674 Katherine Dalston 1590-1674 (84) died (she the wife of Giles Savage 1585-1631) at Elmley Castle, Elmley. She buried at St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley. Alabaster Table Tomb. She holding a Chrisom Child probably representing stillborn, or died soon after birth. At their feet two lions and what is described as a stag with an arrow through its neck.

On 27 Sep 1850 Chandos Legh 1st Baron Leigh 1791-1850 (59) died. His son William Henry Legh 2nd Baron Leigh 1824-1905 (26) succeeded 2nd Baron Leigh of Stoneleigh in Warwickshire (2C 1839). Caroline Amelia Grosvenor Baroness Leigh 1828-1906 (22) by marriage Baroness Leigh of Stoneleigh in Warwickshire (2C 1839).
Monument in The Church of the Virgin Mary, Stoneleigh. An elaborate Recess in late C19 Gothic style constructed in 1850 for alabaster Table Tomb; unclear as to why the effigy was not installed.

On 20 Mar 1925 George Nathaniel Curzon 1st Marquess Curzon Kedleston 1859-1925 (66) died. His daughter Mary Irene Curzon 2nd Baroness Ravensdale Kedleston 1896-1966 (29) succeeded 2nd Baron Ravensdale Kedleston. Monument in All Saints Church, Kedleston to George Nathaniel Curzon 1st Marquess Curzon Kedleston 1859-1925 (66) and his first wife Mary Victoria Leiter Baroness Curzon Kedleston 1870-1906. Table Tomb in white marble; two angels holding the crown of life lean over the effigies designed by Bertram Mckennal Sculptor 1863-1931 (61).