Fess is in Charges.

fess. A horizontal bar across the centre of the escutcheon. From the Latin fascia meaning band.

Lisle. Or a fess between two chevrons sable. Source.

Avenell. Argent, a fess between five annulets gules. Modified from source.

Lister. Ermine, a fess sable three mullets or. Source.

Badlesmere. Argent, a fess between two gemelles gules. Source.

Louvain. Gules billety or a fess of the last. Source.

Camden. Or, a fess engrailed between six crosses crosslet fitchy sable. Source.

Lucas. Argent, a fess between six annulets gules.

Craven. Argent, a fesse between six cross crosslets fitchée gules. Source.

Manners. Or, two fess azure a chief gules.

Coventry. Sable a fess between three crescents or. Source.

Roper. Per fess azure and or, a pale counter-changed and three buck's heads erased of the second. Source.

Fermor. Argent, a fess sable between three lion's heads erased gules. Source.

Tennant. Argent, two crescents in fess sable on a chief gules a boar's head couped of the first. Source.

Beauchamp. Gules a fess or between six cross crosslets or.

Walpole. Or a fess between two chevrons sable three cross crosslets of the field. Source.

Ayscough. Sable, a fess or, between three asses passant argent, maned and unguled of the second. Source.

Clere. Argent on a fess azure, three eagles displayed or. Source.

De La Pole. Azure, a fess between three leopard's faces or. .

Watkins. Azure, a fess vair between three leopard's faces jessant-de-lys or. Source.

Woodville. Argent, a fess and a canton conjoined gules. Source.

Bars. A horizontal line smaller than a fess.

Cromwell. Quarterly per fess indented, azure and or, four lions passant counterchanged. Source.

Fess Argent

Around 1577 George Gower Painter 1540-1596 (37). Portrait of Richard Drake 1535-1603 (42). The heraldic escutcheon shows seven quarters as follows:

1: Drake of Ash. Drake of Ash in the parish of Musbury, Devon.

2: Argent, on a chief gules three cinquefoils of the first; Billet of Ash.

3: Gules, on a fess argent two mullets sable; Hamton of Rockbere and Ash.

4: Ermine, on a chief indented sable three crosslets fitchee or; Orwey of Orwey and Ash.

5: Barry of seven argent and sable.

6: Azure, six lions rampant argent crowned Gules, 3, 2, 1; Forde of Forde.

PAINTINGS/GOWER/Richard_Drake.jpg7: Argent, two chevrons sable (Esse/Ash of Ash); Esse or Ash of Ash.

Carteret. Gules four fusils in fess argent.

Daubigny. Gules, four fusils conjoined in fess argent. Source.

Hood. Sable, on a fess argent between three leopards passant guardant or spotted of the field as many escallops gules. Source.

Kitson. Sable three fishes hauriant in fess argent a chief or. Source.

Fess Azure

Feilding. Argent, on a fess azure three lozenges or. Source.

Fess Chequy

Arden. Ermine, a fess chequy or and azure. Source.

Stewart. Or a fess chequy. Source.

Fess Dancetté

Duff. Vert, a fess dancetté ermine, between a buck's head caboshed in chief and two escallops in base or.

Pulteney. Argent, a fess dancetté gules in chief three leopard's faces sable. Source.

Rolle. Or, a fess dancetté between three billets azure each charged with a lion rampant of the first three bezants. Source.

Rous. Sable, a fess dancetté or between three crescents argent. Source.

Vavasour. Or, a fess dancetté sable. Source.

Fess Gules

Onslow. Argent, a fess gules, between six Cornish Choughs proper. Source.

Ingram. Ermine on a fess gules three escallops or. Source.

Devereux. Argent, a fess gules three torteaux in chief. Source.

Fitzwalter. Or, a fess gules between two chevrons of the last. Source.

Clifford. Chequy or and azure, a fess gules. Source.

Lumley. Argent a fess gules between three parrots vert, collared of the second. Source.

Marmion. Vairy, a fess gules, fretty or. Source.

Montagu. Argent, three fusils conjoined in fess gules. Source.

Acland. Chequy argent and sable, a fess gules. Source.