Biography of Taloran King Picts 615-657

633 Battle of Hatfield Chase

654 Battle of Strath Ethairt

Before 616 Taloran King Picts 615-657 was born to [his father] Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634.

In 616 Taloran King Picts 615-657 fled into exile to the Picts after his father had been killed.

Battle of Hatfield Chase

On 12 Oct 633 King Penda's alliance of Gwynedd and Mercia defeated the Northumbrians at the Battle of Hatfield Chase.
Eadfrith Deira -633 was captured.
Edwin King Northumbria 586-633 (47) was killed. His half first cousin Osric King Deira -634 succeeded King Deira. His nephew [his father] Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634 (43) succeeded King Bernicia.
Edwin's son Osfrith Deira -633 was killed.

After 12 Oct 633Eadfrith Deira -633 was killed. His half first cousin [his father] Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634 succeeded King Bernicia.

In 634 [his father] Eanfrith King Bernicia 590-634 (44) was killed.

In 653 Taloran King Picts 615-657 (37) succeeded King Picts.

Battle of Strath Ethairt

In 654 Taloran King Picts 615-657 (38) defeated the army of Dál Riata at the Battle of Strath Ethairt. Dúnchad mac Conaing King of Dál Riata -654 was killed. The location of the battle in unknown.

In 657 Taloran King Picts 615-657 (41) died.