Knight of the Burning Pestle

Knight of the Burning Pestle is in Jacobean and Restoration Plays.

Diary of Samuel Pepys 07 May 1662. 07 May 1662. Walked to Westminster; where I understand the news that Mr. Montagu (27) is this last night come to the King (31) with news, that he left the Queen (23) and fleet in the Bay of Biscay, coming this wayward; and that he believes she is now at the Isle of Scilly.
So at noon to my Lord Crew's and there dined, and after dinner Sir Thos. Crew and I talked together, and among other instances of the simple light discourse that sometimes is in the Parliament House, he told me how in the late business of Chymny money, when all occupiers were to pay, it was questioned whether women were under that name to pay, and somebody rose and said that they were not occupiers, but occupied.
Thence to Paul's Church Yard; where seeing my Lady's Sandwich and Carteret, and my wife (who this day made a visit the first time to my Baroness Carteret (60)), come by coach, and going to Hide Park, I was resolved to follow them; and so went to Mrs. Turner's (39): and thence found her out at the Theatre, where I saw the last act of the "Knight of the Burning Pestle", which pleased me not at all.
And so after the play done, she and The. Turner (10) and Mrs. Lucin and I, in her coach to the Park; and there found them out, and spoke to them; and observed many fine ladies, and staid till all were gone almost. And so to Mrs. Turner's (39), and there supped, and so walked home, and by and by comes my wife home, brought by my Baroness Carteret (60) to the gate, and so to bed.

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