On this Day in History ... 08 April

1364 Death of John II King France

1665 Great Plague of London

08 Apr is in April.

On 08 Apr 1250 John Tristan Capet Count Valois 1250-1270 was born to Louis IX King France 1214-1270 (35) and Margaret Provence Queen Consort France 1221-1295 (29) at Damietta.

On 08 Apr 1269 Edmund Crouchback Plantagenet 1st Earl of Leicester 1st Earl Lancaster 1245-1296 (24) and Aveline Forz Countess Lancaster -1274 were married. Aveline Forz Countess Lancaster -1274 by marriage Earl Lancaster. He a son of Henry III King England 1207-1272 and 3 x great grandson of Louis "Fat" VI King France 1081-1137.

On 08 Apr 1320 Peter I King Portugal 1320-1367 was born to Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal 1291-1357 (29) and Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal 1293-1359 (27).

On 08 Apr 1350 Charles V King France 1338-1380 (11) and Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France 1338-1378 (12) were married (he was her half first cousin once removed). Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France 1338-1378 (12) by marriage Queen Consort France. He a son of John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364. She a 3 x great granddaughter of Henry III King England 1207-1272. She a great granddaughter of Philip "Bold" III King France 1245-1285.

Death of John II King France

On 01 Jul 1364 John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364 was informed that his son had escaped from his captivity. John announced he would return to England as a matter of honour. He left around Dec 1363 arriving in London to parades and feasts.
On 08 Apr 1364 John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364 died at Savoy Palace. His son Charles V King France 1338-1380 (25) succeeded V King France: Capet Valois.

On 08 Apr 1401 Thomas Beauchamp 12th Earl Warwick 1338-1401 (63) died. His son Richard Beauchamp 13th Earl Warwick 1382-1439 (19) succeeded 13th Earl Warwick 1C 1088. Elizabeth Berkeley Countess Warwick 1386-1422 (15) by marriage Earl Warwick 1C 1088.

On 08 Apr 1419 Katherine Stafford Countess Suffolk 1376-1419 (43) died.

On 08 Apr 1473 (some sources state 1482) Humphrey Dacre 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland 1424-1485 (49) was created 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland 3C 1473 by his half first cousin Edward IV King England 1442-1483 (30). By letters patent he created Dacre Baron Dacre of Gilsland, declaring "that the said Humfrey Dacre, Knight, and the heirs male of the body of the said Thomas, late Lord Dacre, comyng, bee reputed, had, named and called the Lord Dacre of Gillesland". Mabel Parr Baroness Dacre Gilsland -1508 by marriage Baron Dacre Gilsland 3C 1473.

On 08 Apr 1521 Charles 3rd Duke Savoy 1486–1553 (34) and Beatrice Aviz Duchess Savoy 1504-1538 (16) were married. She the daughter of richest monarch in Europe at the time Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal 1469-1521 (51). They had nine children together but only one Emmanuel Philibert Duke of Savoy 1528-1580 would reach adulthood. He a 3 x great grandson of John "The Good" II King France 1319-1364. She a 4 x great granddaughter of King Edward III England.

On 08 Apr 1548 Henry Daubeney 1st Earl Bridgewater 1493-1548 (54) died.

On 22 Jul 1552 Jane Radclyffe -1552 died in childbirth.
On 19 Oct 1592 Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 (63) died. His grandson Anthony Maria Browne 2nd Viscount Montague 1574-1629 succeeded 2nd Viscount Montague.
On 08 Apr 1608 Magdalen Dacre Viscountess Montague 1538-1608 (70) died at Battle Abbey. She was buried at Midhurst; subsequently moved to St Mary's Church Easebourne Midhurst.
Monument to Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 (23), Jane Radclyffe -1552 and Magdalen Dacre Viscountess Montague 1538-1608 (14) in St Mary's Church Easebourne Midhurst. The Monument was originally in Midhurst but was subsequently moved. As there was less room, it was re-arranged, with Lord Montague kneeling behind and above the two recumbent effigies of his wives, instead of having a wife on either side, with obelisks at the corners.

On 08 Apr 1580 William Herbert 3rd Earl Pembroke 1580-1630 was born to Henry Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke 1538-1601 (42) and Mary Sidney Countess Pembroke 1561-1621 (18).

On 08 Apr 1605 Princess Mary Stewart 1605-1607 was born to James I King England and Ireland VI King Scotland 1566-1625 (38) and Anne of Denmark Queen Consort Scotland England and Ireland 1574-1619 (30) at the Palace of Placentia. Alice Dennis was chosen as midwife for which she received a reward of £100.

On 08 Apr 1605 Philip IV King Spain 1605-1665 was born to Philip III King Spain 1578-1621 (27) and Margaret Habsburg Spain Queen Consort Spain 1584-1611 (20).

On 08 Apr 1641 Henry Sidney 1st Earl Romney 1641-1704 was born to Robert Sidney 2nd Earl of Leicester 1595-1677 (45) and Dorothy Percy Countess Leicester 1598-1659 (43) at Paris.

On 08 Apr 1643 William Feilding 1st Earl Denbigh 1587-1643 (56) died at Monks Kikby. His son Basil Feilding 2nd Earl Denbigh 1608-1675 (35) succeeded 2nd Earl Denbigh.

On 08 Apr 1649 Charles Berkeley 2nd Earl Berkeley 1649-1710 was born to George Berkeley 1st Earl Berkeley 1628-1698 (21) and Elizabeth Massingberd Couness Berkeley -1708.

John Evelyn's Diary 17 February 1660. 17 Feb 1660 to 05 Apr 1660, I was detained in bed with a kind of double tertian, the cruel effects of the spleen and other distempers, in that extremity that my physicians, Drs. Wetherborn, Needham, and Claude, were in great doubt of my recovery; but it pleased God to deliver me out of this affliction, for which I render him hearty thanks: going to church the 8th, and receiving the blessed eucharist.
During this sickness came divers of my relations and friends to visit me, and it retarded my going into the country longer than I intended; however, I wrote and printed a letter in defense of his Majesty (29), against a wicked forged paper, pretended to be sent from Brussels to defame his Majesty's (29) person and virtues and render him odious, now when everybody was in hope and expectation of the General (51) and Parliament recalling him, and establishing the Government on its ancient and right basis. The doing this toward the decline of my sickness, and sitting up long in my bed, had caused a small relapse, out of which it yet pleased God also to free me, so as by the 14th I was able to go into the country, which I did to my sweet and native air at Wotton.

Samuel Pepys' Diary 08 April 1663. 08 Apr 1663. Up betimes and to my office, and by and by, about 8 o'clock, to the Temple to Commissioner Pett (52) lately come to town and discoursed about the affairs of our office, how ill they go through the corruption and folly of Sir W. Batten (62) and Sir J. Minnes (64).
Thence by water to White Hall, to chappell; where preached Dr Pierce (41), the famous man that preached the sermon so much cried up, before the King (32) against the Papists. His matter was the Devil tempting our Saviour, being carried into the Wilderness by the spirit. And he hath as much of natural eloquence as most men that ever I heard in my life, mixed with so much learning.
After sermon I went up and saw the ceremony of the Bishop of Peterborough's (72) paying homage upon the knee to the King (32), while Sir H. Bennet (45), Secretary, read the King's grant of the Bishopric of Lincoln, to which he is translated. His name is Dr. Lany (72).
Here I also saw the Duke of Monmouth (13), with his Order of the Garter, the first time I ever saw it. I am told that the University of Cambridge did treat him a little while since with all the honour possible, with a comedy at Trinity College, and banquet; and made him Master of Arts there. All which, they say, the King (32) took very well. Dr. Raynbow, Master of Magdalen, being now Vice-Chancellor.
Home by water to dinner, and with my father, wife, and Ashwell, after dinner, by water towards Woolwich, and in our way I bethought myself that we had left our poor little dog that followed us out of doors at the waterside, and God knows whether he be not lost, which did not only strike my wife into a great passion but I must confess myself also; more than was becoming me. We immediately returned, I taking another boat and with my father went to Woolwich, while they went back to find the dog. I took my father on board the King's pleasure boat and down to Woolwich, and walked to Greenwich thence and turning into the park to show my father the steps up the hill, we found my wife, her woman, and dog attending us, which made us all merry again, and so took boats, they to Deptford and so by land to Half-way house, I into the King's yard and overlook them there, and eat and drank with them, and saw a company of seamen play drolly at our pence, and so home by water. I a little at the office, and so home to supper and to bed, after having Ashwell play my father and me a lesson upon her Tryangle.

Samuel Pepys' Diary 08 April 1665. 08 Apr 1665. Up, and all the morning full of business at the office.
At noon dined with Mr. Povy (51), and then to the getting some business looked over of his, and then I to my Chancellor's (56), where to have spoke with the Duke of Albemarle (56), but the King (34) and Council busy, I could not; then to the Old Exchange and there of my new pretty seamstress bought four bands, and so home, where I found my house mighty neat and clean. Then to my office late, till past 12, and so home to bed. The French Embassadors1 are come incognito before their train, which will hereafter be very pompous. It is thought they come to get our King to joyne with the King of France (26) in helping him against Flanders, and they to do the like to us against Holland. We have laine a good while with a good fleete at Harwich. The Dutch not said yet to be out. We, as high as we make our shew, I am sure, are unable to set out another small fleete, if this should be worsted. Wherefore, God send us peace! I cry.
Note 1. The French ambassadors were Henri de Bourbon, Duc de Verneuil, natural son of Henry IV. and brother of Henrietta Maria, and M. de Courtin. B.

Great Plague of London

Samuel Pepys' Diary 08 April 1666. 08 Apr 1666. Lord's Day. Up, and was in great trouble how to get a passage to White Hall, it raining, and no coach to be had. So I walked to the Old Swan, and there got a scull. To the Duke of Yorke (32), where we all met to hear the debate between Sir Thomas Allen (33) and Mr. Wayth; the former complaining of the latter's ill usage of him at the late pay of his ship. But a very sorry poor occasion he had for it. The Duke (32) did determine it with great judgement, chiding both, but encouraging Wayth to continue to be a check to all captains in any thing to the King's right. And, indeed, I never did see the Duke (32) do any thing more in order, nor with more judgement than he did pass the verdict in this business.
The Court full this morning of the newes of Tom Cheffin's (66) death, the King's closett-keeper. He was well last night as ever, flaying at tables in the house, and not very ill this morning at six o'clock, yet dead before seven: they think, of an imposthume in his breast. But it looks fearfully among people nowadays, the plague, as we hear, encreasing every where again.
To the Chappell, but could not get in to hear well. But I had the pleasure once in my life to see an Archbishop (70) (this was of Yorke) in a pulpit. Then at a loss how to get home to dinner, having promised to carry Mrs. Hunt thither. At last got my Lord Hinchingbroke's (18) coach, he staying at Court; and so took her up in Axe-yard, and home and dined. And good discourse of the old matters of the Protector and his family, she having a relation to them. The Protector (39)1 lives in France: spends about £500 per annum.
Thence carried her home again and then to Court and walked over to St. James's Chappell, thinking to have heard a Jesuite preach, but come too late. So got a Hackney and home, and there to business. At night had Mercer comb my head and so to supper, sing a psalm, and to bed.
Note 1. Richard Cromwell (39) subsequently returned to England, and resided in strict privacy at Cheshunt for some years before his death in 1712.

John Evelyn's Diary 08 April 1685. 08 Apr 1685. Being now somewhat compos'd after my greate affliction, I went to London to hear Dr. Tenison (48) (it being on a Wednesday in Lent) at Whitehall. I observ'd that tho' the King (51) was not in his seate above in the chapell, the Doctor made his three congees, which they were not us'd to do when the late King was absent, making then one bowing onely. I ask'd the reason; it was sayd he had a special order so to do. The Princesse of Denmark (34) was in the King's Closet, but sat on the left hand of the chaire, the Clearke of the Closet (50) standing by His Ma*s chaire, as If he had ben present. I met the Queene Dowager (46) going now first from Whitehall to dwell at Somerset-house. This day my brother of Wotton and Mr. Onslow (30) were candidates for Surrey against Sr Adam Brown and my cousin Sr Edwd Evelyn, and were circumvented in their election by a trick of the Sheriff's* taking advantage of my brother's party going out of the small village of Leatherhead to seek shelter and lodging, the afternoone being tempestuous, proceeding to the Election when they were gon; they expecting the next morning; whereas before and then they exceeded the other party by many hundreds, as I am assur'd. The Duke of Norfolk (30) led Sr Edw. Evelyn's and Sr Adam Brown's party. For this Parliament, very meane and slight persons (some of them gentlemen's servants, clearkes, and persons neither of reputation nor interest) were set up, but the country would choose my brother whether he would or no, and he miss'd it by the trick above mentioned. Sr Adam Brown was so deafe that he could not heare one word. S1 Edw. Evelyn was an honest gent much in favour with his Majesty.

On 08 Apr 1687 Eleonora Bentinck 1687- was born to William Bentinck 1st Earl of Portland 1649-1709 (37) and Anne Villiers Countess Portland 1651-1688 (36).

On 08 Apr 1689 Diana Grey Countess Elgin Countess Ailesbury 1630-1689 (58) died.

On 08 Apr 1704 Henry Sidney 1st Earl Romney 1641-1704 (63) died.

On 08 Apr 1722 Caroline Fitzroy Countess Harrington 1722-1784 was born to Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton 1683-1757 (38) and Henrietta Somerset Duchess Grafton 1690-1726 (31).

On 08 Apr 1747 Mary Myddleton -1747 died. Monument in St Giles' Church Wrexham sculpted by Louis Francois Roubiliac Sculptor 1702-1762 (44).

On 08 Apr 1752 Francis North 1st Earl Guildford 1704-1790 (47) was created 1st Earl Guildford 3C 1752. Catherine Furnese Countess Guilford Countess Rockingham -1776 by marriage Earl Guildford 3C 1752.

On 08 Apr 1761 John Savile 2nd Earl Mexborough 1761-1830 was born to John Savile 1st Earl Mexborough 1719-1778 (41) and Sarah Delaval Countess Mexborough 1742-1821 (19).

On 08 Apr 1780 Charles Stanhope 4th Earl Harrington 1780-1851 was born to Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl Harrington 1753-1829 (27) and Jane Fleming Countess Harrington 1755-1824 (24).

On 08 Apr 1795 George IV King Great Britain and Ireland 1762-1830 (32) and Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England 1768-1821 (26) were married at Chapel Royal St James's Palace. He a son of George III King Great Britain and Ireland 1738-1820.

On 08 Apr 1799 Elizabeth Berekeley Duchess Beaufort 1713-1799 (86) died.

On 08 Apr 1818 Christian IX King Denmark 1818-1906 was born to Friedrich Wilhelm Glücksburg Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glücksburg 1785-1831 (33) and Louise Caroline Hesse Kassel Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glücksburg 1789-1867 (28).

On 08 Apr 1822 Stillborn twins Fitzclarence 1822- was born to William IV King United Kingdom 1765-1837 (56) and Adelaide Saxe Meiningen Queen Consort England (29) at Bushy Park Richmond.

On 08 Apr 1840 William Stephen Poyntz 1770-1840 (70) died. Monument sculpted by Rafaelle Monti 1818-1881 (22) in 1848 in St Mary's Church Easebourne Midhurst.

On 08 Apr 1857 Ethel Jemima Ponsonby Baroness Raglan 1857-1940 was born to Walter William Brabazon Ponsonby 7th Earl Bessborough 1821-1906 (35) and Louisa Susan Cornwallis Eliot Countess Bessborough 1825-1911 (31).

On 08 Apr 1866 Feodora Louise Oldenburg 1866-1952 was born to Frederick Christian Oldenburg II Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg 1829-1880 (36) and Adelheid Hohenlohe Langenburg Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg.

On 08 Apr 1899 Aldred Beresford Lumley 10th Earl Scarborough 1857-1945 (41) and Lucy Cecilia Margetts Countess Scarborough -1931 were married at Christ Church. Lucy Cecilia Margetts Countess Scarborough -1931 by marriage Earl Scarborough.